May 29

Vignette 02

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I extend my gratitude to the very talented and prolific Literotica author Schuppinzigh for his editing expertise and helpful advice.

No part of this story may be reproduced for profit without the express written consent of the author….All Rights Reserved.


Vignette 0002 continues the series of short stories which are “fictionalized” accounts of true events in my life over the past 30 years. While each story will “stand alone”, it would be helpful to read Vignette 01- Coffee, Tea, or Cum as background.

To give you a little background, I was the newly appointed Pan American World Airways Director of their operations in Peking, People’s Republic of China, and I had flown from Peking to New York to accompany the love of my life, Kyla, back to China for her first visit. We were both Pan Am employees and flying “standby”. The events that occurred in Vignette 01 and 02 happened on the same flight.

The aircraft was a 747SP(special performance) which was developed for long flights. It was 48 feet shorter than the regular 747 Jumbo jet and could fly higher with a cruising altitude of 41,000 feet and faster with a speed of 610 miles per hour. It could carry 331 passengers up to 6,800 miles. Pan Am used the “SP” on it’s New York to Tokyo non-stop route and it’s Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia non-stop route. Both routes required approximately 14 hours flying time and they were “double crewed” to allow adequate crew rest.

“Jerry, what the fuck”, said Kyla, which were her famous last words at the end of Vignette 01.

This required a long and detailed explanation since Kyla had her head covered prior to the cum swapping incident and she knew nothing of Liv’s previous relationship with me a week earlier.

I prefaced my explanation by reminding her that we had decided to not be exclusive due to the lengthy time periods we would be apart. I told her that Liv and I had hooked up in the Tokyo Narita Airport hotel a week earlier during an overnight and had spent a very good night sucking and fucking each other. Maybe I should have toned down my explanation because Kyla’s anger “hit the ceiling”. “What”, she said, “you fuck this blonde bimbo stewardess and you throw her in my face by bringing me on the same flight with her?! Besides, she’s much better looking than I am. She must be 5’8″ and look at her ass!” Kyla’s eyes were beginning to get misty. She asked, “Was she better in bed than me?” I thought, Oh shit, she may as well ask me if her dress makes her butt look too big. Women! Kyla was suffering from a severe case of jealousy and the tears were really beginning to flow!

I was becoming a bit angry by now and I felt like saying, “Yeah she was damn good in bed and on the floor and on the side table and on the kitchen cabinet and up against the wall! I shot huge loads of cum 6 times and she came about 15 times. She was begging for more when she passed out and I woke in the morning with my dick in her ass!”

However, discretion being the better part of valor, the fact that I love her and, the fact that I am chickenshit, I held my tongue. I did not ask her how many guys she had fucked or how many cocks she had sucked while I was gone. We were not exclusive!

Instead, I said “Sweetheart, you are the one I love! I did not know that Liv would be working this flight or I would have prepared you and she was the one who started this when she stuck her tongue in my ear. I didn’t even know she was anywhere around, much less watching. To avoid this issue in the future, do you want to share our affairs with each other?” I didn’t really know if I could do that; it might kill our relationship or, on the other hand, bringing everything out in the open might help to rid ourselves of the jealousy. Kyla replied, “I don’t know, I have to think about it.” I said, “Me too.”

Kyla said, “Jerry, I,m sorry, everything came as a complete surprise. I was really into making you feel good and then you damned near drowned me with your cum; without warning, I might add, and then, here was this stewardess asking me for your cum! And…and who was that woman she kissed and gave it to? Is she a paying passenger or someone Liv knows? She could make trouble for us, you know.” I replied, I don’t know but I will ask Liv later.” Kyla had settled down quite a bit, so I decided to help her out a little more. I turned her around, put my arms around her waist and pulled her magnificent breasts against my chest. She put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear, “I love you, you know. I don’t want anything to spoil our relationship and I won’t let my petty jealousy ruin this trip for us”. I said, “I love you too, babe and I have to say your jealousy says a lot about how you feel for me. I kind of liked it.”

Even though Kyla was a “fearful flyer”, we had flown thousands of miles together and from our first flight together, we had discussed ways we could become members of the “Mile High Club”. Thus far, we had not found an opportunity. I suggested that we try it in one of the “heads” which were pretty small and Kyla agreed. We waited until the nearest head was empty with no one around and both of us went inside and locked the door. I stripped bahis firmaları out of my pants; I don’t wear underwear. I then raised Kyla’s dress above her butt; no underwear either; bent her over and put my dick into her pussy from behind. We were rushing in order to finish before someone interrupted us; it being my understanding that you had to cum before you could claim membership in the “Mile High Club.” Well, it wasn’t working out. Every time I pulled out, my ass would bang against the door and my strokes were so short, I don’t think I would ever have cum, altogether a very unsatisfying fuck.

I turned around, sat on the “john” and had Kyla sit on my lap. This improved the penetration but it placed all the work on Kyla and her feet started kicking the door, making all kinds of noise. This made me nervous as hell but Kyla was willing to continue until she got a cramp in her left leg and asked to give it up. All of a sudden, a loud persistent banging started outside the door and I quickly pulled up my pants. All Kyla had to do was stand up and we opened the door. This little old blue-haired grandma was standing there with her fist drawn back ready to strike again. She said to Kyla, not seeing me, “Young lady, why were you in there so long? Don’t you know there are other passengers wanting to use the restroom?” She then pushed past Kyla, still haranguing her and ran smack dab into me. I said, “Pardon me mam, my girlfriend needed help with her tampon.” She said, “Well, I never!” I replied, “Well, mam, I’m certain that you never!” Kyla and I laughed all the way back to our bed…er… seats!

About half an hour later, Kyla and I were sipping a gin tonic for me and a glass of wine for Kyla when Liv came to our seats and told us she had learned of the problem we had encountered in the head and asked Kyla if she would go with Liv to discuss it. Kyla got up to go with her. We were both thinking that, no doubt, the little old blue — haired grandma had been talking and lodged a complaint. But why talk with Kyla and not me?

Liv took Kyla to the “crew break room” and closed the door. She said, “My name is Liv and I know Jerry, uh, very well. I want to apologize for my actions with you and Jerry. I can tell that you two are very much in love and I would not want to hurt your relationship with him by my stupid actions. I could tell that you were upset. I can only offer an explanation for my actions, and that is Jerry and I spent a very good night together in Tokyo a little while back and, I have to tell you, girl, that he is very very good and his cum is the sweetest best tasting cum I have ever had. When I saw your head bobbing up and down, I knew what was coming and I kind of lost it. I stuck my tongue in his ear to help him along and when he came, I had to have it. That’s when I asked you to give it to me. The hottest part of this was when you pursed your lips and you blew his sweet cum into my mouth. My orgasm started at that moment and lasted until after I had tongued his cum into my girlfriends mouth. My girlfriend Kate orgasmed too. Geez, I think she,s still having one. She wants to meet both of you badly.

Liv, call me Kyla. I appreciate your apology but none is necessary. I was just caught by surprise and I displayed jealousy when Jerry and I had agreed on a non-exclusive relationship. I love him very much but I have been faithful to him in spite of our agreement. But, that’s just me. I have no right to be jealous of you or any other woman. Liv told her, “Kyla, with me and Jerry it is just sex, nothing more and, as good as Jerry is, I prefer women. Kate, who is an employee of another international airline, and I are practically a couple. We have been together for a while. I have to warn you that I will, Jerry willing, fuck him again and, now that Kate has her taste of him, she wants him too. And, I want you. Maybe you, me and Jerry can do a threesome”

Kyla said, “Liv, I think that would be nice. I don’t think that I,m bi-sexual because I definitely prefer men but, Jerry and I have been in threesomes with myself, another female and Jerry that have worked out great; no jealousy issues and I get strangely turned on when I watch him give another woman pleasure. Plus, he cums like a moose after watching me with another woman.” Liv said, “Oooohhhh, I would love to catch that load!”

Liv continued, “Look Kyla, I want to make up for any trouble I have caused. As I said before, I am aware of your troubles with the restroom. The old lady did indeed complain but it was smoothed over by offering her an upgrade to First Class on her next flight with Pan Am. She doesn’t know your names or that you are Pan Am employees so there won’t be any way for this to come back on either of you later. I suspect you and Jerry were attempting to join the “Mile High Club” as so many have tried and failed. I have made this room available to you for about two hours beginning 1 hour from now. Just come to this door and knock and I will let you in. Oh, you may have company!”

Kyla returned and sat down next to me. I asked her what she had found out and whether or not we were in trouble. She excitedly rattled off her conversation with Liv and showed a little kaçak iddaa bit of nervousness over Liv’s last comment that we may have company. She told me that the “two rows up and across the aisle” woman who had been the ultimate beneficiary of my cum was a bi-sexual friend of Liv’s and that they were a “practically a couple”. I suspected that she may be the “company” to which Liv was referring.

I then started observing her since Kyla and I may have her for company. It seemed strange that this woman I didn’t even know had my sperm swimming around in her stomach. She was gorgeous with luxurious red hair of a shade not too dark or too light flowing down her back.The sunlight shining through the window gave it a neon-like glow. I was getting hard envisioning her hair spread out over a pillow. Her skin was a creamy white, unblemished with the possible exception of a few light freckles sprinkled across her cheeks and nose. She was wearing a forest green blouse which had the top two buttons undone revealing the suggestion of a cleavage that promised small pert breasts, finished off with gray slacks. I was feeling guilty thinking of her while sitting next to Kyla. I needn’t have felt guilty however. Kyla was staring directly at her and her nipples were like monuments. I could smell her wetness. Her anticipation was intoxicating. I reached out and squeezed one of Kyla’s nipples that elicited a gasp and a moan from her. I believe she had a small orgasm!

A few minutes later, Liv came to get Kate and giving Kyla and I huge grins, they headed up the aisle toward the break room. I was pretty certain then of who our company was going to be and I was elated.

It was time. I got up from my seat, took Kyla’s hand and said, “Shall we?” We walked slowly up the aisle so as not to appear over eager; or was it from nervousness? Kyla squeezed my hand and said, “Jerry, we’ve done this before but somehow this time feels different. Remember darling, whatever happens, I love you with all my body and soul.” “I’ll always love you sweetheart”, I said. Kyla knocked lightly on the door.

Liv opened the break room door and let us in. “Jerry, Kyla, let me introduce Kate, who is a very good friend of mine. Kate is a stewardess with Aer Lingus, the national airline of Ireland and will be vacationing with me as soon as this flight arrives in Tokyo. Kate, this is Jerry, the Director for Pan Am in Peking and his girlfriend Kyla who is also a Pan Am employee.” Kate said, “Ah, we have already met…in a manner of speaking.” Kate spoke in an extremely cute Irish brogue, completing the picture of the lissome Irish lass. “But, I am really looking forward to getting to know both of them much much better!

Liv said, “I hope you don’t mind that I invited her. I think she will make your experience very enjoyable. I, myself, am working so I won’t be able to stay but I will be nearby to make sure no one interrupts you. Besides, I’ll get all the details from Kate anyway. Have fun!”

Liv turned to leave and, in an aside to me said, “Kyla told me that she has remained faithful to you in spite of your non-exclusive agreement. I believe she is way behind the “bell curve”. Get your “Mile High Club” card but I suggest making this Kyla’s experience. I’ll see you later,” she said with a smirk on her face.

My eyes began to water and a tear trickled down my cheek. I was floored and feeling like a real turd for thinking that Kyla had to be fucking the whole city of New York while I was gone. Jealousy! What a fucking waste! Ooh, how I love that girl! I will definitely make this her experience…with Kate’s help.

Liv, no doubt with Kate’s help, had laid down what looked like tatami mats covered with a canvas material of some kind in the center of the break room. The mats had then been overlain with Pan Am logo blankets.

Kate walked up to Kyla, put her hands on both sides of her face and both of them looked over at me. I nodded my head in approval and winked at Kyla, who was trembling; whether from anticipation or nervousness, I didn’t know. I wasn’t feeling too calm myself. It became apparent that Kate had a plan and I wasn’t to be included in the beginning. I decided to go along with whatever her plan was and protect Kyla if she needed my help.

Kate took hold of Kyla’s shoulders and turned her around so that Kate was behind her. She wrapped her arms around Kyla as if to comfort her and began to nuzzle her neck, her ears and making little nips with her teeth. She talked to Kyla in a low reassuring voice the whole time. She tilted Kyla’s head to the side and bit and kissed all up and down her neck to her shoulder. Kyla had already closed her eyes and begun a low moan, her body swaying and undulating to Kate’s touch. She was no longer trembling and appeared totally absorbed. I thought to myself, ” Jerry, you need to pay close attention. Kate really knows what she was doing.

Kate took Kyla’s hand and kissed it, then sucked on a finger while she moved around in front of Kyla, cupping Kyla’s face with both hands. She started lightly kissing every inch of her face and neck, occasionally licking lightly with her tongue. Kate had studiously avoided kissing Kyla but, kaçak bahis now she brushed her lips across Kyla’s so lightly it could hardly be called a kiss. It was enough, though, for Kyla to sharply inhale and push her head forward in an attempt to draw better contact. She groaned in frustration.

Neither girl had thus far removed a single stitch of clothing. Now Kate unbuttoned Kyla’s blouse and started kissing her above those magnificent breasts and placed the palms of her hands over them, lightly massaging them through her brassiere. “umpf” Kyla grunted and continued with an increased volume of “ohhhhs” “Don’t tease me! Take my bra off!” Kyla shouted and was going to remove it herself but Kate stopped her saying, “All in good time sweetie…must have patience.”

My God, it was as if Kate had choreographed everything. If it had been me in Kate’s place right now, Kyla would be swearing like a sailor telling me just what she thought of my teasing and swearing revenge. Ah, revenge, how sweet it is. My cock was harder than it has ever been and leaking enough pre-cum to wet the front of my pants. I was becoming a bit frustrated also with my inaction. By God, I wanted to fuck Kyla…well, one of those women anyway. If the pace didn’t pick up soon, they were going to waste a real big load.

Kate chose this time to “up the ante”. She removed Kyla’s blouse completely, reached behind Kyla and removed her bra with a single flick of a finger. Damn she was good. Hell, half the time, I couldn’t even tell you whether the catch was in the front or back.

Kate started kissing one of Kyla’s breasts avoiding her very sensitive half inch nipple and caressing the other. She alternated after a few minutes, giving each one equal time. Kyla was really moaning and squirming, obviously enjoying the attention. Suddenly, Kyla screamed, “aaaaaaiiiiiiiiiieee fuck, fuck, fuck! Ooooooo Katie yesssssss, yess yessss.” Her back stiffened in an arch and she was thrashing so much that Kate had to hold her to keep her from falling. I thought, “Katie?” Kate had suddenly glommed onto Kyla’s sensitive nipple with her lips which had pushed Kyla over the edge. She had a very strong orgasm without her clit or pussy being touched.

You know, the hottest thing I have ever experienced is a female orgasm. Did you ever watch their faces during the buildup and through the orgasm itself? They do funny things with their faces. Their eyes will get big and round, their jaw moves side to side, they make unintelligible sounds, they will smile and sometimes chuckle, sometimes their eyes will turn up out of sight, their breathing quickens and their heads will snap up convulsively with open mouth. Also their arms and hands will move around like they are searching for somewhere or something. And, of course, there is the convulsive arching of the back and the thrashing of their legs. Some or most of these things will go unnoticed by most because you are in the “catbird seat” and usually too concerned with your own pleasure. Wake up and smell the roses and you will be taken in by the fakers less and less. I’m just saying.

Kate held onto Kyla until she came down from her orgasm sufficiently then walked her over to the mats. She took her skirt off leaving her naked and had her lay on her back. Katie. Geez, now I,m doing it. Kate’s name is officially changed to Katie for the rest of this story.

Katie then resumed her kisses and caresses of Kyla’s naked body starting with a long soul-searching kiss to Kyla’s lips. Their tongues fought for control and their lips overlapped, nibbling and sucking first on both lips, then on one or the other and back again. They were moaning into each others mouth and gasping for air as if there was no tomorrow.

Katie broke the kiss, much to Kyla’s distress, stood up, came over to me and asked me to undress her. I almost came when she made this simple request! All I could say was, “Huh?” “Undress me silly!, Katie said. I was so enraptured with the two girls, I couldn’t think. I was the one trembling now and I fumbled through the undressing. I, finally, got her blouse unbuttoned and just let it drop to the floor. She turned around so I could unfasten her bra, which I did and it fell next to her blouse on the floor. When she turned to face me, I was struck dumb. I was looking at the most gorgeous set of tits I had ever seen. They were small, as suspected, but they had the puffiest nipples; they were so puffy, they comprised at least a quarter of her total breasts. And the color…the color was a beautiful shade of pink only slightly darker than the skin of her breasts. Freckles, my God she had freckles sprinkled across her breasts! What more could I ask for? Here, standing half naked in front of me was a beautiful Irish woman with long red hair, creamy skin, freckles and puffy, puffy nipples. I had to fuck this woman and I was going to; come hell or high water! Katie said, “Come on Jerry, take my slacks off. I need to get back to Kyla.” I undid her slacks and slid them to her ankles where she stepped out of them. She kicked them and they joined the rest of her clothing on the floor. She was wearing a pair of emerald lace Brazilian cut panties which quickly joined the rest. Her pussy was a sight to behold. She was sporting a small neatly trimmed red mass of hair above her cleanly shaven pussy which looked as if it had been combed downward, pointing the way to heaven.

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