May 29

Unrestrained Ch. 02

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We each got a quick shower, and we were good as new. I put a pair of shorts back on, and you wore your long purple flannel shirt you used as pajamas…

We were enjoying breakfast with our 3 children, sipping on our coffee, bathing in the warm morning sun. We were flirting with each other, cracking salacious jokes at what just happened in the bedroom, unbeknownst to the children. It was a quiet saturday morning, quite busy like it should be with 3 kids. Still, everyone was rested and energized.

The prospect of the day ahead was making me giggle uncontrollably. I had been planning this day for a long time, and putting you up for it. There was a big X on the calendar. Yes, it was our wedding anniversary, and this one was going to be truly special.

The plan was to spend the night at a hotel out of town, without children… like a mini honeymoon. We were to go to an 80’s-theme dance party at a local club, after we spent a whole day relaxing at a spa. But this spa was not any kind of spa, at least not like the ones we’ve been before. Lotus Delight was this private erotic spa in town that was made for curious couples who wanted to meet new people and explore new kinds of relationships. The establishment was reviewed on the Internet as being very laid back, safe, discreet and fun, with no obligations on anyone’s part to get involved. The website said, in these exact words: swimwear is (very) optional; towels and bathrobes are provided at entrance. Yes, this was largely implying an eventual removal of said towels or bathrobes, as anyone can barely stand them inside an excruciatingly hot steam room.

That all seemed a little over the top to me at first. As you very well know, I have a very active, libidinous imagination. But it wasn’t easy for me to imagine myself with you doing that kind of thing with other people around.

I read more of the reviews and testimonials online. They said that at one moment , casual conversations could be happening in the pool, and the next, things could get very intimate, always in a decent and respectful manner. Anyone was free to join or leave the gatherings that took place around the site. Apparently, those encounters were let free to happen in a number of places, from enclosed steam rooms or dry saunas, to out in the open, by the pool, or fireplace. The only exception was the restaurant, where there was a dress code . It also said special treatments were even offered behind the doors of private massage rooms by passionate attendants.

In short, there was nothing to be afraid of. The first purpose of the bahis firmaları place was to relax, get a steam bath, massage or whatever. Heck, we could even go just to read a book and drink chamomile for hours. We were under no obligations to mingle with the other guests at all, although curiosity was bound to drive us eventually.

You were reluctant at first, but this was how I presented it to you. I wanted to do this with you, walk through this together, hand in hand while satiating your sense of curiosity.

All through the morning, you were shooting meaningful glances my way, smiling nervously, excited still from the morning events, but mostly from thinking about what was ahead of us. The kids were done eating and were playing in the living room. You walked up to me and snuggled.

‘The baby-sitter will be here at one.’ You said. ‘We still have to pack a few things.’

‘Baby, I’ll take care of packing your stuff. All you need to worry about is your toothbrush and a change of clothes for tomorrow… Oh, and that excludes underwear. Effective starting now, they will be forbidden on our little journey.’

‘You can see I’m off to a good start.’ You purred.

My eyes shot wide open. That was your cue for me to get my hands over you and verify your statement. It got me all excited, and deeply puzzled. You knew my dirty mind was going to need proof, and I wasn’t sure you’d let me do this with the kids a few feet away from us. My expression remained passive, trying to figure out if you were kidding. But I just couldn’t resist. Peeking over your shoulder, my hand crawled down your back and over your rump. I lifted the shirt, letting the soft flannel graze against your skin, and thus revealing your bare ass in the middle of the kitchen. So you were serious. I was taken aback by your boldness, since you usually leave those little games for more intimate moments. As you felt my touch, you closed your eyes and thought this special day was more and more promising. As I caressed more firmly, I pushed your hips against mine and you felt my angry erection jabbing against you.

‘My, oh my, you’re still rock hard, down there, mister.’ You giggled. ‘What are we ever going to do about this?’

‘I don’t know, maybe you’ll get to show it to a lot of people while you have your way with it.’

You looked up to me and your eyes sparkled with lust at that thought.

‘You mean, like this?’

You fished out my priapic member from my shorts and stroked it lightly with your fingertips. I tried not to yelp in surprise, for fear that the children kaçak iddaa in the living room would get curious. In fact, I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t even tell you to stop. I felt so horny, I could hear the blood running through my ears . My engorged shaft was bulging with veins and its helmet was taking a purplish hue, glistening with pre-cum.

‘You’re going make me lose my mind, young lady, right here on the kitchen floor… and by mind, I mean jizz.’

‘Mmmh.’ You purred back.

You kept stroking my cock more and more firmly. I breathed heavily and I tried to concentrate to make this last, but after this morning’s little adventure, I was already on the brink of cumming.

Your loose flannel shirt slipped off from your left shoulder, now exposing to me your scrumptious, lovely breast. Your nipple was erect and puffy, and the morning sunlight cast its long shadow over your flesh. My eyes stayed glued to it, long enough to send me overboard, while you stared at me with your gorgeous and mischievous face, scanning for my every reaction.

I winced and said ‘Oh shit, here we go…’

Holding in my scream, I reached for the back of your neck and held my head against yours, bracing myself for orgasm. Suddenly, I felt you reach for something behind me on the counter. Then the head of my cock dipped in hot liquid, barely tolerable to the touch. Your coffee cup, I thought. Wow… Just in time to keep my jizz from flying everywhere.

‘Come in there, baby.’ You whispered to me.

Holy shit, this was too much! You held the cup while you stroked my cock firmly with your other hand. Spasm after spasm, I came, shooting my load in hot coffee. Through my squinted eyes, I could see this indecent mixture bubbling up in your cup. I could almost laugh at the effect of surprise, but I was still submerged with an overwhelming bliss.

Resuming breathing, you patted me in the back, giggling quietly…

‘What the fuck was that for?’

‘Well, at least, you didn’t “lose your mind” on the kitchen floor… or all over me.’ you said.

‘You’re not going to drink that, are you?’ I joked, panting.

You looked at your mug, wide-eyed with curiosity.

‘Tempting, but no. You know my morning love is drinking my coffee black…

Then, you poured the remainder of your coffee down the sink.


The forecast called for a gorgeous autumn day, little to no clouds and a high of 10 degrees Celsius. Having already enjoyed a day at a spa at this time of year, we already knew that this kind kaçak bahis of weather was going to be perfect. Our body welcomes the chill of an early fall wind after it’s been blasted with heat in a hot room; you get to lay down in a hammock, soak in the sunlight, hide from the wind within your bathrobe and almost let your little toes get numb from cold. The contrast is invigorating and quite addictive, as it makes you want to go back in the heat and start over again. I’ve seen from the website that the premises looked very nice, plus it’s fairly secluded from civilization. This truly was going to be a fantastic day.

Not long before our departure, you had gone up in the bathroom to pamper yourself a little. Later, I heard you call out my name to make sure I’d watch you come down the stairs in slow motion. You always knew how to make an appearance. The sight of you was breathtaking . Your hair was tied back tightly in a long braid, with the help of hairpins that had little flowers on them; a bright red lipstick flashed against the white of your smile, making you look like a temptress; you wore a tight little white skirt with a blue polka dot pattern, along with a cute red cardigan. The dress did a good job of accentuating your hourglass figure. Your waist seemed narrower than usual, with your breasts lifted up, exposing decadent cleavage as if they were in a corset. The hem at the bottom only came halfway down your juicy thighs, meaning that your naked butt was really, dangerously close from view.

You landed on the second to last step followed by the scent of your sweet perfume. Your lips were almost touching mine, and you made a sexy pout that I knew all too well.

‘What’s the matter?’ I asked.

‘Is it going to be a long drive? Because I might want you to fuck my brains out very soon. My lack of underwear only makes things worse, and… it has my pussy drip down my legs. Mmmhh!’

‘Shhh, you’re too tense, honey. We’re going there to relax and you will get to do whatever you like, I’m sure.’

I locked my lips to yours as our tongues softly seeked each other. Your taste was simply inebriating, I could just drink you. I ran my hands up and down your flanks, from your chest to your hips, and I could almost feel your body emanating a magnetic force buzzing in my hands… but that was probably just the tingling in my hands, caused by an uneven distribution of the blood in my body. I longed for your skin even more because I knew we had to behave properly at least long enough to drive there, before we could embark on this mysterious adventure. You were driving me mad.

I suddenly felt the kids staring at us heavily and we turned their way, smiling and making them blush. Someone rapped at the door before they could ask any question. The baby sitter…

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