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Trainer meets His Goal PT3 BlackenMatt had redialed Lisa’s cell and let it ring until it went to voice mail four times. His anxiety was growing by the second. He desperately wanted to apologize to Marc, to tell him that his anger had just gotten the best of him, and that he did not mean the insulting things he had said. He couldn’t believe how stupid he had been in responding to Marc. Sure, Marc had pissed him off with the suggestive stuff he had said about Lisa, but Matt also knew that if Marc knew about Kate, and what’s more if he had pictures, then Marc most definitely had him by the short hairs.Now as Matt hit redial a fifth time, he knew that he had to do whatever Marc wanted him to do. He knew Marc wanted a shot at Kate, to come on to her the way he probably did to every beautiful woman who made the error of joining his health club. He also knew that he had tried to hit on Lisa, but wasn’t quite sure what had happened. Marc had said simply that “She loves you.” But, he also said that she had not turned him down, whatever that meant. He was confused about what things he had left her with that would remind her of him, but at this moment, Matt’s only focus had to be on getting to Marc and begging him not to say anything to Lisa or Kate’s husband.And, Matt had decided reluctantly that he had to set Kate up as Marc had asked. He would feel dirty, and his anger spiked each time his mind thought about Marc trying to come on to Kate. He was pissed that he had to play a role in it. After all, Kate was his nice little secret with the beautiful body and tight pussy. The thought of Marc trying to bed her made him sick. But, she would probably laugh at his advances, Matt thought. That should prove to Marc that women like Lisa and Kate were simply beyond his reach.As Marc heard Lisa’s phone continue to ring and ring, and then go to voice mail, he knew that Matty boy was in the panic of his life. With Lisa still in the shower, Marc poured her coffee, fixing it as she had said she liked it, and decided to answer Lisa’s phone to see what Matty had to say for himself now.”She’s still in the shower,” was all Marc said as he took the call on Lisa’s phone.”Marc, dude, I am so, so sorry for losing it with you a few minutes ago. I just had a meltdown, and I’m so sorry. It would be awful for Kate and her husband and for Lisa and me if you shared anything about our trip or whatever pictures you might have. I know I acted like an idiot, halkalı escort and I am asking you to not do anything that would hurt so many people. I’m willing to do what you want with Kate and the health club free membership, just please don’t tell anyone about this other stuff.””Matt, because I like Lisa, I am not going to hurt her by letting her know that her hubby has something going on the side. She’s going to find that out on her own sooner or later Matty. Then, I think you’ll be out on your white ass. What’s more, if I wanted to take Lisa for myself, I don’t need to rely on the fact that her husband is fucking another woman to help me out. I can do it all by myself Matt. I don’t need any help from you. And maybe someday, someday soon, you’ll be surprised at how Lisa’s taste about what she likes in men will change. In the meantime, I just want a chance to show Kate how exciting things can be. And believe me Matty, my experience tells me that once a hot lady submits to my advances, she keeps coming back for more. So my advice is to enjoy Kate this week, because once I take her, I won’t be sharing her with you. Usually, I would share, but you’re such an arrogant white prick, I am going to really enjoy depriving you of her tight pussy. Besides, she’ll be way too busy with me and my friends.If, on the outside chance Kate turns me down, I will keep my word. You’ll never hear from me again about this. And, if she doesn’t turn me down, I guess I’ll just use her up til I’m tired of her. Usually the white wives I take are good for a run of six to nine months, then I let them go back to their husbands, if they’re still even part of the picture. I don’t think even you will want her back then because her cunt will be hopelessly stretched out from my friends and me.But for right now, what I want you to do is to call back in about a half hour. Lisa should be having coffee and getting ready to leave. What you’re going to do is to tell her that she should come clubbing with some of the members of my club and me tonight, since you aren’t around and she has nothing else to do. I promise you, I will not hit on her, not at all. I just want her to get connected with the club members. When you get back, you can even tag along if you want when we go out. But, I doubt you will want to join us.”Matt had been listening quietly to Marc and had not said a word. His head was ready to explode, but taksim escort he bit his tongue. If he could get away with it, he would kill the black bastard at the other end of the phone. But at least he had won some time to think about things. He agreed to talk up Marc’s club to Kate after Miguel sent the free three month pass. And he had agreed to suggest to Lisa that she go clubbing with Marc and other health club members that night. Matt suspected something was up, but Marc had said he would not hit on her, and what could he do anyway, say no to Marc?Finally, Marc told Matt that he would tell Lisa that they had talked and that he would be calling back soon. He warned Matt that Lisa had better join them that night because he wanted to make her feel part of the club.For her part, Lisa was finishing up her shower, having douched her vagina, and having washed her body clean of the smells and scents of sex with Marc. She was feeling better about the evening and early morning infidelity with Marc, convincing herself that it was just a random event that she would never let happen again. She admitted to herself a strong attraction to Marc, to his body, and to the extraordinary sex they had had. But she was convinced that she could avoid a repeat. When she first spotted the pronounced hickies Marc had left on her body a wave of anxiety griped her, but then she realized that by the end of the week when Matt got home, the marks would be all but gone.While she was having these thoughts, Lisa’s body was reminding her of the exciting sex she and Marc had had. Her vagina was warm and almost throbbing, remembering how his very thick black shaft had pushed deep into it and had stretched its sensitive walls. And her anus was warm and sore from the ravishing it had taken as Marc’s rigid love meat had claimed her anal virginity. The feel of her first orgasm while being taken anally was still lodged in her mind. Marc had plunged his veiny black cock deep into her ass and he had massaged her clit simultaneously as he fucked her ass, bringing her to an immense orgasm that she would always remember. It was beyond anything she had ever felt before.Her thoughts were interrupted by Marc knocking on the shower door. Lisa opened it slightly, seeing Marc’s beautiful naked body as he stood on the tile floor and held a cup of coffee in his hand. “I’ll leave this on the vanity for you, babe. And just to let you know, şişli escort Matt called. I took the call for you and explained that you stayed here rather than drive after having had a few drinks. He was totally cool with it. He said he’ll call back in about a half hour. By the way, are you doing okay?”Lisa thanked Marc for the coffee and told him she was doing okay. While she looked at her lover’s body she felt a wave of desire wash over her, she hoped he could not tell what impact just the sight of him was having on her. She controlled herself however. She was glad Matt had called and talked to Marc. It would make talking to him easier.”I’m fine, thanks. I’ll be out of here in a minute or two. Are you sure Matt was okay with my staying here?”He was, totally. So relax. In fact, I told him that some of the club members and I were going out clubbing tonight, and he said he was hoping you would go along, since you have nothing else to do. He said it would sure beat sitting home alone. I didn’t mention it to you earlier because I thought you would probably think that I was just going to use it as a way of hitting on you. But, babe, believe me, I will give you your space.”Marc said this with a smile, knowing that he would indeed give her her space, but that did not mean the two college freshmen who would be coming along would respect her space as he would. Matt was wondering how Lisa would react to this incredibly ripped duo, one white and one very black, who were constantly horny and who consistently scored with the twenty something year old women members of the club. In fact, Jamaal had just bedded a really hot thirty something mother of two young k**s last week. And, he said she had set up an encore performance this week when her husband was planning to work out of town. Marc wondered how Lisa might react to these guys after she had had a couple of drinks. All of the women in the club were attracted to these guys. He wondered if how Lisa would handle be hit on by them. Her guard would be down he thought, especially if he wasn’t hitting on her.What’s more, he thought Lisa might really be tempted by their ripped young bodies and the impressive equipment that they each had to offer. While Marc really wanted Lisa for himself, he wanted to be sure that she was really more than a slut before he spent any more time on her. If she turned out to be a slut, he would make sure she was busy, just not with him. He truly hoped she could keep her resolve not to stray from Matty, at least for tonight with the young studs. This would be a good test for her. If she passed it, his plan was to give her her space, take Kate and break her in, and then pass her around. At that point, he would retake Lisa and claim her for his own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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