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Varn, His Mother + Winter Afternoon

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Author’s note:

In this story, Varn is twenty-four and is living his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency sexual-paradise life at a remote, and beautifully isolated and secluded valley. His Mother, Kierna, lives this life with him.

For Varn and his Mother, the winter is a time of resting and is mostly an indoors time. When the day reaches its warmest at mid-afternoon, they pause their indoor work and enjoy time together in the sun-drenched, lounge nook!

The Varn stories tell of his many and unique aspects.

~ ~ ~

Varn, His Mother, and Winter Afternoons

~ She had so many memories of the sunny lounge nook!

~ ~ ~

~ Chapter One

“Hello, Darling,” Kierna warmly greeted her Son from the lounge doorway, with a voice purposely mellow in an almost hopeless attempt not to vanish into giggling mania — It was winter afternoon, catch-the-sun time!

Winter had its challenges for sure, but relaxation time with her Son on the sun-soaked, bay-window sofa made them all fade away like the morning sun clears the dark of night. It was like how Varn could always ease her worries and struggles, and Kierna was at that time of day when she needed a lot of easing.

Sure, it wasn’t always actual relaxation, in fact, a lot of it was far from that, but for Kierna, relaxation came in many forms.

Kierna’s smile reflected her excitement which curled in delicious waves through her, as part-skipping in giddy happiness, part dancing in dream wonder, she eagerly made her way across the room to its sunny side where her extraordinary, wonderful Son, and the snug nook with its sofa, awaited her.

The sunny nook held many beautiful memories for Kierna and she was sure that today more would be added! And one of them would be the surprise she had for her Son. Oh, she was looking forward to sharing it with him! And in the middle of the homely lounge, Kierna’s skipping pace missed a beat and was replaced with a skirt-flaring twirl as she imaged showing it to him.

Kierna felt the sensual voyeuristic eyes of her Son caressing her, his gaze beaming hotly on her fluttering garment as she flew around her circled spin. Kierna quickly smoothed the fabric down–She mustn’t spoil the surprise!

When Kierna’s playful journey delivered her to Varn and the sunbed, two sparkling blue eyes greeted her. In those eyes, Kierna found her happiness. In those eyes, Kierna found the qualities she adored and depended on. The eyes of her Son looked at her, showing his love for her. And of course, Kierna loved him too!

Varn beamed a welcoming smile at her from where he reclined, lithe and statuesque, in hot repose on the sofa with his head and naked torso raised by cushions.

The welcome Varn’s scrumptious lips conveyed was so hotly inviting, that in tingling gushes, Kierna’s excitement bubbled to giddying heights.

Kierna’s heart blushed with the love she felt for Varn and that wasn’t the only place she blushed! Oh-Joy! Oh-Joy! Oh-Joy!

The fire had been let die-down to a warm orange-glow and the winter sun poured in through the bay-windows in luxuriant beauty, bathing everything, including her inspiring and earthy Son, in a lovely golden hue.

Varn’s inspiringness flowed in practical spontaneity, and like all his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency life, flowed with handsome virility. His earthiness was a core part to him, and Kierna found both his inspiringness and his earthiness to be gracefully attractive.

Kierna loved all her life at her amazing Son’s beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency sexual-paradise. When winter came, it was mostly an indoors time, and at mid-afternoon, they would put aside their indoor work and enjoy each other’s company on the nook sunbed while soaking up the winter sun’s gentle billows of warmth.

For Kierna, these mid-afternoon winter sojourns with her Son were an exquisite delight.

The sun-soaking was almost like having a hot bath, and there was other warmth besides that of the sun and low fire, and Kierna warmly tingled for that warmth which would soon come!

“Lovely Mother, as always, you’re looking beautiful, you sexy Darling,” I warmly greeted back after having watched her sweet, fluttering girlish entry.

It was a joy having my passionate girlish Mother with me at my beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency sexual-paradise. I found Mother super attractive. Her mature curves, alluring and arousing.

At nigh-time, we had separate beds in one medium-sized bedroom, mine on the side of the room near the doorway and hers on the opposite side. Mother felt it was the ‘motherly’ thing to do, having her own bed at night.

But with sharing the same room, Mother would in gentle and sweet, cute-shyish eloquence, openly undress and dress in front of me.

Mother, dressed, was an endearing delight with her sexually curvaceous mature body.

Mother erotically stripping to her gaily translucent, little lace bralette that revealingly hugged her hot, medium-sized, mature tits in contour exclaiming sexiness, was cock arousing.

And kaçak iddaa in the absolute skimpiness which cavorted daringly over her mature slit and which Mother daringly called panties, she was even more cock arousing.

Mother dressed in her tiny bralette and tinier panties, both of which she handcrafted, was delightfully alluring with her sexually hot mature body.

__ AND, with her tit and pussy, sexual-adornments graciously stripped away for my pleasure, Mother was a mature shapely doll, with my cock saying, she was so utterly, utterly, utterly fuckable!

We would merrily converse with each other from our own sides of the room, as she prepared her hot body for her zingingly sexy baby-doll negligee.

“Hot tits, Mom,” I would compliment, sending it lovingly flying across the room, which always seemed much smaller when she stripped for me.

While Mother’s pussy slept under one set of blankets and my cock slept under another, we were hotly in love with each other.

Mother would return my bed-to-bed romance compliment with the sweetest simile and purring warm words of, “Thanks, Darling.”

Mother’s pantie strip was always erotic, and the room would feel its smallest as she enticingly lowered her pantie front in a superbly, slow, flashing manner until her luscious, puffy mature lips of her mature cunt were romantically displayed for her Lover.

“Sexy pussy, Mother.” I would groan, sending it heatedly across the room.

“Thank you, Son,” Mother would moan back across the small distance separating us.

Then she would lower her pantie-crotch a few inches below her smooth pussy and with my voyeurism eyes locked on my Mother’s mature cunt, I would watch her juice sexily slide down the inner of her lips. As her leaked juices accumulated they would start to take the shape of little droplets.

And with this display of Mother’s arousal for me, these budding droplets sexily forming on her smooth lips would grow in size, until they had size enough to sensually slip away from her lips and float amorously down into her panties.

At this stage, I would stand up from my bed, part my hip-wrap from my cock and lustingly arch my hips forward displaying my hot arousal to my Lover Mother.

With her dripping increasing, Mother would remove her panties, sit on the bed, then lay back on pillows arranged so her torso and head were raised, allowing her to watch her Lover Son.

Mother would look at me, her eyes lusting my fully pumped cock, as she romantically opened her legs out, revealing her hot, hot, hot mature, dripping cunt!

This was our nite-nite kiss. Every night was a hot nite-nite kiss!

With smiles for each other, Mother would dip in. I didn’t need to stroke, I just worked hard to control my ejaculation until Mother would orgasm gush.

Mother’s entry into her mature cunt was a sensual thing, We held Lovers eye contact and Mother would moan and I would groan. She would leak and I would throb with hip thrusts.

With Lovers’ words I would journey Mother to her nite-nite orgasm.

“Mother doll. Mother doll,” would race lustingly across the passion heated room.

“Son! Son!” Mother would cry back as her finger, pussy delved in her quest to orgasm for me.

The room would get hotter and hotter as her finger flew faster and faster, and my hips thrusted and thrusted; thrusting and thrusting my lusting cock into the air for my hot Mother.

Then there would be that moment, not really a pause, but Mother would make full eye contact with me, and me with her — THEN, the room would explode in our hot Nite-Nite KISS!

“S-S-SON,” Mother would scream!

“MOTHER-R-R.” I would yell!

In the night’s silence, the room would reverberate to our scorching orgasm vocals. Mother would hotly gush her orgasm juices from her hot, mature cunt, and I would pump my cum in a hot flying arc into the middle of the room.

We would hold our gaze and when we were calmed, Mother would slip her baby-doll on, and in Lovers’ silence we would both slide into our beds where our dreams about each other would be as hot as our nite-nite kiss!


With the mid-afternoon, winter sun warmly flouncing into the lounge nook, I looked at my mother in her pleated skirt and white cami-top, it being warm enough at this time to need nothing else, and she had the sweetest smile. My smile too was full, for there were not two beds, there was just the one sunbed!

During this time, everything was put aside except to enjoy each other’s company while bathing in the winter sun. The little alcove was the cosiest of the cosiest and my mature Mother-doll had a lovely little cosy spot too!

Her Son’s smile was broad beneath his twinkling blue eyes as he languorously stretched out his hand to her in greeting.

Kierna returned her Son’s smile with her lips curving in warm delight. In solemn gaiety and anxious expectation, she raised her winter skirt to just above mid-thigh and stepped forward, her thighs coming to a stop either side of her Son’s outstretched, muscular kaçak bahis but sensitive, hand which was held invitingly, palm upwards.

Oh, winter joy! The extra warming began as her Son petted her inner thighs in soft singing caresses, his every gliding touch, an expression of his love for her.

While Varn’s seducing welcome up her skirt was always similar in the hottest of ways, he always made his every pantie-soaking exploration feel new–Like it was his first time, and Kierna loved the freshness of it, the wildness of it, and the comfort of it.

Her Son explored her with vigorous and vital intensity, his confident touch calling her; calling her; calling her to his pillar-like wondrous shaft.

Kierna loved the feeling of her Son helping himself to handfuls of her inner thighs. His caresses actually spoke to her, that he wanted her, that he loved her, and that he found her beautiful and sexy.

It was mesmerising wonder to receive Varn’s enthusiastic and serenading hand-language communication as he romanced her inner thighs, and prepared her for even hotter hand-language communication, where he would have a different handful!

Kierna looked at her Son with such love as he teased his fingertip heatedly along the edges of her pantie-crotch, setting her pussy totally on fire and making her desperate for his huge, sexy size.

Then like steam from a boiling kettle, his hand moved inwards from her pantie edge! Kierna moaned in delighted joy at the change–Her Son’s powerful and sensitive hand had amorously centred between her legs.

Kierna felt like jumping-for-joy, but she would soon be on her Son’s huge, hot, and oh so comforting shaft! So instead of jumping, Kierna immersed her pussy into her Son’s hand where he continued his tactile messaging that he loved her, loved her pussy, and loved fucking her.

In adoration for her Son, Kierna stood helplessly in love with him. She had her winter skirt raised ceremoniously for her Son and she gently swayed to the pulsing, erotic rhythm between her legs as he merrily helped himself to handfuls of her pantied sex-hole!

Oh, the joy of it! Her Son doing sexual stimulations to her cunt–Preparing her, preparing her, preparing her! Kierna had been so eager for the afternoon to come and now that it was here, she was a flooded girl–Flooding romantically for her Son!

His hungry grip up her mother-skirt gave her wonderful comfort and offered hot security that she was cunt for her Son. And Kierna loved being cunt for her Son.

Varn was solid in his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency sexual-paradise life and Kierna loved living his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency sexual-paradise life with him. His hand on her pantied-cunt was a solid reminder that he offered her the hottest: comfort, security, and arousal.

The comforting security Kierna found from being on her Son’s magnificently proportioned sex-shaft was core to her life–Kierna would count the moments until her Son reopened her up and her Son reopening her up was so near!

Varn had a grand cock! It spoke in hushed vibrancy of eloquent, hot pleasure. His cock was girthed splendidly and there was the tiniest sexy upward curvature in its wonderfully long length.

Stretchingly soft skin adorned its lusting hardness, and soon Kierna would mount her Son’s grandeurous organ with all of the sweet and wild promises it held for her. In flushing eagerness, she would descend herself towards its stupendous head, her dripping pussy in a lovers frenzy! — Wanting to pussy-kiss and smooch that which she was about to receive.

Oh, it would be so soon! Oh, the joy, comfort and security of it! O-o-o-ohhhh!

Her Son was readying her so sweetly! O-o-o-ohhhhhh!

“Oh, beautifully handsome, wondrous, and hot Son, my panties feel so delightfully wet, Love. I’m sure juice could be wrung from them — Thank you so much for your hot welcome, Darling,” Kierna said, her words of love and adoration pouring out in an emotional gush, as her excited pussy emotionally gushed her arousal juices into her panties.

Kierna inwardly smiled at her hot juice leakage–She wasn’t ruining her surprise, just romantically adding romantic hotness to it! She had a Lovers’ romance surprise for her Son!

With my free hand, I parted my hip-wrap. “Wet, Mother Darling, look what I have waiting for you.”

Caressing Mother’s pantied pussy, I got into my arousal for her. Working my hand between her legs, my cock engorged in throbbing desire for her pussy. Her thin sopping panties, a delicate lucubration layer between my hand and her smooth sex-hole.

Displaying my cock for her, was a hot turn-on for us both. Mother’s eyes, wide with desire, drank in the vigorous flexes and throbs of my organ. The afternoons on the sunbed were the only time we fucked, so they had a super-hot focus — Yes, super, super-hot!

“Oh, Son, it’s wonderful to see your huge and sexy, grandeurous shaft,” Kierna replied, her voice as soaked in glee, as her panties were soaked in juice. “Mmmm, Love, it’s lovely to see illegal bahis you so ready!” she added, rubbing herself on his outstretched hand.

“It’s nice to feel you ready too, Mother — Ready for your comforting.”

Kierna’s eyes were transfixed on Varn’s cock with an intensity that was almost causing her to stumble over and fall towards it. Kierna was thinking to not do the surprise she had for Varn, she so needed the comfort of his big pumping shaft!

But Kierna so wanted to give her Son the surprise. But she so needed to slip on!

She’d worked so hard on her surprise, but her need to feel Varn’s huge comforting cock was great, perhaps greater than her desire to share her surprise.

Normally, Kierna would go straight on after Varn’s welcome up her skirt. It was a huge relief to be on and once on, she could relax with the comfort and security of Varn’s huge cock romantically throbbing in her pussy.

She would be straddled on the hips of her inspiring and comforting Son, and her pussy would give his cock the sweetest kisses.

Today was different though, she wanted to do the surprise, or try to anyway, but she was seriously wondering if she could, her need was so strong!

But her surprise was so romantically hot!

“Oh, Son, as always, I’ve been looking forward to the comfort and security of your cock all day. You know how I need it, Love.”

“I know, Mother. It’s beautiful to offer you comfort and security up your cunt. Up your wet cunt.”

“O-o-ohhh, Son, it’s beautiful to receive it,” Kierna cried as she continued to rub herself on Varn’s hand, while almost at the point of dashing to the cock she needed without doing the surprise.

I smiled at Mother, her cuteness was so sweet.

“Varn Love, eager and needing as I am to receive your hotness between my legs, before I go on today, I’ve got a surprise for you,” she softly added, her words coming out hesitantly, still unsure if she could wait.

“Well, Mother Love, with your hot little pussy, this sofa’s a nice place to fuck you, Darling, and it’s a nice place to receive your surprise… My beautiful, Mother Doll, sexy, sexy thing, it’s also nice and sexy to have a hot handful of your pantied cunt while we chat. Is my surprise a sexy one?”

“Oh, Varn, I hope you find it sexy. I want it to be sexy for you, Love. O-h-h-h, Varn, you turn my cunt on so much, I can hardly think…”

Squeezing my Mother’s delectable cunt through her soaking panties, I replied, “That sounds lovely, Mother. And guess what, I’ve got a surprise for you too!”

“Oh, Varn, you’re making my legs go weak,” Kierna gasped at the hot squeeze her Son was giving her. “Do you want to do your surprise first?”

“Mother you shan’t need your legs once you’re on, and I shall give you my surprise then, okay. So you can go first, you beautiful, sexy-cunted thing.”

Continuing to sexy squeeze her pussy through her wet panties, I added, “Mother, I love being up your skirt and playing with your cunt through your wet panties.”

“Oh, Son, I love it too! I love you taking your pleasure with me up my skirt.” Kierna was also happy to hear her Son compliment her cunt. “Darling, it’s always lovely to hear that you find my cunt sexy.”

With Varn hotly at her panties, Kierna gave a little giggle about her surprise, “And Son, my surprise has something to do with my wet panties.”

“Oh, Mother, that sounds hotly sexy and very lovely.”

“I hope you like my surprise Son. I’ve handcrafted a new pair of sexy panties to wear on my cunt, and I wanted to show you them before you take your pleasure up my pussy and pleasure me by being up my pussy.

“Oh, Varn, it so turns me on that I would show you my new panties I’m wearing on my sex-hole.”

“Oh, Mother, it turns me on too that you show me your new panties you’re wearing on your wet sex-hole,” I replied, giving Mother’s pantied pussy a final squeeze before slipping my hand out from under her skirt.

“Oh, Son, I’m glad that I’m going on soon, ’cause I miss you holding my cunt or being on your cock.”

Gently rubbing Mother’s hip, I added, “And Mother, your cunt always looks so hot in the sexy little panties you wear. You know Mother, I love that your pussy is needy for me, and it so throbs my cock to see your sexy wet-patch on your pantie-crotch.”

“Ohhh, thank you Son for your compliment about how good my cunt looks in my panties. You know how much I love you complimenting my cunt,” Kierna sexily moaned. “Son Darling Love, you make it so sexy exciting to show you what panties I’m wearing on my wet fuck-hole.”

“I’m glad Mother that you find it exciting to show me your panties. And Mother, seeing you in your panties makes me want to put my hand in your panties and feel up your pussy. I love feeling up your pussy, Mother.”

“Oh, Son, I love that showing you my panties makes you want to feel me up. I love you feeling me up, Son. It’s so lovely to feel your hand go into my panties. I love it so much,” Kierna softly cried.

“That’s beautiful to hear, Mother.”

Kierna again looked longingly at her Son’s revealed, huge and sexy, flexing cock. Oh, she so wanted to go on! The comfort and security was calling her–Calling her to be on his hot throbbing cock!

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