May 28

Tub Time

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He walked into the dark, quiet apartment confused – she always beat him home, so where was she? He slowly walked back to the bedroom, undressing from work and looking for her as he moved through the rooms. He still hadn’t found her by the time he’d stripped down to his boxers and tossed his clothes in the bedroom hamper, but he finally noticed the light under the master bathroom door. He thought quickly, and silently pulled her favorite vibrator out of her nightstand drawer. Hiding it in one hand, he peeked around the door quietly and there she was, sunk as far down into the water and her favorite bubbles as she could get.

“Hullo, angel” he said softly. “Rough day?”

She blinked owlishly up at him from her bath. “The worst. I can’t shake this god-awful headache.”

He could see it hurt from the tears standing in her eyes, as he sat down on the edge of the tub and carefully set the vibrator next to it without letting her see. She pushed herself back up from the bubbles a bit, and he scooped up a handful of hot water to drizzle down the back of her neck. She sighed and turned her flushed face into his hand, and he heard the strain in her voice as she murmured “That feels heavenly.” He stroked her cheek with his thumb, then kissed her lightly as he gently massaged her neck.

He stood up and slipped out of his boxers, and she leaned forward as he stepped into the bathtub and tucked himself behind her, his legs around hers. She settled back against his chest, and he turned her head to him and nibbled softly at her lips. She groaned quietly and kissed him harder, passionately, thrusting her tongue into his mouth with an energy he hadn’t thought she’d feel through the headache. He hardly noticed his hands come up and around her chest until he felt her slippery wet breasts against his palms. He massaged her breasts and pierced nipples into full sensitivity, flicking her nipples up and down as they stiffened into hard little peaks. She moaned in ecstasy as he quickened his ministrations, and he felt himself growing hard, pressing into her lower back.

She smiled against his still-eager kisses, whispering “well hello there, sir” as she felt him stir against her.

He gave a last gentle tug at her nipple rings, then slid his hands down over her wet belly, reaching down below the water. His left hand reached to stroke her inner thigh as his right teased the uppermost part of her clit. He slid two fingers across it, back and forth, up and down, diagonally – teasing her in all directions. As he moved his left hand to slide two fingers ever-so-slowly in and out of her excited pussy lips, she moaned quietly and squirmed against his now rock-hard erection. He continued to stimulate her hard little clitoris with his right hand, and slid a third finger inside her cunt, slowly increasing the speed of both hands to bring her closer and closer to her climax. But just as she neared the edge he stopped, and his hands tilted canlı bahis her head back so he could kiss her harshly again.

She cried out in muffled frustration against his mouth, and he reached around her wet body and turned her around, his eyes locked on hers. They broke the heated gaze as they scanned each other’s bodies among the bubbles, then she pressed her body against his and kissed him hard. Her legs interlocked with his, and his solid cock pressed against her belly as he reached over the edge of the tub and brought the vibrator around behind her. He dipped the vibrator down into the water and held it against her nether lips, twisting it on as she gasped in surprise. He smiled into her startled eyes, watching her close them in pleasure as he moved the vibrator against her.

She reached her hand between their bodies, gripping his erction tightly. As he stroked her with the vibrator, she stroked his cock, loosening and tightening her grasp in a rhythm with his motions. He teased her, barely allowing the vibrator to touch her clitorus, pressing shallowly against her pussy but not penetrating her. She squirmed against his chest, moaning and whispering soft pleas into his kisses while she continued to massage him. He could feel the vibrator slipping against her wetness – even in the warm water, her arousal was obvious to his touch. When she reached lower to gently cup and massage his balls, he held the vibrator against her swollen clit until she cried out and writhed against him, tugging almost painfully at his balls as she climaxed.

He murmured into her ear as she came against him, “God you’re beautiful, I love your body…I love how you touch me, and how you come for me.”

As her body relaxed into the aftershocks of her orgasm, she grasped his dick gently in her hand again, swirling her fingers softly over the smooth skin of his shaft. He leaned her back slowly against the side of the tub, bringing the vibrator up to tease her nipples, kissing one as he set the vibrator against the other. His left hand slid down over her belly, and he easily inserted 3 fingers inside her slick cunt. Her fist closed around his cock in response, her thumb circling the head firmly. He moaned into her breasts, sucking greedily at her nipples as his head became hypersensitive to her touch. He trailed the vibrator back down over her chest and stomach, teasing her clit for just a moment, and she cried out as he pushed it inside her hungry little pussy and the vibrations rocked through her body. But he wouldn’t push her over the edge again yet.

Grinning mischievously into her pleading eyes, he brought the vibrator back to her breasts, while he caressed her left nipple with his right hand. With his left, he pressed the vibrator against her right nipple, his tongue a mere centimeter away flicking across her nipple and occasionally licking fully around it. Kissing slowly across her chest, he switched nipples, giving her bahis siteleri equal pleasure on both breasts.

Once again she cupped his balls in her hand, her head back, eyes closed and her breath coming in short gasps of pure pleasure. She gently rolled him in her fingers, kneading him and stroking all the tender places that would bring him pleasure as well. Turning off and setting down the vibrator outside the tub, he reached behind her to massage her ass with both hands, still using his mouth and tongue to play with her nipples. He smiled up at her and laughed, “I love how silky the soap makes your skin feel.” She smiled back at him, continuing to alternate between long strokes of her hand up and down the shaft of his cock, and swirling her palm around the hard smooth head.

Slowly, he brought her soft body back over his own as he slid his fingers behind her to push into her pussy from behind. She let her weight fall on him as she leaned in to kiss him, hard and fierce, moaning again. He kissed her back, gently sucking on her tongue to muffle her moans. His right hand continued squeezing her ass while his left slid in and out of her, and he pulled away from her kiss to nibble at her earlobe. “Feeling better, lover?” he whispered, gently sucking and nibbling at her neck.

She whimpered softly in answer, whispering back “Oh that’s so unfair…I love when you do that. Yes much better.”

He pulled her body on top of his as he lay against the tub wall, holding her close against him. He raised her ass up out of the water, slowly sliding her hand off his now-throbbing cock. She let go reluctantly, whispering a simple “Please…”

Her quiet longing made him abandon any thoughts of teasing her further, and he gently pushed his cock against her pussy, entering her tight warmth. He began small thrusts in and out of her as they kissed passionately. She gripped his shoulders tightly, gasping and moaning against his kisses. Slowly he built the speed of his thrusts, causing small waves in the warm bathwater. He grabbed her hips, slowly gyrating her torso as his cock slid in and out of her, never quite leaving her hot pussy. The heat they generated in the hot water caused droplets of water to come streaming down the walls, cooling on the tiles as the fell, running over his shoulders and her hands and arms and causing them both to shiver with the change in temperature.

He pushed her body up again and returned to sucking on her nipples, and she cried out and arched her back, pushing her breasts into his mouth. Pulling back to kiss her, he grabbed at her breasts as she pressed them against him, fondling them lustfully. Slowly, he ran his hands down over her stomach and gripped her hips, helping her to spin around without leaving her, and pulling her back against his chest.

He slid his cock in and out of her tight pussy, bringing one hand to her clitoris and massaging it lightly, bringing her to the edge of bahis şirketleri bliss. She leaned her head back against his shoulder, moaning with pleasure. With his free hand he turned her head away slightly, nibbling her earlobe and trailing wet kisses down her neck. Turning her face back to his gently, he brought his kisses back up to her mouth. Her lips opened to him easily, and he searched her mouth with his tongue, sucking on it when she offered it to him.

He grabbed the vibrator again, and with his left hand held it against her clit as he increased the speed of his thrusting in and out of her warm nether lips. She drew in quick, gasping breaths as her body shook with pleasure. His right hand came up to tug gently at her nipples, and she shuddered with every touch, her pussy tightening around his cock with shiver of pleasure.

As his thrusting grew more and more frenzied, their moans increased, as they could each feel the other nearing orgasm. He gripped her breasts tightly in both hands as her tight pussy pulsated around his rock-hard shaft, and she cried out between breaths, rocking back against him. “God…” he said hoarsely, “you’re so tight, I can’t hold out much longer.” Her eyes closed as she begged in response, “Please…please my darling.”

Hearing her beg for her orgasm sent him to the very brink, and he cradled her hips in his hands, ready to come. She tipped her head back and whispered “please” again. Her plea took him over the edge, and he took her with him. He thrust deep into her one last time as his throbbing cock emptied into her in pulsing streams as her body clenched and rocked around him, and he gripped her breasts as he slowly thrust the last remnants out of his cock.

He reached up to tilt her head back, kissing her passionately as beads of sweat dripped down their faces. She whimpered quietly in the aftershocks, kissing him back and teasing his tongue with hers. Reluctantly he slid his cock out of her, rubbing it against her swollen pussy lips. She pouted at him prettily, sighing “oh…I like you there.”

He smiled back at her, murmuring “mmmm, yes. So do I, so do I.” He turned her over so that her breasts were once again pressed against his chest, and looked into her pleasure-glazed eyes. She kissed him deeply, and he returned the kiss as the warm water cooled.

She reached for the drain to let out the little water that remained in the bath after all their splashing, and he reached up for one of the plush towels hanging over them on the towel bar. He helped her to stand, handing her out of the tub and letting her pull him easily out after her, then wrapped the soft towel around her and gently rubbed her dry. She spun gracefully in front of him as he dried her off, then she took a second towel off the bar for him and threw it around him like a cape. He laughed as she stared with hungry appreciation at his muscular arms and chest while he dried off.

“You must be feeling better with that look in your eyes!” he exclaimed. She took his hand and led him into the bedroom. As the bathroom door swung shut behind them, he laughed again to hear her say, “I’ve never had a better headache cure!”

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