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Two men tie man with disability up and then have t

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Two men tie man with disability up and then have tI’m walking to the library to get a book. I’m going by a little house then a man came out of the house and said, “Hi Man, going on a walk again.” I said “Yes “. He said “I been watching you for awhile and I want to get to know you better.” I said, “I notice you watching me and I had been watching you and your boyfriend. I like to get to know you better too. ” He said “he is just my roommate, we aren’t dating. My name is Matt.” I said, “hi Matt, my name is Kyle.” He said, “It’s nice to finally know your name. Do you want to come into my garage? ” i said OK. I drive my wheelchair into his garage and he closed the door behind him. I asked, “What are you doing? ” He replied, “just giving us privacy.” He unzip a silver gym bag and got out a gag and then he went behind of my wheelchair and said, “open your mouth.” I open it and he putted the gag in it and he pushed my head down and belted it behind my head. He said, “good boy.” I pick up my head and trying to say “Yes sir” but nothing will come out because the gag. He started massage my privates, and I can feel antalya escort my dick getting harder. He asked me, “do you like this?” I reply by nodding my head. He resuming massage my privates for it seems like six or seven minutes. I just let him massage my privates. I ejaculated inside my underwear. It felt really good but for now my underwear was wet, but I didn’t care. I moded with pleasure when I ejaculated. Just then his roommate walked into the garage and asked, “do you need help?” Matt replied, “yes John, help me get him out of his wheelchair and on the garage floor. ” He came over and unbelted my wheelchair seatbelt and both of them lifted me and laid me down face first on the floor. The floor was hard and uncomfortable. John hold both of my hands behind of my back and then Matt placed pair of handcuffs on my wrists. I tried to move my hands but can’t. They hurt a little when I tried to move my hands and arms. I decided to quit moving and hold still. Then he got out the rope out of bag and John hold my legs together and then Matt tied both of my ankles and knees together. akseki escort They started massage my whole body. It felled good. Matt said, “let’s care him inside.” John agree. Both of them lifted me up, one got my ankles and legs, other got my arms. They carry me inside and in a bedroom. They laid me down on the bed. They take my shoes and socks off of me and drop them on the floor. John pulled my head up and placed a pillow under of it. I tried to say thanks but nothing will come out because the gag. John started to massage my ass and it feel good, but when I got use to it then he Spanked me hard. It hurted but fled good at the same time. He asked me, “do you like this? ” I nodded my head as saying yes. Matt got a pair of scissors and started to cut my shorts off. I’m wearing a pair of red silk hi-cut panties under my blue silk gym shorts. I heard riffing sound of my shorts while he riffed them off of me. He remove my shorts and drop them on the floor by my shoes and socks. Matt said that he liked my panties. I tryed to say thanks but can’t. He took off his shirt. aksu escort He has a six pack and hairless chest. He looked like that he worked out alot. He has the body like a bodybuilder. He took off his pants and underwear. John quit spanking me and undrass himself. Both their’s dicks were hard. My dick was getting hard again. John got on top of me and started rubbing his dick against my ass. He started off soft and slow but after two minutes he went faster and harder. He quit for a minute and sit up on my legs, so Matt cut my panties off of me. Again I heard riffing sound as he riffed my panties off of me. Then he riffed my shirt off of me. Now I’m naked. John got back on top of me again, and putted his dick inside of my asshole and started humping. At first he humping me soft and slow but a half of minute later he went faster and harder. It felt very good to have his dick inside of me. I moded with pleasure. Matt set down on bed by my head and he removed my gag from my mouth and putted it on the table next to the bed. He took his dick and putted it inside of my mouth. I sucking his dick now at same time as John got his dick inside of my ass. John and Matt moded with pleasure. John ejaculated inside of my ass. Matt ejaculated inside of my mouth. Then they rolled me over on my back and then John sucking my dick. It feld good. After five minutes I ejaculated. I moded with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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