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Training With Mom

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Training With MomThis is a true story that happened to me. I was in my mid teens and well into puberty. We were on vacation,me, my mom, dad, and my sister. We only had one hotel room which was okay with me as it allowed me to see alot of mom and s*s naked. The second morning s*s and dad went somewhere and would not be back for sometime. Mom and I were going to take it easy and go hang at the pool. Mom was changing into her suit and sat down on the bed totally naked. Mom was pretty, long blonde hair, perky tits and nice ass. She had a nice dark bush. As she sat on the bed I stared at her body and started to get a boner. Mom looked up and busted me checking her out. I thought fast and then asked her where babies come from. Mom smiled real big and begin to tell me about having babies. I played halkalı escort a little dumb and asked her to show me. She did not hesitate and spread her legs and pointed to her pussy. I quized her some more and she explained it in more detail, then she opened her pussy lips showing me her hole. Again I played stupid and she explained how how a man squirts sperm up inside and the whole process. I got down and looked at her pussy up close. I could smell her and it made my boner even harder. I asked mom if I could touch her and she paused for a moment then said yes. I touched mom’s soft, wet pussy. I ran my finger up and down her lips and circled her hole. I pushed two fingers inside her. She breathed heavy and then said for me to stop. I asked mom a few more questions şişli escort about the sperm squirting inside her and she told me how men put their penises inside pussies. She said it feels really good. I asked mom how many men had squirted inside her, she blushed and then said she would not tell. I asked again and told her she was teaching me and then she said about twenty five. Again playing dumb I asked if she got pregnant each time and she said no that she used a birth control pill. I asked mom if it felt good and she said it feels very good.Then I asked mom if I touch the inside of her pussy again and she said okay. I put two fingers inside again. After a few minutes she had me take them out. Then I asked mom if I could just slip sarıyer escort my dick inside her to see how it feels. Mom told me that was wrong but then I said she was teaching me and I begged for her to let me just touch my dick against her pussy and she gave in. I rubbed my dick head thru her bush and along her moist lips. then I asked if I could slip the tip inside for only a second and mom said okay but only the tip for second which I did. It felt great and slowly slid the tip between her lips. I could feel the pressure build in my balls. I slid my dick head to her hole and slowly pushed it deeper into her. But she stopped me and pleaded for her to teach me and let me get release. She then said okay and I pushed deeper into her. I pushed all the way inside mom as far as I could go and I did not move for fear of cumming. Mom told me I felt good inside her. That was all it took for me to blow my wad deep inside mom. When I finished and pulled out mom said that I should not have cum inside her. I looked at her pussy and could see my cum leaking from her. I never got to fuck my mom again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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