May 29

Uplifting Encounter

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The lift doors start to close just as you get to them. “Hold the lift please” you request, in the hope that someone will comply.

The doors open up again and you step inside, offering your thanks to me, standing there with my finger on the button. I smile briefly before looking down at the open folder I have in my arms.

You press the floor button of your choice, top floor, and then stand back, enjoying the view. The white shirt tucked into the short black skirt, which lingers against my bare legs. You look lower, your eyes glittering at the black high heels I am wearing on my feet, and then raise your eyes slowly along my legs, wondering what is under the short skirt. As you lift your eyes to the neckline of my shirt and then higher, you make contact with my own gaze, slightly flushed, very aware and turned on at being submitted to your thorough inspection.

Turn about is fair play. My folder forgotten, I look at the steel capped boots that are overlapped by the dark navy jeans, clinging to your legs like a second skin, leaving no doubt as to your arousal, as you watch my eyes trace a heated line up your groin to your waist and the snug t-shirt. My eyes drop again to your waist, held by canlı bahis the toolbelt strapped on and riding low, the hammer and torch swinging gently.

You lean over to the numbered buttons and hit the emergency stop, bringing the lift to a halt and leaving the lift in the red glow of the emergency lights.

The jolt of the lift sends my folder clattering to the floor. You close in on my space as I back up against the mirrored lift wall, slight trepidation at what I know is going to happen next. Your hand snakes round the back of my head, bringing my mouth to yours as your other hand traces a line up the side of my leg, raising my short skirt with it, before trailing your hand round to the inside of my thigh.

I drag my mouth free, drawing in a deep breath, my head dropping back as I feel your fingers inch under the thong I am wearing to insinuate themselves in between my lips which are soaked with the moisture from my pussy. You duck your head to nip at my neck before dipping lower to suck at my nipple through my shirt, soaking the material, my nipples tightening as the cool air chills the damp material. I reach up to hold onto you as your fingers push in and out of my pussy.

Enough bahis siteleri is enough. Determined not to be the only one on the receiving end of such torture, I draw my hand down from your shoulder, down your chest, down your midriff to the button on your jeans. You suck in your breath as I pop open the button and lower the zip over your extremely hard cock. You place your hand against the lift wall, leaning into me with your eyes closed as my hand closes round your firm hard cock and begins an age old rhythm known to all men.

You grit your teeth as I spread the drop of pre-cum over the top of your cock, just pushing my finger slightly into the eye before continuing to jerk you off. The curse escapes your lips completely as I sink down onto my knees in front of you and take you into my mouth, sucking deeply and hard, moving my hand to massage behind your balls and slipping ever nearer to your arse.

You drag me up and spin me round, placing my hands on the mirrors, giving the red mist time to clear from behind your eyes. You insert your leg between mine, pushing my feet apart, thereby spreading my legs.

Now it’s my turn. You kneel down behind me, spreading my legs further apart to give you bahis şirketleri access to my wet pussy, which is still covered by my thong, also soaked through. You trail your tongue along the thong and underneath, pushing it into my pussy and against my clit. You beat a sharp rhythm against my clit as my knees begin to weaken. You reach down to your belt and pull off the thick handsized torch, tracing it up my leg, taking your time until I look down to see what it is, before you thrust it roughly into my pussy, as far as it will go, the uneven rubber sides grazing against the sides of my vagina. I hold onto the metal bar for dear life, so close to coming, the invasion of the torch pushing me ever closer to release.

You pull the torch out from me, listening to my whimpers at the withdrawal. All you can think of now is burying your rock hard cock deep inside me, in my pussy or my arse, you don’t care which. You stand up, but not before having dragged my thong down my legs forcing me to step out of it, then placing my hands back onto the metal bar.

With nothing stopping you but your jeans, you reach down and push my legs apart and slide your hand round my waist to bring my arse closer to you and away from the mirrored wall. You slip your cock free of your jeans and push it into my wet pussy. I grip hold of the metal bar to give me balance as you thrust into me over and over again, getting closer to your own release.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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