May 27

Unconventional Awakening Ch. 02

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We were at the restaurant before we knew it, and we didn’t know how we got there, as we were deep in conversation on the way to the restaurant. Paul paid the cabbie and he helped me out. As he did, I noticed a look in his eye that seemed to say that he was enjoying himself, and my company. As we walked in, his arm went around my back as we walked through the doors together, and Peter was right behind us. I felt tingly with Paul’s hand draped so casually around me, but he didn’t seem to notice one bit, so I assumed it was just a normal gesture on his part.

We were seated in a small booth in a small room with several other tables and booths, almost all occupied. We were the only threesome, and I picked up on that immediately, and a tingle teased through me swiftly. The waitperson arrived with a basket of warm bread that teased my nose, and asked if we wanted any cocktails or appetizers. Peter wanted a Wild Turkey with a glass of Seven-Up, Paul ordered a glass of wine. They looked at me and after fidgeting for a moment, thought “What the heck,” and ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri. I stated that I generally don’t drink, but maybe tonight I should. I saw a small almost imperceptible smile cross both of my friends faces. I wasn’t sure what to make of that, but evidently I had begun something. Looking back, I was sure glad that I had.

The drinks arrived in short order, and we enjoyed some of the bread with our drinks as we continued to chat. A few minutes later our waitperson checked back to see if we were ready to order. We hadn’t really looked at the menu as of yet, as we were enjoying finding out more about one another and what we hoped this workshop would accomplish for us. So, we decided to take a small break form the conversation, which had been flowing so easily and naturally, to peruse the menu and make up our minds. After a few minutes, the waitperson returned and we were rather speedy in telling him what we would like. After taking our orders, he said he would be back in a few minutes with a salad tray to prepare our salads, and asked if we needed anything else, additional beverages, or anything. No.

So we güvenilir bahis began where we left off, and as I said, the conversation just flowed.

The waitperson, true to his word, arrived again a few minutes, and prepared a salad for each of us as we wished, and after checking to see if we needed anything, another round perhaps, or anything? I noticed my Daiquiri had evaporated. I was pleasantly surprised, not realizing that I had consumed as much as I had, and blushed at the thought, and request for a second one. And for the first time, I realized that I was feeling a warm glow within. And I knew why I didn’t drink much. But at the moment, it all felt right. Peter and Paul, oh my God, the names just hit me! Peter and Paul were better at nursing their beverages, and thus I was the lone order for seconds now. That would change before the evening was over.

More conversation until my drink and our dinners arrived. The conversation continued between small lapses as we ate, and Peter and Paul ordered refills. By the end of dinner I was on my third Daiquiri, and feeling a definite glow, on my cheeks, inwardly, and I realized with a start, sexually. I was beginning to have ideas about my two dinner guests, and we hadn’t even engaged in any conversation about our personal lives yet, other than we were all married.

We decided to have an after dinner drink, and continued talking. It was now past ten in the evening, and we were the only ones in the small room. The restaurant closes at eleven, and we were not being encouraged to leave since we were not taking up space that other dinners could occupy.

Our conversational tone was low, and we gradually moved onto more personal things. Peter and Paul were interested in why I was here alone. And after telling them, I asked them why their wives hadn’t come with them. It was purely a matter of economics for them. Two could share a room for half of what two rooms would have cost, and the wives thought that they should be here. It all seemed natural enough.

I felt a stirring within. Time to use the powder room. I excused myself, and as I did, both gentlemen stood up, türkçe bahis and as Paul did, I accidentally bumped into him a second time. This time I felt my braless breast graze his arm, and a tingle shot true me. I wasn’t sure if he knew that I was braless but I was glad I was, and that was a shock.

Three daiquiris helped me to go where I have never gone before. In the powder room I removed my panties, and tweaked my nipple that had just grazed Paul, and a shiver of pleasure shot through me. I slowly returned to the booth, and grazed Paul’s back as I sat down. I hoped he noticed my flirtatious move, and I knew my nipples were hard. I casually looked down and realized that my sweater was heavy enough to cover up my growing desire, but if one looked closely enough two small bumps were visible.

I looked at Paul, and he smiled, and I think he saw what I was hoping he would. I got my answer, as I felt his hand softly on my leg, first near my knee, then slowly moving upward. With a shock, I realized what was happening, and that I not only had started it, but was hoping that I was appealing enough to this recent acquaintance for him to see me as interesting in more than just a “professional” or small business way. And it wasn’t just Paul that drew my attention. Until now, we were all just new acquaintances who had just met serendipitously. And now, my afternoon indulgence was being revisited, with my encouragement.

The conversation was becoming more personal and intimate. I do believe that our beverages had something to do with that. We started talking about our families, and what we enjoyed about them. Gradually the conversation became more intimate yet, as we discussed what we found attractive in someone. At first general, but soon more personal.

At this point our waitperson stopped by one last time to let us know that the restaurant was soon closing, and that we needed to leave to allow them to clean up. We called for a cab, and waited briefly outside.

A cab pulled up, and once again Paul opened the door and let me in. Peter went around to the other door and entered. I was once again seated between Peter güvenilir bahis siteleri and Paul, but this time, it was much warmer. Paul let his hand rest on my knee, and Peter caught this. I made no move to push his hand away, and Paul slowly worked his hand up my leg to my thigh. I again did not discourage this, and just sighed.

Peter was unsure of what to make of this, and I just closed my eyes, and smiled, and sighed. I guess that was all it took. I guess I wasn’t too bad looking, or too old. I felt Peter’s hand on my other knee, before his too moved up. I continued to just sit there with my eyes closed, and breathe more deeply.

I think my boobs were giving me away, as they rose and fell with my breathing. I slowly caressed my breasts, hoping that they would know that I was braless. I was feeling so horny! My pussy was twitching. And my nipples were sending shooting electrical current to my pussy. I hadn’t been with anyone other than my husband, and had rarely fooled around in a car, let alone a cab, and here I was encouraging my rear seat companions to be more intimate.

The cab came to a sudden stop, and we realized we were back at the hotel. My breathing was somewhat erratic, and my legs felt rubbery. Paul once again paid the fare, and the cabbie smiled at him as we exited. I guess he knew what was happening. I was glad that we were in a strange town. As Paul helped me out of the cab, he threw his arm around my waist to help support me, as my legs were feeling rubbery. After a few seconds, I was more steady, and we walked into the hotel, Paul’s hand around me once again, just like the restaurant, but with a firmer, more intimate grip. And Peter was beside me too.

As the elevator doors closed, Paul pulled me to him and we kissed, our tongues exploring one another’s mouths, while Peter caressed me. We pressed for our respective floors and laughed. We were all pressing for the same floor! We realized we hadn’t found out where our rooms were when we first bumped into one another, and didn’t know until we unconsciously were going to press the floor number now. We continued to act like sex starved teenagers until the elevator slowed, and we realized that we were approaching our floor level. We pulled apart and made arrangements to get together for a night cap in my room in a half hour.



To Be Continued…

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