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Subject: TOMMY WAS EXCITED, Part 1 (Camping) This is a fictional series. Any resemblance to individuals or places is purely coincidental. Copyright ail. Comments welcomed. Tommy was excited. The entire family was driving cross-country to visit his Uncle and Aunt and cousins in California. This should be a fun summer trip! There were planned stops in Mexico (across the Texas border) and at the Grand Canyon before they arrived in the LA area, where promised visits to Disneyland and other tourist attractions would make any sixteen year old happy! The trip took nearly a week. By the time the family arrived in California, Tommy was horny. Staying in the same hotel room with his Mom and Dad and sister during the trip meant that he didn’t have his usual beat off time! His teenage balls were full! He was wondering how he’d fit it in once they arrived, since they’d be staying at his relatives’ home, and it would be crowded. Steve, Tommy’s cousin, was fourteen, and pretty cool. Though they hadn’t seen each other since Steve was eleven, they shared a lot of the same interests (baseball, bikes, camping). Tommy figured they’d share Steve’s bedroom, and hoped he’d get a little “alone time” to take care of business. It was crowded. Though the LA home had three bedrooms, the Uncle and Aunt occupied one, Tommy’s sister and his female cousin Lynn would be sharing Lynn’s room, and Mom and Dad were displacing Steve during the visit. His Uncle had set up a tent in the back yard for the boys. Since both Steve and Tommy enjoyed camping, it was a perfect set-up! There were two bathrooms (as well as the master bathroom en suite), so the guys could duck in and shower and use the facilities whenever there was a need. In fact, the bathroom the boys were expected to use was right inside the sunroom that opened onto the backyard, where the tent was set up in the farthest corner. Luckily, California weather was California weather, so it wasn’t uncomfortable to sleep outside in a tent, even though it was summer! Steve and Tommy hit it off (again) right away. Steve had borrowed a bike from a friend who was on vacation, so he and Tommy took off shortly after arrival to explore the neighborhood. One of their stops was at Bobby’s house. Bobby was one of Steve’s best friends. Though he had just turned thirteen, he wasn’t a pest like some his age were, and he shared the same interests. He jumped on his bike and joined in the “tour” of the neighborhood. They chattered away as they wheeled through the area, Steve and Bobby pointing out interesting places, and doing jumps and wheelies while at it! After a couple of hours, Steve figured they needed to head back, as it would be time for supper soon. Bobby turned off at his street and Steve and Tommy kept riding for several more blocks until they arrived at the house. The adults were in the sunroom having a cocktail as the charcoal grill was heating up for some steaks. The girls were doing some kind of “girl stuff” in Lynn’s room. Steve grabbed a couple of sodas from the fridge and he and Tommy went out into the tent to check out their “home” for the next couple of weeks. The tent was actually quite big. Though they couldn’t stand completely up inside, it really was spacious. There were two cots inside that made it a little more comfortable than simply sleeping on the ground. Steve had brought a small cooler out, and he put a couple of extra sodas in the cooler so the two of them would have a “stash.” Tommy had put his toothbrush, etc. in the bathroom the boys would use, and made sure he had a change of clothes in the tent. The rest of his clothes he left in his suitcase in the hallway. This was going to be an adventure! The boys played catch in the backyard escort while the Uncle grilled the steaks. Soon, it was time to eat, and everyone enjoyed a delicious meal. The boys ate ravenously, having used up a lot of energy on their bike ride. After dinner, everyone sat around the table and chatted for a while, then watched some television. The Aunt told Steve to take a shower before getting ready to go out to the tent, so he did. Tommy showered right after. It had been a long day and everyone was ready for some sleep! While Tommy was showering, Steve went on out to the tent. He put some fresh batteries in a couple of flashlights so they’d be able to see in the dark. Tommy finished up and threw on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. He said good night to everyone and went out to the tent. Steve was already making a “light show” with the flashlights. They both laughed, and Tommy joined in shining the light all over. They went outside the tent and shined the lights up in the trees and all around the backyard…just being boys. The adults were in the sunroom having some conversation before bed. Uncle said, “you boys don’t make noise and bother the neighbors.” We promised we wouldn’t. Steve and Tommy went inside the tent about the same time as the adults left the sunroom to get ready for bed. The boys chatted about school and what else was going to happen that summer, generally just “reconnecting” in person. This trip seemed to be the highlight for both of the boys, since Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm and Catalina Island and a visit to the Queen Mary were all scheduled! The front flap of the tent was still open, and the boys could see the outline of someone in the shower through the window of the back bathroom. It was probably one of the sisters. Steve said “ooooo, someone is in the bathroom naked and the only thing between them and us is the window!” Both boys laughed rollickingly. Steve said he ought to shine the flashlight through the window at whoever was showering, but Tommy cautioned that it might scare them and cause them to say something to the adults. He agreed that it wasn’t worth the risk. They continued to watch the shadow of the person in the shower wash their hair. The window glass was textured, so you couldn’t really see anything in particular, but there was some kind of voyeuristic thrill both boys got by watching. Steve was sitting on his cot looking out the front flap of the tent, and he kept saying “naked, naked, naked…” Both boys chuckled. It was funny! Then Steve said, “I wanna be naked to!” Tommy said, “huh, I thought you already had your shower.” Steve said, “I mean get naked and run around the tent.” Sounded like fun, but Tommy cautioned that people were still up inside. They’d hate to get caught if one of the adults checked on the boys before they went to sleep and caught them running around the back yard naked. Tommy said “let’s do it when all the lights go out!” Steve agreed that was a good plan. They continued to shine their flashlights around the tent and chat. The last light they could see went off inside. “Time to get naked,” said Steve. “We should wait a few more minutes,” said Tommy. “Not me!” said Steve. He stood up in the dark tent and Tommy could hear Steve pull down his shorts and take off his t-shirt. The front flap to the tent was still open, so Tommy could see in the soft light that Steve was naked (though he couldn’t see a lot of detail)! Steve looked like he was getting ready to bolt into the backyard when they heard a noise. Steve stopped and they both looked out of the tent and then quickly pulled the flap shut. Luckily, someone next door had just gotten home and closed their door. In the quiet night, it sounded close, izmit escort bayan but in reality was not a concern. Steve was standing, kind of hunched over, and his head was touching the top of the tent. “Come on, get naked,” he exhorted. Tommy stood up, but hesitated. Steve laughed again and kneeled down and pulled Tommy’s gym shorts down to his ankles! So Tommy stood there, his head touching the top of the tent, with his shorts pulled down. “I’m so glad I wore underwear,” Tommy thought to himself. That didn’t last long. Before two shakes had passed, Steve pulled down Tommy’s briefs. “Come on, take your shirt off and get naked,” Steve said. So Tommy stepped out of his shorts and briefs and took off his t-shirt. They were both standing there naked! “Two times around the tent,” said Steve, and he opened the tent flap and stepped outside, giggling (but not too loud–he didn’t want to make a commotion!). Tommy was right behind him. They both started to trot around the tent, but Steve slowed down. He wanted to make the most of it! So they savored being outside in the back yard, both naked, as they confidently walked two times around the tent. In the night light, Tommy could see that Steve was developing. There was a dark patch of pubes above his dangling cock, and Steve had the young muscling of a teen. Tommy, at sixteen a couple of years older, had more lush pubes, and his nipples were darker. He also had hairy legs, and some hairs were starting to grow under his arms. As they both stood outside the tent, they seemed to admire each other and bond with the idea that they were standing naked in the back yard! That started a whole new round of giggles from Steve as they both ducked back into the tent. They each sat on their respective side-by-side cots, and Tommy said “give me one of the flashlights so I can find my clothes.” Steve giggled again and said “no, let’s just stay naked.” “Why not?” said Tommy, and they giggled again. “I like to be naked when I camp out,” said Steve. “Yeah, it seems like fun,” responded Tommy. “Bobby likes to get naked too when we camp out together,” said Steve. “I bet he wishes he was with us right now.” Tommy contemplated what it would be like for three teens to be naked together in the tent! That thought caused a slight stirring in his cock. (That cock had not been taken care of the last week, so it had a mind of its own!) Steve said, “you’ve got a big bush. How long have you had it?” “I dunno,” said Tommy. “A couple of years at least.” “Yeah, I’ve got more than Bobby does, but you’ve got a lot more than me!” “Well, I am sixteen,” said Tommy, kind of proud of his development. “Do you mind if I touch your bush?” asked Steve. “Bobby likes to touch mine–he says it feels wirey.” Tommy’s cock lengthened a little more at the thought of Bobby feeling Steve’s pubic hair. Now Steve wanted to feel his! “Okay, I guess,” said Tommy. Steve scooted over to Tommy’s side of the tent and got down on his knees in front of Tommy. He balanced himself by grabbing on Tommy’s thighs, then reached out in the almost dark tent to touch Tommy’s pubes. That touch was like electricity to Tommy! Almost immediately he started to get hard. He couldn’t control himself. Here he was, naked in the tent with his cousin, who was also naked, talking about pubes, and now Steve was feeling his pubes! Steve’s hand rubbed through the hair in Tommy’s bush as Tommy’s cock rapidly rose to attention, slapping Steve’s hand! “Yeah, mine does that too when Bobby feels me,” said Steve kind of matter-of-factly as he grabbed Tommy. The fact that Steve’s hand was wrapped around Tommy’s now-throbbing cock caused Tommy to inhale sharply. “Damn, yours is thick.” Tommy izmit sınırsız escort uttered an involuntary moan. Steve kind of giggled again. “You like the way that feels? I sure do…” Now Steve had one hand wrapped around Tommy’s raging cock and the fingers of his other hand rubbing through his pubes. This felt like heaven! Once again, Tommy involuntarily moaned and thrust his hips out toward Steve. Steve began the familiar up-and-down movement that every teen masturbator knows by heart. His fingers continued to rub through Tommy’s pubes while he slowly jerked Tommy’s really really hard cock. Tommy kind of leaned back on his elbows and closed his eyes as Steve’s ministrations continued to give him extreme pleasure. Then Tommy jumped, startled by the change in feeling. He opened his eyes and looked down in the soft light. Steve had Tommy’s cock in his mouth! Steve slid his wet lips up and down Tommy’s shaft, his tongue rubbing the underside. No one had ever done that to Tommy before. The feeling was beyond incredible! Steve just slobbered up and down Tommy’s pulsating cock, bringing on that feeling that every boy knows. “Ohhhhhhh…” stammered Tommy. Steve took his lips off Tommy and looked up at him from between his legs. “You like the way that feels?” Steve asked. “Oh, gawd yes!” Tommy replied. “Bobby taught me how to do that,” said Steve. “He really likes to do that to me…and I love it!” He kind of giggled again. Tommy’s cock jumped a couple of times in the dark air of the tent. Steve seemed aware. Then Steve stood up to stretch his legs. There he was, directly in front of Tommy, and it was obvious that Steve’s cock was throbbing, too! It was right in front of Tommy’s face. In the soft light of the tent, it looked enormous. “Do it to me a little bit,” said Steve. He kind of thrust his hips towards Tommy’s face. Though Tommy had never contemplated this before, he leaned forward, opened his mouth, and used his hand to guide Steve’s hard cock into his mouth. Steve moaned loudly and pushed his cock further into Tommy’s mouth. Then he pulled it partway out, then put it back in again. Steve had a face-fucking rhythm going and his moans suggested how good it felt. Though Tommy hadn’t expected this to take place, there was no question that both were enjoying it. After a couple of minutes of frantic face-fucking, Tommy kind of pushed Steve away so he could take a breath. Steve sighed a deep sigh, then sat down next to Tommy on the cot, his wet cock still mirroring his rapid heartbeat. “WOW! That felt SO good! Bobby is the only person to ever do that to me before.” “You were the first for me,” said Tommy. They both looked at each other and giggled again. Then Steve reached over and grabbed Tommy’s still throbbing cock and started to stroke it. “Do me, too,” he whispered in Tommy’s ear. So Tommy reached over and began beating off Steve. They sat, side by side, legs touching, arms draped across each other, stroking their hard cock duo until their breathing began to indicate that an orgasm was approaching. Steve was the first to begin thrashing around as his cum began the journey from balls to the outside world. Steve moaned loudly, threw his head back, and shot a massive load that went almost all the way up to his neck. The intensity of his cum made him squeeze Tommy’s cock harder and that sent Tommy over the edge, cum shooting all over his stomach. They both were “in the zone” for a minute or so before Tommy said ” now we gotta clean up this mess.” Steve said, “I’m a good scout–I’m prepared.” He pulled a roll of paper towels from under his cot. They both wiped off the dripping mess, their breathing slowing down to a more reasonable state. “That felt really good,” said Tommy. “Yeah, it did,” said Steve. “Wait until Bobby hears about this!” “Huh?” said Tommy. He wasn’t sure what Steve’s comment meant. “Bobby wants to come spend the night with us in the tent, too.” And that happened a couple of nights later….

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