May 27

Under the Stars

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I looked up at the sky, noticing how big the stars looked tonight. I hugged myself and smiled, enjoying the feel of the soft wind blowing my hair around my face. He came up behind me and slid his arms around my waist, making my skin tingle in anticipation. He turned me around to face him and took my face into his hands, looking into my eyes. It was the first time I noticed the little gold specks in his eyes. He leaned forward and gently kissed me, his lips warm against my cool skin. I slightly parted my lips, just enough to let me slide his tongue inside of my mouth, pressing the tip onto the tip of mine. He pulled away and slid his fingers through my hair, gently pulling my head back as he leaned down and kissed my neck. My heart quickened as his hand slid up and lightly cupped my breast, instantly hardening my nipples. I pulled away from him slowly and grabbed his hand.

He looked slightly confused, but I smiled and him and pulled him towards the blanket I had set up right on the edge of the lake. I gave him a little push and bahis firmaları he sank down to the blanket, laying on his back and propping himself up on his elbows he looked at me. I decided to give him a show, so I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, revealing my red lacy bra underneath. As I started to unbutton my jeans, he pulled me to him so that I feel on top of him on the blanket. Giggling, I sat up on top of him straddling him and holding him down with my knees. I reached behind me and released the buttons hold on my bra. As it came loose, I slid it down the front of my body revealing my breasts to him. He leaned forward and took one into his mouth and covered the other with his large hand. My body was on fire as he licked and rubbed my breasts simultaneously making me arch my back as the pleasure rolled through me.

I could feel how hard he was through his pants, wanting me just as much as I wanted him. He flipped me over onto my back and stood up, and I watched as he removed his clothes. His body was rock hard with muscles in kaçak iddaa all that right places. I watched as the moonlight glistened off of his chest making my heart pound as the sight of him. Once he was naked I enjoyed the view of his erect cock thick and long, making me lick my lips in anticipation of feeling it fill my mouth. He leaned down to me and pulled my jeans down, panties and all, and slid them over my feet leaving me laying there naked before him. He got back down onto his knees and he kissed me lightly on the mouth, then lowered and kissed me on my neck.

Moving excruciatingly slow, he kissed my body all the way down until he came to my legs. He pulled my legs apart and seeing that I was already wet and ready for him, he leaned down and took my clit into his mouth. I put my hands onto his head and enjoyed the feeling of him giving me pleasure. I couldn’t help but moan loudly as he licked, and sucked, and fingered me right to the brim of ecstasy. Then, I fell over that brim as an orgasm came fast and hard, my fingers kaçak bahis dug into his scalp and my toes curled. He moved away from me smiling, knowing that he had given me so much pleasure; I lay there panting, but wanting more. I slowly got up on my knees and pushed him backwards onto his back.

I then leaned down and slowly put my mouth around his very large cock. As I started to lick and suck on him, he started to moan, and when I looked up at him, his eyes were closed enjoying the moment. Suddenly he pulled me up and as if he couldn’t stand not being inside of me for one more second, pulled me on top of him and slid into me. I nearly screamed at the pleasure of it as he held on to me and bounced me on top of him, making me cum once again as he filled me completely. Once my orgasm had finished, he picked me up and laid me down on my side, lifting one leg high into the air as he continued to pound me, never once letting his cock come out of me. His moaning became louder, and I knew he was close to finishing. Suddenly he grunted and pulled out of me; I then hurriedly leaned forward and let him cum into my mouth. As he finished, he collapsed onto the blanket and pulled him down next to him, and that night we feel asleep, naked, under the stars.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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