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Tracey and uncle and auntie

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Tracey and uncle and auntieIt had been a while since Tracey had seen her aunt and uncle and when they called to ask if they could visit for a few days she was more than happy. Since they had last met she had been divorced from her first husband and had got together with Danny. He was quite a bit older than her and although they loved each other deeply he was unable to give her the sexual satisfaction she needed and from the very beginning he had said that he was OK with getting this elsewhere. Although she had had a couple of one night stands with guys she had met through work she got most of her pleasure from the vast array of toys she had bought.Uncle Roger and auntie Fiona were quite a bit older than her but they got on so well together that the age difference was irrelevant. She often recalled an incident many years ago when she was married to her first husband. Uncle and auntie were staying with them and Tracey had gone shopping with auntie leaving uncle at home and husband was at work. They had been gone about 10 minutes when Tracey realised she had left her purse at home. She drove back and left auntie in the car while she dashed indoors. She went upstairs to her bedroom where she knew her purse was and as she passed the guest bedroom she saw uncle lying naked on the bed with a pair of her dirty panties over has face and rubbing an enormous cock. Tracey was transfixed as she watched her uncle wanking. She listened as he started saying, ‘Oh Tracey darling you’re cunt juices smell amazing, I want to lick your cunt and make you cum all over my face.’She was shocked but also very aroused and was desperate to see him cum. His cock was enormous and very hard, but she knew auntie was waiting in the car for her. Very reluctantly she left her uncle pleasuring herself and went back out to the car. She had a very enjoyable few hours shopping but all the time the image of her uncle wanking with her dirty panties on his face stayed with her. More than that she found herself getting aroused herself and could feel her panties getting very damp.As they browsed around the shops they chatted and got on really well and Tracey almost felt she was out with her older sister and when they passed an Ann Summers sex shop they both wanted to go inside. They looked at sexy undies together and Fiona said, ‘Roger loves me wearing that sort of thing.’ Tracey replied, ‘You’re lucky Danny is past that sort of thing.”Well buy kocaeli escort them for yourself then, feel good wearing them,’ Fiona replied.’You’re right, I will,’ Tracey said.They then saw some sex toys and Fiona admitted she had a couple of vibrators that sometimes she used when she was alone but also Roger liked watching her playing with them. Tracey admitted that she had a large selection of toys that she used regularly. She picked a large black strap on and jokingly said, ‘How do fancy shocking uncle with is?”That would make his eyes water,’ Fiona giggled.They finished their shopping and went home. Tracey did dinner and they sat around in the evening chatting and drinking wine. At about 10 o’clock Danny said we was off to bed and the others carried on drinking. Tracey who was wearing her new panties was getting horny and had decided to masturbate later went she went to bed. At about 11.30 they all headed off to bed and as Tracey undressed she realised how wet her pussy was. She lay next to Danny for a few minutes and waited for uncle and auntie to go to sleep before she sneaked off to the bathroom to pleasure herself. She eased herself out of the bed as she stepped out of her room she heard talking from auntie and uncle’s room. She tiptoed along and could see through the crack in the door. Uncle was lying on his back and auntie was wanking his huge cock. At the same time he held a pair of panties against his nose. As his wife wanked him she said, ‘Smell her cunt juices, do they smell good, do you want to smell her cunt and lick it too. Do you want to watch and wank while I lick her cunt too?’Tracey was shocked but very aroused and she suddenly realised that she had her hand between her legs feeling her wet pussy. She realised that the panties that her uncle were smelling wer hers and knew that he must have taken them out of her washing basket while they were out. She had to make a quick decision, did she stand and watch them and play with herself at the same time, or did she go to the bathroom and do it. Whatever she decided she knew one think, she had to cum. There was, of course, a third option and that was to go into their room and hopefully join in. Suddenly she saw uncle breathing heavier and heavier and auntie said, ‘Cum for me darling, shoot that lovely hot spunk for me.’Suddenly uncle was cumming and Tracey loved seeing spurt after spurt shooting out all over auntie. Tracey was about to kocaeli escort bayan head to the bathroom when she heard auntie say, ‘Now it’s my turn.’She watched as Fiona lay on her back and uncle got between her legs and started licking her, but what really shocked her was seeing her hold the panties against her nose and start smelling them and even licking them. She said, ‘Oh darling, that’s wonderful, I can smell her cunt juices, they are exquisite, I really need to lick her cunt and make her cum over my mouth.’This was more than Tracey could stand and she eased her nightie up and found her clit and started rubbing it. The look on auntie’s face indicated she was about to cum but Tracey easily beat her to it and somehow managed to have the most enormous climax without making too much noise.She went back to bed and had a wonderful sleep, however she woke up early feeling horny again and while everyone was still asleep went off to the bathroom and masturbated while remembering what she had watched the previous evening.The next day they all went out together but Tracey couldn’t get the images of auntie and uncle out of her mind and soon realised how damp her panties had got. They had a great day out and eventually headed home and had dinner. Again like last night they sat around chatting and drinking and at about 10 o’clock Danny went to bed. Tracey sat opposite uncle and auntie on an armchair and curled her legs up which made her skirt ride up high. Fiona asked, ‘Have you worn your new panties yet?”Yes,’ she replied, ‘I wore them last night, they’re in the dirty washing basket now, would you like me to get them for you?’Both uncle and auntie blushed and didn’t say anything. Tracey said, ‘I watched you both last night through the crack in the door, it’s OK I found it very exciting watching you.’With that she stood up and took her panties off, walked over to them on the sofa and handed them to them. Uncle couldn’t resist and and smelt them and said, ‘Oh Tracey they smell wonderful, here darling, smell them.’ He then handed them to his wife who put them to her nose. Tracey said, ‘Last night I heard you both saying you wanted to lick my cunt, do you still want to?’Before they could answer she walked back to the armchair, pulled up her skirt exposing a hairy mound and said, ‘Come on then who’s going to lick me first?’Uncle Roger went over and knelt between his niece’s legs and as he put his face near izmit escort her pussy he could smell her wonderful sex juices. He slowly licked up and down her wet slit and his wife started undoing his trousers and pulling his trousers and pants down. His hige erect cock sprang into view and Fiona started rubbing it, but made sure he didn’t cum. However, the same couldn’t be said about Tracey and soon her body was thrashing as a huge climax crashed through her body. She reached forward and put her hands behind her uncle’s head and pulled him down to her and ground her soaking pussy tightly against him. Uncle stood up, his huge erect cock sticking out in front of him and Tracey was determined to have him but first it was auntie’s turn. Fiona had undressed and totally naked knelt in between her niece’s legs. She was amazed how wet her husband had made her and she loved just slowly licking her clean and tasting her juices. But it wasn’t long before she had found her clit and was soon sucking it. Tracey was in heaven again and as Roger had now got down between his wife’s legs and slid his cock inside her wet cunt, the more aroused she got he harder she sucked Tracey’s clit. It was only a matter of a few minutes and Tracey was once again having a huge orgasm. Fiona stood up and looked down at her niece. Her legs wide apart and her pussy soaking wet. She looked across at uncle’s huge cock and said, ‘Fuck me uncle.’He looked across to his wife to get permission. He was delighted when she nodded. Tracey stood up and said, ‘undress me.’They both did as she wanted and loved it as Fiona bent down and sucked her huge nipples. Tracey sat down again and uncle Roger got between her legs. As he pushed forward he slid inside her so easily. Fiona knelt beside her niece and started playing with and sucking her nipples. Tracey folded her legs behind her uncle’s back locking his huge cock deep inside her. As he pumped furiously Tracey’s third orgasm of the evening was soon building up and she climaxed just a few seconds before she felt spurt after spurt of her uncle’s hot spunk explode inside her. He slid out easily and sat on the sofa recovering. Tracey said to Fiona, ‘I guess it must be your turn, I wish I had bought that strap on cock, I think I’ll get it tomorrow.’Fiona replaced her niece on the armchair and with her legs d****d over the arms held her cunt lips open for her to lick her wet pussy. Fiona didn’t last very long before she soaked her niece’s face with her own cunt juices. They sat and had another glass of wine and headed off to bed with Tracey happily sleeping between them both. And yes, she did buy the strap on cock the next day.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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