Oca 13

Violet in the Land of Lust

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She was late.

Today was the day Violet had to get to work early, to set up his desk. It was Mr. Dreamy’s birthday. She found out through Alice from Accounting while they were shoved together during their break the previous week. She had been wearing a cherry lipstick that Violet ended up borrowing, as she had seen Mr. Dreamy complimenting it a few times.

Grabbing the gift and her purse, she threw open her apartment door, seeing two men linked together and moaning as one kept thrusting inside the ass of the other. It was her neighbors, John and Gavin, and she waved hello as she locked the door. Gavin, who was sweating and struggling to stay standing under John’s assault, smiled back and asked “F-Feel like jumping in? H-” He groaned as his dick suddenly erupted, semen plastering the wall. John stopped for a minute as Gavin recovered, and popped his dick hard. It was still hard, and despite its smaller length it still held a respectable girth that made it popular, and seemed to be throbbing. It seemed his legendary stamina was a source of frustration yet again. “Sorry about Gavin, I’ve been on him for the past 10 minutes and I haven’t been able to cum. Do you think you could help me?” Violet looked on in pity, and looked over at Gavin, who was panting and slumped against the wall. Why not, I’m already late anyway…

“Sure, just give me one second.” Reaching into her phone, she messaged her boss, telling her that she’d be late as she had to help her neighbor with something. It’ll provide an excuse for the alarm regardless… Unlocking the door, she opened it and put her hand on Gavin’s shoulder. “Go and get yourself some water. You look like you could use it.” He nodded and walked into her apartment, heading towards her kitchen with ease born of familiarity. John looked sour. “I could have used water too. I’ve been the one pumping for nothing you know.” She saw the glint escort sincan escort of amusement in his eyes and chuckled. “It’s your fault for going for Gavin’s ass and giving yourself this issue.” She kneeled down as he stroked her hair, a deep red befitting the irony of the universe. “True, but he loves it, and I want to make him happy.” She smiled. “You two are such good lovers. If only there were more care in the world like that.” He smiled as her lips separated. Breathing out, she left her hot breath on his dick as she sniffed in the musk of his skin.

Flicking her tongue out, she began to roll it around the tip of his head, wrapping and unwrapping, moving as a snake might when curling around a branch. He groaned as his grip on her head tightened as his dick throbbed. Respectful as always though, he didn’t force himself, and waited while she swallowed and drooled some saliva onto this cock, rubbing her hands up and down. Finally,feeling as though her throat was sufficiently loosened, she opened her mouth and took the whole thing in her mouth.

It seemed to every inch of her oral orifice, the tip laying across her tongue and the girth forcing her jaws to widen to accommodate. Knowing that she needed to hurry up, she decided to skip the teasing and began to work her way up and down, slowly bringing it further back with every stroke of her head. Her jaws seemed to be fused open, and her eyes began to water as she struggled to take in air, the dick sealing her mouth shut and forcing her to rely on her nose. The member throbbed with every pulse, and the grip on her head only tightened as he began to thrust with his hips. The dick kept coming out, nearly popping out of her mouth, then fully entering, sliding past tongue and tonsil into her throat, where muscles of her throat rubbed and stroked the length, attempting to swallow the whole thing. She spluttered elvankent escortlar as he thrust in and out, struggling to get air as her mouth was assaulted with great force. The mascara on her face was running and she was crying at this point, wet and aroused beyond measure and feeling a warm bubble in her nether regions as the vicious assault stroked at her deepest desires.

He knew what he was causing, for he smiled and stroked her hair, halting his thrusts but leaving his dick in her mouth as deep as possible. Drool went down her chin as her eyes rolled back, breath leaving her body as she tingled in the feeling. This tingling only intensified as she felt groping around her legs and then her rear end being lifted, the skirt she had chosen being lifted to reveal her bare bottom. A finger groped and slid inside her, and she moaned as the pleasure doubled. Her nether regions were hot and dripping, and she tried to beg around John’s dick, begging the other man to enter her. She felt John’s grip on her hair tighten, and he began thrusting again, causing her to groan and her knees to tremble. Suddenly, she felt herself being stood up, but with his dick down her throat she was left in a weird hunched position. He continued his assault as he slowly walked her backwards through the door towards her couch, which she had gotten custom made just for this form of threesome. Reaching the couch, she relaxed onto the worn leather, dick still in throat as she felt Gavin reach up to her blouse and with great delicacy unbuttoned each one. John still kept going, and she looked up to see his sweaty, cheerful face filled with a primal grimace as he assaulted her. Gavin, having taken off her shirt, unhooked her bra and let her globes hand.

He then plunged himself deep into her pussy, and she nearly came right then. He seemed almost too big, filling every inch and etimesgut kaliteli escortlar then some. He bottomed out, then pulled out and back in. He kept doing this until soon all her nerves were filled with pleasure. She couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything but moan and scream around his dick as she was double assaulted. Suddenly, it came to an end. John came first, shoving his dick as far down her throat as he could and emptying his load. The thick salty flood filled her throat and went down to her stomach, causing her to finally explode. Her pussy squeezed Gavin’s dick as her entire body went into convulsions, sheer pleasure overwhelming her muscles and nerves. Gavin, feeling her entire body shutter and tighten also came, his hot seed spilling deep into her and filling her up, overflowing and pouring back out.

They stayed like this for several minutes, minds blank as they recovered. After a few minutes, they both finally pulled out with a pop, and Violet began raspily gasping and collapsed, attempting to recover as the cum filled her stomach.

All three took a shower, and after the shower John and Gavin helped her dress back up, giving suggestions on her blush. Finally, they were done, and she led them out, locking up and taking them back to their apartment. Ignoring a couple deep within each other a few feet away, Violet blushed. “Sorry it took so long to recover. I’m just so nervous about today that everything was just overwhelming.” Gavin gave her a hug, and John joined in, reaching under her shirt to play with a nipple. “It’s alright. We’ve been hearing you talk about Mr. Bright Eyes for the past few days. You’ll be fine, you always take good care of us.” She smiled, and tried to speak but choked up, too overcome with the compliments they were giving her. “Thank you guys. If it turns out well later, I’ll bring him over. He prefers women but I’m sure you guys wouldn’t mind bringing some of your friends so you all could meet him.” John looked excited. “Mind? Of course not. Now go, you need to be at work so you can give him his present.” She smiled and walked to the elevator doors at the end of the hall, fighting the urge to skip with happiness then entire time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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