May 29

Virgin Gamer Plays for her Orgasm

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Female Ejaculation

It was my favourite hobby. I loved playing video games and live streaming on Twitch.

I never switched on my webcam as I was self-conscious about myself. I was on the chubby side and I always felt I was ugly. I dressed in t shirts and jeans. I was 18 and just finished High School. The truth was that I was a loner at school and I had never had a boyfriend.

I was able to be a little freer online as I hid behind a persona. I never let people know I was a girl or my age as I did not like being judged on being a girl. I was better than most of the gamers out there. My gamer name was AbsentWarrior.

I had a long list of people I played with and it was everyone that played “Final Fate 4.” It was my game of choice and I had built a small community around it. I played for hours and through the night many times.

I had not played in the last 4 weeks as I had to focus on my final exams. I had my Chem exam the next day and I was stressed like never before. My parents pushed the need for grades all my life and I had always been an overachiever.

The thing was I knew the subject like the back of my hand but the more stressed I became the more anxious I was about the exam.

I needed to blow off some steam and often a good orgasm did the trick.

I tried searching for porn but there was nothing getting me in the mood and I could not sleep.

I thought a game of Fate4 would help me release some tension.

I logged on and as it was late, not many people were online.

RishiR was online. I always thought it was a silly take on Richie Rich the movie but I was only here for the gameplay.

I sent him an invite to play a battle version of the game. I always found him a challenge and that is why I liked playing against him. I could usually figure out players and their moves after a few matchups but RishiR always changed his style and I never knew what to expect.

We were 2 for 2 when he sent me a message:

“Do you want to make this interesting?”

As far as RishiR knew I was just another gamer on the internet and I thought he could only mean to play for money so I replied:

“Nah. Can’t play for money.”

I could see him typing and then stop and then start again:

“If I win the next fight I want you to answer one question and to prove it on webcam. But if you win I will give you the Wizard of Akanaw.”

Was he for real? The Wizard of Akanaw was a legendary character and I had only heard of it in the chatrooms. I did not think anyone I knew had it and never mind offering it to me in this way:

“What do you want me to prove on webcam? I don’t do webcam or microphone. I am just on here to play.”

But he had the Wiz and I knew I would play him for it no matter what. Maybe I could just back out if I lost but online gamers were unforgiving and I would likely lose any friends I had gathered and have to start again:

“I have one question and you can only prove it by using webcam. The challenge is there. If you don’t accept in the next 2 minutes, then I am leaving.”

I really wanted that fucking Wizard:

“You are on.”

I sent him an invite and we started. We were even so far and I felt I had a good chance. He had chosen a smaller fighter, Chang Sha. He did not land any big impact blows but he could win a fight with combinations which drained significant power.

I selected a specialist fighter, Kimoni Dra. I was familiar with her moves and I had not lost a fight with her. I hated the way the girls in games were designed with huge breasts and stick thin bodies. Kimoni had a slightly more realistic figure as she had a bigger build, similar to my own. She was dressed in a skimpy short dress and a thong which would be totally impractical for the game. But it just showed the type of men making the games.

I had the upper hand and I had caught him in two of my signature moves wrapping Kimoni’s legs around his head and bringing him to the ground before pounding his face while sat on him.

I had to land one more blow and I could feel the exhilaration course through my body as I hunted him down. I became confident as I had plenty of life left and it made me slightly reckless as I searched for the knockout blow. I could not believe I would be getting the Wizard of Akanaw. The motherfucking wiz.

As I jumped to land the final blow in my eagerness to end the fight I had miscalculated. I had plenty of life against a normal fighter but against Chang Sha that life can quickly disappear. I made myself vulnerable by jumping and he caught me in a 3 combination hit, before I was able to recover he hit me again with a 4 combination hit and I saw my lifeline quickly disappear.

We were both one hit away from winning and I could feel this edge of the seat tension in this match. It was more intense than any game I had ever played as there was something real for the victor.

I now became more cautious and he became bolder. I needed to be careful and I began to retreat. My heartbeat was racing as he hunted me and I hoped to find bahis firmaları an opening to take him out.

I then saw it, I powered up as he entered into my zone. Kimoni has the power to release an explosion within her zone that damages the opponent in her zone. But he predicted my move and quickly countered me before I could power up.

I collapsed back in my seat, I could hear my heartbeat pounding and sweat dripping from my body. I had never had such an intense game in my life.

Then I saw his message:

“You are an amazing player. I have watched you stream and play over this past year and there was something that always bugged me. When you play with Kimoni, your game is so much better. It is like you are in the skin of the character. Then there is the no webcam and no audio thing. So, my question is simple, are you female?”

Fuck. I knew it. I just knew where this was going:

“Yes. I am a female. We like to play videogames too.”

He then said:

“Switch on your webcam. It was part of the deal.”

I quickly grabbed a hoodie and wrapped it around and pulled the hood over my head. Ffs. I hated boys.

I switched on the webcam and thought fuck it so I put on my headset and switched on the audio to save me typing.

He could see my webcam but he had not switched on his own. It was selfish of him and it made me angry but then he spoke, “You are an absolute beauty. I can see why you like Kimoni. She has a similar body to yours. But you are a lot more beautiful. You look young. How old are you?”

I could not help but smile at the compliment. I never received many and I always felt ugly. I was shy having never done this before and replied quietly, “18. Why have you not turned your webcam on?”

I now understood his nervousness, “I am a lot older than the usual gamers at 48. I don’t like coming on webcam usually.”

He switched on his webcam and he came into view. He was an older man, with a slight beard and greying hair. He was just sat there in a Game of Thrones t shirt and boxer shorts. It was so casual but also so intense for me.

Now that I had shown him myself on webcam I wanted to get off it as soon as possible but then he offered, “Do you want to play for the Wizard again?”

Of course I fucking did but I could not offer anything back as my characters were several levels lower, “I do not have any equivalent characters.”

I saw him look at the screen as he said, “I will play you for your hoodie against the Wiz.”

I did not like where this was going but I also felt a thrill as I thought about the intensity of the last game. I thought about it for a moment and I found myself biting my lip before I answered, “My hoodie for the wiz.”

We picked the same fighters and we were constantly going back and forth. His style perfectly complimented mine and it made the fights close and intense.

He finished me with a combination punch but I felt so close and I thought I had him. He exclaimed, “Wow. You are so amazing. I love that move you do when you wrap Kimoni’s legs around his head. It makes me think about your legs.”

I took off my hoodie without being asked. I was wearing pink pyjamas and a pink and white striped t shirt.

I found the situation intense and exciting. I found myself becoming aroused by the games and playing for rewards.

I thought I had a real chance of beating him now. He had won two in a row but they were close. I thought I would challenge him again but make the stakes a little more interesting, “I want to challenge you for the Wiz one more time. But if you win this time, I will take off my pyjamas and let you compare my legs to Kimoni’s.”

He immediately sent the invite and said, “Game on.”

He was more focused than before. He took a dominant position from the beginning and did not let me back in.

I was not a seductress and I did not know how to be sexy. I pulled the pyjamas down leaving me in my cotton yellow and white panties.

His eyes were focused on the corner of the screen at the webcam screen, “Your legs are amazing. You are so amazing and more beautiful than any other human or character.”

I blushed at his compliments and I smiled to myself and then he added, “Your panties are cute too.”

I felt embarrassed and pulled down my t shirt to cover my panties but then commented, “Nice cleavage. I know what I want to play for next.”

He was such a fucking pervert and it pissed me off that I could not hide from him, “One last game. You put the Wiz on the table…and your boxers for my t shirt.”

I saw him lean back in his chair. He did not expect that from me and I was hoping it would get him distracted in the next game.

He sent me an invite to the game without comment.

It was intense and we were fighting like never before. I did not know if I wanted the Wiz or his boxers but my game was at a higher focus than before. I saw him glancing over at the corner of his screen every time there was some movement with my legs.

I needed to keep him distracted. kaçak iddaa No boy at school or anywhere had shown me any sexual interest so I was enjoying this and I liked that I was distracting him. I opened my legs partially and let my t shirt rise. His focus was off the game and I went in for the kill.

I finally had him and I killed his little run. Fuck! I finally had it. He transferred the Wiz over and I saw it pop up on my notification but my eyes were not leaving the webcam screen. I wanted to see something else at this time.

He then stood up placing his crotch at the centre of the webcam. He slowly slid down his boxers and I was subconsciously sucking on my thumb as it came into view.

Oh God. It was so amazing and I squeezed my thighs together as I felt a joy run through me. This was different, it was not like the porn cocks I had seen. It had a realness to it and a beauty. The head was glistening and it was so fucking hard.

I bit my thumb hard until my teeth marks were left on my thumb. He then asked, “You now have the Wiz. Shall we call it a night?”

As he sat down the t shirt partially covered his cock to my disappointment. I was nowhere near calling it a night and I offered him, “I am ready for a new battle or are you too afraid now?”

I saw a grin come across his face, “Ok. You are on.”

I was becoming really horny and I knew my panties were soaked. “I want you to take off your shirt if I win and I will take my shirt off if I lose.”

He responded with, “Why don’t we up the stakes?”

I wondered what he meant and asked, “What do you mean?”

He said calmly, “We just say what we want if we win rather than picking items. I want to see your big tits. I want to see those erect nipples that are poking out of your t shirt. I want to see those chocolate nipples. Now tell me what you want.”

Fucking hell, he was talking about me in such explicit terms. I was dumbstruck for a second and not sure how to respond but then a confidence soared through me as I thought about how I was the focus of his attention. This was all for me, “I want to see you naked. Completely naked. I want to see your cock without any covering.”

He looked down and noticed his shirt partially covering his cock and pulled it down further to cover it more. He was deliberately trying to frustrate me.

The fight was a lot more intense and we were both edging each other to the end and then in the middle he lifted his shirt off his cock and in those few moments I was distracted and my focus shifted to the webcam screen. By the time I looked back he was standing over me and I was defeated.

He looked at me on the webcam smugly knowing what was coming. It was the first time I would show my breasts to a member of the opposite sex. It almost put me at ease knowing he was older and not a boy from my school.

I held the bottom of my t shirt and nervously clutched at it. I had to do it. He won and I could not back out now. A part of me wanted to reveal myself. It excited and aroused me to have such a captivated audience.

I built up the courage and spurred on by my arousal I lifted the shirt over my head in one quick motion.

I held my breasts in my hands as I was exposed. He got up and lifted his shirt off and said, “You have the most amazing body. I want to ravish those tits. I want to bite your big tits and take your nipples in my mouth.”

I turned my face becoming shy at this attention as he continued, “Drop your hands. Let me see those chocolate nipples. I want to swirl my tongue around your erect nipples. Your nipples are so hard, I can only imagine how wet your panties are.”

I instinctively dropped a hand to cover my panties. I had never felt so exposed before and I could not believe I was exposing myself in this way to a stranger. As my hand went to my panties I could feel how wet they were and I knew the real reason I was doing this was to satisfy my own horny needs.

He pleaded once more, “Please show me your sexy tits. My dick is getting so wet thinking about your tits.”

I could not help but glance at his cock and my mind was transfixed by that cock again. I slowly lowered my hand as my breasts came into view.

His cock twitched like crazy at the sight of my breasts and I loved that it had that reaction on a man. I never imagined a man would be interested in me in this way. I always thought I was plain and ugly but seeing my nakedness have this reaction really made me horny.

I knew I was dripping wet but my panties were saving me from the shame of having my wetness flow down my leg.

After a while of drinking each other in he said, “Only your panties are stopping us both from being totally naked.”

I looked down at my panties even though I knew they were there. I wanted to be naked for him, I was so horny I wanted to finger myself to climax but I wanted him to work for it, “You need to play me for them. What do you have to offer?”

I heard him chuckle and he seemed to enjoy this little game we were playing, kaçak bahis “If you win, I will give you my Golden Dragon.”

What?! How on earth did he get a Golden Dragon? It was so rare that it was a myth, “Don’t bullshit me. You do not have a Golden Dragon.”

I found myself more relaxed in my nakedness as he replied, “I just sent you a screenshot.”

I leaned forward to check and exclaimed, “Oh shit.”

He really did have it but then he said, “I like the way your tits hang down.”

I jolted back in my seat. He had this perverted tone and it was becoming more perverted the further we went. I had to admit it gave me a thrill to have a man pay such attention to me.

I had to play him for it, “Ok. You got me.”

We started playing and I felt myself getting an upper hand and then he started, “I love your big tits. They are so distracting. I want to caress and squeeze them. I want to lick your nipples and suck them into my mouth. I want to leave love bites on your tits.”

Ffs. Was he going to start this during the fucking game? And then he took me by surprise, “I want to pinch and twist your nipples. I want to spank your luscious tits.”

I clutched my breasts feeling his words and I had a sharp intake of breath. Did he mean that? I had heard of bdsm and even watched videos but would he actually do this?

I began to lose my hold on the game and he was slowly overpowering. I then went for my favourite move and I wrapped my legs around his head and pulled him down pounding him. The fight returned to my favour but it only added to his commentary, “I wonder what I would feel if you wrapped your legs around my head in reality. Your hot wet cunt around my face. I would be able to smell your excitement. I would be able to taste your wetness. My tongue would explore you in ways you cannot imagine.”

He was adding a heightened sexual edge to the game and I felt an unexplainable excitement run through me as I pulled him into the same move. Only this time I had to take a deep breath and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. My body shivered as I imagined how it would feel to have his face between my legs.

I had one blow to end the fight and I had an opportunity to take him out but inexplicably I stopped myself and opened myself up for a counter attack. He took full advantage and hit me with 4 hit combo winning the game.

Why did I not just take him? I could have had the dragon.

I was not ready to admit it but I knew deep down a part of me wanted to be completely exposed for him. I wanted more than the dragon now.

He looked at me through the camera and said, “Show me your hot wet cunt.”

His language was becoming more explicit and controlling. I was struggling to hold back the need to finger myself to orgasm. I had never been so horny in my life.

I felt empowered sexually at the way he was taking in my body and it gave me greater confidence when displaying myself for him. I slowly turned around knowing his eyes were on my every movement. I bent forward and looked behind, as expected his eyes were taking in my ass. I slowly slid down my panties. I was embarrassed to see I had drenched my panties and there was a line of juices still sticking to my panties. I slid them down to my feet and the line broke before I stepped out of them. I kept my legs clasped together as I turned to face him.

He gave his cock one stroke and a glob precum oozed out and that sent a thrill to me as he ordered, “Sit down on the chair and spread your legs to show me that hot dripping cunt.”

I was in a trance as I followed his order and sat down in front of the screen. I then opened my legs for him. I could feel my wetness ooze out as I opened for him.

I went to touch it to stem the flow but I began to rub my clit in my horny daze but then I heard through the headset, “Stop. Horny little cunt needs to earn the right to cum. Are you ready to play?”

It broke my daze and I knew I had to beat him to cum, “Yes. Let’s play.”

But then I wondered what he would want if he won and almost as though he read my mind he said, “If I win I want to spank your tits 10 times and pinch and pull your nipples 10 times. What do you want if you win? Tell me.”

Oh god. I felt a quiver in my pussy as I heard him say what he wanted to do to my breasts. Was he really going to make me do that? Would I be able to?

I needed to cum and with every word he spoke that need was rising, “I want to rub my pussy until I cum. I want you to stroke your dick for me.”

He sent me an invite but this time he took an aggressive approach and he was dominating me from the beginning. If he could play like this, was he just letting me win before? I really needed to cum and I figured out this new style of his. But it was too late and he had me defeated.

The way he looked at me through the camera it felt like he was in the room, “You are a quick learner. Before you play with your tits, have you ever done anything like this before? How do you normally play with them? Show me.”

I was nervous but I felt energised by the way he looked at me and wanted to learn more about me, “I usually just squeeze my breasts and rub my nipples. Sometimes when I am really turned on I pinch my nipples.”

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