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Subject: Truck Stop Road Chapter 6 This is adult FICTION. It is not intended to encourage or condone any similar activities in the real world. It is merely ENTERTAINMENT, for which Nifty could use your donations! http://donate./donate.html Don’t read this story if you’re not old enough for this stuff, if m/m stories offend you, or if “family fun” isn’t your kind of fantasy. On the other hand, if that’s what you’re looking for, then unzip and get busy! TRUCK STOP ROAD PART 6. DANNY’S STORY (FINALE) I don’t know why, but having my dad staying with us made me more horny than I’d been in a long time. Maybe it reminded me of my own school days when my best friend, Teddy, and I used to fuck each other like rabbits even when we knew my dad was in the house. If my mom was home, we just did homework and played video games. But if we were alone or if only Dad was in the house with use, we couldn’t get out dicks out of our pants and into each other fast enough. So, I guess that’s why Dad’s presence had the unanticipated horniness effect on me. It was like I was a naughty kid again, playing with dick at the risk of being discovered by my Dad. And then what would happen then? Yeah, I had those pervy thoughts back in the day, but I never did anything about them. That’s why discovering Bud and Junior at Truck Stop Road seemed so right. They were living out what I’d only fantasized about…and they let me join in, which was the next best thing to my old fantasies. All of these thoughts were running through my head as I gave Bud a goodbye fuck in his truck before he had to head out on the road again. Most of the time, he and Junior fucked me, which pushed all my buttons, almost as much as jacking off while watching the two of them fuck each other. But for some reason, Bud always wanted to get fucked before he hit the road. “Let’s me take a little bit of you with me,” he always joked. “Oh yeah, that’s the spot,” Bud moaned, laying on his back and looking at me between his legs as my dick sank slowly and deeply into his ass. “I’m gonna miss this,” he sighed. “Then maybe we should use this position more often,” I laughed, slowly pulling out. “I wouldn’t mind.” “Your ass would be begging for my cock in no time,” Bud replied with a grin. “Oh yeah,” I sighed, slowly sinking my dick into him again and remembered the feeling of him fucking me right before I’d started fucking him. “Can’t get enough of your cock, daddy.” “What’s with the ‘daddy’ lately?” he asked, “not that I’m complaining. But I’m not THAT much older than you.” “I guess Junior’s wearing off on me.” “And in you,” Bud laughed. “Yeah, that’s it. Do that again.” “Okay.” I sank my dick all the way up Bud’s ass, and again just bumped my crotch against his ass, fucking my dick as deep as possible with short, quick thrusts. “Yeah, that’s it,” he moaned, stroking his own rigid cock. “Fuck daddy’s ass.” “Mmmmm,” I sighed, finally pulling out slowly and then filling Bud again with my meat. Nice and slow and smooth. “You ever thought of trying your daddy’s ass?” Bud asked casually. “I’m trying, daddy, I’m trying,” I laughed. “Your real daddy,” Bud persisted. “Who hasn’t?” I laughed casually, but I started fucking Bud’s butt a little faster to distract him. “I caught Junior sucking him the other night,” Bud said casually. “Shut the fuck up,” I laughed, slamming my dick into him with more force. Bud grunted at the invasion and then said, “Fucking truth. When I went to tell him to clean up the kitchen. Junior was sucking away on your dad’s dick, and it looked like he was enjoying it.” “Stop shitting me. You would have told me something like that as fast as you could,” I growled, giving his ass a hard slap and his hole a deep plunge. Bud grunted again. “I figured it was between the two of them. But it sure made me hot. Why do you think I woke you up for a fuck in the middle of the night?” “Because you’re a horny fucker,” I panted, really pumping my cock into Bud’s tight, hot, juicy ass. “Oh yeah,” he moaned, throwing back his head and jacking his cock even faster. “Especially when he was watching us?” “What?!” I replied, almost losing my balance as I instantly brought the fucking to a halt. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” Bud panted as he continued pounding his pud. I started slipping him my dick again and then I said with a laugh, “You’re a fucking liar.” “Ask him,” Bud laughed. “I saw him peeking into our bedroom while we were doing it.” “Are you really serious?” I panted, back up to speed with a sudden burst of new horny energy. “Oh yeah,” Bud moaned loudly. “And playing with himself while he watched.” “Oh fuck,” I grunted, really pounding Bud’s asshole. Faster and harder. So excited. So horny. “Yeah, fuck your daddy,” Bud growled as he continued pumping his dick and started twisting one of his nipples while my cock flew in and out of his asshole. “So close,” I panted. “So close.” “Oh yeah, fill daddy with your cum, boy!” Bud ordered. “HERE IT CUMS!” I warned him. “DO IT, BOY!” Bud roared. “OH, DADDY!” I moaned, thrusting my throbbing cock into his ass as my body quivered and began pumping jizz. “FUCK YEAH!” Bud crowed as I felt his asshole spasm on my pulsing cock and saw his own cock erupt to spew cum in streaks on his chest and belly. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” I grunted, thrusting my dick into him deeper and deeper and deeper to fill him with cum for the road. “Fuck yeah,” Bud moaned as the last load of cum oozed out of his cock and pooled on his belly. “Fuck yeah,” I echoed as I froze with my cock oozing my own final load deep into Bud’s belly. “Mmmmm,” Bud sighed after scooping up some of his cum and sucking it off his fingers. “Want some?” “Oh yeah,” I replied, leaning forward and sticking out my tongue. Bud scooped up some more cum and wiped it on my tongue. I closed my lips on his fingers and sucked them clean. “Mmmmm,” I moaned. “You know,” Bud said casually, “I wasn’t kidding about your dad watching me fuck you the other night and jacking off while he did it.” “It was probably just Junior,” I laughed, grasping at straws. “Junior would have joined us,” Bud laughed back. “That’s true,” I agreed. “Shit I never though my dad swung our way.” “Maybe he’s just getting the horny vibe from living with three horny men,” Junior laughed before scooping up some more cum, wiping it on his own tongue, and then pulling me into a cum-tastic kiss. ***** “Dad gone?” Junior asked as I stepped up to his food counter. “Cum and gone,” I laughed. “He’ll be back soon enough.” “Not soon enough for me,” Junior replied with a wink. “What can I get you?” “I’m pretty full,” I grinned. “Maybe just a regular number 3 combo.” “Cumming up,” Junior replied as I turned and looked around the food court. “Did my dad stay home? I thought he was going to hang out with you?” “Must have gone to the restroom,” Junior replied when he returned with my order on a tray. “He was just here, but those sodas seem to run right through him.” “Okay, thanks,” I said, taking the tray. “I’m sure the same will happen to me…and you too in a few years,” I laughed. “Later,” Junior said before turning to the next customer. I glanced and saw a harried husband, a hen-pecking wife, and two little brats. The guy gave me a “help me” look, and I have him a “sorry can’t help” shrug. Then I headed over to my favorite corner table to eat. ***** By the time I finished eating, Dad still hadn’t shown up. I motioned at Junior and my watch, but he just shrugged. I figured Dad was wandering around the place. I was big escort bayan enough to get lost in, but I figured a one-armed man couldn’t get into too much trouble. I sucked down the last of my soda then went and emptied my tray in the trash. I decided to wander around and see if I could find Dad, but I suddenly had the urge to piss. I guessed Dad wasn’t the only one at the mercy of large sodas. I turned and headed off to the restrooms. I didn’t see the harried husband following me, but I sensed there was someone behind me when I entered the restroom. I turned to hold the door for him and discovered at that point that it was the harried husband. “Getting away for a break?” I laughed. “Sorry for all the noise earlier,” he apologized, placing his hand on the door. “No problem.” After I smiled, I wasn’t able to keep my eyes from a quick sweep down and up his body. It was obvious that that woman should be grateful for what she had. He gulped nervously and said, “I don’t suppose you… Sorry, forget it.” He then hurried past me and ducked into a cubicle. I paused for a moment, smiled, and entered the next cubicle. I dropped my pants and sat down on the stool and then turned to the gloryhole leading to the harried husband. As I began to piss out the soda, I casually stuck my finger through the hole and motioned my interest. Almost immediate after I pulled my finger back, a thick, hard cock slid through the hole. That wife should definitely be grateful. Even though I’d just finished my meal, I quickly swallowed the offered cock. “Oh yeah,” the husband moaned softly as I began to suck gently on his meat. However, he had other things in mind and quickly began fucking my face. I just relaxed my throat and let him ride. “God I need this,” he sighed. “Mmmmph,” I moaned as I sucked eagerly to keep up with his enthusiastic tonsil-pounding thrusts. When I finished pissing, I got on my knees, placed my hand against the divider, and circled his shaft with my thumb and index finger. He moaned as I tightened that grip and slurped even more enthusiastically on his spit-covered shaft. Someone on the other side cleared his throat and tapped his foot. I twisted to the side, as much as I could without releasing that tasty cock, and saw another cock jutting through the gloryhole on the other side of the cubicle. I didn’t want to release the cock and hand I already had in my mouth, so I did the next best thing… I was still lubed up from my session with Bud in his truck, so I just stood up without releasing the cock in my mouth and back onto the second cock. I moaned around the dick in my mouth as the other cock slid easily up my ass. There was a surprised grunt from the second man as he realized it wasn’t a mouth on his cock, then he let out a satisfied moan as he slid more dick into me. The harried husband must have figured out what was going on, because he started fucking my throat with even more abandoned enthusiasm. “Fuck yeah,” he grunted, slamming his pelvis against the divider and plunging his cock down my throat. Harder and deeper. The other guy was pounding my ass with just as much enthusiasm, slamming his pelvis against that divider and burying his cock in my ass. I wasn’t sure either divider could stand it. After a little while, I didn’t care. I had two hard cocks taking care of my needs. Stretching my lips and slicking my throat with precum. Stretching my ass and slicking my gut with precum. Somehow, they got into sync with both of them ramming their meat into me at the same time. Filling me at both ends. Stuffing me. Then pulling out together, only to thrust back in together. Again and again and again. I grunted happily every time I was filled at both ends. “Gotta get going,” the harried husband finally grunted as he redoubled his efforts. Suddenly my mouth was taking two cock strokes for every cock stroke my ass got. The husband was huffing and puffing, faster and faster. The other guy took the hint and started plunging up my ass faster, until they were both thrusting into me in unison again. “FUCK!” the husband growled as he slammed his body against the divider. “CUMMING!” he growled between gritted teeth as he started unloading in my throat. I pulled off quickly so that married cum could fill my mouth instead. I gulped and gulped the husband’s cum as the other guy continued to pump in and out of my ass. Just as the husband’s shots started to subside, the other guy rammed his cock up my ass and grunted again and again and again. I clamped my ass on the shooting cock, and its owner let out a deep groan and gave me a final few shuddering thrusts. He froze for a moment, and then he let out a loud, long exhale of satisfaction. I let out a loud, long moan of disappointment as both dicks were slowly pulled out of me. But as long as they were satisfied, I was satisfied. Besides, I needed to go find Dad. I quickly wiped my ass, flushed the toilet, and made myself presentable. As I emerged from the cubicle, the harried husband emerged from his. His smile told me that he was definitely a lot less harried. I just smiled and headed for the door. Once outside, I realized that I really should wash my hands. I turned back as the unharried husband emerged. “Thanks, I definitely needed that today,” he whispered with a smile. “Glad I could help,” I whispered back with a smile of my own. “What took you so long?!” his wife nearly screeched when she saw him. “Not long enough,” I said under my breath. “You’re telling me,” the husband muttered, then he rejoined his wife and brats. I turned back to the restroom and started to push the door open, but it was yanked from under my hand. I stumbled forward and nearly collided with my dad. “Sorry,” I apologized before I realized it was him. “How many times do I have to tell you to slow down, Son,” Dad joked. “I’ve been looking all over for you,” I said, grasping for something to say as my mind reeled. Dad had been in the restroom while I was getting fucked by two strangers? FUCK! “Had to take care of an emergency,” Dad replied with a smile. “Yeah, Junior said you can’t hold your soda,” I joked, trying desperately to sound normal. “I guess you can’t either, seeing as where you’re headed,” Dad laughed. “Uh, I guess not,” I replied. “Don’t be too long,” Dad said, giving me a pat on the shoulder as he exited. “I’ll be right out,” I assured him, and then I let the door close behind him. I pause for a moment, then I rushed over the cubicles. One after the other after the other, I pushed the doors open. Not one of the doors was locked and not one of the cubicles was occupied. “Holy Fuck!” I growled to myself. “Dad just fucked me!” In that moment, I didn’t know whether I was more shocked, appalled, or excited. My throbbing cock voted for excited. I washed my hands, trying to calm down and think. Then, I quickly pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Bud. “Missing me already?” he asked. “My dad just fucked me,” I blurted out without any preamble. “What?!” Bud asked. “I said my dad just fucked me,” I hissed into the phone. “That’s what I thought you said. That was fast,” he added with a chuckle. “I’m serious. What am I gonna do?” “About what?” “About Dad fucking me?” “Enjoy it?” Bud chuckled again. I ignored the joke and asked, “How do I tell him?” “Uh, you lost me?” “He doesn’t know it was me he fucked through the gloryhole,” I clarified. “I thought I’d worn you out?” Bud laughed. “Well, you see…” “I don’t need the details, Dan,” Bud interrupted lightly. “I know you play and you kocaeli escort bayan know I play and we both know Junior’s the biggest slut of us all.” “So, what am I gonna do?” I asked, becoming a little more than desperate at this point. “About what?” Bud asked. “Are you serious?!” I shouted. “Calm down,” Bud soothed. “He doesn’t know it was you, so just let it go.” “You think?” I asked, starting to calm down. “I think.” “I guess that’s the best.” “At least now you know what it’s like to get fucked by your dad,” Bud laughed. “It was pretty hot,” I had to admit. “If only I’d known it was him.” “Better luck next time,” Bud replied. “I don’t think I could…” “Well, whatever you do, take it easy. Don’t freak him out. There’s a world of difference between fucking a stranger and fucking your son. Take it from me. Not everyone is as open-minded as I am.” “That’s true,” I finally laughed. “That sounds better,” Bud said. “Just stay relaxed and act as if nothing happened. And if you need advice, you might ask Junior.” “He’s the expert,” I laughed. “Thanks, Bud.” “Love you,” he replied. “Love you too,” I said, then I hung up the phone, took a deep breath, and exited the restroom. ***** After taking a few minutes just to make sure I was completely calmed down, I went back into the truck stop and found Dad chatting with Junior. “What’s up?” I asked. “Apparently, I’m not the only service provider in the restroom,” Junior said bluntly with a raised eyebrow. “What do you mean?” I asked nervously. “Grandpa Joe was just saying–” “Nothing at all,” Dad interrupted. “Can you give me a lift home, Son?” he asked. “If not, I can call Charlie. I’m sure he would give you a lift,” Junior replied. I was sure Dad glared at Junior, but I didn’t know why. “No, I can give you a lift if you’re ready,” I said. “Thanks,” Dad replied, “and you mind your manners, Junior.” “Yes, sir,” Junior said with a smirk. ***** Just as we arrived at the house and pulled into the driveway, Charlie Phillips pulled in behind us. “Junior’s at work,” I said as we all got out of the cars. “Oh, is he?” Charlie replied casually. “Hello, Charlie,” Dad said cheerfully. “Hi, Joe. How’s it hanging?” Charlie laughed. I thought it was odd that they were so chummy, but Junior had said something about Charlie spending time with Dad a few days earlier. “I think he has to work until the evening,” I said. “Who?” Charlie asked. “Oh, Junior. Right. Thanks.” “Are you going to be alright, Dad?” I asked as I unlocked the front door. “I need to run some errands.” “I can take care of myself,” Dad assured me. “Run along. Care for a drink, Charlie?” “Now, Dad.” “I thought you had some errands to run,” Dad replied, waving me off. “Come on in, Charlie.” “Don’t mind if I do, Joe,” Charlie replied as he brushed past me and followed Dad into the house. I stood there thinking for a while, then I decided to let Dad take care of Dad. I got in the car and started it. Then I looked in the mirror and saw Charlie’s car behind mine. “Shit,” I muttered as I turned the car off again and got out. After I opened the door and stepped inside, I paused. I was about to call for Charlie, but my mouth clamped shut at the sound of repeated, rhythmical grunts. “You don’t waste time,” Charlie grunted. “So fucking horny,” Dad grunted back. “I’ll tell you about it later.” “Tell me know. I’m not going anywhere,” Charlie laughed. I inched toward the kitchen, the source of the grunts and voices, and slowly pushed the door open a crack. Dad had Charlie bent over the sink and was pumping away at his ass! “I fucked someone at the truck stop,” Dad grunted. “Through a gloryhole.” “Damn, you learn quick,” Charlie grunted back. “Your ass started it,” Dad panted. “Never though of this in my life before you seduced me.” Seduced?!” Charlie roared with laughter. “You are fucking funny, Joe.” “And you’re damn tight,” Dad grunted. “Glad to hear it,” Charlie moaned. “Was the gloryhole ass tight?” “Oh, yeah,” Dad moaned, “but more like the guy knew what he was doing with it?” “And I don’t?” Charlie replied. “Oh god, yeah, you do,” Dad moan, as Charlie obviously tightened his ass on Dad’s cock. “So fucking tight,” Dad panted. “I’ll bet Bud says the same thing about Danny’s ass,” Charlie moaned. I held my breath. “I know Teddy always thought so,” Dad laughed. I was shocked! “Who’s Teddy?” Charlie grunted. “Danny’s best friend. I lost track of how many times I heard them fucking over the years.” “Real horndogs?” “Every chance they got,” Dad laughed. “And you watched?” Charlie laughed. “No, never caught ’em with the door open,” Dad panted. “But I sure listened a few times, with a chuckle. Those boys liked to talk a lot while they were doing it.” “Like son, like father,” Charlie replied. “Guess so,” Dad said. “I woulda started doing this a long time ago if I’d known how good it feels.” “Feels good to me too,” Charlie moaned. “Harder, Joe.” “Yeah, take my cock, Charlie!” Dad grunted. I was shocked. I’d never heard dad use foul language in his life. He’d actually seemed like a real prude. Suddenly, I’d found out not only that he cussed and liked sex with men (including me without knowing it) but that he’d enjoyed listening to me and Teddy fucking all those years. My curiosity quickly turned to anger, and I threw the kitchen door open. “And was that you standing in the doorway and jacking off while Bud fucked me the other night?” I blurted out. “What? What the fuck? Danny, what are you doing–?” “Oh, don’t stop,” Charlie objected. “Don’t let me interrupt,” I said. “It’s my turn to watch now.” “Danny…” Dad replied sheepishly. “Fuck him, Dad,” I ordered. “Let me see what you can do. See if he can take it as well as I did this morning.” I clamped my mouth shut. I couldn’t believe I’d blurted that last out. “That was you?” Dad ask softly. “Oh shit,” Charlie whispered. “That’s hot. Come on, Joe, fuck me like you did your boy.” “I didn’t know,” Dad objected. “Neither did I,” I admitted. “Not until afterward.” “Yeah, Joe, that’s it. Plump that cock up for me. I can feel it stretching my ass.” “It did feel good, Dad,” I admitted. “Oh, Danny,” he sighed, looking at me but slowly starting to fuck Charlie again. “Oh yeah,” Charlie moaned. “Teddy and I wouldn’t have objected if you’d tried to join us,” I said casually. “You were always the one dad he wanted to play with.” “Yeah, I heard some of those things he wanted to do to and with me,” Dad grunted. “If I’d known then what I know now, I might have let him,” Dad grunted again as he slid his dick in and out of Charlie’s ass while continuing to look at me. “Teddy would have been one happy kid,” I laughed. “You might call him up when you go back home.” “I just might do that,” Dad finally laughed. “This does feel good, Son,” he moaned. “I had no idea. Wish you would have told me.” “Yeah,” I laughed. “That would have been an interesting conversation.” “Come here, Son,” Dad panted. Without thinking, I crossed the kitchen and stood behind Dad. I rested my head on his shoulder and reached around to hug him. He continued fucking Charlie, and every time he pulled his dick out of Charlie’s ass, he pushed his own ass against my crotch. It wasn’t long before my own cock was straining to be let out. I released Dad and stepped back enough to undo my pants and push them down to my knees. “What are you doing, Son?” Dad asked nervously. “Just getting more comfortable,” I said, stepping forward to embrace him again with kocaeli escort my hard cock nestled between his ass cheeks. “Oh yeah,” I sighed. “That feels good,” Dad moaned? “He fucking you?” Charlie asked with a shocked and excited voice. “Just spooning,” Dad chuckled. “For now,” I whispered in his ear, slowly sliding my cock up and down his crack. “I don’t know, Son.” “Believe me. If you enjoy giving, you’ll be just as thrilled to receive,” I replied. “I guess turnabout is fair play after this morning,” Dad admitted. “Oh fuck!” Charlie grunted. I looked around Dad and saw Charlie’s arm pumping away. “You guys are so hot. Are you really gonna do it? Father and son?” “Would you like that, Charlie?” I asked casually as I felt Dad picking up his fucking motion too. “Oh yeah,” he confirmed, flexing his arm faster. “Would you like to watch my sliding my dick up Dad’s ass?” “Oh yeah.” “Would you like to watch me pumping my cock in my own daddy?” “Fuck yeah?” “Would you like me sucking your dick while I fuck Dad?” “God yeah,” Charlie groaned. “Would you like to see my face when I blast a load of hot cum into Dad’s belly?” “OH FUCK!” Charlie bellowed. “FUCK!” “I think he’d like that, Son,” Dad chuckled. “OH SHIT!” “SHOOT, JOE!” Charlie ordered. “I’M CUMMING, CHARLIE,” Dad replied. “FUCK YEAH!” Charlie roared “ME TOO!” Their grunts and groans and moans and huffing and puffing mingled together and grew in intensity. “FUCK!” Dad yelled, and I felt his body shake and quiver. “Fill that ass, Dad,” I hissed in his ear. “I am, Son. I am,” he moaned. “I’M CREAMING YOUR CABINETS!” Charlie yelled. “You’re cleaning it up,” I laughed. “I DON’T… OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” “SO FUCKING TIGHT,” Dad moaned as he pumped his load into Charlie. Without warning, my own cock starting shooting my own jizz. I was pressed against Dad, so the cream shot between us, up his back. “That’s it, Son,” Dad sighed. “Shoot your load on Daddy.” “Is he really?” Charlie asked. “Oh yeah,” Dad moaned as I continued to cover his back with jizz. “That’s my boy.” “You two are fucking sick. So fucking hot sick.” “Wait till you see me and Dad going at it,” Junior said from the kitchen door. The three of us looked around to see him starting to undress. “You and Bud?” Charlie and Dad said together. They were both surprised and definitely turned on by the idea. “The family that plays together stays together,” Junior proclaimed as he finished undressing and proudly displayed his own erect cock ready to play. “I thought you were working until evening,” I said, being the practical one. “Things slowed down, so they let me go,” Junior clarified. “And I’m sure glad they did,” he added, slowly stroking his cock as he walked across the kitchen toward us. “Can’t leave you guys alone for a minute.” We watched in stunned silence as he got down on his knees and began licking up Charlie’s cum from the cabinets and the floor. “Mmmmmm,” he moaned with obvious pleasure as he devoured his stepdad’s seed. “I could use some cleaning up back there, too,” Dad laughed. “With only one hand, my back is hard to reach. Besides, your mom always said to clean up after yourself.” “Okay, Dad,” I replied, and then I began lapping my cum up off of his back. “Mmmmm,” I moaned. “Oh yeah,” Charlie sighed, and I looked around to see that Junior was sucking on his stepdad’s spent cock. That was the beginning of a very enjoyable afternoon and evening. ***** That night, I woke up as my bedroom door opened and someone crept in. “That you, Junior?” I asked. “No, it’s your dad.” “Oh, you wanna talk? I turned on the bedside lamp and looked at Dad. “I know you weren’t expecting…any of this. I enjoyed it, but if you’re freaked out now that you’ve had a chance to think about it all, I understand. If you want–” “Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much?” Dad asked. “Well, guys usually do have a better use for my mouth,” I admitted with a laugh. “Well, it’s not your mouth I’m interested in right now.” “What do you mean?” “Junior said I might be needing this,” Dad said as he held up a tube of lube. “Actually, I think I’m still pretty well lubed from earlier,” I laughed. “I wasn’t thinking about you.” I looked at Dad, who was looking at me very seriously. “You mean…” “I’ve always believed in not knocking something until you’ve tried it.” “Seriously?” My dick was definitely growing stiffer with every second. “I’ve tried a lot of things you obviously enjoy, but there’s still the big one.” “I’m not that big,” I had to laugh. “That’s good,” Dad laughed back. “So?” He held out the lube. “Get in here,” I said, tossing the blankets back to reveal my ready, willing, and able cock. “That’s my boy,” Dad laughed as he climbed into bed and covered us up. He gave me a soft kiss. “I love you, Son.” “I love you too, Dad,” I replied as we began gently exploring each other, slowly building to the moment when I finally got to slide my hard dick into my dad’s tight but willing ass. “Oh yeah,” Dad moaned as I slowly filled him and began to make love to him. We’d never been closer to each other, and it felt so good to have my fantasy fulfilled at last. So good. So fucking good. Slow and fucking good. Taking my dad. Possessing my dad. Doing all the things my friend Teddy had dreamed about. “I LOVE YOU, DAD!” I bellowed as I shot my first load into my very own dad’s ass. “I FUCKING LOVE YOU!” ***** Dad slept in my bed every night after that. Junior joined us occasionally. So did Charlie. And when Bud got back from the road, we discovered that our bed could actually hold five horny men at once as we celebrated the birth of Charlie’s son. When it was time for Dad to get the cast taken off, I drove him home. The doctor was satisfied with the results and complimented me for taking such good care of my dad. I took really good care of him that evening. Without the cast, sex with Dad was even wilder than ever. He really took command with both hands…and I really enjoyed it. When Dad called me a few weeks later to say that he was taking in a lodger, it caught me off guard. I didn’t think he need the money. “No,” he said, “but Teddy makes a mighty fine lodger. And he always cleans up after himself.” Charlie made fewer appearances after his wife was back home and open for business. Usually, when he knocked on our door, it was because he was feeling the itch for a blowjob, which she still wouldn’t give him. Whoever was home in our house always made him welcome and guaranteed that he left satisfied. Junior went away to college not long after these events all took place, and then he went even farther away for a job after he finished college. I know Bud regretted the distance, but the three of us sure made up for lost time when he came home. The first time he brought a boyfriend home with him, we were disappointed until the boyfriend made it very clear he was ready to join our family in every way. He was a definite keeper, and Junior married him not long after that. As the years passed, Bud and I seemed to be confirmed as a perfect pair. We gradually cut down (but never out) the extracurricular activities, settling for keeping it mainly all in the family instead. That became easier after he managed to talk me into becoming his co-driver. When you have a cock always at your beck and call, no matter where you are on the road, there’s less need for random rest area gloryhole encounters. We saved those special events for Truck Stop Road, whenever we were leaving town or cumming home. THE END ——————- I hope you enjoyed this bit of fun. I always enjoy hearing from satisfied readers: hoo Remember, always play SAFE in the real world; you never know where that thing has been! You can check out my other stories fty//authors.htmlhotfordads

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