May 29

Victoria , Chris: In the Kitchen

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Between Breasts

I’m alone in the kitchen, tidying the counter after Alec’s mess of a party, when I hear footsteps coming from the hallway. I suppose most people went to bed, at least half of them were passed out half an hour ago when Chris and I were talking. Chris walks in, I look up and smile at him. “Oh. Hi, Chris,” I politely greet him. I thought he was outside.

“Need a hand, Victoria?” He asks, his dark eyes full of entertainment as he tries to maintain eye contact, but I notice his gaze drop briefly so that he can check out my body in my short, tight dress. It’s not the first time he’s done that tonight, but I figured he wouldn’t be this obvious after getting on my nerves for so many hours. But I don’t mind— I was actually thinking of him when I chose my outfit. It’s gratifying that he seems to appreciate it.

“No, I’m almost done thanks,” I reply, shrugging him off. Since almost everyone’s gone to sleep, Alec, Jamal, Hailey and Penelope decided that the few of us could chill for a while for drinks, our best friends particularly noticing the tension that’s settled between my king and I this evening. “I’ll be out again in a second,” I reassure him.

Chris looks behind him to make sure that no one is coming, then joins me behind the counter, standing beside me. “I think I’ll give you a hand anyway,” he insists, before placing his hand on my waist and pulling me to him, taking me off guard. I doubt anyone can see us, but it’s not at all a good idea for him to grope me when people could walk in out of the hallway or even the terrace.

“Chris,” I stutter, “What are you doing?” I ask him warily, trying to understand his motives. He can’t possibly think we’ll do anything here, now. His body feels firm and strong against me and the scent of his aftershave is suffocating, almost making me high.

“Just giving you a hand,” he replies with a smile, as he begins to stroke up and down the side of my body, without a care that we might get caught. It’s a bold move, to be honest. I know I like him, and there’s no point in pushing him away anymore, but I’m not in the mood for a sex scene on a reality show. I don’t think I’ll ever be.

“You might’ve had a bit too much to drink,” I suggest instead, trying but unsuccessful to push away from him, as I begin to feel his familiar lips and hairy face on my neck.

“You might be right,” he replies, breathing against my skin. I know I am, so let’s just drop this.

Despite his words, he then slides his hand down to my ass and gives it a firm squeeze, making me let out a surprised gasp. I feel a lurch in my stomach and my heart starts to flutter, taken off guard by his careless and bold attitude. His action is so unexpected that I’m stunned motionless.

“Chris!” I gasp, clearing my throat as I curve my back to lean off him, but he has me pressed against the counter. I can’t do much other than push my bum against him for space – which I’ve failed to do – or bend over, which will lead to nowhere. “You can’t just… just…”

“Just what?” He asks dumbfounded, fondling my bottom through my dress. He’s pretending so fucking bad, it makes me want to hit him.

“You can’t just walk up to a girl and start,” I fumble for the words, gulping “doing this!”

“Why not?” He slides his hand from cheek to cheek, exploring the curvature of my derriere. My mind is racing, trying to think of anything I’ve done, any signals I’ve sent tonight, that would’ve led him to believe he could just walk up and do this to me. We literally discussed the fact that he spent his entire night with Serena, and I made sure he understood I didn’t like it. How is that a green light for sex?

“What do you mean, why not?” I reply disbelievingly, surprised by his answer. “You just can’t!”

“Victoria, I’m not sure that I want to live in a world where I can’t grope a beautiful woman.” I don’t know what’s up with him tonight- he’s not drunk, he looks fairly sober, but his attitude is so frustrating. Before I get the chance to speak up, he corrects himself, “My beautiful woman. Do you mind if I take a look at your panties?” He asks brazenly, changing the subject in less than a second.

And I’m rightfully dumbstruck. “Do I mind… what?” I repeat, eyes wide as I try to glance back at him to get a güvenilir bahis clear understanding of his ideas.

He doesn’t wait for an answer that would probably be in the negative anyway. He tugs my dress up around my waist, revealing my black lace undies, riding up slightly between my cheeks as his warm fingers trail on my skin in the meantime.

“Oh my God!” I whisper, still standing facing the counter as my underwear is exposed. I put my face in my hands, blushing furiously. This is getting ridiculous, and someone’s gonna fucking see us. How could he be so bold? Sure, most people are asleep, but some sure as hell aren’t. They’re just outside in the garden, waiting for us.

Chris starts squeezing and stroking my ass through my panties. “You’ve got a nice ass, Victoria,” he comments, “You know it, don’t you? That’s why you’ve been teasing me all night with it.”

“Chris, I haven’t been teasing you!” I lie, gulping. I have absolutely been teasing him, but only to show him what he’s missing. Serena’s a pretty attractive woman, sure, but from the looks of it, he’s not having sex with her any time soon. I won’t even allow him to try.

“Oh. Okay,” he replies, sounding a little disappointed. “Sorry. My bad.”

He presses two fingers between my bare legs, and I clamp my thighs together in an attempt to block access to my pussy. In response, he shoves his knee between my thighs and forces my legs apart fairly easily, then slides his whole hand between my legs and begins rubbing me through my panty gusset.

“This is a bad idea, Chris, you can’t do that,” I object, warning him, in case he forgot in the short few seconds.

“No one seems to be stopping me,” he replies, with a smirk on his blushing lips. He’s right- I’ve made very little attempt to prevent him having his way with me, here and now. Why is that? Sure, I like him, but that doesn’t make you his sex toy. Or does it?

“Stop,” I say, weakly, sounding extremely unconvincing since I don’t move as Chris continues to stroke me, feeling my heat and dampness through my underwear. He positions himself behind me and presses himself against me, I feel the bulge in his pants poking into my ass crack, as he slowly grinds it up and down.

“Do you know what this is?” He asks, holding me against him with a hand on my stomach.

“Yes,” I whisper, my mouth starting to water as I breathe heavily.

“What is it?” He prompts, his voice laced with amusement and desire.

I wait a few seconds before quietly replying, “It’s your dick.”

“It’s yours if you want it,” he offers, thrusting against me, squishing my buttocks as he pushes his hips against them. “Do you want it?” He persists, taunting me to give in. I mean, I could sleep with him tonight, because technically it would get us past this forsaken evening, and he’s been turning me on. But in the fucking kitchen?

I still can’t form words and he takes this to mean assent. I hear the sound of his zipper as he undoes his pants, followed by the rustle of his pants as they fall to his ankles, quickly followed by his boxers. I feel his rock-hard, angry cock as he rubs it against my buttocks, using it to poke my undies into my crack, then he slips it between my thighs and rubs his knob against my labia.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” I whisper to yourself, secretly marveling at the situation he’s putting us in, and hardness of Chris’s member as it prods my nether regions.

“Bend forward,” Chris commands, sounding firm enough as though ordering me. I do nothing to resist as he adjusts me into position, elbows on the counter with my legs spread and ass out. “You gotta be adventurous, Vicki.” He slides his cock into my underwear through a leg hole and thrusts it up and down between my cheeks, squeezing my buttocks around his shaft with both hands.

I hear laughter from the other room and am reminded that the two of us are not the only people in the house. Whatever his plan is, he had better make it quick. “Shit, Chris!” Probably realizing this too, he pulls his cock out of my panties before wriggling them down to mid-thigh, exposing my naked ass in all its glory. He can’t resist giving it another firm squeeze. “What if someone-” He cuts me off.

“Shhhh,” Chris shushes türkçe bahis me, then he forces his hand between my legs and worms his fingers between my pussy lips and into my slit, making me bite my lower lip in apprehension. “Remember the first time we did something like this?” He taunts me, his husky voice in my ear as his fingers play with my genitals. “When we were in the forest?” He pauses with each sentence, pressing his wet lips against my earlobe. “When I pushed you against the tree… And had my fingers inside you,” his whisper becomes quieter and more seductive as he keeps playing and caressing my pussy lips.

Fuck, he sounds so sexy, it’s turning me on despite the circumstances.

Gulping, I listen to his words, recalling every single second of that day. “You were so wet, so sexy. So adventurous. I made you come that day, remember?” He reminds me, as my face flushes at the memory. The first thing he ever did was make me come, and he hasn’t stopped doing that to me. “I want you to be like that,” he asks me, hoping I’ll let go of my worry and loosen up. “You’re dripping, Victoria. I know you want this,” he adds seductively, his fingers drenched in my liquids.

“Now hang on!” I object, indignantly. “If you grope any girl long enough, she’s going to get turned on, but that doesn’t mean- oh!” I gasp in surprise, following that by a not-so-quiet moan.

He’s stopped my complaining by quickly aiming his cock and thrusting forward hard, sinking his long, thick shaft deep into my wet vagina, snagging and drawing my inner pussy lips in with him. I feel my pussy quickly filling as Chris penetrates me with one long stroke, causing me to gasp. “Wait… I didn’t say you could…” I protest, completely and utterly shocked by his boldness.

He pulls back, then slams deep again. “What were you saying, Victoria?” It takes a couple more, full insertions to make sure everything is comfortable, and then he starts fucking harder and faster, the entire length of his dick fitting up inside me as he grabs my hips to pull them back firmly.

“I didn’t say you could… uh… fuck me!” He takes me by the hips and starts thrusting, slowly at first, making me feel overwhelmed by both the act and the situation. If we get caught, it’s gonna be one hell of a humiliation.

He thrusts again, amused by my moaning. “What was that last part?”

“Fuck me! I didn’t say you could… ah!” It feels really good, and really surprising, and something about the danger and risk of getting caught is heightening all my senses.

“What?” He plays dumb.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Well, that settles it. He pumps into me faster and faster, my heart beating fit to explode as I grab the edge of the countertop with my hands to hold myself in place and push back against him. “As you wish.”

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” I whimper to myself as Chris repeatedly penetrates me over the kitchen counter, before forcefully pressing my lips shut to prevent myself from making any noises that’ll draw attention to us. As he picks up the pace, the only other sound is that of his hips smacking against my quivering ass cheeks, along with occasional grunts.

“You can’t just – uh – bend a girl over and – uh – start fu- uh- fucking her!” I grunt, moaning through the words with each thrust of his. God, I’d almost forgotten how good it felt to have him inside me, and it feels even better knowing we might get in trouble.

“Are any of these rules written down somewhere?” He playfully asks, grabbing my breasts through my dress and using them as handholds. I spread my legs wider and pump my pelvis up and down to break up his thrusts. He roughly squeezes my boobs, alternately pinching the nipple and grabbing a handful while continuing to give it to me hard from behind.

“No! It’s — oh — oh — obvious!”

“Well, I must admit I didn’t think it would be this easy,” he replies, to my chagrin. He sneaks a hand down and starts tracing circles around my stiff, protruding clit, using pussy juice as lubricant, “Thought you’d put up a real fight.”

“Ohhhhh,” I sigh, my body shuddering. Fuck it. He can do whatever he damn well likes.

Eventually, he slows down and releases me, apparently leaning back. I enjoy the new sensation of gentle güvenilir bahis siteleri touches and slow penetration, relaxing and curling my arms under my head, closing my eyes with my face toward the side. The only thing I feel now is his dick — no hands, no grabbing, not even his thighs against the back of my legs.

I stay still as I feel my pussy open and close around the only piece of him still left in contact as he inserts and removes it time and time again. Then, I feel his chest press against my back and his lips against my cheek. Moving a hand to his hip, I turn my face back toward him and lock lips with him, kissing passionately with plenty of tongue as he continues to slowly fuck me.

Chris increases his thrusting, trying unsuccessfully to keep our lips together. He reaches around to hold my tits again, first one, then the other, then both, pinching the nipples as I hear him begin to grunt, “Uh-uhhh,” he moans deeply, “Mm, mm, mhm.” Face in my neck now, he whispers, “Even when you’re in a bad mood, I want to fuck you, Victoria.”

When I hear him whisper my name, I get so turned on that I reach toward my sex without even thinking. Diddling myself while making sure to nudge his cock, I tell him, “Oh, yes, touch me right there.” He lets go of my boobs and finds my wrists, stopping the action while he readjusts. He starts fucking me at least as hard as before, almost trembling as he lifts my hips up with each thrust. He lets go of my wrists and pushes on my back with one hand to keep me down on the counter.

Suddenly a dim voice calls out from the garden, “Victoria, are you coming?”

I gasp in fright, “Shit.” Chris is clearly amused by the situation, and turned on, even, as he chuckles and pounds me even harder against the counter to make me louder for anyone to hear. I let out a high-pitched moan, feeling a rush of heat on my cheeks as Chris slaps my ass. Holding in a series of moans, I shout back, “Stay there,” I pause, grunting quietly, “I’m coming- in a sec!”

That’s true in more ways than one.

Chris’s fingers dance over my clit in a blur as he shoves his cock as deep into my pussy as he can, then pumps me with a series of short thrusts, withdrawing less than halfway for each.

“Ohhh — ohhh — ohhhhh!” I whimper, shivering all over as my orgasm washes through me, making me instantly a lot wetter down there, coating his balls with my juice. Without waiting for me to finish coming he decides to focus on himself, pumping in and out of my quivering pussy as fast as he can, and in a few seconds he’s coming too.

“Uhh, Victoria!” He groans, his big cock pulsing and twitching as he pumps me full of sperm. He keeps thrusting the whole time, filling my tunnel with gooey white love, my nether regions getting squelcher and squelcher. My commingled fluids start to ooze down my inner thighs.

He takes a few gasping breaths when he’s done, then pulls his cock out of me. A string of semen briefly connects his cock and my gaping hole before breaking and dropping down my leg. I can feel his cum all over my ass and thighs, and feel it dribbling out of my twitching pussy. I must look a frightful mess. “Fuck,” I breathlessly comment.

There’s a roll of paper towels on the bench nearby. He peels off a few sheets to wipe me clean, then gets another and stuffs it between my legs before pulling my panties back up into place and my dress back down over them. Then he wipes off his cock and tucks it away while I straighten up.

I’m feeling a bit dazed as I turn around to face him, my cheeks flushed. Chris takes me in his arms and kisses me deeply, our tongues entwined as we pant into each other’s mouths hotly. It occurs to me that there might’ve been a better way for him to begin the encounter, but I don’t have any complaints regarding how things panned out.

“Are there any other dumb rules I need to know about?” He finally asks me, teasing me about my protests and excuses all along, making my cheeks heat up even more. Chris pushed me over my limits, and it went fine, we didn’t get caught, and it was actually sexier knowing there was a risk. I don’t think he’s ever made me cum in just a few minutes.

Besides, he’s only done the opposite of what I told him not to. And honestly, I like it when he’s in control.

Gulping, I ponder, thinking of new ideas that we could both enjoy. “Umm… no sex in the sauna?”

His loving face breaks out in an amused grin, as he chuckles softly, replying, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

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