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Virgin Indian Girl Finds A Lover

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Virgin Indian Girl Finds A LoverdeleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedAs I wiped the sweat which rolled down my face down to my neckline with my handkerchief I asked the cabbie “bhaiya kitna paise huey ” ? “700 he replied ” gazing at my face I handed him the money he took it smiled and drove off “jerk” yes that was my immediate reaction. A very hot day indeed and almost as tiring it was just 11:00 am I had shifted from mumbai to gurgaon for my new job as a technical analyst with a software firm alone in a new cityI didn’t had the privilege of family or friends to help me arrange my stuff which occupied five cartons on the floor thanks to the cabbie and a little effort from my new landlords domestic help because of whom I finally had some time to drop down on a bin bag next to me and catch my breath. I was so tired that I don’t remember how I fell asleep lying that way but when I got up it was evening, this house had basic furnishing and a modular kitchen so I prepared tea for myself just then I heard the door bell. It was my landlady mrs khurana.I greeted her inside and we both sat on the couch she asked me if I needed something and urged me that I should never hesitate to ask anything from her as I was like a daughter to her. Her friendly nature and cordial behavior came to me as a blessing. She had also asked her maid to do the households for me as I had asked her over our prior conversation on rent an agreement that I needed a house help, ” all done” she stated and said she should leave as she had some other work at home.I thanked her once again as she departed downstairs as I turned back my cell phone began to ring it was my parents who asked if I reached my place safe and how’s everything we talked for some time and then I decided to get shower but before that I unpacked certain items that I would require I took out body oil, shower gel, loofah, shampoo and conditioner, a towel and a t and one of my printed pajama,In shower I caressed myself pour somebody oil massaged properly while I was wondering about my work and how important the next day is going to be, what complications would there be in this new place etc etc. Thoughts were flowing in and out, when suddenly I heard a voice which said ” didi khana lag gya hai neeche, aap jaldi ajao ” it was simmi the maid I replied ” haan ! Theek hai “. I got out from the shower put on my t and pajama hurriedly and untied my towel which was wrapped on my hair so that it dries faster wore my floaters and rushed downstairs. This was the home of an army man so there was complete decorum and discipline and I was well aware of that be it on the dining table or in the house the khurana’s ! Exactly my landlords were very austere.Food was served and I was seated on the table with mr and mrs khurana, mr khurana was an ex army man now into real estate business and mrs khurana owned two fashion boutiques in delhi. So ridhi (that’s my name riddhima) how’s our home ? Did u feel comfortable ? Was there any problem reaching here? Any kind of discomfort ? Let me know ! Inquired mr. Khurana. No exactly, not sir ! I am rather appeased by your hospitality I wore a gentle smile as mr and mrs khurana were looking as we dined and talked the couple has two c***dren a girl and a boy both of them live abroad in us the girl is elder and is into biotechnology research and the son is into b level computer studies.After dinner mr. Khurana went to his bedroom as he bade me goodnight whereas I and mrs. Khurana had a little chit chat she insisted me on calling her aunty through her talks I had a chance to ascertain that she was not that strict and very congenial even we shared some light moments also we had some similar interests after some time she reminded me of the time and that I should be asleep as tomorrow I was to go to office and join work. I bade her goodnight and we departed to our rooms.Early next morning I was ready by 8 when I saw them comeback from their morning walk. “good morning mr. Khurana good morning mrs. Khurana ” they both replied good morning dear ! How are u all set for your new day asked mr. Khurana and wish u best of luck said mrs. Khurana but when I replied thank you mr and mrs khurana they insisted that only uncle and aunty will do u don’t need to be that formal, I felt good and told them thank you once again.Uncle asked his driver to drop me to my office as it was my first day as my office was 30 mins drive and it had started drizzling I reached office at sharp nine due to heavy traffic as it was drizzling when left home and by the time I reached office the small droplets had turned into big drops the rain pelted hard on the windscreen but I somehow managed to get near the entrance I had fifteen minutes before I met the hrSo I decided to go to the washroom and do a mirror check I was wearing a black formal pant white shirt and black pumps heels I always took care that my clothes looked not only formal but little less revealing being a 23 yrs old punjabi girl not only I am fair but also have 34 bust size 28 waist and 34 hip size with darkish brown eyes I looked myself into the mirror I wore that confident look so I tried to redo the lip gloss adjusted my cups and sprayed my favorite cologne and exhaled the air of tension after that I waited at the reception. Till finally I was asked to go to the hr’s cabin.On entering his cabin I greeted him, he must have been around thirty guy quite charming personality fair, he had stubble he turned around with my voice and asked me riddhima ! Yes I replied ” be seated ” hello I am karan I am manager hr here” ,we shook hands and I sat down we talked for some fifteen minutes he was dashing and looked confident as he spoke looking at my name he asked ” tussi punjabi ho ” to which I replied “hanji” we talked for some time more till finally the door opened and a peon entered he asked him to show me my cubicle and ensure I have everything at easeI stood up thanked him and walked out of his cabin the peon took me to a cubicle which already had computers and everything attached he said if u need anything madam just give me a call at a number on your com as he went finally at last I was seated on my chair wondering last but not the least I was here when I suddenly heard a familiar voice “hello madam! How are you” I looked up to see a known friend from college shreya she saw me and came to my cubicle we hardly finished inquiring about our whereabouts when another voice interrupted this time it was the karan sir my hrHe came to see if I got my convenience and if I required something else to which I politely replied ” i’ll let you know sir , thank you ! When he left shreya said he has this habit of hitting on quite a few girls, he is a kind of flirt, whenever he sees a new girl he tries out his luck but then I argued that I wasn’t that gorgeous,to which she said shut up ! I know u are winsome and u won’t accept that fact but u don’t know these kind of men they are after something else.I knew there were quite a few rumors about me among my friends about guys from schools to colleges who probably had paraded in front and behind with their attempts to try and hit a chance upon me but I never felt inclined towards any such feeling of affection towards anybody rather I kept myself aloof from such things not that I was shy but since teenage I never wanted to be in this relationship bullshit. I wanted to focus on my career I always knew there was a right time for everything, I even remember a guy from my old office who started as a friend for some 3 years but ended proposing to me, which I strongly objected and told him that we were just good friends and I never had a feeling of similar kind !I knew he must have felt rude but that’s how I want things to happen any ways time passed by and now I entered into the sixth month of my work by this time I had arranged both home and workplace and was going steady I had made a couple of friends at office (both male as well as female) and used to socialize a lot during recess after office hours and during holidays. I noticed that in my group of eight there were four girls and four guys and all of them considered me as the best in looks and considered themselves average to which I objected but of late developed a feeling that if that is the case then I should improvise more upon my looks I don’t know what evoked me but surely I had noticed a certain change in my attire and appearance I started wearing fashionable clothing’s during outings, I donned skirts to office regularly which I never wore ,I wore trousers canlı bahis şirketleri rarely only when I had not waxed, my par lour sessions increased from once in two weeks to twice a week even I found myself doing quite a lot of online shopping and purchasing hot recent stuffs from the shelf, not only that I found myself getting different lingerie’s and stacking up my rack with the tiniest and sexiest lingerie’s from cloves and victoria’s secrets my footwear collection widened up and I had different pairs and different colors for different days and different moods.I exactly didn’t knew what reason was behind this driving force but I was finding myself into a new me and I was actually loving myself I had started taking care of my body, it wasn’t that previously I didn’t look at the mirror but my mirror time increased the idea behind this transition was nothing else but a conception of mind that stated me to be beautiful and attractive in my group I don’t know when this thing crept into me but of course another such person was mrs khurana who insisted me on concentrating on my looks long long before. She always urged me to try different attires I was not only satisfied with my change in attire and personalityBut I wanted to achieve more I joined gym and yoga and within months I could see the transition appear not only I had a perfect body but my assets got their perfect shaped another aspect of this transitional change I could notice was the growing aversion of some women in my office towards me as they got irked with the amount of silent appreciation I got.I still remember it was the month of november winter in ncr is quite chilling and it was a friday a small group of office friends had organised my birthday party at office during recess and we had cakes , pastries, cold drinks and pizzas for treat by this time I was a known person in my office among seniors , peers and subordinates so wishes were pouring in from everywhereI got some beautiful messages on phone as well as some cards placed on my office table one such card caught my attention as it was place in the middle and had a rose adhered to it and read “to the most gorgeous and vivacious girl I have ever know wishing you many happy returns of the day ” from yours karan, karan sir knew me from day one but despite work we hardly talked his attempts at hitting me had been numerous and he never missed a chance to appreciate me I remember he always said ” I adore u and that’s the truth I can’t hide ” well I thought of it as another attempt at striking a conversation and kept the card aside taking my cell phone and texting him ” thank you sir for wishes and appreciation “.And then joined back my friends in celebrations after sometime when recess got over and I returned to my desk I saw his message on my phone which said ” mention not ! By da way where is my share of cake ?” at first I ignored but then thought its just a cake ! Hopefully a chunk of cake was left which I took and went to his office he must have been busy on his computer or must be pretending whatever he was surprised to see me and stood up and greeted me “happy birthday” with a hug. I was shocked ! I pushed him back it was office I was uncomfortable as he ventured into my human bubble I wasn’t expecting this ,So I tried to distance myself by saying here is your share of cake unfortunately only one piece was left he took that piece and ate it. Saying pineapple cream was his favorite “thanks” after that I left his cabin I was trembling with shame “what the hell was he up to” how could he do that ? Late that night after office when I came back home I felt a certain vibe which threw flashes at the moment he hug me although I was surprised and felt bad by his actions but I felt I never experienced something like that k before and admit that I missed that kind of a feeling at certain point of time the warmth of that hug not only touched my body but also soul although many friends hugged me as a warm gesture to wish or greet somebody but that hug from karan sir was different, at that time I didn’t knew but I now feel may be I was infatuating about him lying in my room what was happening to me ? Why I was behaving like a different person ? Why am I not sensing this as awkward ? .That gesture not only melted me within but also provoked me to perceive him as a different person all together I started reasoning within myself who says he flirts I never saw him doing that, who says he is hitting on me maybe it was his good nature and caring gesture that made girls feel he is flirting and etc etc thoughts were building up just then I got a beep of a message which broke the silence of the night it was from karan sir it read “i am sorry for my action that I hugged u in office, I felt bad later when I realized what if somebody would have entered or seen it how foolish of me to act like that , I know you are not that kind of a girl and so I am really sorry if I had hurt u ”I was shocked not because he asked for sorry but because he was also thinking about what I was thinking, I didn’t replied to him as I was not quite sure as to what I should reply or rather I wanted him to be in confusion and think nothing else but about me ! How I would feel and all that but I was beginning to change my perception about him I am not among those who believe what they listen but among those who believe what they see and right know I felt he had started liking me. I went to sleep as I was tired with the day’s work.Next day I got up at ten in the morning it was saturday also it was my birthday and knowing that my friends at office wanted a party at a place nearby no sooner I woke up started getting calls from family and my friends asking about plans my friends had got ticket for a club for eight of us at a and we were going to celebrate there tonight I was not a party a****l but when I partied I partied hard that means I can handle tequila, vodka, gin , martini rather I occasionally partied and that too with a very close group I have been with these people through eight – ten months of my work our small group comprised of eight members four guys and four girls.But the bigger decision was I hadn’t done any party wear shopping in these couple of months and whatever small parties I attended I had dresses for that but today was a special day being my birthday I always wanted to look gorgeous and exceptional on this day I was deciding on my pick when I suddenly heard a knock on the door it was aunty she came in and saw my bed was quite messed up with my phone , laptop, hairdryer, clothes and lingerie’s etc etc.She asked me as if I was busy and I told her my friends had planned a birthday party for me and I am in a fix what to wear how to look she was smiling and said I have something for you and then she gave me two large packets one consisted of chocolates and the other a beautiful maroon satin one shoulder dress I remember I had told her about my birthday but hardly knew she could remember fortunately she did and she was an angel she asked me to try the dress as she got it from her boutique stitched and designed especially for me it was a maroon long satin dress with one side shoulder and other side full sleeve and a deep cut on the left leg right up to the thighs it had a beautiful rose designed on the shoulder and was backless it was quite a sexy outfit presumably if I would have chosen something it would not have been better than this,I hadn’t finished admiring the dress when aunty interrupted saying quickly get up and go try it my utter surprise that dress fitted me perfectly apart from that it was beyond expectation finish near the bust and back I felt extremely confident and came out and asked aunty “how do I look ” to which she said “flawless” but u cannot wear a bra its backless, I sooner realized the bitter fact and felt hesitant when suddenly aunty came to my rescue and said its fashion and I definitely feel you will look gorgeous, I still hesitated but took a moment went to the washroom and looked at the mirror I have worn party wear dresses before also but without a bra but after few moments I decided if I be overcautious then I may embarrass myself so I took off the bra and came out turned my back towards aunty and said “i am ready to go ”She interrupted saying u need a hairdo which I ll do for u but u get ur self waxed to which I agreed and went to the par lour after around spending five thousand bucks and four hours in the par lour I got back home I stripped in front on the mirror and looked at canlı kaçak iddaa my body I was experimenting with myself my skin felt baby soft and glistened I went to the shower and felt even more sexier than before I applied a face pack and took a short nap without wasting time as I wanted to look fresh like a blooming bud I woke up at 5 in the evening had green tea and started preparing by that time aunty had come she was doing my makeup and preparing a braided look for my hair when her makeup was done she asked me to get dressed I took my dress I had secretly selected a red laced thong from my lingerie’s collection to go with this dress so that the panty lines won’t be visible over the dress.As I wore the thong and dress I felt a vibe rushing in me the dress clad every inch of my body my legs looked hotter and sexier the dress had a deep neck I was looking like a diva I was admiring when aunty called hurry up you will be late for the evening I came out of the washroom dressed and seated on the chair aunty could see my back and said now you are looking like a confident lady she was doing my braid when she said ” you are looking damn gorgeous and I am sure if u go on the floor like this you will have enough eyes staring at you ” I felt shy even blushed but there was blood rushing in my veins which was freezing at this thought finally I put on my black stockings and velvet red stilettos and was prepared and ready to go, I was supposed to stay at a friend’s house today as next day was off and we were to party till late as my friend cameWe drove off around half past eight she drove us to the club pangaea I came out of the car I had an overcoat as it was cold but I knew things inside would be different so I left the coat in the car along with a small bag with my nightdress and we walked inside she was wearing a short yellow body con dress and was looking hot but I saw glances falling upon me as I walked to the enclosure booked by my friends they all waited for us to arrive a small cake waited at the table along with some wine and champagneAfter the cake was cut they opened the champagne and poured them into glasses the kept stirring and kept pouring I was accustomed to hard drinks a shot or two of vodka or wine was the most I preferred to keep me sane but today was a different environment the girls around were all here to be high on spirits I also had no idea when I gulped down three glasses of champagne and three glass vodka with starters that was just the beginning and I was kind of coming out of my shell and starting to feel the moment soon I was standing on my foot swooning and took my way to the bar where I ordered a cosmopolitan slushy and finally a red wine sangria.After that I was seated on the bar when I suddenly heard a familiar “hi how are u doing?” I looked and saw it was karan sir for sometime I was awestruck I did not invite him ? This was least expected ! He said again ” are u alright ” to which I replied “yeah I am fine ” there was loud music and voice f the dj echoed on the floor so he thought I must be unable to hear him so he leaned forward to listen I could smell his deo as a result he learnt I was drunk “do u drink” ? He asked me I nodded my head and smiled I saw him looking at my eyes and smilingly he said “you never told me” I told him “something are best when kept secret ” by this time the music had died down and I noticed people dancing to slow romantic tunes I was encouraged to roll out on the floor by a male friend so I accompanied him leaving karan sir behindI was feeling lifted in spirits at his attraction towards me it was not that I did not like attention but I was conservative showing it I saw the way his face hung when I left him behind and the way I was on the floor with a male friend of mine putting his hand on my back and matching steps as we dance to the serene tune just then I suddenly requested my friend that I need to use the washroom, and left for the washroom I felt the need to pee as I had enough of liquid in me and I still remember it was hard to hold onAfter ten minutes or so I returned back to where we were seated and was talking to friends who all were high including me and were celebrating it would have been hours into midnight when I saw karan sir sitting on the bar he was not looking at me but I was, I took off my eyes of him just to ensure it again wandered back to him suddenly our eyes met I tried to look the other side but I knew he must have seen it and would feel bad so I smiled to which he gently respondedAfter sometime I felt it was wrong of me to not invite him of course he is another such person who has known me for more than eight months and after all he is my boss so for courtesy sake I went up to him and asked him to join us for dinner if he didn’t mind. He said it was my party and my group and he seemed to doesn’t fit there but when I insisted he came and he sat next to me and we had our dinner after dinner he had another glass of champagne and by that time we were all s**ttered he asked me if I wanted a drive back home I said I will be staying with my friend, I felt he didn’t liked the reply and asked me if I wanted to take a stroll outside with him .I said I won’t mind unless I catch cold when we came out of the smoky club the outside was equally foggy as I was walking I could literally feel myself shiver as I was wearing my satin backless dress karan sir saw this and he took off his coat and put it on my shoulder it was warm the coat as well the gesture then he said ” I didn’t thought of meeting you today like this ” like this what like this then he told me how beautiful I was looking in that dress and said he felt like hugging me again to which I replied smiling I was high.He said ” I am sorry for the way I behaved with you at work but its my affection for you I cannot hide after I got back from work I thought it was wrong hugging you I know u are a different kind of a girl he said he always adore me and that was a fact he felt differently so he never came up to me with the fear that I may take him wrong he also said he knew people in office took his friendly gesture as flirting but he never meant to hurt anyone personally I suddenly found myself starting to believe him because in the past eight months or so this guy has never approached me in a way or manner I did not liked rather he remained low and I felt his words were starting to build up a better impression about him when suddenly he said ” I think I like you ” I was shocked although dizzy I got each and every word clear I said but karan sir this is not right ! He put his finger on my lips and said ssshhhh !After which he hugged me I was hardly able to recover from it when I found he kissed me on my cheeks just couldn’t understand what happened next and how the series of events unfolded he landed another kiss this time on my forehead followed by another on my lips the wind started to pick up and I started to feel the shiver, he unlocked his car and we got inside just in time to save us from the wrath of nature. I was hardly out of the transfix of what happened few seconds before when he leaned towards my seat and kissed my right cheek I had decided what I would do if he repeated that but my mind was not thinking of the way my heart the next kiss turned out to be a smooch where he fondled my upper and lower lips I felt the heat growing in me as I was growing weak as there was a sudden passionate outburstAnd the next thing I remember were we biting into each other’s lips it begun with a gentle kiss and now we were into each other’s mouth tasting ourselves things were good if it would have stopped but then I felt karan sir’s hand groping my tits he was trying to size them but they were big I was getting shameless as the smooch was making me horny and erotic then I sensed his hands making way through the slit of my dress to my pussy I behaved like an a****l when his cold fingers reached my warm zone he might have just felt my panty material when I heard my friends voice calling out my name after ten intense moments of pleasure a chill ran down my mind as to ! Wtf? Was I doing I felt a guilt in me which was pushing me hard I was not this kind of a girl deep down I was ashamed he was my boss elder to me around five six years,I heard my name being called out by my friend once again and then I tried to get out of the car but something stopped me what if she sees me getting out of this car who knows about what people will think about this I will be ruined I did nt wanted this to come out canlı kaçak bahis I wanted what happened between me and karan sir remains between us I even made karan sir promise me to which he said don’t worry it wont,I told him to call my friend and ask her to bring my bag and coat and tell her that I was unwell and I wanted to go home so he would be dropping me back home he did exactly as I told him now with my friends gone home I was alone he stepped in the car that guilt was still running in me I needed to get out of this I did not wanted myself to be faced with the fact that I let myself be used by an unknown man what difference do I make with a roadside trash the guilt was killing me when he asked tell me where to go I told him I don’t know but I cannot go back to home as it is late and I have told them I won’t be back I started sobbing as to what I have done to myself karan sir tried to pacify me but his efforts were in vain he got out of the car went to the pub and got a bottle of red wine and told me “have this”I was so influenced by him I did exactly as he said a couple of sips and my sobs stopped I looked at him he took my hands and told me whatever happens will be in between you and me with tears in eye I looked at him and shook my head he felt bad wiped my tears and said if u don’t mind u can stay at my place I stay alone he came close and said only if u trust me. He kissed my hand once again, I seriously needed that to sustain myself we drove out of the parking I was drinking a couple of sips more when he refrained me from doing so he was polite and what I felt wonderful was he was able to handle me easily during that phaseI was looking at him as he drove he just wiped what possibly would have been the last drop of tears of my face I was feeling a slight headache when I asked him to pullover at a medical store there wasn’t a single one opened we drove to a hospital where we found one he brought some medicines I got of the car and was standing he came back hold me as I was drifting here and there I could feel his hand on my back I was so drunk I never realized what I was actually doing or speaking I he gave me a bottle of water and a medicine I took it I felt better after sometime the headache was gone but the booze was onI told him that he was a superman he is a very good person ,gentle and he knows how to respect women I was tipsy and staggering he gave me support and then I kissed him on his cheeks he was bearing my tantrums holding me in his arms I told him ” whenever I think of u appear from now where and kissed his lips we stood lip locked on the road for five-ten minutes then he put me into the rear seat then we drove off to his place on reaching I tried to get out of the car, he helped me by picking me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom I sat on the bed tried removing my stiletto’s he helped meI looked at his eyes he got a glass of lime water for me after drinking it I went and washed my face I somehow managed to throw my stiletto’s at one corner and laid on the bed he came close to me and said I made u cry that’s the worst I can do with you ! M sorry his innocence struck me the next thing I remember I pulled him over me and kissed his lips as hard as I can I wanted him to suffocate and beg me to leave but he was as intense as me now I felt I needed him like a d**g! He rolled me over and now I was on top kissing each other passionately and violently, I felt his hands trying to find a way through my dress but it was so tight he could barely feel my assets without tearing it off and I didn’t wanted to spoil the dress so I got off the bed took off my dress and stood half naked in front of him his eyes widened when he saw my tits I climbed back on this time with equal opportunity he had his hand on my ass and was pressing them hard enough to make me moan,With my tits gliding against his face he kissed them and bit my nipples making them grow hard and erect and me hornier and demand more flesh I urged him to get up and get out of his pants he obeyed me and in moments I could see his dick without wasting a second I grabbed it and started sucking he was shaved below I wasn’t (but surely next time) ! Wait next time this was my first time and I already imagined a next time which made me feel embarrassed for a second I spat on it lubed it with my saliva and sucked each single drop of it I was drunk I was filthy I coated his dick with my spit so that he could make a safe passage in but was he going to fuck me like this ! Without a condom just when I thought this karan of course now I could call him that in bed pulled me towards the end of the bed and brought his face in front of my cuntI tried to stop him saying ” I am unshaved” he smiled spat and licked my cunt that was enough for me my eyes rolled back and I gave in as his slave and was ready to be deflowered by this man the moisture of his warm tongue asphyxiated me he left just in time for me to catch my breath and started again I could feel my juices flowing I was a virgin and this experience was taking me to ninth heaven I could barely open my eyes but I felt he was enjoying teasing me and listening me moan motivated him to go further he worked up his tongue up to my clit and when it touched the hood I shouted out “aaaaahh !!” and grabbed his hair he was not ready to give up neither was I wanting him to I could hear his lip smacking my clit slowly I felt I was aroused and now I had my eyes open to see how he devoured me I wanted him inside I told him I needed him he teased me , I begged him to deflower me ,He hesitated and enjoyed teasing I moaned when he inserted his two fingers and confirmed you are a virgin I said yes ! I want to lose it to you he got up pulled out a condom from the drawer asked me to help him wear that, I haven’t done this before I tore the packet he brought his dick close to my face and asked me to roll the ring slowly over the crown when I did he asked me to suck it and push the ring down to the base of his stiff dick I did as I was instructed as I finished he jumped on the bed kissed me and asked me to lay flat as he entered me he started slowly till I gave out a shout as I felt my cherry popped outThen he pushed his dick till the base was barely out with his entire thing inside me I felt warm we never moved he started fucking slowly I was burning and I could see blood as his dick went to and fro he took it out and asked me to lie on one side as he fucked me from behind this was his second time entry inside me which was not that painful as the previous, now I had realized my need was being satisfied so I started reciprocating we smooched as he fucked he had well toned body he was a gym freak he had that macho smell and not only was he a fantastic guy but good in bed too and I was enjoying himFinally I wanted it rough I got up as he lay flat spat a mouth full on his crown and sat down in missionary position I rode him in reverse cowboy position as that was my favorite and asked him to avoid his hands to caress my nipples as I was so aroused I was doing it myself I slapped his hands when he tried to hold me I was not allowing him to touch me after fifteen minutes or so I felt I was reaching for orgasm but I wanted to cum on his dick inside me and not let him out as I never feared him cumming inside me as he had a condom on. But then I wanted to feel the taste of thick white cum I wasn’t a virgin anymore and now I had new sets of needs so I asked him ” do u want to cum he gave out a slow moan yeah what if I asked u to hold and not let u cum, he moaned again, no ! I asked him do you really want to cum ,He said yes and are u going to give it in my mouth I felt that was enough he rushed his cock out of my cunt took off the condom in a jiffy and shot right in my mouth on my tongue over my upper lips a drop squatted across to my right cheek and finally his meat rested on my chin with the remaining drops of his man juice like a good disciplined girl I cleaned each and every single drop tasting every single drop and finding its quality and thickness better each time.When finished we laid naked next to each other he cuddled me in his arms and I rested my head on his chest we slept when I woke up in the morning to find myself nude I got up from bed and walked up to the mirror on the wall I looked at myself and smiled I was filled with satisfaction there was no guilt this time as I knew what happened was consensual I looked at my cunt I still felt the moisture there that smell wooed me till suddenly I felt karan’s hand around my tummy and he politely said ” good morning sweetheart ” and kissed my cheek, yes he can now, he owes me now and I am his and may be it won’t take long again for me to get in bed with him but I have no shame to accept it that for now he is my lover.

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