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Valentines for Adam

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This story carries on the Will and Jesse series, and intersects with electricblue66’s ‘Floating World’ series, where Jesse and his character, Adam, meet for the first time in ‘The Floating World Part 04’.

At this point in the timeline Jesse is twenty-eight, and has just been picked up by another goth at a concert; this time, a girl.

Thanks to electricblue66 for lending me his character, and for adding his own touches. Shoutout to holiday1960 for beta reading and feedback.

#threesome, #gay male sex, #dominance play, #older man/younger man, #older man/younger woman, #anal, #blowjob, #dominance and affection


Jesse staggered through the apartment door and turned back to the blonde girl behind him, holding a finger to his lips, which were closed around a lollipop stick; ssssshhhh.

She giggled as she followed him into the silent apartment. Moonlight lit the room, painting the pale leather couches blue.

Jesse stopped and the girl bumped into him. “What?” she hissed.

There was a man on the couch, the moonlight picking out his silver hair and stubbled beard. He was wearing a pair of rectangular, expensive looking headphones, and seemed to be asleep.

Jesse gave him a panicked look and turned drunkenly to the girl, pointing towards the door.

“No,” came a voice from the couch. “You’re here now; you might as well stay and explain why you’re here.”

Jesse slowly turned back to face the man, and the girl wound her fingers through his, sensing Jesse’s nervousness.

“Nate gave you a pass card, didn’t he?” Adam asked him, taking off the headphones.

Jesse took the lollipop out of his mouth, his lips stained red. “Well…”

“Fucker. And you’re here because?”

Jesse had to process the question before he could answer it.

“I thought the apartment would be empty. I didn’t think you’d be here.” He put the lollipop back into his mouth.

Adam gave him an incredulous look.

“So, you thought, if I wasn’t here, it’d be okay to use my apartment without my permission?”

Jesse’s eyes slid off to one side.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. And who’s this?”

“Corinne,” said the girl. She was chewing gum. She looked to be in her early twenties, nearly Jesse’s height and athletic-looking, her hair a mass of short feathers cut in scene-girl style, her breasts small and tight against her chest, her eyes pale.

Adam ran his gaze over the girl’s short blonde hair and black denim jacket. “You remind me of someone.” He gave Jesse a pointed look.

Jesse had the grace to look embarrassed.

“Still, Jesse, it’s nice to see you with a girl.”

Corinne glanced sideways at Jesse. “What does he mean?”

Jesse sucked the last of the lollipop off the stick and crunched it.

“He’s just been encouraging me to go out more. It’s been a while.” He gave Adam a pointed look, and put the bare stick back in his mouth, his jaw still working.

Although he was twice Jesse’s age, Adam knew enough to guess both of them were high on something. In Jesse’s case, probably a cocktail of whatever he could get his hands on.

Both the girl and Jesse were dressed in black jeans and t-shirts. Both were wearing heavy eye makeup, and had leather bracelets wrapped around their wrists. Both wore leather boots. With Jesse’s slim figure, long dark hair and feminine features, and the girl’s small breasts, her black denim jacket hiding the curve of her hips; if he hadn’t known Jesse well and heard the girl speak, it would have been hard for Adam to tell either of their genders.

“So, who are you, strange, good-looking man in the dark?” Corinne asked. She let go of Jesse’s hand and dropped down on the couch next to Adam. “And why do you care about Jesse’s love life?”

“Get the light, would you Jesse?” said Adam.

Jesse stumbled as he reached the wall and fell against it, swiping his hand across the switch.

Benzos kicking in? Adam wondered, as blinding light flooded into the darkness.

Jesse let out a groan and gripped the dimmer knob, spinning it down to a quarter intensity.

Adam stretched forward and set the headphones on the coffee table. “I, my dear, am Adam Cain. I own this apartment, which lover boy here seems to think he can break into whenever he wants somewhere close to the city, to shag some bird he’s just met.”

Corinne gave him an amused look.

“I’m right, aren’t I?” Adam asked. “You’ve just met him tonight?”

“Yeah. But, how can you tell?”

Jesse dropped down in a chair and gave Adam a sulky look, then dropped his head back and stared up at the ceiling, the lollipop stick still in his mouth.

“You haven’t known him long enough to know you’re an anomaly in his life. A good one—” Adam added, “but I’ve not seen him with a nice girl in—” He glanced over at Jesse, who gave him a pissed off look. “Well. In forever, really.”

Jesse leaned forward, almost rolling out of his chair, and said to Corinne. “We should go.”

Adam shook his head. “Where? To a hotel for a few hours? That’s just a waste of money. No, you’re here now, london escorts you might as well stay. There’s a spare room.”

He looked at Jesse’s glassy eyes and decided it might be a good idea to sober the kid up.

“Would anyone like a very early breakfast?”

“Sure,” said Corinne brightly.

Jesse just gave him a bleary look.

“Right. I’ll put on some music, then,” said Adam, ignoring Jesse’s lack of enthusiasm.

“You got anything decent?” asked Corinne, teasing him.

“Yes,” said Adam bluntly. “Better than anything you two have got stored on your phones, by the looks of you.” He nodded towards the rows of albums on shelves that lined the walls, kept behind glass doors to keep off the dust. “Having my privacy invaded at four in the morning’s put me in the mood for some Texas. You know how to use a turntable, Corinne?”

She laughed. “Ah, yeah. My parents just bought a Marantz fifteen-S-one to replace their old sixty-three hundred. They’re audiophiles like you.”

“Oh?” Adam was surprised. Clearly she came from good stock. “Then you know how to handle vinyl, I assume. Texas should be on the fourth shelf. Jesse, you’re with me. You can give me a hand whipping up some food.”

With a sullen look that said he thought he was about to get chewed out, Jesse dragged himself to his feet and joined Adam in the kitchen.

“I don’t know whether to congratulate you or slap you across the head,” said Adam quietly as he opened the fridge. “How long have you been back on the wagon?”

Jesse gave him a cool look as Adam handed him a bunch of parsley and a couple of tomatoes.

“Just tonight.” He set the ingredients on the bench, and Adam filled his hands again.

“I must have a chat with that brother of yours. He’s taking liberties again, handing out key cards to my goddamn apartment.”

Jesse took the lollipop stick out of his mouth.

“He said it was in case you had a heart attack, and someone had to get in to save you.”

Adam sighed. “Logic isn’t your strong suit, is it, Jesse? How would you know if I was having a heart attack?”

A look of confusion went across Jesse’s face as he considered this. “I guess—you’d call me if you thought you were about to have one?”

He dropped the stick into Adam’s rubbish bin, gently weaving in place.

“Right, pan.”

He bent down to search for a frying pan in the cupboard, nearly unbalancing onto his arse on the kitchen floor as he did.

“Have you done this before?” Adam asked, as he watched the younger man root through his cupboards.

Jesse froze. He gave Adam a guilty look. “Ahhhh—once or twice. Just when I’m in town.”

Adam shook his head. “Christ, you and Nate. You’re as bad as each other.”

The sound of a needle crackling as it settled in the first grooves of a record came through the speakers, followed by sliding guitar chords.

“You know, I think you’ve got a keeper there,” said Adam, as he sliced into an eggplant.

“Maybe,” said Jesse, and Adam glanced up at him.

He put a hand on the kid’s shoulder. “Look. I’m not going to cock-block you, but you did break into my apartment. He squeezed Jesse’s shoulder. “I’ll be out of here at eight, if you can wait that long to consummate; but until then, you can use the time to sober up and get to know the girl.”

Adam finished making the food, and handed a plate to Jesse along with a handful of cutlery, while he took the other two plates through to the dining table. Corinne slid into the seat next to Jesse and grabbed her knife and fork.

“What have we got?” she asked. She seemed, to Adam, to be a good deal less off her tits than Jesse.

Not surprising, he thought wryly. Jesse had probably had to work himself up to the challenge of exchanging Will for Willemena.

“Omelettes,” he said. “It’s all Jesse knows how to cook, and I didn’t want to tax his brain at this time of the morning.”

Jesse glared at him, while Corinne loaded up her fork.

“Mmm, this is really good.” She turned to study Adam. “So, how do you two know each other? You’re… not his step-dad are you?”

Adam paused, with a glass of water to his lips. “No. Why would you ask that?”

Corinne shrugged. “He seems like he has daddy issues.”

Jesse turned his glare on her.

Corinne ignored him, smirking as she asked, “His uncle then?”

Adam grinned, and took a mouthful of food. Oh, the stories he could tell this girl. But it wouldn’t help the kid get laid, so better to keep his own counsel.

“He and his brother have been treating my home as their hotel for a while now, it seems; and recently they’ve taken to involving me in their dramas.” He pointed at Jesse with his fork. “This one wanted to write an article for Vice, on my life story.”

Jesse sipped his water and watched Adam warily, wondering if Adam would give him away.

“Oh—you’re famous, then?” Corinne asked, as she loaded up her fork again.

Adam chuckled. “Not precisely, no. But one thing to know about Jesse, is that he has a fantastic imagination. He can make a story out of a trip to Maccas, Escort Girl Dubai if he’s short a few bob for rent-day.”

“I’d love to read that,” said Corinne, grinning at Jesse. “His story on you. Might be enlightening.”

Oh, you have no idea, thought Adam.

“I never finished it,” Jesse said quickly. He gave Adam a look, urging him to stop talking. “We just sat around and talked, and smoked weed in the end.”

Corinne finished her food, scraping her knife across her plate in a way that set Adam’s teeth on edge.

“Weed, you say? You got any?”

Adam took another mouthful. “Mind if I finish my meal first? Some of us don’t eat a mile a minute. Some of us don’t usually eat at four in the morning.”

Corinne looked at him with a smile in her eyes. “Thanks for that, by the way. That was really kind of you, given we kind of ambushed you.”

“My pleasure. It’s no bother, really. I’m getting used to waifs and strays.” Adam held Corinne’s gaze. “I wonder which one you are?”

Corinne grinned at him. “What’s the difference?”

Adam held her gaze with a smile of his own. “One’s ownerless and unclaimed. The other’s domesticated by someone else, and wandering where it doesn’t belong.”

He watched her for a long moment, then turned back to his food.

Corinne considered the table for a moment as she put her fork in her mouth, then cast a sidelong glance at Jesse.

He gave her a minimalist shrug. He had no idea what Adam was talking about half the time, either.

When they were done, Jesse collected the plates and took them to the kitchen, while Adam went into the bedroom and fetched his stash.

Corinne stood in the middle of the room, and pushed her hands into the pockets of her jacket. “Can I smoke on your balcony?”

Adam glanced up at her as he ran his tongue along the edge of a rice paper, preparing to stick it to a second. He pointed to the ranch slider. “Help yourself.”

As she stepped out into the predawn cool and lit a cigarette, Adam put the finishing touches on his joint.

Slumped in a chair, Jesse watched them both. Adam could see something going on in his mind, and wondered what the kid was thinking. He looked as if he was up to something.

At least the food had, as Adam had hoped, taken the edge off whatever he’d ingested, and the kid looked as if he was slightly more present than when he’d turned up.

“Pretty girl,” Adam remarked to him, as he put a flame to the end of the joint. He inhaled deeply, then handed the joint to Jesse.

Jesse sucked down the smoke, before handing the joint back to Adam. He coughed, his eyes watering as he let out the smoke, and sank down in the chair.

The weed was potent, and it didn’t take long to hit.

Adam pulled open the balcony door to offer it to Corinne, and she sent the orange flare of her cigarette butt flying into the darkness, and took the proffered joint from him.

“So old school,” she said. She considered him as she took the smoke into her lungs, breaking into a cough as she handed it back. “So. What were you doing, sitting there alone in the dark?” she said. “Jesse said you don’t actually live here.”

“Sometimes I need to get away.”

“From what?”

Adam inhaled, and a few moments later breathed out a stream of smoke as he considered his answer.

“From the noise, I suppose. Life’s been kind, but there are times when a man needs his silence.”

“And his record collection,” said Corinne, taking the joint back from him.

She gave him a look that made Adam pause. There was flirtation in her eyes, matched with a brash physical sexuality. He ran his gaze over her; the tight jeans, the black denim jacket, and the fitting t-shirt, and realised it was a band t-shirt. Either she shared the same dress sense as Jesse, or they’d just been to a concert.

“Was it good?” he asked, nodding towards her t-shirt.

She glanced down and smoothed the t-shirt against her stomach to better display the logo. It pulled the cloth tightly against her breasts, and Adam was envious that Jesse would later get to enwrap them. Her nipples, even soft as they were in the warm night, pressed against the fabric.

She looked back at Adam. “Yeah. Really good.” She glanced back inside, where Jesse was quietly absorbing the weed into his system.

“Is he okay?” she asked.


“I mean… is he a good guy?”

“Why d’you ask?”

“He won’t tell me his last name. That’s a bit weird, isn’t it? For a writer?”

“It’s Clifton,” said Adam without thinking, then realised what he’d done.

Corinne pulled out her phone, her thumb flying over the touch keypad as she Googled ‘Jesse Clifton’. It took her seconds to find his blog.

Adam sighed, and resigned himself to the fallout, as he sucked more smoke into his lungs. He hoped he hadn’t cost the kid his first taste of vagina in what was possibly several years. Not when he was so close.

He glanced back inside, and saw Jesse was lying back in his chair, his eyes closed. Fed and full of weed, he looked out for the count.

“Come on, leave independent escort dubai that,” said Adam, seeing Corinne’s eyes go wide as she read. She’d clearly found the story Jesse had written about their tryst. “Come inside and be nice to the boy. You’ve no idea how much good you could do him.”

Her eyes still glued to her phone, she followed him back inside.

Adam sat in the middle of the four-seater couch from habit, and Corinne dropped down beside him, barely aware of his presence as she scrolled through Jesse’s delirious tale of his night of passion with Adam, some months before.

He watched her expression intently, anticipating this would be the end of Jesse’s impromptu hook-up—but instead of the disgust he’d expected, he saw something more promising. She finished reading and glanced from him to Jesse.

Adam waited in silence for her to speak, quietly calculating the odds on her first words.

“You were so kind to him.”

Not what he’d expected.

He raised an eyebrow. “No more than I would be to—”

“To what?” she interrupted. “Any guy who wants to fuck you?”

Adam chuckled. “It was a one-off. You have to admit, he does have a very pretty face.”

She tilted her head. “And according to him, you have a very nice cock.”

Adam blushed. Christ. The girl had made him blush.

“I’ve had more compliments than complaints.”

Still, her eyes flickered from him to Jesse and back, trying to decode the secret of how they’d come together.

“You’re not normal, are you?” she said to Adam. It wasn’t couched as an insult—more a statement.

“No one’s normal.” The joint was exhausted, and Adam dropped the roach in the saucer he’d fetched for the ash. “Every one of us is a variation. In Jesse’s case, a variation in D minor.”

“Stop talking about me,” said Jesse, his eyes still closed.

Corinne got off the couch and crawled into his lap, and Jesse put his hands on her hips. She kissed the top of his head and he opened his eyes.

“You and Adam,” she said. “That was hot.”

“Thanks, Adam.” Jesse’s voice dripped sarcasm.

“Is that why you brought me here tonight?” Corinne teased. “Hoping he’d be here?”

Adam put his arms up along the couch back and waited to see how Jesse would talk himself out of this one.

“He doesn’t live here,” said Jesse. “There was a good chance he wouldn’t be here.”

“And a small chance he would?” Corinne teased him ruthlessly.

Jesse pulled her down and kissed her. Adam noted the kid was fully engaged with the girl, his hold on her waist and the way he looked up into her eyes—well, Adam knew how that felt, to enjoy a girl’s warmth, a lithe body under his hands. To be the subject of the heat in her eyes.

“Come on.” Corinne got off Jesse’s lap and dropped down on the couch beside Adam, beckoning for Jesse to join her.

“I can’t move,” Jesse said, but Adam could see the kid’s interest had peaked in his skinny jeans.

Corinne reached across Adam, her arm brushing his chest, her breasts almost pressed against his gut as she patted the couch on the other side of him.

“Come on Jess. Adam’s got another story for you. Don’t you Adam?”

Jesse closed his eyes and groaned.

Corinne turned her face to Adam’s. Her lips were only inches from his. She smiled, and in her smile was a promise. Was she really going to kiss him? Had Jesse’s story of two men enjoying each other, really affected her this deeply?

It seemed it had. She placed a hand behind Adam’s head, her fingers warm against the nape of his neck, and pressed her lips against his with a taste of cherry lip gloss, and a slight saltiness of sweat gleaned from the rock concert.

Her lips were closed, but as Adam got over his surprise, they parted and her tongue pressed into his mouth.

Her kiss was slow and sensual, her fingers stroking the nape of his neck. She pulled back.

“You kiss like a girl.”

He frowned.

“No, it’s a compliment. Jesse does too. It’s one of the things I like about him.”

He gave her a curious look. She was too young to be this commanding. She had the kind of raw power a woman gained later in life, once she knew what she wanted, had explored herself and others, and discovered what men wanted from her. Once she’d discovered how to turn them to a slow burn so they took their time, while her fire built into the roaring furnace that would eventually consume them. Adam knew this with older women, but this girl?

“How old are you?” he asked.


Well, fuck.

Her face was flushed, her pale blue eyes intense. He knew that look.

He glanced pointedly past her at Jesse, not without him, and she nodded. Yes, him too. She hadn’t chosen Adam over Jesse, but she’d added him to her menu for the evening, if he was willing.

Adam decided he was willing.

“Jesse, get your arse over here,” he growled. No way was he going to sit here, making out with the kid’s only brush with oestrogen in some five years, while Jesse pretended to be unconscious.

Jesse groaned. Apparently not lying about being unable to stand, he slid out of his chair and crawled across the carpet towards the couch, aiming for the space on the right of Adam. When he reached the couch, instead of climbing up, he turned around and sat on the floor with his back against it, his eyes closed.

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