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Two Pussies Rub Each Other

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Two Pussies Rub Each OtherMy measurements are 34-28-36. I am a 32-year-old married woman living in Dubai. I love sex and enjoy it a lot. I work in an MNC company in Dubai as HR.My husband is working in another MNC company as a business promotions manager. He travels a lot out of the country due to business. My friends who know me personally know how much I am addicted to sex.In my neighboring flat lived an Indian couple, Sanita and Jitesh. They were newly married and moved to Dubai. Sanita was a 27-year-old lady with an average figure of 32-28-32 and was a shot lady. Even though she was short she had a beautiful face.Her husband Jitesh was a 5ft 5inch guy. He was much shorter than me. He was an engineer in a construction company and Sanita was a housewife.I used to see Sanita alternately as she stayed on the same floor as me. We also used to meet her sometimes in the lift or corridor. Many times I have noticed her checking out my assets. One day I saw her in the corridor and spoke to her. I introduced myself and asked about her.She told me that she was married and recently moved to Dubai. She is also looking for a job as she has done M.Com from India. Also, she told that she doesn’t know anyone in Dubai and feels lonely to sit at home. I spoke to her a little and felt sorry for being alone at home.I told her that since I have a job I can give her company during evening hours. She can drop by my house by evening and can leave before her husband comes. We can have a chat and tea. She happily agreed to that and then we parted. She spoke to me in Hindi mostly.We started meeting occasionally in the evening. I have also met her husband and she has met mine. Slowly our friendship started bakırköy escort growing. And she started becoming more open to me. They both used to visit us during the weekend. We might have lunch together.She used to praise me always saying that I look very beautiful. And many times I saw her checking my boobs and ass. Slowly I started enjoying it too. One evening I came early from work. I was at home and on the way to my flat. I saw her walking to the grocery shop.She saw me and came towards me and we did the grocery together. I parked my car and we went to my flat. I was keeping each item in my fridge. She was just standing next to the kitchen. I was wearing a business formal with tight pants and a shirt.When I bent down to keep items in the fridge she was checking out my ass. She was so busy checking out that she couldn’t move her eyes when I turn around. I was in a mood to tease her. So I asked her to keep her stuff at home and come. By then I will change. She said ok and left.She went home quickly, placed her stuff and came back. As I changed my dress to shorts and a t-shirt and opened the door. She was a little excited to see me in that dress. She came in and we sat on our sofa face to face and started chatting. She was looking at my boobs and thighs when chatting.After some time of talking, she said, “You have such a great figure! Your husband is lucky to have you.” I smiled and told her, “You are beautiful too, Santi.” For which she just smiled and told, “No didi I don’t have what you have. I am not so sexy looking like you.”I held my boobs from the top of my t-shirt and told her. “Is this what you mean? This is just some meat.” beşiktaş escort She smiled and said, “Everything in you is good,” and she became sad. I went near her and sat next to her. I told her, “Arre baba why are you sad? What happened? Tell me.”She did not say anything and just hugged me. I hugged her back and tried to relax her. She then kept looking at my boobs. I asked her, “Do you want to touch them?” She replied, “No didi.” I took her hand and kept on my boobs and told her to feel it.She slowly massaged them and said, “Arre apki bohut badi hai aur Mulayam bhi hai.” I made her squeeze them holding her hands. Then I asked her, “Do you want to see them?” She did not say anything. I removed my t-shirt and took my boobs out of my bra and gave her. She touched it and started feeling it.Now I held her head and guided it towards my boobs. I made her suck my sweet melons. And she sucked it slowly. She was concentrating only on my nipples. I asked her, “Does your Patidev make you happy?” For this, she said that she has sex with him once or twice a week.Now I removed her top and bra and started to suck her boobs and nipples. Then I removed her pajama and started sucking her thighs. Then slowly towards her pussy and sucked it through the side of her panties. She just closed her eyes brushed her hand through my hair and enjoyed.Her pussy was getting wet quickly and it tasted good too. She kept her self very clean. After sucking her pussy for some time I sat on the sofa and removed my trousers. I was not wearing any panty as I removed it when I came from work. I guided her to my pussy and made her suck it.She did it and slowly she started to enjoy beylikdüzü escort sucking my pussy. I was getting horny now. Now I made a shape like a doggy style. I asked her to suck my pussy from behind and rub it too. She did the way I asked. Then we make a perfect 69 position and suck each other and finger each other. Her pussy was really tight.Now we sat crossing leg in such a way that my pussy touched hers. She touched mine and we rub each other. We did this for some time and she sucked my whole body by then. I also inserted my one finger in her asshole. This was the first time for her. She said, “I don’t touch my ass hole as its dirty.”I told her, “If you don’t learn to finger it properly how will you take a dick inside your ass one day.” She said she can never take a dick in her ass as her ass is so small. I kept fingering her ass and pussy. She was enjoying the pleasure and she bit my nipples.She told me, “Didi, you fuck better than my husband.” I then made her like a doggy and started fucking her pussy with my fingers. Then I added two fingers and continued the fuck. Now she started moaning with pleasure. “Please don’t stop, didi. I feel really good.”She told me that she feels like peeing. She then jumped back to my pussy and started fingering me and sucking my pussy. I kept pressing her head towards my pussy and made her suck it deep. She also fingered my ass hole. Oh, it was a pleasure to feel her soft fingers inside my asshole.Finally, both of us reached orgasm. I told her to start wearing some sexy inners and try to seduce her husband and try having sex daily. She always agrees to whatever I say and was becoming a submissive lady to me. After some time we got cleaned. She had a coffee and left.I was happy to have her as my sex partner. But was unhappy that she is not getting fucked by a good dick. Later on, I made her have my boyfriend’s dick. We also had group sex with my boyfriend in her flat. Nowadays she is having her sexual meets which she tells me when we meet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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