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Training my daughter to be a bimbo, part two

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Training my daughter to be a bimbo, part twoPart two.In the first part a father who had devoted himself to porn after his wife left him, gives his daughter some career advice. Rather than deal with the mundane things in life, she should become a bimbo. And He Would Be Her Daddy.I should tell you a bit about myself.As I said my wife had left me five years ago, running off with some guy she met down the pub leaving myself and my daughter to fend for ourselves. We had married when she was young and had Cindy soon after that. I have to say even now that she was a stunning looking woman (thankfully Cindy inherited her physical appearance rather than her mental attitude) unfortunately, I had allowed her to wear the trousers in our relationship, and to say that I was pussy whipped was a huge underestimate. The result was she had emasculated me ending up with her having a series of affairs when running off with some guy. Little did I know then that Cindy was going to take her place, except I was never going to yield my position as the man of the house again.I had set up my own technology business and was running it from home continually trying to get it off the ground. When she left we had started to make some money and she had taken it all.That had really focused me on being successful, like never before. I was going to show her.Luckily over the next few years things panned out pretty well. I signed a couple of good outsourcing contracts, used my contacts to a higher guys to work for me to carry it out and things were working very well. So well that in the past year we had upgraded our home from what had been a two bed flat to know a suburban house, four bedrooms garden plus pool.I guess the piece that was missing was a woman on my arm, or a whore in my bed more like it. Frankly I hadn’t have the time or energy or inclination to go looking for a replacement for my wife. To say I was sceptical was an understatement. Consequently, I got all of my enjoyment from porn particularly X hamster. It opened up a whole range of sexual preferences and expression which I hadn’t thought of before. Hence buying the butt plug’s to experiment with how that felt (pretty awesome). I had delved into the whole shemale genre (the thought of fucking or being fucked by one of these gorgeous creatures really floated my boat) but had not done anything about it.Then I discovered bimbos. I guess in the past I had viewed that is just a derogatory term for a slut, but what I hadn’t considered was the whole psychological relationship between the male and female, the yielding to the male all of life’s complications and in return the moulding of this female into precisely what the male wanted from an appearance and behaviour point of view. I knew as I explored and interacted online that if I were ever to be with another woman it would be a bimbo.As this was happening my daughter was blossoming into a very beautiful, but sadly (or maybe not) not a very smart young woman. She constantly struggled at school, and as I said before the world to her was a complicated and confusing place, were frequently she felt out of her depth. That being said I had never attempted anything with her even though it was obvious she was very sexually active.I woke up later in the morning to find Cindy still in my bed spooning me with her gorgeous breasts in my back. When she felt me wake and reached around and took hold of my cock and she started to gently wank me. “Daddy I never thought she would wake up, I’ve been waiting so you can tell me what to do next”I rolled onto my back lifting my leg in the air and pushed her head down so she could pay my balls some attention. Raising my legs up to my chest I coached her in the art of rimming my asshole and licking and sucking my balls. When I was sure she knew what she was doing I started to ask questions about what she had read on the X hamster and what she thought about devoting herself to being my bimbo.In between, licks and nibbles on my balls, she told me how, when she read about bimbos and the role they played for their daddy, that she had felt a huge weight lift off her. She became a little bit tearful as she described how fearful she had been about needing to find a job, marry well and be a good suburban housewife with two or three k**s. She did not feel she had the skills to do any of that.As if in a job interview, I asked her what she would change about herself now in order to become my bimbo. She really had been paying attention. First of all she talked about the need to buy clothing which daddy felt was appropriate for her and wanted to see her wear. She winked uşak escort at me saying she had a fair idea from my favourite bimbo photographs what that would entail, though obviously she would check everything with me first.Then she added she knew that my preferences in bimbos included breasts which were much bigger than her own, and that she would look forward to discussing with me how big I would like them. Pouting her lips, she said “I think I need a little work done on my lips as well, it looks like you like your ladies to pout a bit more than I do.” I nodded approvingly, clearly being my bimbo is precisely what Cindy’s role in life was. She had immediately grasped at least some aspects of what was necessary and without blinking was signing herself up for physical change.She continued “obviously you like ladies with no hair around their cunt or asshole, at the moment I shave, but maybe you would like me to get laser treatment?””it looks like you prefer your bimbos to have bleached blonde hair, so I will need to get that done as well. But maybe I should also get some wigs as I see from time to time you like dark hair as well as the occasional redhead” She looked up into my eyes and in between sucking the mushroom head my cock asked “is there anything else you would like daddy?””At the moment honey I would like you to slide your pussy down on my cock whilst we discuss more details.” With the squeal of delight she straddled my waist guiding my cock into her pussy. This was the first time I had been inside her, and it felt incredible for a few moments we both luxuriated in the excitement and perversity of what we were doing. She started to slowly grind her hips (there is no doubt Cindy was already well down the road of knowing how to please me) but I asked her to slow down so that we could make it last.”Well I think you’ve done a tremendous job researching lots of aspects of your new role, but obviously there are some important details we should look after. First of all, while you will sleep with me in this bed when I want you can still have your own bedroom, and you’re exactly right we need to invest a significant amount of money in your wardrobe. If I have a stunning looking bimbo like you on my arm I want every man and woman who sees us out together to see exactly what I’m getting and for the men to be jealous and the women angry with envy.””Also you will give up all thoughts of working, that would get in the way of your devotion to me. From now on your work is to dress, appear and behave exactly how I want you to be. So part of your work will be going to the beauticians, the hairdresser, getting your nails done, and keeping your tan topped up by the pool. You will also need to undergo a rigourous fitness regime. While your body is in awesome shape at the moment we want to preserve it as it is, for as long as possible. So I will sign you up personal training sessions as soon as possible.We will also visit a sex shop I know and buy toys, and some light bondage gear which we will use from time to time. As you discovered (I winked at her) I really like fucking your ass, so you may need to wear a butt plug most of the time.How does that sound?”That all sounds awesome Daddy, when can we go shopping?”Well, if you’re sure that this is one you want to do, I can organise the guys to cover all of my work this week and we will start living our new life?”Daddy I’m so happy” with that she started grinding my cock a little bit more aggressively, while reaching around stimulating my balls. There is no doubt my daughter was a total slut, she knew how to please a man that’s for sure. With the thoughts of our new life running through my brain and looking at this gorgeous woman bouncing on my dick, for the first time I exploded in her womb, and it felt awesome.After we cleaned up we went into Cindy’s room so that I could dress her for our little shopping outing. I had decided that I was going to take her to the sex shop I knew I needed her to dress appropriately. We found a pair of black leggings, a pair of “fuck me heels” and finally a tiny top which displayed her breasts for all to see.As we pulled up to the sex shop I told her that not only were we going shopping but that I was feeling pretty horny so we may get a booth. She did not bat an eyelid, I guess being with me meant that everything was all right for her.We went into the front of the shop and there was the usual collection of sad cases all of whom turned and stared at Cindy. She loved the attention, squeezing her breasts a little bit more, like a bird in mating season. I went up to van escort the guy behind the counter and said “I’m going to need some gear for this little slut, can you help us?””What did you have in mind?””To start with a set of butt plugs, with the largest big enough to stretch her for a very big cock. Let’s get a few dildo’s to go with that as well. Also what do you have in leather and latex knickers, bras leggings et cetera. With that the guy brought us around the shop putting on a show for his regulars as he did. “Well what does the young lady think about these butt plugs?do you think the biggest will prepare your ass for his cock.”To her credit Cindy did not even blink, “well he is much bigger than that but I would prefer to experience some pain when he takes me” she looked the guy straight in the eye and he smirked. The guys who are hanging around with their hands in their pockets and started fondling themselves.We then went into clothing and found the leather and latex (black and red) outfits that I liked. One in In particular I thought would be perfect. It was a skintight latex dress which accentuated her stunning bodyWhen we were done and paid I asked the guy if he didn’t mind us using one of his booths so that we could check everything out. We went down the corridor closing the door to 1 of the little rooms. Porn was playing on the TV above us, but other than horny background noise we didn’t pay it any attention. Cindy immediately got rid of all her clothes and started trying on the dress. She looked absolutely stunning. It would leave nobody in any doubt about what was underneath. Obviously an absence of any underwear made sure there were no unsightly lines. Cindy bent over and we could see that the dress was ithe perfect length. I could see her asshole and cunt lips perfectly. She looked around at me as I licked her ass hole and gently slid in the butt plug. She sighed.I wanted to test her devotion to me and thought I had the perfect opportunity. I sat on a chair looking up at the porn playing on the TV and invited Cindy to blow me. She immediately got down between my legs reached into my trousers and took out my by now erect cock. Between her expert cock sucking and how she looked between my legs within five minutes I was spraying come all over her face. It felt fantastic. I was careful not to coat her eyes this time for a good reason. After Cindy had made sure she had sucked all of the cum from my cock and cleaned me up she put my cock back in my trousers and zipped me up.”Okay Cindy lets show the guys outside how proud you are of your facial” for a second she looked at me with questioning eyes, but then the slut in her took over and she confidently walked back out into the shop. The guys, obviously knowing something was going on had waited around and there was spontaneous applause as she proudly strutted in front of them. Most took out their camera phones and wanted a selfie with her, she checked with me, and I nodded my approval. She then put on a show of sticking out her tongue and collecting my cum before finally swallowing it to a round of applause.The owner of the shop presumably realising we would be good customers in the future came up and presented her with a necklace which spelt “cum slut”. I fixed it around her neck and we went back to the car to go to our next shopping destination.I had read about this shop which offered a much greater range in kinky clothing. An idea had been bubbling in my mind that I would like when I came home in the evening for Cindy to be dressed in a range of different outfits come obviously all of which were fitting for a young bimbo. When we arrived I decided to park five minutes from the shop so that we could walk there and give Cindy the experience of being stared at and judged.As we started walking Cindy took my arm and proudly threw her shoulders back and stuck her chest out. Her necklace loudly advertised her role in life. As we walked down the busy street, men stopped dead in their tracks when they saw her coming coming, most checked with me first come and seeing no objection stared at Cindy, some of them grabbing the groin. The reaction from women was as predictable. Many immediately turned their head of way in disgust one even saying “dirty slut” as she passed. As quick as a flash Cindy reply “and proud of it”We made our way into what was essentially a top end sex shop, but with a huge range of clothing. Immediately on entering a stunning woman almost my height with a beautiful figure dressed not that dissimilarly to Cindy came over.She eyed us both up and asked how she might escort bayan help. I explained that Cindy had made the momentous decision to become my bimbo and that we needed a whole new wardrobe appropriate for such a position. The shop assistant, her name was Tracey commented “I don’t know who’s the luckier of the two, you big boy with such a stunning little slut on your arm or you young lady having that huge cock all to yourself” she had obviously summed us up very quickly. I took an immediate liking to her.For the next hour she brought us around the shop going from section to section, lingerie , shoes, formal evening wear , activewear for the gym et cetera et cetera. Luckily she had some of the fantasy outfits I wanted Cindy to wear as well.She then suggested we go to the changing rooms at the back of the shop to try everything on. However they were changing rooms with a difference, first of all while there were cubicles there were no doors or curtains. Obviously, given the nature of what was being bought some customers couldn’t wait to get home. We passed one cubicle were a bimbo, somewhat older than Cindy was sucking off a tall lean African guy. One other cubicle was occupied where one a guy was furiously fucking a woman up against the mirror in the cubicle. She had her legs wrapped around it’s back and was clearly enjoying herself.Tracey smirked and brought us into a cubicle at the end which was quite large. She stayed, offering to help and give her opinion on the outfits we had bought. I was beginning to wonder exactly what her intention was but didn’t have to wait long to find out. Cindy bent down to try on a new pair of shoes, Tracey squealed with delight. Looking at me for permission, which I gave, she ran her finger along Cindy’s cunt and then gently tugged on her butt plug. “Oh my, you have come prepared to be fucked in the ass, haven’t you?” She looked at me asking “may I prepare daddy so that he can fuck his bimbo in the ass?” I was really really beginning to like Tracey.I nodded, and she slowly knelt in front of me. Rather than dive in and grab my cock, she started gently teasing it through the material in my trousers. Cindy was getting a lesson in seduction. She positioned my cock down the leg of my trousers and then through a mixture of kissing and gently massaging me, she had me rockhard in minutes. She was clearly very very talented.She then slowly unzipped me, and gasped with delight when she took my monster out. Looking first at Cindy and then at me she said “why don’t I lubricate this for you” with that looking me directly in the eye she slowly and steadily all of me until her chin was resting on my balls. She slowly started to fuck her face with my cock, but sensing I was not far from exploding, and wanting to keep her word she then stood up and looked at Cindy and said “I think daddy is ready for you now”The truth is, daddy was more than ready, so I hurriedly bent Cindy over and immediately forced myself all the way in. While the butt plug had obviously helped stretch her ass a bit, Cindy’s ass felt like a vice around my cock.Cindy gasped, but I didn’t care. I started fucking her rapidly as Tracey squatted beside us and on my out stroke occasionally licked my cock. I quickly exploded, screaming which attracted the attention of the other two couples who by now were standing behind me. I held onto Cindy’s hips as I emptied my spunk into her, experiencing the most intense orgasm I had had in probably a decade. When I finally stopped I gradually started to pull out of Cindy. To my surprise Tracey positioned herself right beside Cindy’s ass all and the minute I popped out her lips were clamped around Cindy’s gaping anus as she lapped my cum into her mouth. Not missing the opportunity I took some photographs for my collection. Cindy was astounded and as Tracey continued to lap and suck my cum, Cindy was rubbing her clit furiously and came with a scream and her cum ran down her legs splashing on the floor. Tracey squealed with delight immediately moved from Cindy’s anus to her cunt come drinking the end of Cindy’s orgasm.Now everybody was looking at Cindy and Tracey in amazement. They both gradually regained their composure and cuddled and kissed as they came down from their highs.As we collected our bags and were making our way to the front of the shop Tracey took me to one side, grabbing my hand, lifted her miniskirt and rubbed my hand along the front and bottom of her G string. At first I didn’t know what I was feeling, and then it dawned on me, Tracey was a shemale, and had a pretty substantial cock and balls tucked in between her legs. “If you and Cindy ever need a bit of spice in your life, give me a call” she took my phone and entered her number.As we walked back to the car, both delirious with her afternoon I texted Tracey “I will definitely take you up on that”.To be continued

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