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Up Her Nose

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Up Her NoseA few days ago my wife was whacking me off. When I was getting close, i asked her if I could “jizz on her boobs”, something I had done often when we were dating, but rarely after we got married. She took her shirt off and laid back on the couch. I was naked, and straddled her stomach with one knee on the couch, and one foot on the floor. I could feel my balls brushing against her stomach. I started whacking off harder with my right hand, and squeezing her boob with my left hand. I could feel her nipple get hard as I fondled and massaged her breast. After about a minute, i was ready to cum. We squeezed her large boobs together; i pushed her right breast and she pushed her left one. She had her eyes closed, so I aimed my cock up, instead of down at her boobs. I came and hit her left cheek with the first blast. She güvenilir bahis flinched and and grimaced a little while i finished cumming… on her neck, left shoulder, chest, and stomach.Last night we fooled around again. She came and sat next to me on the couch, topless. I stood up, took all my clothes off, and straddled her lap. I started stroking my cock and playing with her big, soft boobs. We each massaged a boob, causing both of her big nipples to become erect. I pressed my cock against her sternum, and she pushed her boobs around it. I fuck her tits like this for a few minutes, then went back to stroking my cock and squeezing her boobs. After another few minutes, i started getting leg cramps, so she suggested that she lay down on her back. I thought it was a good idea.As she lay flat on her back naked from the türkçe bahis waist up, I straddled her upper body again, and started whacking off with a little more intensity. I figured this was my chance so I wanted to cum as fast as possible. We took turns playing with my cock for a few more minutes, then she pulled it to her mouth and sucked it for a short bit. When ever she was touching, stroking, or sucking on it, I would make my hard cock throb. She would make approving sounds when she felt my dick throb. I was sitting further up on her now, her boobs are pressed against my legs. My cock was closer to her face. I whacked off hard and fast now. Her eyes were closed, she was smiling slightly. She was running her hands along my legs, and feeling my ass as I stroked my very hard cock. I’m ready to cum now, so leaning further güvenilir bahis siteleri forward so my dick is right above her neck, inches away from her chin I shot my load. The first two blasts hit her well. The first went straight up her right nostril. She immediately announced that fact, and started giggling pretty hard. Meanwhile my second cum blast hit her right check right below the eye, and most of it landed on the lens of her glasses, where the cum obscured about half of the lens. The next couple shots were less voluminous, but ended up on her left cheek, and a small drop of cum on her chin. From there, as she continued to giggle about being shot right up the nose with cum, I finished by jizzing all over her neck and chest. There was a lot of cum (for me), I was happy. For my second facial attempt, she was sufficiently covered with cum. I handed her my t-shirt from off the floor, and she cleaned herself off. She was happy, and still chuckling about cum up her nose. She went off to the bathroom to finish cleaning herself of cum, and blow her nose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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