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Subject: Uncle Will’s Houseguest 29 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill UNCLE WILL’S HOUSEGUEST Chapter 29 On Monday afternoon, Andy and Patrick were walking through the Old Town after a visit to the beach when Andy spotted the black waiter. “Do you see that guy?” Andy discreetly pointed. “He’s a waiter at the new North African restaurant, and he served me and Uncle Will a few weeks ago.” “So?” Patrick asked. “Don’t you think he’s hot?” Andy asked. They had already walked past him so Patrick had to turn and look again. “He has a good body but he must be double our age at least. Too old for me.” “Older men can be great lovers. I’d let him fuck me,” said Andy. “Actually I’ll be meeting up with Pete after school tomorrow. I’m hoping he will fuck me.” Patrick frowned. “You’re going to have sex with that old man instead of me,” he said. “Pete was my friend before I met you. I can’t just abandon him,” said Andy. “It’s not definite that I will be having sex with him. I have only had sex with him once but I’ve had sex with you lots of times. You shouldn’t be jealous.” “Okay. Sorry,” said Patrick. “You’re right. I’m silly to feel jealous.” Andy looked around to check that nobody was watching them and gave Patrick a quick kiss on the lips. “You will always be a special friend but you know I will be moving back to Scotland next year. You should find yourself a French boyfriend.” Patrick smiled. “Maybe I should.” Andy tugged Patrick. “Come on. If we hurry back to the apartment, you can fuck me before my uncle gets home.” *** It was Tuesday afternoon and Andy was on his way to meet Pete. He had dropped his books and bicycle off at home but he didn’t bother to change. He hoped to be naked within minutes of being inside the American’s apartment. “Andy! Great to see you!” Pete beamed and pulled Andy towards him for a big hug. “Come in.” As soon as the door was closed, Pete hugged Andy again and then kissed him. “I have missed you. You are still looking gorgeous.” Andy laughed. “It’s good to see you too. Did you have a great time in Paris?” “I had a lovely time. Even painted a few pictures that I’m pleased with,” replied Pete. “I have two hanging on the wall. Come this way.” Pete took Andy into the small bedroom and showed him a painting. “This is the Canal Saint-Martin at Quai de Valmy, only a short walk from the busy Gare de l’Est.” “I like it. I’d never have guessed that peaceful scene was in Paris,” said Andy. “This other painting is of the Church of Saint-Germain near Paris,” Pete pointed. “It’s an impressive building,” said Andy. He turned to Pete and smiled. “No paintings of boys?” “No but I hope you might pose for me soon,” replied Pete. Andy nodded. “I might even pose naked.” “I’d like that,” smiled Pete. “Now what would you like to do today?” “Well, I would like to go to your bedroom,” Andy began. “And have you take my clothes off.” “Sounds good so far.” Pete took hold of Andy’s hand, led him to the main bedroom and started to unbutton Andy’s shirt. Andy nodded towards the leather cuff on the corner of the bed. “Those appear to be cuffs for bondage on the corners of your bed. I would like to be tied naked on top of your bed.” Pete tweaked Andy’s right nipple. “Yeah? And what would happen after you were tied up?” “Whatever you wanted…Master.” Andy smiled. “I’d be your helpless sex toy.” Pete raised an eyebrow. “I’m hoping you will fuck me,” Andy concluded. “Have you any experience of bondage?” Pete asked. “No, but I have been turned on reading stories involving bdsm,” replied Andy. “I have been spanked and that was fun but I wouldn’t want anything very painful.” “Okay. I would never do istanbul travesti anything without discussing it with you in advance,” said Pete. “If we play bdsm games, I want you to enjoy the action just as much me.” Andy nodded. “I trust you, Pete.” Pete smiled and resumed undressing the teenager. He wasn’t surprised to see a stiff cock tenting Andy’s briefs when he pulled down the black jeans. Moments later Andy was fully naked with his erection on display. “I can see you’re excited,” said Pete. “Lie on the bed and I’ll tie you up before touching your sexy body.” Soon Andy was spread-eagled on top of the bed with his wrists and ankles in the leather cuffs. He tried to move but found he couldn’t. He smiled up at Pete. “I’m at your mercy.” “How long can you stay this time?” Pete asked. “An hour…ninety minutes at most,” replied Andy. “Okay. We don’t have time to try much but that’s probably best for your first time in bondage,” said Pete. “Don’t go away.” Pete took something from a drawer and left the room. When he returned a short time later, he wore only leather shorts and was carrying a short cockwhip in one hand. When he saw the look of concern on Andy’s face, he said, “Don’t worry. The multiple strands are made of soft leather and might sting but they won’t damage your skin.” “Oh, okay.” Andy didn’t mind a little pain but he was relieved to hear that his skin wouldn’t be marked. Pete held up his other hand and opened it to reveal something shiny. “I would like to try these nipple-clamps on you. Do you have any objections?” Andy smiled. “No, I’d like to experience them on my tits.” “Good!” Pete grinned and sat on the edge of the bed. He put the cockwhip down and showed Andy the stainless-steel clamps. “These are good for beginners,” he said. “They apply only moderate pressure.” Andy watched carefully as one came close to his right nipple and then winced slightly as the spring was released and the clamp attached itself to the erect nub. “That’s not too bad,” he agreed. He winced again when the other clamp was attached to his left nipple. “Okay?” Pete asked. Andy nodded and Pete flicked a finger at each clamp in turn, bringing soft gasps from the teenager. “You’re doing well,” said Pete. “Now let’s try this.” He picked up the cockwhip and let the soft leather strands trail over Andy’s cock and balls, caressing them. Then he raised his arm and lashed out at the very stiff cock. “Ouwww!” Andy cried out and then realised that the whip didn’t hurt as much as he expected. He smiled at Pete and lifted his mid-section, inviting more. He whimpered each time the cockwhip landed but didn’t complain. Pete stopped after the fourth hit. “I think that’s enough for today,” he said before bending down and taking Andy’s cock into his mouth. Andy enjoyed having his cock sucked but after a few minutes he asked, “Are you not going to fuck me?” “Do you want me to fuck you?” Pete asked while reaching up to remove the nipple-clamps. Andy grinned and then let out a howl as the blood returned to his nubs. “I think that hurts more than when the clamps were first attached,” he said. Then he smiled and added, “Of course, I want to be fucked. I’m tied up and helpless. You have to fuck me.” “I think I’ll have to reposition you for that. If you’re supple enough, I could tie your ankles to your wrists,” said Pete. “Or I could simply tie you face down. Since it’s your first time, I will let you choose.” “I think…I’d like to try both but today I’d prefer you to take me lying face down,” said Andy. “I want to feel your weight on top of me…and I’d like you use that little whip on my bum first.” Pete nodded. “Okay. We’ll do it your way today.” He released Andy from the leather cuffs and then fixed him in place after Andy had turned over. He pushed a pillow under Andy’s mid-section to raise his butt higher. “You really do have a great ass,” he said when he caressed kadıköy travesti the two golden globes. Then he picked up the cockwhip. “Oww!” Andy cried out when the first blow landed. He gasped at the second but took the third and fourth without complaint. “Your ass is glowing pink now but it’s not marked,” Pete advised the teenager. “How does it feel?” “Sort of warm but not really sore,” replied Andy. “You can whip me some more if you wish.” “Not today,” said Pete. “We will work up gradually to heavier punishment if you wish to continue these games. Now I’m going to fuck you.” Andy smiled when he felt two hands caressing then kneading his buttocks. He sighed when he felt Pete spreading them and then running a finger up and down the hairless valley. He let out an almost silent “yes” when Pete’s fingertip started pressing at the entrance to his arsehole. The finger only went in as far as the first knuckle before Pete pulled it out and fetched a tube of KY jelly. Andy happily allowed Pete to finger-fuck him with one, two and finally three fingers. He was on the point of begging Pete to ram his cock in when the man eased his fingers out. Andy looked over his shoulders as Pete stood and removed his leather shorts. He was pleased to see that the very hard, very thick 21.5 cm (8.5 inch) cock was leaking pre-cum. “He is just as horny as me,” he said to himself. “Ready to be fucked?” Pete asked as he lubed his cock. “Yeah! I want it hard. Pummel my pussy!” Andy replied. Pete managed not to laugh. He bent over to apply lube to Andy’s hole, rubbing some all around the entrance and pushing a little inside. Then he climbed onto the bed and got into position. Andy tensed for a moment when the big mushroom-head pushed between his arse cheeks and then told himself to relax because Pete had fucked him before and he had enjoyed it. He felt Pete pressing against him and pushed back. Nothing seemed to happen and then the big cockhead burst through Andy’s sphincter and he cried out. Pete froze. “Are you okay?” “Yes,” Andy replied with a moan. “Just give me a few moments.” Pete waited with only the head of his cock in the teenager’s hole until he received a nod. Then he slowly pushed the remainder inside. “I had forgotten how big the head was,” said Andy. “It feels good now that the whole of your monster cock in in my pussy.” “Your hole is just as hot and as tight as I remember,” responded Pete. Remembering that Andy had wanted to feel his weight, Pete eased himself gently down on top of him and then ground his crotch against the small, well-rounded arse. “That feels great,” said Andy. After rubbing himself against Andy, Pete began to fuck him. He used short, slow movements at first and then gradually speeded up. Andy recalled how Pete had brought him close to orgasm a couple of times before they climaxed last time. Although that was an incredible experience, there wasn’t time for that today. “Fuck me hard and fast, please Pete. I need to be back home soon,” he said. Pete knew that there wasn’t time for a leisurely fuck but he didn’t comment. He simply raised himself a little and began fucking the teenager harder, alternating between steady hard thrusts and short bouts of very fast pounding. From the noises Andy made, he clearly loved both. Soon Andy was whimpering, getting closer to his climax. Sweat dripped from Pete onto his body when he moved back into fast, pile-driving mode. Andy moaned and then cried, “I’m cumming!” just before spunking off. Pete felt Andy’s ejaculations. “I’m cumming too,” he announced and then he flooded Andy’s bowels with a big load of man-cream. Pete hugged Andy for some minutes afterwards. Then he kissed the back of his neck, eased his cock out and got up to release Andy from the leather restraints. “I enjoyed that and I hope you did too,” he said. Andy rolled onto his back and smiled up at Pete. “I loved every moment. bakırköy travesti I want us to do it again when I can stay for longer.” “I’m pleased about that,” smiled Pete. “Some guys get turned on reading about bondage but then don’t like the reality of being helpless.” “Not me,” Andy said as he sat up. “I trust you and it turned me on knowing that you were totally in charge…and could go further than I might want.” “Well, I will take full charge next time but I’ll never go beyond any limit you set,” Pete said. “You’ve heard about `safe words’?” Andy nodded. “Okay. As you gain experience, I might test your limits but I will stop immediately you feel I’m going too far. It’s important to me that you enjoy everything we do together.” Andy hugged Pete. “Thanks, Pete. You’re the greatest.” Pete gave Andy a kiss and then a pat on the bum. “Now you’d better have a shower and get home before your uncle sends out a search party.” Andy took a quick shower and got dressed. “I will call you when I have time to pose for a painting,” he told Pete. “I hope we can have sex after I have posed for a while.” “We’ll have sex afterwards if you’re a good boy,” smiled Pete. “I’m always a good boy,” grinned Andy. *** Andy was on his way back from Pete’s apartment when he first saw the Englishman. The man was standing at the entrance to the apartment block with two bags of shopping, fumbling with his keys. The man dropped the keys and said, “Shit!” as Andy approached. “Let me help you,” Andy said, bending to pick up the keys. “Thanks. I should have put the bags down,” said the man. “No problem.” Andy smiled, used the electronic key which activated the entrance and handed it to the man. “I can tell from your accent that you’re English. On holiday here?” Andy noted that the man was balding and had a grey beard but looked very fit. “Yes, for two weeks,” replied the man as they entered the lobby. “I’ve rented an apartment on the fourth floor through AirBnB. Do you live here?” Andy nodded. “I’m living with my uncle. I’ve been here since the beginning of July and I love it.” After they entered the lift, the man put one bag down and held out his hand. “I’m Andrew. I’m pleased to meet you.” Andy smiled and shook the man’s hand. “Good to meet you, Andrew. I’m Andrew too but everyone calls me Andy. I’m on the floor above you.” He pressed the buttons and the lift moved upwards. “Maybe I will see you in the pool sometime. You know that there is a shared pool, don’t you?” Andrew nodded. “Yes, but I prefer to swim in the sea.” “I go to the beach quite often,” smiled Andy. The lift stopped at the fourth floor. “I hope you enjoy your stay here.” “Thanks, Andy. Hope to see you again.” Andrew smiled and left Andy wondering if the man might possibly be gay and interested in him. Will was sitting with a drink on the balcony when Andy entered the apartment. “Sorry, I’m late,” he said. “I met up with Pete and he asked if I might pose for a painting. A nude or semi-nude painting.” “I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” said Will. “Not even if he gives you a copy of the painting for your bedroom?” Andy asked. “You might be happy to look at the painting and think of the time you had a horny teenager sharing your bed.” Will laughed. “Maybe you’re right. Now get changed out of your school clothes and you can help me cook dinner.” Andy was peeling potatoes when Will asked, “Do you fancy going on a train ride on Sunday? It will be our final chance to ride behind a steam locomotive this year.” “A steam locomotive? Locally?” Andy hadn’t heard of any such trains. “The train leaves from Nice, on the narrow gauge Chemins de Fer de Provence,” Will began. “We will travel on a modern diesel railcar inland to Puget-Théniers where we transfer to historic carriages pulled by a steam locomotive which is almost a hundred years old. That takes us to Annot where we can have a nice lunch. Then it’s back to Nice by steam train and diesel railcar.” “Okay. That sounds interesting,” said Andy. “An unusual way to see a new part of France. Yes, I’m happy to do that.” “Good. I’ll book tickets as soon as I’ve put this in the oven,” responded Will. To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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