May 28

Trusting Me

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A true story (of course!)

I finished reading my 3rd porno story on line and my cock was hard as a rock. I looked over at Kay and she smiled and said “I’m ready for you, lover”.

I shut down my laptop and kissed her firmly on the lips. My hand on her ample breast gently squeezed her nipple. “Can we do something special?” I asked.

“Anything you want, baby” she said.

I turned away and went to the bedside stand and pulled out a sleeping mask that is used for sleeping during the day. I asked her to put it on and a slight worried look crossed her face.

“Anything I want?” I repeated. Then she put the mask on. “Keep the mask on while I go downstairs. Make sure you are completely naked when I return.” I smiled as I spoke. She looked good. Her full breasts wobbled as she removed her PJs. I went downstairs and filled my scotch glass with ice cubes.

Returning I put the glass beside the bed and pulled out the penis shaped vibrator.

“Keep your legs wide open. I want to know that you trust me. Closing your legs means you don’t trust me. I won’t hurt you.” I stated this matter of factly and she complied with a smile.

I continued. “In fact, you MUST tell me everything whether it feels good or bad. Hold nothing back. Tell me if feels good or bad”. She nodded licking her lips.

I took an ice cube into the palm of my hot had and let the melted ice water drop on her breast and nipple. It ran down the side. Uhhhhggg – she blurted. I used my tongue to lick up the water and circled around each wet nipple – ohhhhh YES!

“That feels great!” she sighed, her breasts heaving as she pushed them up to meet my mouth.

I alternated between nipples watching as they hardened from the cold and hot licking. I put the cube directly on her nipples and she drew in her breath sharply. I quickly heated the cool with my tongue. Then, I drew the ice cube down between her breasts, across her stomach and down to her pubic hairs. It clearly made her uncomfortable and then she felt wonderful as my tongue lapped up the ice water.

“Oh god!” she said as I pushed an ice cold finger onto her pussy lips. “Give me your cock to hold, I just want to hold it, pleeeeeaaaase!”.

I put her hand on my cock and she stroked me expertly and her breasts beat in time with bahis firmaları her hand. I continued to stroke her slit constantly freezing my finger and sliding it against her. She arched her cunt in the air to meet my finger and soon I had slid my cold finger in her fiery hot cunt. The heat encircled my finger and soon all cold was gone and my finger reflected her hot pussy. I licked my finger and the tasted cause my cock to jump.

I noticed that her legs had closed a bit and I pushed them apart reminding her that she must trust me. She opened them up and I watched with joy as her swollen pussy lips parted showing her hot gaping hole. I moved around between her legs, she moaned as she let go of my cock. I pushed he thighs even wider apart and slowly licked up and down her pussy lips.

“Your tongue is like a hot fire on my ice cold pussy lips” she panted.

I pushed aside the ice cubes and began licking. She raised her hips to meet my mouth and I continued to suck up her juices and lick her lips. For several minutes she held her back arched up to reach my face and I buried my tongue into her and on her. I then licked her clit hard.

“Oh good god, fuck me, FUCK ME!” She yelled.

I was tempted, but decided to stick to the plan. I turned on the vibrator and put it in her hand. She moved it quickly to her open cunt and slid the cock-like vibrator up and down her slit and her clit. Her cunt juices flowed down across her ass and I lay back and watched.

“What are you doing?” she asked breathlessly. “I’m beating off watching you” I said. “Oh god, are you’re watching me?” she said as she continued to rub the vibe up and down and across her slit and clit. “Yes, and pumping my cock because this turns me on” I replied and she rubbed faster.

She slid the rubbery vibe up and down for well over 5 minutes, my cock was purple and ready to expload.

“I wish I could see you” she said as her pace quickened. Her tits heaving on her chest as both hands grabbed the vibe and pressed it hard on her clit and lips, up and down is slid and slurped.

I pounded my cock and then decided I didn’t want to cum in my hand, so I stopped and just watched. One hand slid off the vibe and held her lips apart as the other hand continued to ride the vibe. She turned up the kaçak iddaa vibe to make it go faster. I watched as her face contorted and she was almost hyperventilating.

“Cum on my tits, baby” she called. “Come here and squirt all that hot cum all over my tits. I want to feel it and rub it around”.

With that she slid the vibe in between her swollen and soaked lips, inserting it deep within her hot vagina. “ohhhh god” escaped her lips. I watched her slowly slide it in and out and the nubs on the vibe pushed passed her pussy lips. My cock pulsated and I grabbed the base to make sure I didn’t cum. My balls ached and jerked.

She took the wet vibe out, spread her legs and pussy lips wide and placed the humming vibe directly on her clit. She closed her lips around the vibe with her hand, her nipples hardened again, and her hips thrust upward.

“Unnnggh, you’re watching me, aren’t you! ohhhhh, god, in my mind, I see you holding your cock, ohhhhh, I’m cummming” and then she went silent. Her tits wobbled back and forth as she shook from head to toe and side to side. Silence except the vibe’s humming and she bit her lip. Tears flowed from her eyes and she sobbed and let her breath out. She breathed heaving gulps of air. I watched as juice flowed from her cunt and across her anus.

The silence broken, she said “you make me soooo happy and sooo hot” I smiled and noted that the vibe didn’t stop. She sucked air in and cried out “ohhhh god!” and climaxed again. As the climax subsided, she pulled the vibe off her clit. I gently pushed it back on. She wimpered, “no”, but I persisted and she held it there dutifully. “Just another minute” I said as I kissed her feet. She sucked air in again, more tears flowed as she cried in happiness (how did you know?). I kissed her shins and held her leg tightly. I kissed her inner thighs and watched as the wave of climax rose up from where I kissed, her toes, her shins, her thighs. She shook again. “oh god, John, I love you soooo much, you make me so happy and I want to make you happy”.

“Anything you want, baby” I said quietly.

She removed the vibrator and then the mask and kissed me full, but soft on the lips. “You’re turn” and handed me the mask. I laughed for a second, but then I realized that she was serious.

I lay kaçak bahis on my back, my cock standing hard against my stommach and put the mask on. There was a delay, a quietness, and a slight nervousness. Then I felt a single drop. It landed on my chest and a giggle. Then some more drops, followed by kisses and licks. My cock lept off my belly and I felt it hit her breast. She rubbed her breasts on my cock and continued to squeeze drops from the ice cube and suck it off my chest.

She straddled my right leg and her wet cunt lips embraced my knee. She squirmed against my knee until she was comfortable and continued her drops and licking. My cock pulsated and brushed against her swaying tits as she bent over and licked me. She moved down my belly with the ice and lapped it up with gusto.

There was a pause and I heard slurping. I felt her cold tongue pass over my cock and it jumped. I was nervous … would it shrivel up? She continued to lick and then she started to suck. My cock did NOT shrivel. Soon her mouth was hot and pulling steadily on my cock. She humped my knee faster. Juices flowed around my knee onto the already wet sheets. I reached down to touch her face and she held it away with her hand.

I was about to expload. Her hand wrapped around the base of my cock and my balls. My balls tensed and then she stopped. “Not yet, lover” she said and I imagined she had a wicked smile across her face.

She climbed up my body kissing my stomach, my nipples and then my cheeks. As she thrust down on my cock, she jammed her mouth mine sliding her tongue onto my tongue.

“I love to fuck you” she said as she slowly humped me. “Uggh, this feels so good, I’ve got to bottle this. You’re gonna cum soon, give it to me, give me your cum.”

“I’m cumming, baby” I whispered

Her cunt clamped around my cock. My balls tightened as she quickened her pace grinding her pelvis bone and clit on my pubic hair. “Yes, YEs, YES!!” she called out and her tits hit my face … “suck my tits, NOW” she yelled followed by “PLEASE!”. I obliged and felt her cunt tighten and I lost all control. My cum shot up into her while she humped me frantically. Her juices flowed down my balls and over my ass and she jammed down on me 3 last times.

I felt tears fall on my cheeks and chest and she sobbed a little and sniffed a little.

She climbed off me and kissed my cheeks.

“You were magnificent” I said.

“Thank you and thank you for starting this” she replied. “I love what you do to me”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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