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Two Captives Ch. 05

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This is a fictional account.

Sarah hoped Two Bears would only be gone a short time but Red Fox told her it could be a lot longer. It did seem to take on more of an element of permanence when White Flower and Sally were told to move into Two Bears’ tepee about ten days after he was gone.

Sarah had cried herself to sleep most of those nights. She was sad and frustrated at the same time. She was sad because she missed Two Bears so bad. She was frustrated both with Gray Cloud and the situation which made Two Bears leave, as well as sexually. She missed Two Bears’ love in many ways.

Happier times came a week later as preparations began for Red Fox’s and Summer Wind’s wedding. Sarah joyfully helped her friend sew new clothes for Red Fox and her. Running Water and Summer Wind’s mother helped with the food preparations. The actual wedding ceremony would be the first Sally and Sarah had been allowed to attend.

Gray Cloud and Sarah spoke little during Two Bear’s absence. Sarah pleaded often with Running Water for help or guidance. It was no use though as she wouldn’t go against her husband by taking sides. Once Sarah had seen Red Fox arguing with Gray Cloud but they quieted as she approached so she did not know the nature of their conversation.

The actual wedding was a joyous occasion for all. Being a late fall wedding, flowers were not part of the decorations or the ceremonial dress the way they normally were. They made do with other decorations and a huge bonfire.

The wedding itself was over quickly with an exchange of vows and the giving of the bride by the father to Red Fox in exchange for a horse as agreed. It was followed though by a good meal and much dancing around the fire. The party went on till long after dark and long after Red Fox and Summer Wind retired to his tepee.

Sarah cried herself to sleep that night too. Two Bears had been gone nearly a month. Sarah was becoming quite lonely and withdrawn. If not for Summer Wind’s occasional company when Red Fox was off hunting, she might have really gone crazy. Sally too, was old enough to realize Sarah’s troubles. She tried to lift up her older sister’s spirits.

Sarah reasoned it was sometime around late November when the first snows came. Life for the Arapaho People was easier in the winter. That is, if you had plenty to eat and a warm fire. Gray Cloud’s family had plenty to eat and most of the time was spent gathering firewood or on crafts inside the tepees. Winter was the time for making new clothes, cooking utensils, weapons, or decorative things like jewelry or headdresses.

Sarah tried to stay busy as much as possible to dull the ache and longing for Two Bears. She spent a lot of time with Running Water and the two young girls making things. Also with Summer Wind, who showed her how to make wedding clothes much to the consternation of Running Water.

Two things happened that winter to affect the family. The old chief died one December day in his sleep. His health had been declining in recent months and he just passed away one night.

A sad burial ceremony followed. It was the first Sarah and Sally witnessed for a major village elder and one where the whole village participated. A huge funeral pyre was built and set ablaze after a large ceremony honoring their fallen leader.

The next week was filled with many tribal meetings as a new leader was to be chosen. Sarah learned from Summer Wind that Gray Cloud stood the best chance. The other chiefs and the medicine man, whom Sarah had met on that first day and been forced to perform oral sex on, were deemed too old. They were not the right kind of leaders the tribe needed for the challenges ahead.

Gray Cloud was younger and had proven himself the best leader for the Arapaho People to face the problems that confronted them. Others tried to step forward too but everyone knew Gray Cloud was the top contender. The complex problems the new leader would need to deal with would require great wisdom and skill. The usual tribal problems were always present but the new dilemmas of the white man added serious concerns to the future for the Arapaho.

After several days of meetings, Gray Cloud was chosen by a vote of all the elders as the new chief of the Arapaho Nation. A huge ceremony followed. Gray Cloud’s family, including Red Fox, Summer Wind, and Sarah were all to move into the center of the village as was the custom for the chief to be in the middle of his people.

When they moved, Two Bears’ tepee was reconstructed closer to Gray Cloud’s as the new permanent home of White Flower and Sally. Sarah’s tepee was on the outer edge of the chief’s inner circle as was Red Fox’s.

For the next several weeks after Gray Cloud’s inauguration as chief, he was constantly busy with tribal business. It gave Running Water and Sarah more time to spend together. It also gave Running Water, as Gray Cloud’s wife, more duties to attend to. One important one was the care of all the Arapaho People.

It was kocaeli escort bayan during one of these visits to other tribe members that Sarah once again went to the tepee of the old woman and younger girl. The reason for their going was a mission of mercy. The old woman and the young girl were lacking in food. Running Water and Sarah brought them some of theirs. Some dried meat and cakes they had made that morning.

Before the visit, Running Water shared with Sarah the history and the fate of the old woman and her daughter the younger girl. The old woman was a widower, twice over. At an early age she had lost her first husband to a bear attack on a hunting trip. She had successfully remarried which did not always happen within the tribe. The women that did not have husbands to provide shelter and food for them risked constant starvation. Without someone to hunt buffalo in the summers and deer and other meat in the fall, these women were forced to turn to any means they could to survive.

The old woman had lost her second husband relatively young too, this time to disease. She had a young daughter by then and was forced to provide services to the men and elder boys of the village in exchange for food and furs. The services were sexual in nature and payment was done on a credit type basis. After so many times, the man would be responsible for payment in the form of meat or hides.

To make matters worse for the two women, the younger girl near Sarah’s age was pregnant. Of course, she was the main desire for most of the men, not the old woman anymore. The birth control method using the corn cobs had apparently not been foolproof. Her growing stomach was affecting her desirability by the men of the tribe and ability to perform. If she couldn’t fuck, she needed to at least get clients for blowjobs. If not they would surely starve as they had no stores like the rest of the village people. Some generosity came from tribal members but few had much excess themselves to give.

As winter pressed on, one other young male Indian started showing interest in Sarah. He would come by and bring little gifts. Sometimes it was food. Sometimes it was an item he had made. He was nineteen like Sarah and his name was Black Eagle. He was a likeable enough guy but Sarah did not encourage him much. She still longed for Two Bears’ return even though months had now gone by without any word. She wasn’t even sure if he was still alive or not.

A heavy snowfall blanketed their winter home one day and forced all the Arapaho to stay indoors for several days. Life was more difficult in deep snow, when even finding places to relieve oneself were scarce. Bathing was not possible when the rivers were mostly ice and ponds were frozen over. Fire wood was even hard to find if you had not kept up your stockpiles.

One day Sarah went with Running Water again to visit the young pregnant girl. The old woman had died of illness probably brought on by near starvation. The mother had given most of the food to her pregnant daughter so at least they would survive the winter. Sarah carried wood for the woman and Running Water brought her dried meat and more cakes. Sarah felt very sorry for the young girl but there was not much else they could do.

The winter seemed long to Sarah but Running Water and Summer Wind kept telling her it wasn’t that bad. When the first signs of spring appeared, Sarah was delighted. She still missed Two Bears even though Black Eagle came by on occasion to see her and bring gifts. She would sit and talk with him for long periods but never much else. She sensed he was becoming inpatient with her. It was during one of these meetings, a rider came to tell Gray Cloud and Red Fox that Two Bears had been spotted. He was returning to the village.

It was an early spring day and many of the village turned out to witness his return. As Two Bears rode into the center of the village, he pulled with him two other horses loaded with furs and meat. He had apparently done a lot of hunting. He also had four new scalps attached to his spear.

Two Bears led his procession of horses right up to Gray Cloud’s tepee. Many in the village gathered around to watch the meeting of the two. There was much curiosity over the return of Two Bears. Naturally the whole family was there too, including Sarah. Two Bears rode right up to Gray Cloud and dismounted. The people that were gathered listened with supreme interest as Two Bears spoke.

First Two Bears congratulated Gray Cloud on being the new chief. He had learned that from a hunting party on the long ride back. Next he told of his adventures hunting along the border of the Sioux Nation. He had killed two Sioux that tried to steal his furs and kill him. He had done the same to two white trappers that also tried to steal his furs and horses. He had lived most of the months in the cave of a black bear he had killed. He was returning now with gifts.

Two Bears said to Gray Cloud, “These gifts I give to you for Sarah.”

He kocaeli sınırsız escort offered the two other ponies, both with travois attached. Both ponies and travois’ were piled high in beaver, bear, and deer skins as well as deer and bear meat. It was a king’s ransom by Indian standards. It would be an insult for Gray Cloud to refuse such a gift. Such a refusal could then be challenged by an actual fight or dual between the two men. The whole tribe waited with great interest for Gray Cloud’s response.

The truth of the matter, as only Running Water knew, was Gray Cloud had missed his eldest son terribly and worried for his safe return every day he was gone. No one other than Sarah was happier to see Two Bears return to the village healthy and unharmed. He had long since reasoned he would rather have his son alive and married to Sarah than wandering and alone. Given this chance to honorably agree to his son’s marriage to Sarah, he chose it with hidden delight.

“You have proven yourself to be a mighty warrior and hunter,” Gray Cloud said.

“I have done much to prove my love for Sarah,” Two Bears answered.

“Yes, so you have,” Gray Cloud responded. “Therefore, I shall grant your request. I will make the trade.”

Two Bears walked forward and handed the reins of the first horse to Gray Cloud. Gray Cloud motioned Sarah over and she ran to his side. He took her hand and gave it to Two Bears. Since Sarah was more like property than a real daughter, the exchange was immediate. They would not have the big formal wedding that Red Fox and Summer Wind had. Sarah was Two Bears’ now.

One thing had also occurred that Sarah had not expected. Two Bears would no longer stay with the family. The long departure and the challenge to his father had meant he needed to go his own way now. Sarah and he moved to the outer edge of the village. Fortunately Two Bears had planned this out and his horse also pulled a travois piled high in furs, meat, and tepee poles. Sarah’s tepee was Gray Cloud’s property and would remain with the family.

Blood was still thicker than water though and Red Fox and Summer Wind helped Sarah and Two Bears construct their tepee. They also helped with wood gathering and spare food. Sarah had made many cooking utensils, clothes, and household items during his long departure that now came in handy. Summer Wind had encouraged her to do so as if she knew this day might come. Summer Wind was happy for her friend and they hugged often. Technically speaking, the two were now related as sisters-in-law.

That night they slept in their new tepee after Sarah made them dinner and cleaned up. They stoked the fire with more wood and crawled naked together under the bear skins. As they got in bed Two Bears noticed for the first time that Sarah’s stomach was developing a bulge. ‘Could she have eaten too much while he was away,’ he thought?

“Oh, Two Bears, I am so glad you are back safe and we can be together now,” Sarah exclaimed, with a tear in her eye.

“Me too, Sarah,” Two Bears agreed, with a big smile.

“I am going to be the best wife ever,” Sarah stated, as she kissed him.

“I know you will and I will take good care of you, Sarah,” Two Bears replied.

Sarah took his hand and held it to her somewhat distended belly. Two Bears noticed a definite firmness and she was larger than before. Barely noticeable when she was dressed but now naked he could see and feel it.

“I am with your child,” Sarah proclaimed, nearly bursting with joy and tears came to her eyes and down her cheeks.

“From the day I left?” Two Bears asked, smiling at her.

“Yes, only Summer Wind and Red Fox know for sure,” Sarah said. “I know Running Water has noticed though and suspects but never said anything.”

”That is great news,” Two Bears stated.

“I love you, Two Bears,” Sarah exclaimed.

“I love you too, Sarah,” Two Bears replied.

They kissed many times and deeply. His hand, which had stayed on her enlarged belly, traveled up to caress her full breasts once again enjoying her feel after many months. They looked even larger now and the nipples a little darker pink. Sarah snaked her hand down between them. He was already hard as stone. She pushed him back and climbed on top of him. Sarah moved her pussy to line up with the head of his cock and settled down on it. She was so wet that despite months without sex, his long cock pushed deep inside her with relative ease.

“Oh, god, you feel so good,” Sarah groaned, as she leaned forward to kiss him.

Two Bears hands played with her distended, engorged pink nipples as he said, “I have dreamt of this day for a long time.”

“Me too!” Sarah agreed.

Sarah rocked back and forth a bit and murmured softly to herself as the big dick moved inside her tight vaginal cavity. Two Bears’ hands continued to heft her tits and tweak the nipples.

“Oh, god, I’ve missed your cock inside me,” Sarah groaned.

“It izmit anal yapan escort feels wonderful to be buried deep in you again,” Two Bears agreed.

Sarah had waited too long for this and could not hold back her desire. She started moving faster, increasing the pleasure they both felt. She wasn’t sure how long Two Bears could last but she was sure that her orgasm would come quickly. Sarah started bouncing up and down on his long beautiful cock. They both grunted and groaned together.

“I’m going to cum,” Sarah shouted.

“Me too,” Two Bears gasped.

Sarah reached back and playfully grabbed his balls. Two Bears moaned deeply. Her speed increased again. Her orgasm was building to a fever pitch. Two Bears pinched her nipples again and it sent Sarah over the edge.

“Oh, god! I’m cumming…,” Sarah screamed.

Her pussy clamped down on Two Bears, restricting his movements. He groaned as he watched Sarah moan through her climax. He could feel increased wetness around his cock but her tight pussy and strong cunt muscles grasped him in a death grip. His cock was painfully locked inside her. He wanted to move and cum too but couldn’t.

As Sarah finally came down off her orgasm, Two Bears was able to pump his hips and move his cock within her. Sarah quickly caught up to him and started riding his cock again. Two Bears was ready to cum and groaned loudly. Sarah could feel a second powerful orgasm building at lightning speed.

“I’m going to cum,” Two Bears offered.

“Ahh…me too.”


“Shoot in me Two Bears,” Sarah screamed, knowing it was all her body needed to push her over the peak.

Sarah felt him surge up into her and then his cock swelled. Seconds later a blast of hot cum jetted into her core and felt like it was melting her insides.

“Oh, fuck…,” Sarah screamed. “It feels so good…ahh,”

Sarah climaxed with him, riding his big, long cock like a bucking bronco. She could feel his cock spasm into her and more flowing cum coating her pussy walls. There was so much of it; it started to leak out of her as she continued to ride like a maniac on his spurting dick.

“Oh, so good,” Sarah murmured.

Two Bears finally stopped cumming and collapsed back flat on the ground. Sarah fell on top of him and together they fought to breathe. When they were both done panting so heavily, she kissed him hard on the lips.

When she broke the kiss, she said, “Two Bears, you fuck me so good!”

“You are wonderful too.”

Sarah slid off his body but lay right next to him. They continued to kiss. They had been apart so long, neither felt like stopping. Sarah’s hand moved down his chest and circled around his partially softened cock. It was slick with their combined juices. She played with it as they kept kissing. Soon she felt it stirring. She did not wait any longer though.

Sarah broke their kiss and slid down his body. She kept looking up at him as she settled between his legs and inches above his half hard cock. Two Bears looked down at her. He still had a fire in his eyes even though he had just cum. Sarah too wanted more.

She picked up his dick and licked the cum slick head. Sarah teased the little hole and moved her hands to play with his big balls. She teased the shaft by moving the foreskin back away from the head until the whole head was exposed. When she had licked the head clean of any remaining cum, she sucked it into her mouth.

Two Bears moaned as Sarah sucked on his cock. She was sucking firmly on the head pulling more blood into it as if she were willing it to expand, which it did. It did not take her long to have him hard as a tepee pole again. When he was completely stiff, she pushed the head to the back of her mouth. She aligned it with her throat and pushed deeper. The head popped past her tonsils and into her throat. Sarah pushed down until she could lick his balls and his pubic hair tickled her nose.

Sarah backed completely off his cock to breath. Strings of saliva stretched between her lips and his cockhead. She sucked them back up and licked the underside of the head in broad quick strokes making him moan.

“You like the way I suck your cock?” Sarah asked Two Bears, with a wicked smile on her face.

“You’re incredible. No one else has ever come close,” he added.

“Do you like it when I take you deep into my throat?”

“It feels wonderful, like you are trying to swallow me whole,” Two Bears stated.

“Good! I love pleasing you.”

Sarah took his big cock back into her mouth. She worked him for a short time in her mouth but then throated the mighty cock again. Two Bears groaned repeatedly as Sarah teased and sucked on his stiff cock. She wanted to fuck him again, so she was careful not to get him off. She loved the taste of pre-cum he gave her though as she sucked on the head of his dick.

Not wanting to stop, she finally did and climbed up his body. She prepared to mount him again but he unexpectedly rolled her over on her back on the bear skin. Sarah squealed as he came to land above her.

“Oh, you want to be on top this time?” Sarah asked, smiling at him.

“I’m going to fuck you this time until you beg me for mercy.”

“That may take some doing,” Sarah said, joking with him.

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