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Truckers Love

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Truckers Love(Fictional Story)California to Washington DC. Nebraska to New York. California to Washington DC. I’ve been driving those same routes cross-country for over fifteen years now. It was a long trip and it was a boring trip. Long hours at the wheel of my eighteen-wheel trailer-truck, delivering office furniture from the West Coast to the East Coast. I had a good steady job with CORT, the big furniture rental company, and I certainly wasn’t complaining. But all those long lonely nights on the road, when I could have been home with my wife, Jasmine, not that she was that exciting, but it was better than sleeping alone in the cab of my truck and looking at porn magazines.I mean, I’m still a young guy, after all, and I have my desires.Jasmine and I, we have two k**s, Jason and Justin who are in seventh and eighth grades, and are a couple of little snot-noses, so I don’t really mind being away from them so much. I just don’t have that much in common with the boys. Computer games, PS3, Xbox…I never did that stuff. But of course, I really didn’t want them following in the old man’s footsteps and driving a truck across the country for the rest of their lives, so maybe it was good that they weren’t like me, so that when they grew up they might be something more than just common laborers like their old man. I sure hoped life had something better in store for them than the endless interstate highways I was continuously traveling.Of course, I wasn’t entirely alone on the road. CORT always sent out two full trailers at the same time. Old Stanley Gray drove the other truck. We watched each other’s back on the highways. If there were ever to be any kind of an accident, or if a cop stopped one of us for speeding, we had each other to turn to. We pulled into the same rest stops each night and had a couple of games of spades in Stan’s cab, before I would go back to my own cab and turn in for the night. Of course I would look at my magazines first. There were always these hookers cruising the truck-stops, looking for business, and I was curious a little. And hell. I’m not gonna lie. I fucked a few of them here and there. I mean, I’m alone on the road and I gotta get my nut, right?Then came the day that old Stanley Gray announced that he was retiring. The company threw him a big farewell party, and gave him a gold wristwatch, and we had drinks down at company headquarters, but I felt kind of bad, because I had always had Stan to turn to. He had become like an old friend, and now there would be some complete stranger in the other truck. I wondered who I would be driving along-side of.Three days later Brian Miller, the general manager called me to come into his office, before my next trip. I went down to headquarters and up to Brian’s office. In the room was this slim good-looking guy with neat dreads about twenty-five.”Kevin,” he said to me, “I’d like to introduce you to your new road buddy, Donte Green. We just hired Donte, and he’s new to long-distance trucking, but we figured that under your expert guidance he might work out.””Oh,” I said. “I thought you were gonna pick one of the guys from the California route?””No. No. We’re not changing anyone’s route, which they do so well. We figured we’d do a new hire, and Donte, here, seems like he might work out. He’s driven shorter distances for smaller companies, and he really wants to become a CORT man, because of all our great benefits. The health insurance, the retirement pension. Everything.””Well, welcome, Donte,” I said, shaking his hand. “Welcome to CORT and to the California-Washington DC route.””Thanks, Kevin,” he said to me, shaking my hand and even holding it a little, which I didn’t pay no attention to really. “Brian, here, has told me what a great driver you are, and that I’ll be in real good hands with you.””Yes, you will,” I told him. “I’ll teach you the rules of the road, all right.””Great. I’m entirely in your hands,” he said. He let go of my hand, and I studied him out a little. He was very good-looking. Almost pretty. Almost delicate. With eyelashes that were real long and curled upward. Not the kind of guy you usually would find behind the wheel of an eighteen-wheeler.”Come on,” I told him. “I’ll buy you a couple of beers.”He followed me downtown in his car to The Green Turtle sports bar, where they served hard liquor to hard-nosed drivers.We took a booth, and we kind of took to each other immediately. We were sitting across from each other and nursing our beers and telling each other life stories. I told him all about Jasmine and the k**s, and he told me that he was newly married to Maria, and they didn’t have any k**s yet, but wanted them. But at the moment what they needed most was a house. They had just moved to California from Wyoming, where there was not a lot of work, and they were renting a small apartment, but looking for a real house.And that’s when I thought of the vacant house two doors down from us. It had been on the market for over a year, now, and nobody had bought it, so maybe the price wouldn’t be that bad. I told him about it.The next day, he drove up with Maria to our house, and parked his car in the driveway. I met Maria, and the two of them met Jasmine, who had just finished vacuuming the living room.”Why don’t we walk down and look at the house,” I told him. “If you like the outside, there’s a sign in the yard with the number of the real estate agent. We can come back here and call him.””Great,” he said.They liked the house. Maria thought it was really nice, and Donte thought that the three bedrooms and two baths would give them room to grow. We called the real estate agent who drove right over and showed them the inside of the house, which they also liked. The real estate agent told Donte the price, and Donte offered fifty thousand less. The real estate agent came down a little. Donte went up a little. They finally agreed on a fair price.So my new road companion would now also be my almost next-door neighbor, but not just next-door, two houses down.Donte and I made a couple of runs together, and it was just great. I taught him how to play spades and everything, and he was beating me right away. Donte and Maria moved into their house, but they didn’t have much furniture yet, so they spent a lot of time at our place, and Jasmine and Maria were getting to be real good companions, just as Donte and I were.A few trips later, we were parked in the truck-stop playing spades in the cab of my truck when I looked out the window, and there’s this busty blonde out there, right outside my window, looking up at me. I turned back to the spades game, but she climbed up on the step and started tapping at my window. I rolled it down.”You want company?” She asked me.”I got company,” I told her.”Only twenty dollars,” she said.”For what?” I asked.”A blowjob,” she said.That sounded like an interesting suggestion. I began to think it over. I turned to Donte. “Donte, would you be very disappointed in me, if I were to get a blow job from this young woman?””Of course not, Kevin,” he told me.”Maybe I could treat you also to a blowjob.” I said.”No. I’d rather stay faithful to my wife, but you go ahead. It wouldn’t worry me a bit,” he told me.”You sure?” I asked again.”Go ahead man,” he prodded me. “I want hiltonbet giriş to see you enjoying yourself.”Was he going to stay and watch? Well, that was okay. I didn’t mind if he watched the hooker give me a blowjob. I moved into the bunk behind the seats in my cab, and we let the girl in, who climbed into the bunk with me. I left the curtains open, because after all, Donte had said he wanted to see me enjoying myself.I rolled up my shirt, and lowered my pants, and she just crouched over me and took my big black dick into her mouth. She was a good cocksucker. I like blowjobs, and she knew how to give head all right, I was moaning a little, and calling her a slut and a whore and pushing my dick down her throat, and really getting off on the whole thing, with Donte watching and everything. She had to do what I wanted. After all, I was paying her good money.”AHHH Fuccckkk,” I screamed as my nut squirted in her mouth, which I held down on my dick so that she would have to swallow it, but she just caught it in her mouth, but there was so much cum, that some of it dripped through her lips and ran down her chin. There was thick white cum all over. I reached for a tissue and handed it to her, and she daintily wiped her lips.It was then that I noticed that Donte was almost transfixed. He had this fixed glassy stare, which was centered on my dick, and the drops of cum on my belly.”Hey, Donte? You okay, man?” I asked him”Yea,” he said. “How was it?””It was great man,” I told him. “The little lady really knows how to suck cock. Maybe you wanna change your mind and let me treat you to a blow job?” I asked.”Nah not tonight,” he told me. “Maybe some other time though.””Okay,” I said, “Sure. Anytime you want.” I pulled up my pants, and I paid the girl and let her out of the truck. I moved back into the driver’s seat. “Should we finish our game?” I asked him.”No. I think I’ll head over to my own truck,” he said. “I’m a little tired.” He was acting a little strange. His voice was a little shaky, and his hands were trembling a little, and he seemed to be perspiring a little. I sure hoped I hadn’t shocked him so much that he wouldn’t even want to talk to me anymore. He was turning away from me, and trying to open the passenger side door, and I saw what the problem was. He was trying to hide his hard-on. Watching the hooker giving me a blowjob had turned him on, and he didn’t want me to know he was rock hard. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to let him know what I knew and embarrass him.It was obvious to me that he wanted sex, and I wanted him to have it. So on the next trip, while we were playing spades, I looked out the window and saw another hooker. I rolled down the window and called her over.”You want company?” She asked me.”Maybe,” I told her. “You give good head?””Thats what tell me,” she told me.”How much?” I asked.”Thirty dollars,” she told me.”Twenty,” I said.”Okay,” she said.I opened the door and pulled her up. I moved back into the bunk dragging her behind me. Donte was sitting glassy-eyed in the front seat, watching it all, a spade card still in his left hand.I pulled up my shirt and lowered my pants and let her do her thing, and she was just about as good as the other one had been. So good. So fuckin good. That warm hot mouth on my big thick dick.”Oh damn, Donte,” I said. “This little lady sure knows how to suck dick. She gives one hell of a blowjob. Suck it bitch. That’s it. Take that big dick down your throat.” She made a little gagging noise as I forced it back into her throat and thrust my hips up. “Oh, yeah, bitch. That’s it. That’s it. Suck this big black dick. Suck it. Suck it.””GGHHHAAAHHH,” she choked, as my cum flooded down her esophagus.”Fuckk Man. That was so great,” I said. “This little lady really knows how to suck dick, Donte. You gotta get your dick sucked. Let old Kevin treat you to a blowjob.””No. That’s okay,” he said, putting up a hand, but I raised myself up a little and looked, and I saw what I saw. He had a hard-on again. I was not going to let him refuse my friendly offer.”Come on, buddy,” I told him. “I can see that you need it.””You can?” he asked, and his face got all red.”Yes,” I said, “So let’s trade places. I’ll get back on the seat, and you climb up into the bunk and let her suck your dick.””Well, okay,” he grudgingly acceded. “But don’t ever tell Maria,” he told me.”What are you, crazy?” I asked him. “Tell Maria? Why would I ever do that? And don’t you ever say anything to Jasmine, you hear.””Of course not,” he said, and realizing that we were in the same position, he climbed into the bunk. He started to raise his shirt and lower his pants, but I told him, “Why don’t you just get comfortable and take your pants all the way off.”He nodded, and pulled off his shoes before getting all into the bunk. And then he stripped off his pants and underpants. He had a nice piece of meat himself. Now I could watch him get a blowjob.”Do my friend,” I told the hooker.”That’s another twenty,” she said.”Of course,” I told her.She started to work on Donte’s dick and balls, and even lick the insides of his thighs, and he was shuddering all over. He was so sensitive.”Take his dick all the way down,” I instructed her. “Deep, deep throat.”She did. “SSSHHIIT,” Donte was moaning, or something like that.”Raise your legs, Donte. Let her lick up under your balls,” I told him. He raised his legs.”Lick his ass,” I told her.”Just the cheeks,” she said.”NO! The hole,” I said.”No. Not for twenty dollars, I won’t do that.””I’ll give you an extra ten? Is that okay?””I guess so,” she said.”Turn over on your belly Donte and let her lick your asshole. I know you never had anybody lick your asshole. You’re gonna go out of your fucking mind.”He turned over and presented his phat round booty to the hooker. And also to me. Now I was transfixed. I think I was just sitting there staring glassy-eyed as she tongued the little hole between those beautiful bouncy cheeks. I had just come, and I swear I was getting another hard on.I made her lick his ass for another five minutes, because I didn’t want him to turn over, I loved looking at his ass so much, but then he did turn over, and he shot into her mouth, and I paid her a healthy fifty dollars for a job well done. I let her out of the cab.Donte was putting on his pants and shoes, and was getting ready to go back to his own truck.”Did you enjoy that?” I asked him.”It was fantastic,” he told me. “Thank you so much.””My pleasure,” I told him. “I like to see my good buddy having a good time. We’ll do it again.””Sure,” he said. And then he got out and went back to his own truck. I climbed into my bunk and got undressed, but I didn’t look at my magazines. I closed my eyes and pictured Donte’s beautiful round ass, as I jerked another load out of my balls.Over the next several trips, we had different hookers give us head. Some were good. Some not so good. The luck of the draw. But I always made them lick Donte’s phat round pink asshole. I think I was in love with that asshole. I couldn’t get enough of looking at it. And every time I pictured it in my mind, I would get a hard-on. Fuck. The truth is I was in love with Donte Green’s pretty ass. I wanted to fuck it. I would certainly have to keep that thought to hiltonbet yeni giriş myself.Before you know it, a year had gone by, and Donte and Maria had gotten some furniture for their house, and also Maria was pregnant, so they were both real happy, as was Jasmine for them. Jasmine probably would have wanted more k**s, if I hadn’t put my foot down. Jason and Justin were quite enough, thank you.We kept making our hauls, and time passed, and the baby was born, little Angie, and Jasmine and I became god-parents. And it was great having Donte and Maria down the street, but now what I looked forward to were the long hauls. California to Washington DC. Nebraska to New York. California to Washington DC. Donte and me driving the highways one behind the other, and then having dinner in a diner together, and then parking for the night in the truck stop, and sometimes playing spades, and sometimes we hired a hooker. We were so comfortable together now. I looked forward to the long drives now. I had a good buddy.One night an awful thing happened, just before we were about to pull into a truck stop for the night. Some stupid car pulled right in front of Donte, and he had to jam on his brakes, and his trailer sk**ded clear horizontal across the road, and thank god there were no cars coming in the opposite direction because there would have been a complete pile-up. I eased my truck to a stop, behind Donte, and got out and held a lantern in the road to warn any cars behind me, while Donte was straightening out his trailer. Finally he got everything facing forward again, and we started down the road. Right after that we pulled into the truck stop and parked side by side. I got out of my cab, and jumped up onto his, opening the door on the passenger side.”You okay, buddy?” I asked him.And then he just totally broke down. He started crying and sobbing.”I could have had a wreck. I could have killed people. I could have been killed myself.””Ssshhh. Sssshhh. It’s okay,” I told him. “These things happen.”I put my arms around him and held him against me. His head was pressed against my chest and he was still sobbing.”Sssshhh. Sssshhh. It’s okay. Nothing happened.” And I realized I was stroking his back and caressing him. And I guess it was at that point that I admitted to myself what I had probably subconsciously already known. I was in love with Donte Green. I loved this slim pretty man with the delicate face and the pretty, phat, bouncy butt cheeks.”Come on. We’ll go get some dinner,” I told him. “You’ll feel better after you get some hot soup into your stomach.””Okay,” he said. “And Kevin…….””Yeah?” I asked.”Just thanks,” he said. “Just thanks for being here for me. I appreciate it.””We’re buddies, right?” I asked.”Yes,” he said, and that settled the question. We walked down to the diner at the end of the lot and had some dinner. As we were walking back to the trucks, the hookers were getting thick around us, getting ready for business in the night.”Can I treat you to a hooker?” I asked him.”No,” he said. “Not tonight. I’m not in the mood.””You going to bed already? It’s early.””No. I don’t want to go to sleep yet. I don’t want to be alone. I want to stay with you for a while, if that’s okay.””Sure,” I said, and we climbed into my cab and sat side by side on the front seat.”Do you want to play some spades?” I asked him.”No. I don’t want to play spades, but I don’t want to go to my own truck and be alone right now, if you don’t mind.””Hell. I don’t mind,” I said. “But listen. It’s not so comfortable sitting in these seats. We’ve been sitting in these seats all day. I’d like to lie down a little and relax. Why don’t you come up into the bunk with me, and we can just relax?””Sounds like a good idea,” he told me. We both took off our shoes and climbed into the tight bunk. I put my magazines under the pillow. It was very cramped, and keeping our arms along our sides was not a good option, so I told him to raise up a little, and I put an arm under his shoulders, and kind of held him.And then a couple of seconds later, we had shifted and we were facing each other, and his arm was around my back too, and I looked into his eyes with those long lashes, and before I knew what I was doing I was doing a crazy thing. I was kissing him. I had him totally gathered in my arms and I was kissing him. And he was kissing me back. Passionately. He opened his mouth so that my tongue could explore, and then he licked my tongue with his own. Now his eyes were shut. He was just kissing. Totally concentrated on kissing. Our bodies were pressed together. Our hard dicks were pressed together. I surrendered to emotions I had never felt before. A love and a longing I had never before known, and here I was a married man nearing forty.I didn’t know what to say in this awkward situation, so I just kept kissing him, and I was so conscious of his body rubbing against mine. As we were kissing, I felt his hand close around my dick which was still inside my pants.”You’re rock hard,” he observed.I reached down and felt him. “Shit so are you,” I said.”Yeah,” he answered, and then each of our mouths devoured the other’s again. I had taken my hand off his dick to press his face into mine, but he was still holding mine through my pants and stroking it as best he could.”Can I treat you to a hooker?” he teased me.”Maybe,” I said. “Sure looks like I need one.””No. You need a blowjob. Not a hooker.””I guess you’re right there,” I admitted, knowing where this was leading and smiling a little. “What did you have in mind?” I was going to tease it out of him.”I thought maybe I could suck your dick for you. Would you like that?””Only if you’d like to suck my dick,” I told him.”I fell in love with that big dick the first minute I saw it hard,” he told me. “That was even before I fell in love with you.””You’re in love with me?””Yes.””The feeling’s mutual, buddy. I thought I was gonna go to my grave with this secret.”And then we were kissing again.”Why don’t we get a little more comfortable?” I suggested.”Why don’t we?” he affirmedIt was hard to strip off our clothes with the two of us pressed together in that tight space, but finally I gathered them all in my hand and reached my arm through the curtain, to drop them on the front seat.”You’re so beautiful,” I told him.”So are you,” he said. I didn’t think I was, but I was glad he thought so.”I love your long curly eyelashes. They’re so fucking sexy,” and then I kissed each of his eyelids. His hand had gone back to stroking my cock, which was no longer enclosed in fabric. It felt real good.And then he started kissing and licking down my chest, moving with difficulty in the narrow bunk. He licked each of my nipples, (I guess he did that to Maria and that it turned her on.) Then he tongued down the center of my chest and belly, and poised himself to take my dick into his mouth. But first he looked up into my eyes.””This is my first time. I’m not gonna be as good as those hookers you’ve been hiring. I hope I don’t disappoint you.””I won’t be disappointed,” I assured him. “I love you. That you want to do this for me means a lot.”I wasn’t expecting a professional blowjob anyhow, and I didn’t care if it wasn’t the greatest in the world. I only wanted for hiltonbet güvenilirmi him to enjoy himself. He said he loved my dick, and I wanted to be able to give him pleasure with it. He started licking it a little. His first taste of dick. Trying to decide if he liked it or not, I guess. When he got it wet enough, and was used to feeling the smoothness of my knob against his tongue, he opened wider and took it in.”Oh. I love your big dick,” he crooned. “I love having your big dick in my mouth. I want you to shoot your juices into my mouth, okay?” And then he started really seriously sucking on it, and you could tell he loved it. “I want you to shoot your load in my mouth, okay?” he asked again.”Sounds good to me,” I said, because he was driving me up the wall. He was a fast learner, and he really took to it. He was just as good as any of the hookers I had had. Better. I loved him. That made it better. And then I felt my balls drawing up into my body, getting ready to expel their manufacture. FUCKKKKK,” I screamed as my hot cum gushed out into my buddy’s warm mouth. He licked it. He savored it. He swallowed it. The hookers hadn’t swallowed it. They had spit it into a tissue hidden in their hands. Donte had swallowed all my nut.”How was it?” he asked me, hoping I would praise him.”Buddy, you gotta know that that was the most magnificent blowjob I think I’ve ever had. I guess I should help you out,” I offered, a little nervously. I didn’t know if I would really take to sucking cock.”No. It’s okay. I shot off when you shot into my mouth. It was so damn exciting to me I just exploded.” He climbed back up to lie alongside me, and we started to kiss again. Maybe I was getting my first little taste of man cum from his tongue and his saliva as we kissed, and the cum was my very own.I think we lay there just making kiss-love for about two hours, and then I started getting horny again. My cock was lengthening out. He reached down and felt it appreciatively. He squeezed it a little. Meanwhile my arm had drifted lazily around his butt, and now I had my palm directly on those bouncy firm asscheeks which I was so in love with, and I was patting them, and squeezing them, and he was responding by pushing his ass back against my hand.I lifted my hand up to my mouth for a second, and I broke our kiss only long enough to lick my finger, which I then reached around and let it feel for his little pink hole. I began to finger his wonderful hole, and it was trembling and opening for me.”You have such a beautiful ass,” I told him. “I’ve been in love with your ass since the first time I saw it, when that hooker was tonguing it.”He didn’t say anything. He just pushed himself further back against my finger, so that it was going into the hot tight tunnel between his cheeks.”Oh, yeah,” he said. “Oh, yeah. It feels so good, Kevin. It feels nice.””I bet my dick would feel even better,” I suggested.”I think maybe it would,” he admitted.”Would you like me to fuck you?””Please, Kevin. I’m begging you to fuck me. Fuck me, please.””Since you ask so nice, how can I say ‘no?’ I’ve been wanting to fuck this sweet ass for such a long time. I never thought it would ever happen.””Fuck me, Kevin. Please fuck me.”I climbed over him and gently eased my rod into his anxious opening. I wanted to go slow, but he wanted it so bad, he kept moving back into it. “Unnnnhhhhh. Unnnnnnhhhh. Unnnnnhhh,” he groaned, and I knew it was hurting him. But I knew that the more it hurt him, the more he wanted it, and he just wanted me to open him up so he would be used to it and like it and I could fuck him like I could fuck a drunken whore.”Unnnnhhhhhh. Unnnhhhhhh,” he moaned, still pressing back on it and squeezing down on it.”It’s almost all in,” I told him. “The worst is over.””Yeah,” he said. “It feels better. It feels so good. I feel your dick inside me, Kevin. It feels good. Fuck me, Kevin. Fuck me.”And now I knew that I had free access to his beautiful stretched asshole and my dick began to seesaw in and out between them phat cheeks I was lying upon.”Oh, Donte. Baby. What a sweet ass you have. What a sweet fuck.””I love you,” he said.”I love you,” I said.”My dick is gonna spit on your bunk,” he told me.”Go ahead. Let it,” I told him.And I felt him coming. I felt it in the musculature of his ass walls as they pressed around my dick, as he shot out onto the bunk, and I couldn’t hold back a second longer. My own cum shot out into my good buddy’s sweet body, and I have never known such heaven. We lay in that same position all night. We just fell asleep connected as we were. I had never had that kind of a connection with Jasmine or with any other woman.We drove together and fucked together for years and years. We each were leading double lives. As happily married husbands and fathers, and as roadway lovers. Donte and Maria ended up having three k**s, and I felt just like an uncle to them. Jason and Justin ended up both going to college. Then Jason went to med school and became an orthopedic surgeon, and Justin went to law school and got a big job with a big law firm in New York. Now, every time when I drive from Nebraska to New York, I have to meet Justin for lunch before driving home.Donte’s k**s mostly worked in the community. Their boy, Kevin—(YES they named him after me,) he owned the local Toyota dealership franchise, and was doing real well. And the two girls, Angie, and Alicia both became psychologists and worked for the state.And then I was sixty-five and the company was going to make me retire. I didn’t want to. I wanted to keep driving. But they didn’t want an old guy on the road. Insurance rates and all that stuff. So they threw me a party and gave me my gold watch. Everybody was having a great celebration at the party, but not Donte. He was off in a corner, huddled in a chair, looking very morose. I went over to him.”Donte, old buddy.””What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do on the road without you?” he was almost crying.”It won’t be the same,” I told him. “But you’ll have another driver in my truck.””But not you. But not you.”It was true. After all these years we were being separated against our wills.The next few years were real hard, with Donte on the road a lot of the time, and me stuck in the house with Jasmine all the time. We just couldn’t get together to do our thing that often. Just every once in a while. I’d plan a hunting or fishing trip for a couple of days, and off we would go. And it was wonderful. Donte and me, together. Fucking as we had always fucked. My wonderful Donte. My beautiful buddy. He was still beautiful. A little older, a little leaner now. Maybe his cheeks weren’t as firm. Maybe my dick wasn’t always so stiff, but it was enough. We were happy.Eventually Donte got his gold watch also. I attended the party. We would be fellow retirees. Now we could take hunting and fishing trips whenever we wanted. Our time was our own.As we both got older, the sex fever started to die, but we were just happy being together and holding each other. Cuddling.We both know that we are nearing the end of our days, and that there will come a time when one of us will have to leave the other, probably me first. I hope me first. I am the oldest. It should be me first. I don’t want to face a life without my buddy.But, oh those wonderful days, chasing each other down the highways of life. California to Washington DC. Nebraska to New York. California to Washington DC. Him in his eighteen-wheeler. Me in my eighteen-wheeler. Together, I guess we had 36 wheels. 36 wheels and a lifetime of love.

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