May 28

Two Ladies At The Beach

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A few years ago I won one of those free weeks at a luxury beach resort courtesy of my travel agent. I was able to schedule a week off in April, a month when I would not expect the beaches to be littered with overweight, blotchy tourists and boisterous teenagers.

I arrived at the resort at night, and was led to my room – a super, deluxe cabin with a bedroom, a living room, kitchenette and a bathroom with Jacuzzi and shower. It was quite late so I hit the shower and then the sack, in that order. I turned on the pay-per-view porn and got myself ready for some jerking off. I usually watch porn with the sound low because the dialog, let’s face it, isn’t the reason I am watching. The opening scene involved a man and his Filipina maid – she had long legs between which he had positioned his head and he was licking her to glory. Her face was contorted in the usual porn “I am in ecstasy” writhing and her moans were getting loud, so I turned the volume even lower, only to find the moaning get louder. I hit the mute and I could still here her moaning and now she was yelling the occasional “yes, yes” and soon “God! Fuck! Lick my pussy.” The scene on the TV had changed to a scene focusing on a woman swimming naked in a pool (the main-fucker’s wife, I gathered), but the moaning continued, followed what sounded a lot like a headboard hitting the wall – my wall. It took me that long to realize that the sounds were not coming from the TV, but from the room next door.

Of course, this was a honeymooners delight and clearly the couple next door was busy making the most of their evenings. The woman was loud –she moaned, she screamed, She yelled every obscenity to turn me on including such beauties as “stick you finger in my ass.” She also had the uncanny ability to make her voice go high and low. Every now and then she would giggle in delight, as if she was being tickled. Oddly, the guy seemed the quiet sort. You know, the kind of man who just does his stuff, as if screaming out in pleasure would make him less of a man – not the kinds of guy, I imagined, who would spend much time tickling his wife once this honeymoon was over.

I fell asleep jerking off to the sights of sex on the TV and the sounds of sex next door. It could not get much better for a guy on his own was my last thought before I drifted off.

I woke up to find the afternoon sunlight pouring into my bedroom. I jumped up, showered and headed for the beach – which I found right outside my cabin door. I shared a little verandah with the next cabin, the one with the moaning woman. Her skimpy bikini bottoms were drying on the raining. No tops and no sign of the man’s suit.

I headed into the sand and saw a couple of women, about my age from their figures, walking out of the surf. Both of them were topless and they lay themselves down on the beach chairs near the waterline. I was close enough to see them clearly. They both had delightfully luscious breasts and nicely rounded asses. As I walked closer I saw that one of them was dark haired and the other was a blonde. I felt my penis start to fill like a balloon. The blonde was taller had larger melons, the dark haired one, I was close enough to see, was Hawaiian, and while her canlı bahis breasts were a little smaller, her dark nipples took my breath away. I reached the beach chair next to them, put my stuff down and introduced myself as the new guy in room 103. As I spoke I noticed that neither had any signs of straplines on their torsos – clearly the result of days of topless sunbathing. I felt a throbbing between my legs. The blonde introduced herself as Amy and I enjoyed watching her boobs jiggle as she brought her had up to shake mine. Tina, the other, just smiled and waved, from where she was. I smiled back, less at her face, than directly at her nipples which continues to captivate my attention. As I was staring Amy was saying something about new neighbors and adjoining cabins and it took me a while to realize she was saying they were in the cabin next to me. But the fucking sounds, the moaning, the clit-licking …and the coin dropped. These two gorgeous women were going at it all night in the room next to mine sucking each others pussies to dripping orgasms within my hearing.

By the time I had closed my mouth, they had both laid down on their towels. I was treated to a delightful, Kodak moment of 4 butt cheeks worshipping the sun separated by the narrowest of thongs. I sat down and we started chatting about the usual things, jobs, travel, things to do at night and the two of them invited me to come out clubbing with them later that evening. As I focused on the narrow fabric between Tina’s ass, I wondered if she was the deeper or the higher moaner from last night.

“You are burning on your back,” I said to Amy as I offered her a sip of the coconut water I had just ordered.

“Hmmm. I am too lazy to apply any more lotion” she groaned languorously, “Tina, could you put some lotion on my back.” She got no reply and I guessed that lovely Tina was napping to recover some of the strength all the pussy lapping had drained from her youthful body. “Hey, could you just put some on me” Amy said to me innocently enough. And I was too much a gentleman to refuse. My erect cock led me to where she was lying.

I squirted some of the Banana Boat onto her bare back and started massaging in gently in larger and larger circles. She lifted her hair from her back and I massaged the cream into her shoulders and neck. Her muscles relaxed under my kneading hands and a smile formed on her lovely face. I noticed, as I looked at her, that I could see the rounded globes of her breasts as she lay on them. My hands moved down her side and I applied the slippery lotion on as much of the breasts as I could without making her get up. Amy let a throaty moan out, and I knew I had identified the deeper moaner of the two. After a minute or two of rubbing her soft breasts I went back to her back, put some more lotion on my hands and started on her legs. I began at her calves and tortuously slowly worked my way up to her thighs. My cock by now was dripping fluids into my bathing suit.Amy started wiggling her tight behind and placed my hands on either cheek and rubbed. My face was close enough to her body that I could smell the delicious vanilla smell of the lotion mixing with a muskier smell that I knew immediately was bahis siteleri pussy juice. I was wondering if I could dip my finder under the blue thong when Tina woke up, and seeing what I was up to asked me to rub some on her as well. “I am burning up in this blazing sun” she said and I regretfully had to bid farewell to the most beautiful ass I had ever touched. Amy lifted her sunglasses and winked at me as I over to the darker girl. I wondered what that wink meant.

But my regret and my wonder was soon forgotten as I looked at Tina’s back. Her yellow thong was even narrower than Amy’s and I swore I could see her vagina walls between her legs despite the fabric. Her tanned ass was wider than Amy’s and I had a hard time not placing my hands, my mouth, my cock directly there. Her hair was longer than Amy’s, so she sat up to tie it in a school-girlish ponytail. As she did so, I grabbed another glimpse at her not so school girlish breasts with those wet-dreamy dark nipples, which I now saw were standing up. There was a slight breeze, so they may not have been that way because of any sexual thoughts. My cock, on the other hand was standing up only because of sexual thoughts involving my wrapping my lips around those rubber hard nipples. I noticed that Tina was looking at my shorts, or rather the obvious bulge in the front of them. Her tongue was moistening her lips and she said “ready?” I almost came right there, but luckily something held my semen in as she lay down and I started rubbing the lotion on her back. Her skin was delightfully smooth and I could have rubbed her back for ever when she softly said “can you rub me a little lower too, I get burned on my legs and thighs.”

So I moved down to her legs, playfully rubbing some on her toes and the soles of her feet, causing her to giggle. I had now identified the giggler and I was sure she was the higher pitched moaner as well. I applied more lotion to my fingers and moved my hands up the inside of her legs, as I passed her thighs, Tina moaned (yes! The higher pitch was unmistakable) and she opened her legs just enough to allow my hands access between them. I decided to tease her (and because I was not sure if I had understood her action correctly) and rubbed her ass. As I did so, her thong moved just a bit and with each circular motion I was treated to a glimpse of her fleshy pussy walls. In less than a minute, Tina was moaning audibly and I noticed a dark patch appearing on the yellow cloth. I knew it was time, and I slipped my forefinger under the fabric and found her to be completely damp. I moved my finger around an apparently shaved mound and Tina lifted her ass in the air, allowing me to slip my finger into her wet pussy. I felt her walls clamp around my finger, as I rotated it round and around. My thumb at this point had also found its way to her ass and I pressed it against her ring, and with minimal pressure, I found it inside her butt hole. I looked over at Amy, but I could not tell if her eyes were open, but she was smiling in our direction. I looked up at Tina’s face, moved my body up and started kissing her juicy lips, not removing my fingers from either oh her holes. She moaned into my mouth, her tongue attacking mine bahis şirketleri and as she bit down on my lower lip, I felt her pussy tighten and then gush all over my hand.

I removed my fingers, over Tina’s protests, and brought my fingers up to my mouth and liked off her delectable juices. Amazingly, she took my finger in her mouth and licked them too. Then she put her head down and fell into a post-orgasmic, sun-drenched nap.

I looked down at my very wet bathing suit and was debating whether I should go back to the cabin and jerk myself off when Amy stirred and said “Wanna go for a swim.” The afternoon sea was surprisingly calm so I readily agreed, hoping the cold water would help me get rid of this painful erection. ‘Race you in” she said and we took off together. I looked over to see her luscious breasts bouncing playfully. I soon overtook her, ran into the breaking waves and started swimming around. I treaded water looking for her when she came up between my legs rubbing herself hard against my erection. She grabbed my neck and laughed as she said “Hmmmm, you could catch fish with that rod,” then she wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed my hard on the mouth. I could feel her soft breasts pressed against my chest and her softer tongue in my mouth. I reached down and squeezed her firm ass. I felt her hands go down my chest until she had one inside my bathing suit. She grabbed my cock and we both moaned simultaneously. “I want you inside me, right now” she said, and he free hand moved her delicate thong aside. She placed my cock against her pussy and I just pushed it inside her. ‘Oh my God! You are hard” she squealed. After the initial thrill of feeling her soft, wet pussy walls against my cock, I found it difficult to find a rhythm in the sea. Amy clearly had more experience, so she guided us to where I could just stand up in the water. She then started bouncing up and down my cock. With each bounce, her tits nearly smacked me in the face, so I grabbed one nipple in my mouth. “Ooooh, yes suck my tits, baby, suck me now and I will suck your cock later,” she promised. “I would do this for free, but I will happily accept a blow job any time from you.” I kept working in her nipples, using any strength I wasn’t using to smash my cock up her pussy to stay upright in the water. Her tits continued to bounce in my mouth, and she had started using her pussy muscles to squeeze my cock. I knew I could not last long, and I told her. “Just fuck and suck me” she ordered, so I did. I started thrusting with a strength I did not know I possessed. Her moans became louder and deeper, her pussy wetter yet tighter, and I knew I would come in less than a minute. Just as I was about to yell out, I felt her pussy clamp down on me like a vice, and she let out a yell that must have alerted ships out at sea. That was all I could take and my cock spurted deep inside her. All the come that had been building up since I had seen these two delightfully topless babes, all the come that had built when I had massaged the sides of Amy’s breasts, and the come that had been ready to spill when I had my fingers inside Tina, all that come just exploded into Amy’s pussy like a volcano. She held on to my neck and had a few more orgasmic contractions as I emptied myself.

By the time we got out of the water, the sun was setting, so the three of us watched the sun set over the sea and then decided to get ready for a night out.

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