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Unexpected business trip

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Unexpected business tripAbout five years ago one of my co-workers handed me an airline ticket and hotel reservations in Las Vegas telling me there was some issues I needed to take care of there. I didn’t think much about it and packed a bag and went. Arriving at the airport I picked up a rental car and headed to the hotel. I checked in and went to the room and noticed it was a large suite but still didn’t think a whole lot about it. I changed clothes thinking I would go down to the buffet for dinner and go to the pool or hot tub afterwards.Just as I sat down at my table two of my co-workers showed up and sat down too. for about ten minutes as they scrambled to make up a story why they were there to a third co-worker showed up and another few minutes a fourth, the one that gave me the tickets and sent me there. We ate our dinner and had several drinks while I listen to them try to keep a made up story going although I had a pretty good idea what was going on.I finished my drink and got up and said I was heading to the pool and they were welcome to join me if they wanted. After swimming in the pool for a while and a couple more drinks we moved to the hot tub because no one was in there. In there one got up the nerve to come over and slid his hand in my bathing suit squeezing my tits and rubbing my nipples. Another came over and started rubbing my pussy. Once he pulled my bathing suit over and slid his finger in my pussy he noticed how wet I was inside, he said lets head up to the room.Getting back to my room, needless to say everyone was feeling pretty esenyurt escort good, I sat on the side of the bed and the guys began removing their swim shorts exposing their erect cocks. One came over a put his cock in my mouth. Soon one of the others pulled the straps of my bathing suit down exposing my tits. That was the first time any of them had seen my tits. They all four began rubbing and squeezing them. After a short time another of them which was a 10” bbc laid me back on the bed and pulled my bathing suit the rest of the way off, again the first time they had seen me completely naked. He spread my legs and began to lick my dripping wet pussy. I told him after several minutes his cock wouldn’t fit in me until I was loosened up for a while. With that being said the others didn’t hesitate, one came over and slid his rock hard cock in me. The three of them took turns fucking me till all three shot their load in me, then my fourth friend (BBC) said it was his turn. He slowly pushed his hard cock in me stretching my pussy more than it had ever been. He fucked me like I was his first ever for several minutes. He got off and rolled me over and slid his 10” back in and began pounding me from behind. I could not contain myself and was very vocal. Again they all 4 took turns fucking me doggie and fucking my mouth. Couple of them shot their load in me again and the other 2 got close and pulled out and shot theirs in my mouth while I sucked out every drop. During that time they also lubed up and began fucking my avrupa yakası escort ass which was my first. After a while of that one said let’s make her air tight which I had no idea what that was. My bbc friend laid on his back and said get on and ride him so I climbed on him and rode his cock straight up until I was dripping with my cum and exhausted. After resting for a minute while I was laying over on him one of the others climbed on and slid his cock in my ass and both began fucking me and another with his cock in my mouth. That went on for probably another hour, I hadn’t been fucked that much in the past year all times combined I think and I don’t know how many loads of were cum shot in me and on me.The next morning they all met back at my room to go down to the restaurant for breakfast. As we were leaving the room a couple, maybe in their mid 30’s, from the room next door were walking out too. The woman made the comment “sounded like yall had a good time last night”. I just smiled and was blushing when one of my friends said “yea the four of use took turns gangbanging her, was her first”. They both grinned and said OH WOW. After a short conversation walking down the hall one of the guys asked them if they would like to come watch them do it again tonight, she quickly said yes.Later that evening the guys showed up at my room and then the couple next door came knocking on the door. We chatted for a few minutes before two of my friends came over and stood anadolu yakası escort me up and began taking my clothes off. We walked over to the bed where I laid down on my back and one of them began licking my pussy and the other pulled his cock out and stuck it in my mouth. After a few minutes the other two stripped their clothes off and came over. One of them slid in my pussy and began pounding me like it was his first time. The first two began removing their clothes. They took turns fucking me till two of them had shot a load in my pussy. I glanced over at our guest and saw they were watching in amazement. One of the guys asked the wife if she would lick her husband’s cum out of my pussy. A blushing smile came over her face and she said she would. Her husband looked over at her and she shrugged her shoulders and he took off his clothes. He came over as one of the other guys got off of me and he climbed on and began fucking me relentlessly. While he was fucking me his wife removed her clothes and came over and began rubbing and squeezing my tits then she started rubbing my pussy as her husband continued fucking me. Well it didn’t take that long of him fucking me and watching his wife licking my tits and rubbing my pussy for him to blow a huge load in me. He spent a minute catching his breath then pulled out. Two of my friends had my legs spread open and pulled way back, she scooted over on her knees and leaned over. With three loads of their cum and the several times I came also dripping out of my pussy she began licking and sucking my pussy. One of my friends got up behind her and slid his cock in her. I could feel him burying her face in my pussy each time he thrust in her. Needless to say we both got fucked in every way most of the night and loved every minute of it.The four of them still fuck me today even though two now live in other towns, and every year on my birthday they still all get together and gangbang me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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