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Effortlessly, the girl pushed her feet against the wall and propelled herself through the water. Hypnotic lines of sunlight cut through the pool as she gracefully swept from one side to the other. She kicked her feet rhythmically and accelerated her motion before finally breaking the surface. Gasping for air, the girl held the edge of the pool and pinched her slightly snotty nose with her free hand. Her eyes stung a little because of the chlorine, but she didn’t really mind. Once her breathing had settled, the girl placed her feet against the wall and pushed herself away on her back. She floated dreamily towards the centre of the pool, her hands outstretched and her legs apart slightly to form a star shape. She lay perfectly still for a moment, the blue sky stretched endlessly above her and she closed her eyes, feeling the moisture on her exposed belly and face quickly being eradicated by the warm rays of the midday sun. The vacation had not been Amy’s idea. At seventeen, she was due to start her three year university course at the end of the holidays. Mum and Dad were keen that they spend at least a few weeks together before she finally packed her bags and headed out into the Big Wide World. Amy had agreed begrudgingly, mainly because she knew how devastated Mum would have been had she said refused. As usual they’d arrived at the villa with Auntie Marie and Uncle Ray, and for the past three days Amy had been trying her utmost to get into the holiday spirit. But, truth be known, she would rather have stayed home in England with her friends. The things we do for family. Amy opened her eyes and paddled a little with her feet and hands in order to stay buoyant. She straightened her back and felt her wet tummy break the surface of the water once more. She tilted her head so that she could listen to the rasping sound of the crickets and the distant sound of slow moving traffic in the nearby Spanish village. Auntie Marie and Uncle Ray had been a constant fixture of family vacations for as long as Amy could remember. They were always good fun to be around for the most part, and Amy generally enjoyed their company. However, this year Uncle Ray had seemed somewhat … different. He’d hardly spoken to Amy since they’d arrived two days ago, and she was fairly certain he’d been watching her silently from behind his sunglasses escort for much of the time they’d spent at the villa. If Amy was being honest with herself, Uncle Ray was beginning to give her the creeps. “Amy?” Startled, the girl quickly righted herself in the pool, her toes just scrapping the bottom. Amy wiped her long brown hair behind her ears and bobbed in a semi-circle until she was facing the villa and the source of the disembodied voice. She wasn’t entirely sure how long he’d been there, but there was Uncle Ray, sitting in a deck chair at the wooden patio table, sucking coolly on a cigarette. He waved to the girl and smiled darkly from behind his sunglasses. He was older than Amy’s Mum, possibly forty five, possibly even a little older than that. His dark hair was short and receding slightly, but he was slim and athletic in build. Uncle Ray constantly seemed in need of a good shave; whenever he greeted Amy with the obligatory peck on the cheek his bristles would irritate her soft skin causing her to wrinkle her nose at him. He was currently wearing blue swimming shorts and a white, plain tee shirt. Amy smiled at her Uncle before paddling doggie style towards the edge of the pool. “Aunt Marie and your Mum and Dad have gone down to the village for the afternoon,” he called. “I said I’d keep half an eye on you.” Uncle Ray sipped from the bottle of beer he’d been nursing in his hand, before leaning back in his chair, smiling. Amy placed both of her hands on the edge of the pool and paused for a moment, mustering the strength to exit the pool with as much grace as was humanly possible; she’d been swimming now for at least two hours and her skin was beginning to prune and her muscles were extremely tired. “Oh, okay … I guess. I hardly think I need keeping an eye on though, Uncle Ray?” Amy retorted sarcastically. Awkwardly, the girl pulled herself out of the water, swung her bottom over the edge and sat dripping in the sunshine. She straightened her red bikini top over her small breasts and sat still for a moment with her back to the villa, water dripping from her body. She ran her fingers through her hair a second time, squeezing the finely combed strands. She could almost feel Uncle Ray’s gaze burning into her back. “Oh I beg to differ,” the man continued from behind her coolly, “I think you bayan escort definitely need keeping an eye on.” Amy rolled her eyes, huffed audibly and kicked her feet restlessly through the water. She looked down at her own body for a moment ignoring the unwanted company. Her tanned belly was glistening with moisture, but the Spanish sun was quickly drying her. Her red bikini briefs hugged her body tightly and she was dimly aware that she could make out the crease of her privates through the red fabric. Amy reached onto the wooden decking that led back to the villa and retrieved her large blue beach towel, her purse and her mobile phone. “Why don’t you come and have a drink with me?” Uncle Ray called. There was a long uncomfortable pause as Amy considered the proposition. She swivelled her feet out of the water and pulled herself upright before straightening the fabric of her bikini briefs around her pert buttocks. Amy walked sullenly towards the table and sat opposite her Uncle, her blue towel and possessions under her arm. Amy was only just over five feet tall with large striking green eyes. Her well groomed brown hair was already beginning to dry; it lay neatly behind her ears in fine strands, framing her features beautifully. Considering they’d only been at the villa a few days her skin was already a rather startling golden brown, except of course, the areas that had not met with the sunlight. She had full, sensual lips and her fingernails and toenails were painted with chipped purple varnish. “I’m not allowed to drink,” she finally said as she watched Uncle Ray swig nonchalantly from his bottle. His cigarettes, lighter and wallet sat on the wooden table between them and Amy had noticed a further three bottles of beer sitting in the shade beside his chair. “Are you going to tell?” he whispered conspiratorially. Amy shook her head and gave a faint half smile. Ray reached down beside his chair and returned with a bottle of beer which he opened for her. She took it and sipped it cautiously. Ray smiled and leaned back in his chair. “Jesus fucking Christ! It … is … hot! Don’t you think?” Ray exclaimed dramatically. Amy laughed nearly spitting her beer back into the bottle. Uncle Ray pushed his sunglasses up his nose and reached for his cigarettes. He offered her one of course, and Amy promptly escort bayan shook her head. “Yes … yes it is very hot,” she replied smiling, placing her blue towel on the table and relaxing for a moment. Ray lit his cigarette and sat watching her silently from behind his shades. “When did you get so fucking sexy?” Amy blushed and gazed into her lap for a moment not entirely sure how to respond to the question. She fingered the lip of the bottle nervously before looking up again. Uncle Ray’s cigarette hung from his lower lip and he was grinning maniacally enjoying the girl’s discomfort. “Jesus, Uncle Ray!” Amy finally managed “You can’t say that!” “Why?” he retorted quickly, “because you’re my niece? It doesn’t change the fact that you are an extremely fuckable young woman.” Amy wasn’t entirely sure if she should feel extremely flattered or extremely nauseous. She picked at the label on the bottle for a moment before finally managing a less than enthusiastic, “thank-you.” “Don’t you want to get your boobs nice and tanned too?” Uncle Ray said gesticulating towards her small chest, the thin fabric of Amy’s red bikini top barely concealing the pale breasts beneath. Amy blushed but managed a small laugh. “I am definitely not getting my boobs out here!” “Fucking coward,” Uncle Ray teased before reaching for his wallet and pulling out a crisp note. “I will give you … five whole English pounds if you go topless.” “Jesus, Uncle Ray!” Amy spluttered, “And what if I tell my fucking Dad? He’ll kill you!” Ray shook his head and leaned back in his chair smiling. “You won’t do that, Amy, you need the money. University isn’t going to be cheap,” Uncle Ray looked at her over the top of his sunglasses for a moment before finally adding, “I tell you what … seeing as you’re my favourite niece … twenty English pounds if you go topless. There’s no one here but us, and I’ve seen it all before.” Amy held her breath as she watched Ray riffle through his wallet once again. He pulled out a crisp five pound and a ten pound note. He placed them in the centre of the table on top of the initial five and starred at the girl for a moment over the top of his shades. “Twenty pounds … just for going topless? That sounds a pretty sweet deal,” Ray leaned back in his chair once again and waited. There was no denying that university was going to be hugely expensive, she’d been saving for months but it was never going to be enough to keep her sustained for any length of time. Amy looked at the money before silently placing her beer bottle on the table next to her towel, purse and phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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