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[TRUE stuff ] Sex with the lady I interviewed on t

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[TRUE stuff ] Sex with the lady I interviewed on tI am a Korean-Chinese guy (30yrs) working in a Korean MNC Company in some SEA country . I hold the position of HR Manager in this company department , and my job is very simple yet important : hiring the best person ever to work for the company .That day , it happens that my other interviewers is on leave , and yet we have a interview session for a potential candidate .its morning 11 am, I am late for the session of her interview , as she had already waited there in the interview room for almost 2 hours .The interview first began with a few questionnaire to review , and follow by some other random topics , so it took briefly about 15 mins and then I am already knew she ( jenny ,25yrs old chinese) is just a rookie if she would happen to enter this corporation , but yet i believe she is young , smart and giving her nature of good body, she definitely have the potential . first Instinct i got from her was that she is gorgeous ! and sluttish, yet to be . she got a hug boobs , that and plus a squeeze with her sexy tight dress that give her a very big nice shape of her ass. I knew she has resigned for a few weeks from her previous job and went for long holidays . She is not desperate for the job thought she is quite close to a fresh grad . She seems to be chill and relax . She totally do not show any sign of the desperation to get this job .Anyway The result of the outcome whether Did canlı bahis I accept her or what ,I would not give any further details for this .Anyway after the interview , I offered to drive her to the nearest bus stop . Along the way we have a few short conversations , like talk about how is her plan in future , and stuff like if she likes to accept challenge and learn things .She was sweet and chill while replying me all this, even driving on the road I could not keep myself focus to what she is saying so I bluntly ask all sort of questions to know how what kind of lady she is , anyway be honest I couldn’t resist to see her sexy legs.The conversation suddenly links quite randomly to party and drinkings , so I asked her about nightlife .She was very open and quite a frequent clubber and night owls , as she knew all the places to go in this country ,she knew the place she often gone. So I asked her for a lunch , and we continue our conversations at the nearby restaurant , I asked certain things such as how she enjoy during the weekend , where to eat and play . So I end with ,asking if she is free tonight and ask her out .WELL and she accepted my invitation without any further of thoughts ,surprisingly for me.8pm ( we met and have a quick dinner )9pm( we went into a bar have some chitchat ) 10pm , we went to a near by club. We started to drink heavily inside .12am , she was so high . that we began to dance like as We are still in bahis siteleri High school .we continue to mixed vodka ,and asian beer and all sort of mixing that I usually enjoy .I start to touch her body slowly areas by areas . I start to touch her boobs , and her pussy , she was still awake but very high at the time . I didn’t really slip my fingers into her , but I knew she is very wet already! , because she keep give me excuses need to go toliet , as in every time when i touch her for a while she will want to go toilet claiming that she is very sensitive during drinking . Ok i accept her bullshits . So we continue our dance , and she seems to enjoy every moment my hands on her body . Slowly kiss her ,then with the moment She admit to me that she is already single for 6 months and have not sex since then . So we are pretty much fucking high and then tird! ,so I decided to call it a end at a probably 4am . We are still in the stage of awake not drunk but slightly high still . So I asked to send her home , and she say maybe to a hotel ,since We drink so much ! So when while trying to book two rooms , and asked if she is ok , to my luck , she prefer 1 room to save money . So we got it .I told her I would bath first( I m a clean freak) , and sleep on the right side of the bed if she is okay . She agreed . So to her turn she had a quick bath also .I was tired so I didn’t really think much actually plus the law here is strict , but güvenilir bahis when she came out of the bathroom , she didn’t fucking bother to wear something . But I wasn’t aware ( lowlight) until she got into the bed , and I suddenly felt something ( her naked fucking hot body ) ( I worn a boxer ) . She wasn’t clear my side or she fucking want to come beside me ! . Well I really can’t resist anymore! I start to put my middle finger inside her pussy ,stroking her clits ,(oh well she got wet so freaking fast) . She just don’t resist , because she is too fucking horny , she start to kiss me and sucking my tongue .(her lips was sexy ).jenny: mourn~~* she grabs my cock and stroke her own pussy (she is so fucking horny)she is a really bitch , she stroke and mourned so loud!! and I like it .she start to rapidly suck my dicks so hard that I cum a full load in her mouth , and she fucking swallow it . we got a break on my first cum , and short conversations . She start to sit on top of me and begain to chat with me , while im resting .* I play her boobs, she smack her ass for a while.She start to lose the resistant again , and ask me if I could suck her nipples since she like it so much ! .* her nipples was dark and long protruding outwards .*she starts to mourn heavily again ,her eyes was almost closing .*she start to stroke my dicks against her clitoral , and trying to put inside her vagina .*I asked if she could suck dry it from my previous cum .* she sucking my dicks more rapidly again .finally she couldn’t wait to put my dick inside jenny : aww, so huge ur dicks ( true lol,not every asian dick r small :P)*jenny continue to mourn ….she organism….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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