May 28

Trinity’s New Job – and My Massage

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A few weeks had passed since I had kidnapped Trinity after the club, driving around until we ended up parking and having truck sex in a cemetery!

We chatted online whenever we happened to BE online at the same time. My job had me traveling tons and Trinity was balancing work, being a single mother AND trying to have something of a social life. Trinity’s ex took their daughter every other weekend so I emailed her the dates I was going to be home, hoping we might be able to cut loose, dance and spend some more time together. Our chatting always started innocent but inevitably ended up hot, steamy and sexual with one (or both) of us pleasuring themselves to orgasm.

It was finally Friday night, the night that Trinity was coming out again! I was home early, buzzed my hair, showered, shaved and put on my best clubbing clothes….cargo pants and a muscle shirt. By 11 p.m. my crew of friends was at the club, claiming our usual corner by the back speaker and tearing up the dance floor. I wandered around, greeting my many friends, bartenders, bouncers, DJ’s and familiar faces. After 20 years it’s hard NOT to know just about everyone who’s a regular! The one face I was looking for wasn’t there though, no Trinity!

About an hour later I saw her standing at the bar, not looking happy at all. I walked up and said Hi, immediately knowing something was VERY wrong. Trinity had been fired from her job that morning without cause or notice. One thing I’ve learned is you can fire anyone without cause as long as you pay them more than what is required by law. I bought Trinity a drink and gave her a hug. ‘It’s Friday night,’ I said, ‘let’s forget about everything else and have fun!’ I took Trinity’s arm, led her up onto the stage and started dancing. It took a bit but she finally relaxed, allowing the music to sweep away all the crap in her head, her body moving to the rhythm and surrendering to the beat.

One thing I could count on, and I wasn’t disappointed, Trinity had another smoking outfit on tonight. OMG!! She was wearing a bikini top that looked like a cinnamon roll with spaces between each layer and a thong bottom with a see through wrap. I had a hard time NOT looking at her breasts (you could easily see her nipples) and spent a lot of time dancing behind her! Hey, I’m only human! At one point in the evening I came up behind Trinity, wrapped my arms around her and just hugged her. She turned around to face me and hugged me back, our bodies pressed tightly together. Being at least 6″ shorter than Trinity my mouth was perfectly placed and I started gently kissing and nibbling on her neck and ear which was about all the encouragement my cock needed to head north and make its presence known. Trinity grinned knowingly and pulled me a little closer, my cock tight to her mound. As our bodies swayed to the music my hand found its way under her wrap, under her thong, slid along her wet pussy lips and then pushed a finger deep inside of her.

Trinity canlı bahis şirketleri looked at me in shock at first, my finger swirling around her pussy in the middle of the dance floor, people oblivious to what was going on right beside them. It was erotic, exciting, and sinful and I was ecstatic that Trinity went along with it, my finger pushing in and out of her and my palm rubbing against her clit.

I would have liked to make Trinity come right there but chickened out, removing my hand, bringing my fingers to my mouth and sucking them clean of her juices. The smell of sex, her scent, drifted over the entire stage and I watched the guys around us as they tried to figure out where it was coming from.

Unfortunately, this was the extent of Trinity and my play as she had brought a ‘friend’ with her and was going home with him tonight. I was disappointed at first but when I got home I found Trinity online, on her webcam, flashing her breasts at me and then sent me pictures of her friend fucking her. I whacked off while looking at her pics and chatting with her, exploding in an orgasm so strong that my chest and stomach were covered in come.

A couple of days later I got an email from Trinity, she had found a new job, close to home, making WAY better money with plenty of hours. I got online and started chatting with her, jokingly asking her if she was stripping, and if so, where was she so I could watch! I wasn’t far off the mark as Trinity had found a job giving ‘massages’. We talked about it, the pros and cons of the job, about the expectations some guys had and the inherent dangers. I’ve never believed that I should live MY life by another’s moral code and gave Trinity 100% support for her decision. Ultimately you have to pay the bills somehow!

Trinity was greatly appreciative for all of my support and encouragement and I was surprised when she asked me if I’d like to see the place and have her massage me. Like I was going to say No! We made arrangements for me to be her first appointment the next day and she gave me directions.

I arrived (Halloween day) to find Trinity wearing her pleather outfit with Angel wings, and after signing in, was shown to a nicely decorated, candle lit room. I’d never been for a massage before but was put at ease by the warm setting, scent of incense and gentle music. Trinity told me to remove as much of my clothing as I was comfortable with, lie down on the mattress and cover myself with the sheet. She left the room and, not being body conscious, I quickly stripped naked and got on the bed. Trinity asked if I was ready then came in and sat at the edge of the bed. Taking a bottle of oil she squirted some on her hands, rubbed them to warm it and then started rubbing my neck, shoulders and back.

I was in heaven as her hands moved over my body, rubbing my aching muscles and easing the knots in my back. I moaned and groaned in appreciation, succumbing to the sensations and drifting canlı kaçak iddaa off, almost to sleep. Trinity worked her way down to the small of my back, down my legs, my calves, and my feet and finally finished with my buttocks. ‘Time to turn over!’ I heard Trinity say. I grudgingly rolled onto my back, opening my eyes to an unbelievable site as Trinity stood beside the bed, removing her clothing and revealing her luscious body to me. Once naked she poured more oil into her hands, warmed it, straddled my body and began massaging my head and chest, slowly working her way down.

The sheet that had originally covered me was gone, my cock fully exposed and hard as a piece of granite. As Trinity massaged my hands started stroking her smooth legs, her firm belly, cupping her large succulent breasts, teasing her erect nipples then sliding between her legs and stroking her pussy. Trinity quickly worked her way down to my stiff cock, her hands wrapping around it, greasing it with the oil then pumping it up and down. I sat up and pulled Trinity’s lips to mine, our mouths opening slightly, our tongues discovering and tasting each other. Her hands gripped tighter around my shaft and moved a little faster, a groan of pleasure escaping from me.

I kissed my way down Trinity’s neck and chest, seeking out and suckling her large, hard nipples, my hand between her legs rubbing across her clit, sliding one, two and then three fingers into her wet pussy. Pushing them deep inside of her then pulling them out, fucking her with my hand, wanting it to be my cock. Trinity stroked my cock faster, covering every inch, top to bottom, her other hand stroking my balls and feeling them starting to swell. My body tensed as I felt my orgasm building, my balls ready to shoot gobs of come all over Trinity’s hand and my body. I moaned in delight as I felt the surge start only to groan in agony as Trinity quickly grabbed the base of my cock and strangled it, not allowing my release, holding me tight until my body relaxed and my orgasm receded.

Trinity put a finger to her lips and shushed me. ‘We can’t be too loud because sex isn’t supposed to happen.’ she said. Then to my delight Trinity leaned over and sucked my cock into her mouth! After nearly coming and then having it abruptly stopped I was surprised that I didn’t blow into her the second her lips engulfed me. I wasn’t going to have all the fun though so I grabbed Trinity’s hips, rotated her on top of me and buried my mouth into her dripping cunt.

My mouth devoured every bit of her sweet pussy, licking, nibbling, sucking and probing her with my tongue. My fingers were once more inside of her and then found their way up and into her ass. As I sucked on her clit, my thumb fucked her pussy and my finger slowly opened her ass. Trinity’s lips wrapped around my cock in a vacuum seal as her mouth bobbed up and down, taking my entire cock into her throat then out again. I sucked on Trinity’s pussy and clit with everything canlı kaçak bahis I had, savoring her sweet juices and swallowing as much as I could. Once again I could feel my orgasm coming and cried out in warning.

Trinity immediately released my cock from her mouth, again not allowing me the release I SO wanted. Trinity turned around, reached behind me and picked up a condom, unwrapping it then rolling it onto my cock. She then straddled me, grasped me, and started rubbing the tip of my cock all over her pussy, anointing me with her fluids, lubricating every inch of my rock hard penis. Trinity put the tip of my cock against her and then slowly, lovingly, lowered herself onto me.

I felt the walls of her pussy spread around my thick shaft, her warm flesh surrounding me, her muscles massaging me and then her lips pressed tight to my groin. My cock was buried deep inside of Trinity, like I wanted it to be from the moment I met her, and then she started rocking. Slowly without moving up or down, just gently moving forward and back. Trinity’s clit rubbed against my pubic bone, her lips being stroked by my shortly trimmed hair. My shaft was being gripped and released, almost being massaged like her hands had done to my back. I tried to stay still for as long as possible but finally couldn’t take it; grabbing her ass with my hands I thrust my hips up, trying to get a little bit more of my cock inside of her.

I pulled back and thrust deep again making Trinity moan in delight, the head of my cock finding the bottom of her pussy. My hands pushed her ass up and then pulled her back down, my pace increasing with every thrust, fucking her hard and deep, filling every bit of her cunt with my cock. After all the pleasure that Trinity had given me there was no way I was going to last long but I wanted one thing first. I thrust again and again, watching Trinity’s face, her eyes closed in pleasure, her breathing ragged, pleasure growing. I moved my hand and found her clit, rubbing it as I continued to plunge in and out of her pussy, her juices soaking me and flowing across my balls.

Finally I heard Trinity gasp and knew she was there, her body went rigid and then I felt a flow of warmth across my groin. Her release triggered my own and I filled my mouth with her breast to keep from screaming in ecstasy as I sent shot after shot of come into her body, filling the condom with my white hot juices.

Trinity laid her body over mine and I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her sweet lips as we both came down from our peak. I slowly softened, pulling my cock out and the condom off. Trinity moved over me and, once more, sucked me into her mouth, cleaning the come off my cock and tasting my juices. I held Trinity until she reminded me that her next appointment would soon be there. We quickly dressed, and I got ready to leave. As soon as I was ready to leave Trinity (again) surprised me as she had brought me a bottle of cologne as a gift. I was truly touched by her thoughtfulness and caring.

I felt guilty in one way though as Trinity wouldn’t let me pay for my massage BUT I quietly snuck some money into her purse and kissed her goodbye until our next meeting.

One more to go….

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