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True & Taboo TeensSo I’ve always wanted to share this but never had an idea where to start. I still think about it to this day and it still makes my pussy wet. I’ll give you a little background information.It was a long time ago, 15+ years and I’m 24 now so you can do the math. Message me if you want any specific details lol. My cousin was visiting from another country and we are the same age. She has always been skinny and I’ve always been chubby. I don’t know why but we have always been crazy attracted to each other even though we were so young.Anyway, she stayed the summer with my family and we spent lots of time together. We shared a bed the whole time she stayed with us and I fucking loved it. We would always sleep really close to each other and touch each other.. at first, innocently. One night I was sleeping and woke up to her hand caressing my ass and touching herself. I turned around and looked at her and she froze, but I told her it was okay because I liked it. She stopped and we went back to bed. Then, one night we were laying together face to face with my legs over hers and our pussies got closer and closer. She started to pull me in and I thrusted forward. We started grinding on each other and it felt so fucking good. I had just learned how to masturbate so I was still learning and figuring out all of these sensations. We started to kiss, sarıyer escort then she put her tongue in my mouth and we were fully making out. This was my first kiss, first time touching someone like this and being touched like this. Now, I know she is my cousin… but damn. It felt so fucking good. My little pussy was throbbing and so fucking wet and I know hers was too. I came to an orgasm and had to stop because my pussy became so sensitive. I immediately felt guilty considering this was my cousin and I knew it was wrong. We didn’t say anything and went to sleep. The next few days were normal, we played together and just hung out. And then we decided to go swimming at the community pool. So after we got home, we decided to shower together. Now this was when things really escalated between us.. naturally, we shower naked. So, we got into the tub together and took off our bathing suits. This wasn’t unusual to anyone since we were both the same age and girls and cousins, so nobody really questioned it. We were fooling around in the shower. We started by kissing each other and grabbing each other’s asses and chests. My boobs were way more formed than hers at this age. At this point she has never actually touched my pussy and I never touched hers, but this was the day it all changed esenyurt escort and I still will never forget how it felt. I was so fucking turned on, pussy throbbing and aching for something. Dripping wet little cunts. I couldn’t take it anymore so I put her hand on my pussy and I touched hers. This was my first time feeling it and I was in love! She was so wet I remember how slimy my fingers felt just from putting my fingers in between her pussy lips. she asked if she could put a finger in me and I told her I was scared, but I did recently start masturbating with my tooth brush and exploring so I let her do it. I remember her sliding her middle finger right into my virgin pussy. It was so tight and felt so good. She asked me to put my finger in hers too, so I told her to lay on the tub like we were taking a bath. I knelt right in front of her and slid my middle finger right into her because she was soaking wet already. I started to finger her gently and she asked me to lick her pussy. I was so scared but I did it anyway because my horniness overtook the scared feeling. I obviously didn’t know what I was doing but I did see it in porn before, and she was telling me where to lick. She started to grind her face on me and I just sat there and let her do it. She had a shuddering orgasm and I’ll never forget how it avrupa yakası escort felt on my fingers. she told me to lay down so I could feel it too. She started to lick my clit and I don’t know if it’s because it was the first time, but oh my fucking god it felt good. I didn’t come to an orgasm because I told her to stop. We finished up our shower and went to my room to get dressed. We didn’t talk about it after that. I felt guilty again and I knew what we were doing was wrong but I couldn’t stop and neither could she.Later that night, I was so horny thinking about everything I just grabbed her foot and started rubbing it against my pussy. I did this so fast and so hard that I must have orgasmed in about 30 seconds. She laughed and we went to sleep. After that night we didn’t fool around that much anymore because we both decided we should stop. Even though I was aching for it and I’m sure she was too. We still made out at night sometimes and I played with my pussy while she was sleeping right next to me, thinking about all of the things I experienced with my cousin over the last few weeks. We never talked about it after that, and eventually she went back home. As we grew older we both knew we’d never forget what we did with each other but we never spoke about it. I still think about my experiences with her and it still makes me so horny. I know it’s weird since she’s my cousin and we were so young but it was still some of the hottest stuff I’ve ever done. abyway thanks for reading.. I’m sure a lot of people will think this is weird but I’ve been holding onto this for soo long and it feels good to let it out. Feel free to message me with any questions I’d love to discuss it more with someone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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