May 29

Union of Souls

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Her mind ached as the stress of work pounded behind her slightly glazed eyes. She stared in a dangerously blank fashion at the endless streams of other cars as they too sought to hurry home to their other lives or families. Gripping the leather steering wheel of her sleek black sports car until her knuckles grew bone white and the joints threatened to break through the stretched skin, she sighed noisily when she finally spied the exit which would take her to her own house. Weaving recklessly through the crowded, noisy lanes of cars and trucks, she sped down the exit ramp and onto a quiet, country road……. the flashing passage of trees outside her windows somehow managed to begin easing her troubled mind, as dappled patterns of shadows and sunlight flashed a mesmerizing display across her windshield.

In only a few seemingly eternal minutes, she spied the familiar stone structure of her own home, with old fashioned fluted white columns supporting Victorian arches and a large wrap around porch. The cars smooth engine shut off as she pulled out the keys and grabbed for her leather briefcase and purse. Sliding wearily from her seat, and slamming the car door a bit too hard behind her, she walked slowly across the crunching gravel of the driveway and up the steps to the large mansion’s front entrance. Not even taking the time to look around as she normally did at the end of the day to admire her surroundings, she fished for her keys and jiggled one in the lock, impatiently waiting to hear it spring free. With a mumbled curse, she finally felt the mechanism open as she hurriedly pushed against the door and stepped gratefully into the cool shadowed foyer.

Her high patent heels clicked an almost angry rhythm across the tiled ceramic floor as she dropped her briefcase and purse onto a small hall table and spared a quick glance at her own face in an oval mirror which hung on the smooth white wall there. She winced upon noticing the smudged darkness of circles beneath her normally bright violet eyes. The sleek bun of coppery auburn hair tied with a blue satin ribbon had come halfway undone, sending tendrils curling down the nape of her neck and side of one cheek.

Brushing the offending stray strands from her face, she noted too, the pinched, unhappy shape of her mouth and the slight lines of worry etched into the corners of her eyes. The high planes of her cheekbones that others usually said looked so exotic, were merely gaunt with fatigue today. Gone were her ready dimples, her normally radiant smile that was capable of infecting all those around her, charming them into granting her slightest whims or desires.

She headed slowly up the winding, spiral staircase of white marble flecked with green, trailing one hand along the highly polished mahogany banister….noting with perverse satisfaction, the faint streaks that her fingertips made upon the gleaming wood. Upon reaching the doorway to her bedroom, she kicked off her shoes, relaxing slightly as her stocking clad feet sank into the luxurious plush of the carpet beneath them. Stepping into the room, she stopped abruptly, as if she’d hit an invisible brick wall.

There before her startled eyes stood countless perfumed candles in a multitude of colors and scents….their flames casting a gentle golden warmth and a welcoming flicker of shadows and light upon the light beige walls. What surprised her even further however, was the sight that greeted her now wide open eyes when they fell upon her bed.

A figure lay sprawled there………myriad velvet red rose petals scattered across his supine form, tactfully obscuring his body’s most intimate places. güvenilir bahis Her pulse quickened and a slow blush began to warm her previously pale cheeks. Perhaps tonight will not be as lonely as I’d feared….. she mused to herself with wonder. Walking a few steps further into the room, she stopped just shy of the edge of the bed.

Looking down, she noted that her lover’s body was covered in a pleasantly scented oil, allowing the candle-glow to glisten upon his firm muscles and well made physique. Slipping her dress jacket from her shoulders revealing the ivory silk blouse beneath, she felt her fingers straying to small pearl buttons that ran up the front of her chest. Her nipples trapped under the thin, slippery fabric began to grow taut with expectation. As if mesmerized by the sight, she let her eyes rove over every visible inch of his exposed masculine flesh until her breath began to come in shivering gasps.

Noting that he said nothing, nor made any move to come to her, she suddenly felt the urge to dominate him…..to take advantage of the spontaneous and romantic scene that he’d arranged for her. She reached a hand up to the back of her neck, slowly withdrawing the pins that held her mass of coppery curls in place. With a soft, whisper that caused goose-flesh to spring out upon her lover’s body, her hair cascaded down over her slim shoulders and back in a gleaming curtain of silkiness. Her hands slowly unfastened the buttons that held her now aching breasts captive, straining not to rush or spoil the spell of seduction she was weaving.

As the first touch of cool air brushed against the swell of her now partially bared breasts, she drew in a breath of pleasure, never realizing how sensuously mere air could caress her. She slid her hands behind her back to slowly open the zipper of her gray tweed skirt, slipping it down over her gently rounded hips until it landed in a dark puddle at her ankles. The flickering candle flames danced and cast their golden glow across her now flushed cheeks, and limned her body with a radiant halo of light. Turning to place her back to her lover as he lay watching every move she made, she bent over and ran her hands over her buttocks, slipping both her panties and nylons down the length of her slender legs; her smooth white posterior beckoned to him.

Looking at him devilishly from between her legs, her face partly hidden by the silken curtain of her hair, she abruptly straightened and reached back to unfasten her white lace bra, sighing with release as the constricting garment fell to the floor with a soft sound. Letting him feast his eyes on her now gloriously naked form, she turned slowly to face him once more, her fingers lightly stroking her own breasts, fingering her now totally hardened, rosy hued nipples.

One hand slid almost casually downward, the palm leaving a trail of goose-bumps across her abdomen, stopping to rest just above the soft mound of pelvic curls that nestled between her creamy thighs. As she gazed into her lovers passion glazed eyes from her place where she stood at the end of the bed, she let her one hand continue its downward travels, a finger slipping within her own secret folds to pleasure herself as he watched, enraptured. Her head arched back, as beads of sweat sprung out across her

chest and glistened in the flickering light across her stomach, as her own hand wove intimate magic between her thighs.

Her breath began to come in labored gasps and her knees trembled as her orgasm drew ever closer; her free hand fondling her breasts, arousing her desires to a fevered pitch. With eyes still closed, and her other senses türkçe bahis blinded by her mounting ecstasy, she never heard the soft rustle of her mattress moving, or the soft tread of her lover’s feet as he stepped soundlessly over to where she stood. With abrupt reversal of roles, HE became the aggressor…..tired of merely watching. His mouth sought and captured hers with a ravenous kiss, their tongues touching, withdrawing then eagerly melding as one. Hands roved across her now sweat misted skin, as hers caressed his strong shoulders, fingers tracing the firm line of his jaw, running through his short, blond hair.

Her nails raked lightly down across his back, as his tongue relinquished its possession of her mouth and instead fell to ravaging her sensitive earlobes, neck and throat….stopping to pay homage to the fluttering pulse point that mirrored the thundering beat of her racing heart. Her lips nibbled upon his ears as well, his neck, his face….covering it with feathery kisses….each touch fanning their mutual desire until it threatened to consume them utterly. Turning as one to face each other, they pressed closer, chests, hips and thighs molded together. They both could feel the others need in the rigidity of his organ against her inner thigh, and he by the rock hard presence of her nipples rubbing across his chest.

Silently, with unspoken agreement, they lay back upon the feather coverlet, as the scent of crushed rose petals mingled with the perfume from the candles and that of their own heated flesh. His fingers danced down the inside edges of her arms, followed by his lips, leaving their own trail of sensual fire that seared her senses and branded her as his love. She reached down to pull his mouth to hers, her tongue licking playfully at his lower lip, tracing the edge erotically, feeling him tremble in her embrace.

He could feel the subtle undulation of her hips beneath his own……and ached to bury his need in the warmth, and moist darkness of her inner folds. But, he promised himself that tonight, she was the one who’d be begging for release from his gentle brand of sensual torture before he was finished.

Loving every inch of her, from the top of her head, crowned by its shimmering waves of sweet scented coppery tresses, to the tips of her delicate toes, his hands, lips and tongue memorized every curve, hollow, and swell of her glorious body. Drawing her to the peak of her desire and need time upon time and then slowly easing her back down, denying her true release time and again, he sought to take her to a level of pleasure never before attained in their love-making. She shuddered and gasped, begged, cursed and sobbed for him to cease this unbearably cruel, yet sweet torture, but it was as if he’d suddenly become deaf.

Her hands strained to reach him, to pleasure him, to make him ease his sensual assault upon her, but his strong hands pinned both wrists to the bed as he rose up over her, totally in command. His slate blue eyes flashed with the desire that he felt, tempered by love and affection; yet for the time being, the passion within him reigned supreme.

Her hips thrust upwards, trying to make contact….to coax him inside her; she needed him to assuage the flaring heat and pulsing, white-hot need that screamed through her veins and exploded behind her closed eyes in a display of multihued lights. Every nerve within her throbbed and every muscle shuddered as his lips finally reached their ultimate goal. With fierce sensual intent, his tongue lightly brushed against one inner thigh, then the other; his soft breath whispering against her overheated flesh threatening güvenilir bahis siteleri to drive her over sanity’s precipice…..yet by the very edge of her fingernails and sheer strength of an indomitable will, she was able to retain a vestige of control. In her eyes, to surrender wholly was not allowed….. to let the innermost walls and defenses she’d built around her heart crumble was not acceptable.

Opening her passion glazed eyes, she gazed into the loving eyes of the man who was now seeking to break her only remaining stronghold, the bastion of her sexual control. She could see a promise in his eyes of what he intended to do continue doing until she surrendered, she gasped in incredulity. Becoming lost in the bottomless, sparkling grey-blue pools of emotion contained in his gleaming orbs, touching his very soul….she sighed…..all the last stones in her personal fortress finally sent crashing down around her. Her heart thundered in her chest, FREE at last. With a wild laugh, she gave in at last to total abandon, surrendered herself to temptation and the knowledge that the soul-mate who was her lover would never harm her.

Gloriously, she accepted him and his caresses with an entirely new sense of awareness. The everyday cares and tensions finally faded away, replaced by a warmth and fullness never before dreamt of. Her body responded by shivering and shuddering, as her heart raced and threatened to fly out of her chest with joy! She cried out her lovers name again and again as his tongue and lips plundered her secret treasure, sending ecstasy throbbing throughout every fiber of her being, setting her soul and heart ablaze with pleasure and love.

Pausing only to lift his head from where it’d been deliciously nestled between his lover’s velvet smooth thighs, he slid up and joined his need with hers as their mouths met and tongues twined and danced. He rocked back and slid himself between her hot, wet lower folds, again and again, increasing his force and tempo as her hips lifted and met each powerful thrust, her arms embracing his shoulders, her upper body arched in the throes of climax. His lips sought her ears, her forehead, her throat, licking, and nibbling. His tongue claimed one nipple, drawing into it a fullness so complete that it bordered on pain, then moved to do the same to the other one. His rhythm never slowed however, his powerful thrusts never faltered.

In a few more moments, her entire body became suffused with an incredible warmth and peace, as if she were capable of soaring to the heavens without wings, as her orgasm exploded over her in wave after relentless wave of energy and erotic sensation. Colors flashed and swirled behind her eyes, as the flood over her lover’s seed spilled into her as he too attained fulfillment of his desires at the same moment.

Crying out each others names, and collapsing into each others arms, they lay entwined, his need released, his love expressed. He cradled her face in his palms, kissing her pleasure swollen mouth tenderly, then her nose, then each closed eye-lid. He murmured her name over and over as if repeating a sacred mantra and she was blissfully at peace with herself and the world for the first time in months.

Turning so that she could gaze into his loving eyes, she whispered, “I love you…. and until you showed me what true freedom really feels like; until tonight…….I never realized how much I did.” Her whisper touched his soul and uplifted his heart beyond the power to describe.

“My soul is now at one with yours……….and forever will be.” He breathed in reply, kissing the top of her hair and inhaling the combined scent of their love-making and her own sweetly clean aroma. Pulling her close, he felt her nestle her head against his shoulder, as all tension had been purged from her body in the searing fire of their spiritual and physical union.

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