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Veg Masturbation

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You feel the urge. You are desperate for a good fuck. But your girl friend has turned you down. You roam about the streets, go to a bar, visit a few places but you are unable to get any.

Shit! Shit!! Shit!!!

The only alternative is to take the matter in your hands. But you are not willing to do that. It’s so boring. Sometimes, you just need the warmth and the slippery, hot, slick feel of a pussy. You don’t have a masturbator. You curse yourself of procrastinating for so long about it. You have thought of buying it so many times, but always put it for later. Surprise, you don’t have enough cash to go and buy one now.

It’s just a bad day for you.

Then you suddenly think of an idea!!! You go to the vegetable stall near your house. Pick up a fleshy vegetable like a white gourd. You also pick up a few raw bananas. By now you already have an erection and the girl at the counter can feel something is amiss. She can feel your excitement. She actually suggests to go out for dinner with a hint of further enjoyment. But now you don’t need anyone. You are on your own trip.

You bahçeşehir escort rush home with your vegetables. You dump your bags on the sofa and get out of your clothes. Stark naked, you take the white gourd and reach the kitchen. With a knife you cut the top of the gourd. Not with the knife, you start scooping out the flesh at the center. You proceed to make a hole just wide and long enough to fit your cock. You have to insert your cock toi check the length and the diameter of the hole you have made. The friction builds up the tension in you.

Your cock is now jumping with excitement. The temptation of jacking of immediately is great, but you resist it with all your mental strength. By now the hole is ready. It’s just wide enough to insert your cock with a little force. You can feel the inner walls of the flesh tightly against your cock.

The only thing missing is the slickness of a pussy. Now you get to the next stage. You take a banana and mash it in a bowl. Your scoop up the banana mash with the spoon and fill up the hole with the mashed istanbul escort banana. Wow! It’s a home made pussy! A masturbator.

Now for the heat. You keep the Vegetable Masturbator in the microwave and set the temperature to maximum and put it on for exactly 15 seconds. You remove the masturbator and check the temperature of the banana mash. You keep it in the microwave again and set it for 30 seconds and go to the living room.

You get a porn DVD from your hidden collection and put it in the player. You begin watching the Porn movie, slowly fingering your ass, avoiding the cock altogether. You get caught up while watching the movie. You suddenly notice that the tip of your penis is ready with droplets of cum.

You get up and go to the kitchen. By now the skin of the gourd has cooled down a bit. You insert a finger in the gooey mix in the hole to test the temperature. It’s just right.

You return with your home-made toy to the sofa. Your cock is rock hard with anticipation. You settle down on the sofa and turning your toy upside down, quickly push escort bahçeşehir your cock in the hole.

WOW!!! It’s a pussy. It’s as tight as you have made it. It’s gooey, slippery and slick. It’s hot!!!

You start moving the masturbator up and down. It’s heavenly. You close your eyes. While you masturbate, it also makes typical fucking sounds. You start slowly. You imagine a pussy, you imagine that you are fucking an ass. The excitement builds up. You increase the speed. You don’t mind the mashed banana flowing out of the hole on your cock and flowing down to your balls. It sticks to your pubic hair and tickles it. It also travels down to your ass. You take advantage of it and insert a finger in your ass while fucking yourself with your toy.

You also have to option of inserting one of the raw bananas in your ass. Yes you have bought them raw so they will not break easily. You keep pumping on both ends and at the end, ejaculate spurt after spurt into the toy.

If you are kinky, you also have the option of eating your home made cream-pie.


Hope you liked this idea. Do try it out. I have. It’s fantastic. Who wants to buy a costly masturbator, when you can make a disposable one so cheap???

Comments are welcome. Do try and ask for guidance. I have tried this with a white gourd. Hope to try more vegetables soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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