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visit to mexicoTerry Nichols stepped out of the airplane, onto the uncovered tarmac andinto the hot air of small Mexican airport. Terry is 34-year old teacherfrom a small mid-western town in the United States traveling to Mexico toperform some research for her doctorate in Aztec culture. She was taking ayear long sabbatical from her junior professor position at a university soshe could visit the ancient city and study the culture first hand.Terry had never been out of the country before now, in fact, she had neverbeen out of her home state. She was a single c***d raised on a farm by herparents and schooled at home through 12th grade. She attended the localuniversity and received her B.A. degree in Social Sciences all the whileshe was still living at home. Her parents were strict disciplinarians andraised their only daughter in very stringent Christian ideals. Terrydidn’t have very many friends let alone any boyfriends, mostly due to herparents overbearing protectiveness. It isn’t as though she is notattractive. On the contrary, Terry was a very beautiful woman. Herpiercing blue eyes, high cheek bones, smooth alabaster skin, light brownhair and petite figure are all greatly understated by the way she carriedherself and the clothes she wore. She was never a slave to fashion andusually preferred more comfortable clothes than anything else. At 5’4″ and110lbs her 34C breasts would look twice as alluring if she ever decided toshow them off properly which was a rare occasion indeed. She was happywith her life and didn’t have any complaints if for no other reason thanshe had no idea what she may or may not be missing out on.When Terry’s parents died late last year she finally decided that it wastime to explore a little more of the world that she had been reading aboutall these years and considering her devotion to bettering her mind andeducation this was a perfect opportunity. She managed to make all of thenecessary travel arrangements and then rented a room for the duration ofher stay from a nice woman she contacted over the internet. As shedescended the stairs from the plane to the tarmac she was immediatelyfilled with the new smells and excitement of her new adventure in thisstrange new place. The woman she was renting from told her she would meether at the airport and drive her to the house so she wouldn’t have to fusswith getting a taxi. As she approached the open-air terminal she noticed abeautiful woman holding a sign up that read “Terry Nichols”. She assumedthat the person holding the sign was Carmen Martinez the woman she had onlymet and talked with through her computer.Carmen Martinez held the sign up hoping to attract Terry’s attention andwas pleased to notice a very attractive American woman walking towards her.Carmen was 42 years old, but to look at her you would not believe she was aday over 30. Her deep, bronze complexion and smooth skin glowed liked thatof a woman much younger than her years. Her figure was also well intact.She was 5’7″ with a very voluptuous figure, full breasts and a beautifulround ass. Her 38DD breasts were her most prominent feature, however, andthey sat high and wide on her chest with very little sagging. She was inexcellent shape for sure. Her beautiful face was framed nicely with jetblack, shoulder length hair and her deep, brown eyes could make anyone whostared feel very relaxed and safe.A warm smile spread across her moist lips as she noticed Terry walkingtowards her. Hmmmmmmm, very nice she thought to herself, wouldn’t it begreat luck if this beautiful creature turned out to be the mysterious TerryNichols. Carmen carefully examined the approaching woman with a morediscerning eye picking out Terry’s more subtle physical qualities andstoring them away for future reference. She could tell just by her clothesand body language that Terry had definite potential to be a very sexy womanif given the proper guidance and Carmen was definitely an expert on guidingwomen.”Hi, I’m Terry Nichols,” beamed Terry as she extended her delicate hand tothe woman holding the cardboard sign bearing her name.”I am pleased to meet you Miss Nichols,” responded Carmen in her bestEnglish. “I am Carmen Martinez, your new housemate for the next 12months.” She reached up and grasped Terry’s hand and firmly shook it.”Come with me. We need to get you processed through customs and thencollect your luggage and be on our way.” Carmen then turned and led Terrytowards the customs check-in area all the while holding her hand.Terry was slightly taken back by Carmen’s abruptness and even more so byhow she was maintaining her firm grip on her hand as she followed herthrough the crowd. She got the immediate impression that Carmen was a veryaggressive woman that usually got whatever she wanted. She had gotten abrief glimpse into that intuition through their correspondence, but meetingher in person and through just a few short seconds of face-to-face contacthad confirmed all of her previous instincts. Terry had always been a veryquick study of people. She was, however, slightly surprised by Carmen’sphysical appearance. She got the impression that she would be a moretraditional, matronly looking Latina. Not that she was displeased withwhat she saw, no far from it. Terry was immediately entranced by herexotic look and youthful appearance. She found her provocative,tight-fitting clothes to be very appealing for some reason and foundherself stealing more looks down the ample cleavage of Carmen’s enormouschest.Carmen led Terry to the proper line at the customs area and then turned toface her saying, “I will go to the baggage area and retrieve your luggagewhile you get processed. Let me have your claim ticket por favor, MissNichols.” Terry hesitated momentarily as she stared into the older woman’sdeep eyes before she snapped out of her trance and handed Carmen herbaggage claim ticket. “I will meet you out front in a few minutes.”Terry watched Carmen as she walked away and found herself drinking in everycurve of the older woman’s shapely body. He hips and firm ass swayedseductively from side to side as she traversed through the airport on apair of 4″ high heels. The sheer material of her tight-fitting sundressclung to her undulating ass cheeks like a second skin. She slowly movedher gazed up until she saw that Carmen had turned her head back to catchTerry watching her. Terry immediately felt embarrassed and turned away,but she knew she must’ve looked silly staring after Carmen like a k** in acandy store.Carmen smiled broadly when she looked back and saw the young woman watchingher ass so intently. She made doubly sure to accentuate her hip movementto enhance her ass and make it all the more attractive to the youngAmerican woman if she chose to look her way. When she saw her taking thebait Carmen knew she was going to have some fun with her new tenant. Shemade a mental note to pull out all of the stops and give Miss Nichols everyopportunity to see every inch of her voluptuous figure whenever she could.She was going to see just how easily the American could be seduced andbecome her newest sex slave.What am I doing thought Terry as she felt her cheeks flush withembarrassment. Why can’t I keep my eyes off of Carmen? Why does she seemso attractive and so sexually exciting? Terry was not totally naive inthe ways of the world, just inexperienced. She had never been reallyturned-on by women before so why was she all of a sudden feeling soattracted to this total stranger? See could not clear her mind of theimage of Carmen’s seductive curves as she was slowly processed throughcustoms and finally made her way to the front of the airport. She stoodthere nervously and surveyed the crowd for another glimpse of Carmen’sexotic figure.Carmen approached Terry from behind and noticed her somewhat eager bodylanguage as she paced back and forth craning her neck looking through thecrowd. She knew she was waiting for her and she figured it was time to puther plan into motion. She carefully unbuttoned the top two buttons on thefront of her already low-cut sundress and noticed with pride as her amblecleavage glistened in the afternoon sun with a thick layer of perspiration.Her dark nipples were plainly visible through the sheer material as itclung to her breasts that were only supported with a half-bra leaving hernipples prominently exposed. The fact that the thin material was also dampfrom the humidity only added to the alluring affect that she was hoping toattract Terry’s attention with.”I am sorry Miss Nichols,” stated Carmen. “But the airline has misplacedyour luggage. They were very sorry.””What?” exclaimed a somewhat surprised Terry as she whirled around to seeCarmen standing directly behind her. Her gaze started at Carmen’s eyes,but quickly darted lower to catch her incredible chest. “Did you say theylost my luggage?””Yes, I’m afraid so,” explained Carmen. “They said it did not get on theplane when you changed planes in Mexico City. They assured me that it willarrive here in a few days and an employee of the airline would call theminute it was available to be picked up. Very bad luck, but we will makedo under the circumstances.””How?” asked an exasperated Terry. “All of my clothes are in there. Ionly have the clothes I’m wearing with me. I can’t continue to wear thesefor the next few days.””Don’t worry Miss Nichols,” Carmen continued. “I’m sure I can find a fewitems at home that would fit you.” Carmen deliberately looked Terry oververy carefully and was not shy about where her eyes lingered. “Yes, I amsure we can work something out. Come along now, Rosa is waiting for us athome and is eager to meet you.” Carmen grabbed Terry’s hand and pulled heralong as she made her way into the parking lot to her car.Terry followed Carmen like a small c***d in tow behind her mother untilthey reached the car. She got into the front seat when Carmen opened thepassenger door. Carmen closed the door behind her and then opened thetrunk and retrieved a small rag and some glass cleaner. She walked back tothe front of the car and sprayed a liberal amount of the cleaner onto thedirty windshield and then proceeded to lean across the passenger side ofthe vehicle to wipe down the dirty windshield. In her position her chestwas directly in front of Terry’s view as she sat inside the car. Carmendeliberately stretched her lean frame across the windshield and pressed herfull breasts into the glass as she worked on the far end of the glass. Hernipples were hard and pointed as they were mercilessly pressed into theglass and rubbed back and forth across the smooth surface as she wiped thewindshield clean.Terry’s mouth opened noticeably as she took in the show that Carmen wasgiving her. Those enormous breasts were being lewdly displayed for her inan almost shameless manner as they were mashed into the glass and rubbedabout in a circular manner. The flimsy top could barely contain the hugeglobes as more and more of the flesh was bared to her gaze. The materialwas slowly being pulled apart from the movement and Terry gasped slightlywhen she saw two more buttons loosen.Carmen looked through the windshield and was excited to see Terry’s wideeyes staring at her breasts as she continued her performance. She feltseveral more buttons break free and knew it would only take a few moremoments for the top of her dress to completely spread apart and allow hertits to be fully exposed to the young woman. She continued to clean theglass and even backed away from the windshield in order to clean the areawhere her breasts were previously displayed.In this position Terry could see all of Carmen’s deep cleavage as the tophad become unbuttoned to just below her incredible tits and the materialwas split apart to reveal everything including the very top curve of herchocolate brown areola. Terry could not avert her eyes from the sightbefore her and was entranced by the beautiful display of breast flesh. Shecould not understand her sudden fascination with a woman’s chest, but onlyknew that she was eagerly anticipating the moment when more of the sexyflesh would be uncovered for her.Carmen could tell her breasts were having the desired affect on Terry asshe saw the young woman’s eyes glossing over as they stared intently at herbared chest. She immediately pretended to have missed a portion of thefurthest part of the windshield and sprayed some more glass cleaner on itand then stretched across the glass pressing her huge tits into it onceagain. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for the friction of hermovements to pull the fabric apart even further until both of her largenipples were fully exposed on the clear glass.Terry gasped loudly as she saw the fabric pull away suddenly and Carmen’snipples came into full view as they glided across the smooth glass in frontof her. They looked so attractive and exciting to her for some unknownreason as she felt a tingling begin to grow in the pit of her stomach.What was happening to her she thought. Why were this woman’s breastshaving such a powerful affect on her? Doesn’t bursa escort Carmen realize what washappening to her dress? Can’t she feel the glass against her bare skin?The whole scene was having such an improbable affect on Terry as she felther own body awaken with feelings of sexual arousal that she rarely felt.Carmen finished with the windshield and backed away from the front of thecar and stepped directly to the side of the car outside Terry’s rolled downwindow. Her dress had fallen back to somewhat cover her glistening tits asthey were now openly displayed dripping with perspiration from the heat ofthe day. The large, brown nipples were only half covered by the flimsymaterial and they were hard and extended from the friction from the recentwindshield massage. “I hope you don’t mind the delay,” said Carmen. “Ijust hate driving around with dirty windows. I’ll be finished in just amoment.”Terry briefly broke out of her trance to answer, “Oh, no not all. I knowhow you feel.” She attempted to avert her eyes, but found the urge to keepstaring at Carmen’s impressive and now half-exposed breasts just tootempting. Her nipples are so large, she thought, the areolas must be atleast 3″ in diameter and the nipples must be sticking out an inch. Howcould breasts so large be so firm and shapely especially for someone as oldas she knew Carmen was? She could barely make out the material of thehalf-bra, but was still in awe of their gravity-defying appearance.Carmen then stepped closer to the car and sprayed the glass cleaner on thelarge sunroof of the car. She then leaned over and stretched her long armover to begin cleaning the window and in the process she maneuvered herchest so her huge tits were now leaning through the open passenger doorwindow and into the car interior. She knew that in this position the tipsof her pointed nipples would only be a few inches from Terry’s face givingher a very close up view. She looked down through the sunroof and waspleased to see the shocked and then lustful look on Terry’s face when shelooked up to see the huge tits swaying seductively in her face.Terry couldn’t believe what she saw when she lifted her head up and sawCarmen’s almost bare breasts jiggling only a few inches from her flushedface. She could see every pore and bead of sweat on the bronze flesh asthey slowly swayed to and fro with Carmen’s movements. The dress top wasagain feeling the affects of the jerking movement of the huge globes offlesh and gravity took its toll as the material slowly fell to revealalmost all of the older woman’s enormous breasts. The incredible nippleswere hard and pointed as they stared back at Terry bobbing slightly as thebeautiful tits jiggled about. They are the most beautiful breasts she’dever seen thought Terry as she noticed the huge nipples start to puckerslightly and several goose bumps appeared on the areola as the hardeningnubs extended further as they stiffened. Suddenly she felt the urge toreach out and touch them, to see just how hard they were.Carmen continued her show, long since finishing the task of cleaning thesunroof, as she sensed Terry was becoming hypnotized by her naked tits andpointed nipples. She could even see that Terry, having closed her eyesbriefly, had unknowingly leaned closer to her swaying tits and it would nottake much effort on her part to thrust them forward just a little furtherand make contact with the unsuspecting woman’s face. With that in mind shepressed herself closer to the car and pushed her chest further into theopen window until she felt her left nipple graze across Terry’s warm cheek.It felt so good to her as a bolt of electricity shot through her entire titwhen it touched the young woman’s smooth face.Terry’s eyes opened immediately when she felt the hard nub of Carmen’snipple brush her cheek. It was so hard and pointed! Her immediate thoughtwas to pull back and avoid any further contact, but at the same time shefelt a warm rush flow throughout her body as if the stiff nipple wassending electrical shocks into her skin when it touched her. She wasfrozen and could not move out of the way. What was happening to her shethought? Couldn’t Carmen sense that something was not right with her dressand her exposed nipple was now brushing against her face? She closed hereyes again and began to really enjoy the nipple massage her face was nowbeing subjected to by Carmen’s incredible breasts.Carmen was ecstatic with how the young American woman was reacting to herlittle game. She knew she was not a lesbian, and probably not evenbi-sexual, but she was falling under the spell of her tits so easily itonly spurred Carmen on to see just how far Terry would allow the contact tocontinue. She slowly began to increase the contact further until her hardnipple was dragging itself across Terry’s entire cheek and the curve of herjaw as she maneuvered her tits in a circular motion. She could even see atrail of her own sweat appear over Terry’s face as more and more of herbreast flesh smeared across her warm cheek. Although Carmen was justgetting started she knew she could not continue her show much longerconsidering they were in a public place and someone could discover them atany moment. After several more minutes of the erotic facial Carmenreluctantly pulled herself away from Terry’s flushed face and stepped awayfrom the door slightly. “There,” exclaimed Carmen. “That’s much better.”Terry’s eyes immediately popped open when she heard Carmen’s voice andnoticed that the woman’s beautiful breasts were no longer pressed into herface. When her eyes focused she saw Carmen turn and walk to the rear ofthe car where she put the cleaning materials away and shut the trunk.Terry managed to compose herself slightly as she heard Carmen walk aroundthe car and open the driver’s side door and slip onto the front seat withthe graceful movement of a model. Out of the corner of her eye she caughta glimpse of Carmen’s dress and noticed that although it was stillunbuttoned slightly, her huge breasts appeared to be somewhat betterconcealed than they were just a few moments ago.Carmen eyed the young woman carefully and could sense her nervousness andembarrassment from the little game she just endured. She smiled broadly asshe started the car and pulled out of the parking lot of the airport andheaded home with her new prize. It was going to be a very fun andrewarding next 12 months, she thought. She was going to enjoy teasing andfinally breaking the young, straight American woman until she wascompletely submissive to her sexual demands and desires.Terry sat back and remained silent for the entire trip to Carmen’s house asshe contemplated what had just occurred. She couldn’t understand what cameover her and why she didn’t do anything to protest or avoid the contact shehad with Carmen’s breasts. She wasn’t even sure if Carmen was aware ofwhat had happened, but she certainly wasn’t about to ask her that was forsure. By the time they had arrived at Carmen’s home Terry had convincedherself that she had become a victim of her own inexperience and sexualnaivety. She had denied her body and mind for that matter any sexualfeelings for her entire life. What brief experiences with sexual arousalwere just that, very brief and very uneventful. She had lived such asheltered and private existence that she really didn’t even have any ideawhat she was missing which in an odd way was actually better for her andprobably allowed her to go through life without many distractions.Carmen’s house was beautiful she thought as they drove down the isolatedstreet to the simple two-story house at the end of the block. There werenot very many houses nearby and the thick trees and rock formationsprovided a very private living area. In fact the nearest house wasprobably a 1/4 mile away back down the main road. “This is beautiful,”exclaimed Terry as the car came to a stop in the driveway. “This is such alovely area and your house looks like it is part of the natural scenery.””Thank you Miss Nichols,” answered Carmen. “I’m glad you like it.Consider it your home for your entire stay here. I want you to feel ascomfortable here as though you have lived here your whole life.” Carmengot out of the car and walked toward the house before stopping near thefront door and turning back to face Terry who was looking around and takingin all of the surroundings. “Come, Miss Nichols,” said Carmen as sheextended her hand to Terry. “I would like you to meet my daughter and getyou situated.”Terry walked toward Carmen and put her hand in hers and let the older womanlead her into the beautiful house. The inside was equally as impressive,simple yet very tasteful. When they reached the kitchen she saw Rosa,Carmen’s 18-year-old daughter just finishing preparing dinner. She wasimmediately taken back by Rosa’s beauty, much in the same way Carmen hadaffected her earlier. Terry could see the resemblance instantly andrealized Rosa was the proud recipient of all Carmen’s best physicalqualities including her sculpted face, bronze complexion, voluptuous figureand most impressively Carmen’s breasts. While maybe not quite as large asher mother’s, Rosa’s breasts were at least a D-cup and considering she wasslightly smaller framed they looked every bit as enticing.Rosa was immediately impressed with her new houseguest. She was veryattracted to demure and innocent looking women and Terry looked every inchthe part of a woman who lacked worldly experience. “Hola, Miss Nichols,”greeted Rosa as she walked over to Terry and put her arms out to hug her.Rosa closed the distance between them quickly and threw her arms aroundTerry and drew their bodies together in a warm embrace before Terry had anyopportunity to shy away. She could feel Terry’s nipples harden as shepressed her own tits into the older woman’s firm breasts. “I very pleasedto meet you. Welcome to our home.”Terry could feel her body begin to betray her yet again as the youngteenager hugged her tightly. She could feel Rosa’s large breasts and herpointed nipples pressed against her own as though she was not wearinganything at all. Rosa’s thin sundress, and the fact that she was notwearing a bra, provided little insulation. “Thank you, Rosa,” repliedTerry in a slightly nervous voice. Terry felt her own nipples begin tostiffen and she hoped that the young girl would release her embrace beforeshe noticed them as well.Rosa held the embrace just a few seconds longer than really comfortablebefore she released her grip on her new friend and stepped back. Werethose her nipples poking through the thick fabric of Terry’s blouse?Hmmmm, perhaps she was susceptible to another woman’s sexuality after all.She would have to make sure to explore other ways to test Terry’s sexualpreferences and gauge her ability to resist arousal.”The airline lost all of Miss Nichols’ luggage,” said Carmen after a momentof silence. “They said they should be able to return it to her in a fewdays, but in the mean time she will need to borrow a few items to wearsince she has nothing other than the clothes she has on.””Oh, well that shouldn’t be a problem,” replied Rosa cheerfully. “I’ve gota few things that I think might fit Miss Nichols and there may be a fewitems that our last guest left that may fit as well.””I would be very grateful for anything you could do for me,” thanked Terryas she took a deep sigh of relief. She really was lucky to have found suchfriendly and kind people she thought.”Why don’t we have dinner first,” interjected Carmen. “After dinner I’msure Miss Nichols will want to get cleaned up after her long trip and thenyou can see what clothes she can use until her own arrive.”The next few hours passed quickly as the three women talked continuouslyover dinner and a full bottle of wine. Terry found out that Carmen’shusband had been killed in an industrial accident several years ago and theensuing financial settlement has left her with a very comfortable living.She didn’t need to work and has never been too infatuated withmaterialistic possessions so she never really wanted many things. Sheenjoyed spending time with her daughters, she had two other girls 21 and24, that did not live at home any longer but they lived close by andvisited often.Rosa told her how she had just graduated from high school and was lookingforward to college next year. She was going to be attending a universityin Mexico City for art. She loved ancient Aztec art and culture and wasvery enthusiastic to learn that Terry was very involved with it as well.In fact, it was due to her urging that Carmen finally agreed to rent theroom out to Terry just to please her daughter in hopes of meeting someoneelse that shared her same interests. Rosa even agreed to be Terry’s guidewhen they went out to survey the local ruins and she promised to help Terrywith any research that she wanted.After dinner Carmen suggested that Terry go take a bath to rinse off longtrip and then Rosa could show her what clothes she could borrow. Terryeagerly agreed to the bath and went upstairs to her room to change bursa escort bayan out ofher dirty clothes. Her room was very spacious with a large closet, bureauand a beautiful king-sized bed with a canopy. She peeled off her wrinkledblouse and slacks along with her perspiration-stained bra and panties. Shethen walked over to the bathroom and stepped inside and took notice of howlarge it was compared to her own at home. It was nearly twice the sizewith a large, old-fashioned bathtub and a separate shower stall. The tubwas big enough for two people she thought to herself, as she looked it overwith great interest because she loved to take long, luxurious baths thatwould last for up to an hour sometimes. She decided to just take a shortshower tonight, however, because she felt too tired for a bath and fearedthat she may fall asleep.Terry noticed another door leading into the bathroom as she stepped over tostart the shower and wondered if it was a linen closet where she could finda towel. She was a little surprised, though, when she opened the door andfound that it led into another adjoining bedroom. A slight uneasy feelingcame over her as she quickly closed the door and noticed that there wasn’ta lock on the door. Terry was a very shy and private person and was notvery comfortable being around other people in her private places. She hadalways lived with either her parents or alone in an apartment and she neverhad a roommate. She also never used public bathrooms or gyms because ofher uneasiness with the situation. She relaxed slightly when she noticed alarge towel hanging on the door and shrugged off her nervousness for themoment as she tested the water and then stepped into the stall.Terry washed her body and her hair with the soap and shampoo she found inthe shower. She was surprised at the both items and found herself takinglonger than normal to finish due to how much she was enjoying the smell andfeel of the soap as she lathered her entire body. It produced such anintoxicating aroma and made her skin feel so silky smooth that sheliterally washed herself twice. The shampoo had an equally exciting affecton her senses as she massaged it into her thick hair. It sent shiversthroughout her body as it tingled her scalp like she had never experiencedbefore. She instantly fell in love with both products and made a note toask Carmen where she could find more of the same so she could purchase herown. After she rinsed off she lingered under the warm spray of the waterfor several minutes just enjoying the clean feeling after her long daystuck on that stuffy plane.Rosa opened the door to Terry’s room and walked inside when she heard theshower running. She wanted to remove Terry’s clothes before she got out ofthe shower so Terry would be in a more vulnerable position and possiblymore susceptible to her suggestions if she knew her old clothes would notbe available. Rosa then gathered up all of Terry’s clothes, taking specialnote of the rather plain nature of her underwear, before she quickly leftthe room when she heard the shower shut off. She returned just a quicklyand walked over to the large bureau and opened the top drawer and beganlooking through all of the assorted bras and panties inside.Terry stepped out of the shower and immediately began to dry off her entirebody with the towel she found on the door. She stopped suddenly when shestopped drying her hair and thought she heard a noise coming from her room.Her heart skipped a beat as she froze and craned her neck to listen for anykind of sign that someone was in her room. Her eyes grew wide as saucerswhen she heard the distinct sound of someone opening and closing thedrawers on the large bureau she noticed on the far side of her room.Quickly she wrapped the towel around her naked body in an attempt coverherself up in the event that someone was to walk in and see her standingthere in such an embarrassing state. Much to her concern the towel was notnearly big enough to cover her body as much as she would’ve liked. Itbarely covered the tops of her large breasts and only reached a few inchesbelow her bare bottom. She pulled it down further in an attempt to covermore of her lower body, but exposed more of her cleavage in the process.Terry slowly peered through the open crack of the bathroom door and sawRosa setting out several articles of clothing on her bed. She gaspedslightly when she saw that Rosa was dressed in a very short silk robe thatwas cut very high on her lovely thighs. She also noticed that the younggirl was wearing high heels as she clip-clopped back and forth between thebureau and the bed. The front of the robe was loosely tied and afforded avery good view of Rosa’s rather large chest. Terry found herself staringat the young girl’s shapely figure and exposed flesh for several minutesbefore she realized what she was doing. After watching Rosa lay out a fewmore items Terry opened the door a few more inches and said, “Rosa?”Rosa was aware that Terry had been watching her for the last few minutes,but still acted surprised and answered, “Oh, there you are Miss Nichols. Ididn’t realize that you had finished your shower.”Terry remained hidden behind the door and peeked through the small openingand answered nervously, “Uh, yes, I just got out. What are you doing in myroom?””I’m putting out some clothes for you to try on, of course,” answered Rosainnocently as she continued to sort through the various drawers. “Our lastguest left very unexpectedly and she did not have time to pack all of herthings before she left. Why don’t you come over here and take a look andsee if you like anything?””Oh, okay, I guess,” stammered Terry as she took a deep breath and preparedherself to expose herself to the young girl. This is silly, she thought,why don’t you just walk out there and do as she says? You’re a grown womannow and Rosa is trying to help you. With that she opened the door andslowly walked into the room being very careful not to lose her death gripon the small towel.Rosa pretended not to pay too much attention Terry as she approached thebed, but she could clearly see how nervous the older woman was being soexposed by the tiny towel. She turned around when Terry reached the sideof the bed and got a good long look at her as she nervously stood by thebed and began to look over the items she had placed there. Rosa grinned asshe noticed how Terry was struggling to keep the bottom of the towel lowenough to cover her firm bottom while at the same time trying to keep herlarge tits from completely spilling out from behind the stretched material.Rosa silently walked up beside Terry and said, “Do you see anything youlike?”Terry jumped slightly from the unexpected closeness of Rosa’s voice andmanaged, “Oh, uh, I don’t know. There doesn’t seem to be very much herethat I think will fit me.” Terry’s eyes were nervously looking over thedisplay and was amazed at what she saw. All of the underwear she sawappeared to be very risque and more like lingerie than practical likeshe was used to wearing. In fact, all of the panties were extremely skimpyand she did not think they would afford her any kind of comfort at all.She had seen underwear like them in magazines before and guessed that theywere all thongs.”Why don’t you try one of them on Terry?” asked Rosa sweetly. “You don’tmind if I call you Terry do you?””Of course not. It is my name after all,” said Terry. “I don’t think I’dfeel comfortable having you call me ‘Miss Nichols’ all of the time.””Here, try this one on,” implored Rosa as she picked up a silk, white thongand held it up for Terry to inspect. “I’m sure this will fit you justfine. You look to be about the same size as Jennifer anyway.” Rosa couldsee Terry’s eyes grow wide with fear as she looked over the tiny garment.”I really don’t know Rosa,” pleaded Terry nervously. “I’ve never wornanything like that before and it just doesn’t look like it would cover mevery well at all.””I’m sure it will fit you just fine Terry,” comforted Rosa. “And besidesit’s not like you have any other choices here. You certainly can’t wearwhat you had on earlier for the next few days.”Terry suddenly realized that none of her clothes were anywhere to be seenas she quickly looked around the room. “Where did my clothes go?”exclaimed an extremely uneasy Terry.”Mother told me to take them to get washed for you,” Rosa answered coolly.”Is there anything wrong?”Realizing that she was probably over-reacting once Rosa told her that herclothes were going to be cleaned sighed a relief as she took a deep breath.”Oh, no, no that’s just fine Rosa,” stammered Terry.”So here, why don’t you go just try on a few of these things so we can getyou set up with something to wear for the next few days, hmmm?” proddedRosa as she held up the flimsy white thong to Terry’s scrutinizing stare.Terry’s apprehension was growing by the second as she eyed the tiny thongmore closely. That little sliver of material won’t cover anything, howcould I possibly put that thing on? And in front of Rosa at that? Doesshe expect me to just stand here naked and try on all of these things?!”Okay, I’ll try them on later,” replied Terry in a half-hearted attempt toget out of any further embarrassment.”Please, Miss Nichols try them on now so we can see exactly what we havethat fits,” continued Rosa. “I’ve already got everything set out andready. Unless, of course, you do not want my help, no?” Rosa put on herbest pouting and made sure Terry saw her extreme disappointment as sheslowly lowered her head and began to turn away to leave.Terry immediately realized that she had made a huge mistake by refusing thesweet girl’s help. She could see how disappointed Rosa was at her refusalsto try on any of the clothes. How selfish can I be, she thought toherself? You haven’t been a guest in this house for more than a few hoursand already you’re alienating your new landlord’s daughter by refusing herhelp. And she is just trying to help too! She just had to get over hersilly hang-ups and do what the young girl says. How difficult could it be?”Oh, no Rosa I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you,” pleaded Terry as sheput her hand out to stop Rosa from leaving. I’ve been acting so stupidly,of course I’ll try on the clothes.””Really? Are you sure you want to?” asked Rosa with a slight hint ofanticipation in her best girly-voice.”Yes, I’m sure. I don’t know what I was thinking,” explained Terryreassuredly. “I’m just a little shy, that’s all. I’m not used to gettingundressed in front of other people. It just kind of makes me feeluncomfortable, you know what I mean?”Rosa smiled broadly as she saw Terry begin to give in to her will and allowherself to be manipulated into this uncomfortable situation so easily. Iwonder how easily she will submit herself even further if prodded? “Oh,you don’t have to be shy around me, Miss Nichols,” assured Rosa as shequickly closed the space between them and placed her hands on Terry’s bareshoulders for emphasis. “You have a lovely figure and nothing to beashamed of. I grew up with two sisters and we never had any private spaceso we had to get accustomed to dressing and undressing around each other.”Terry felt an immediate chill and then a warm glow began to wash over herentire body as Rosa’s hands lightly caressed her bare shoulders and armswhile she talked. She felt suddenly at ease with the whole situation asshe listened to Rosa’s soothing voice explain away her fears. “All rightthen, what should I try on first?” asked Terry.Rosa picked up the white thong again and held it up to Terry saying, “Whydon’t you start with this? I bet it looks really nice on you.””Okay, but I must warn you that I’ve never worn anything so risque soI’m really not sure what to think of it,” explained Terry as she took theflimsy garment and held it up for inspection. Now that the she had finallyacquiesced to the whole idea of trying on the skimpy panties she reallydidn’t know how she would manage it without losing her grip on the tinytowel she had wrapped around her. She held the thong out with one hand andattempted to place one foot into the leg hole while still maintaining herbalance as well as her grip on the towel. She managed to get her one footinto the thong, but now she was struggling to hold the garment up so shecould step into the other leg hole with her left foot.Rosa grinned wryly as she saw how the older woman was struggling to getinto the tiny thong and still keep herself covered with the tiny towel sherefused to release. After a few more seconds of watching Terry almost fallover from her efforts, Rosa knelt down in front of her and grabbed thewaistband of the thong with both hands and held it up so Terry could easilyput her other foot it. “Here, let me help you with that,” said Rosa in avery calm, matter-of-fact tone.Terry released the panty and stepped into it easily as Rosa held it out forher. She was relieved at first because she was worried that her towelmight fall off while she was struggling with the tiny thing, but when shefelt Rosa begin to slowly escort bursa slide the silky material up her legs she stood uprigid with fear. Oh my god, she’s going to pull that thing all the way uponto my hips! She certainly didn’t expect that to happen. She felt herlegs cover with goose bumps as Rosa’s fingertips traced up the length ofher legs until they reached her buttocks. Then she felt Rosa adjust thematerial slightly as her hands smoothed up over her ass cheeks and pull thewaistband up and over her hips until the crotch of the panty was firmlyattached to her private parts.Rosa made sure to pull the thong tightly into Terry’s crotch so she couldget the full affect of the sexy material against her vulnerable pussy andass crack. She lightly grasped the waistband again and pulled on it morewhile sliding her fingers back and forth as if to secure the thong intoit’s proper position. As she did so she managed to slide the silkymaterial all along Terry’s labia and ass crack in an attempt to create avery pleasurable sensation in the older woman’s pussy.Terry held back a gasp as she felt the silky material make contact with hervagina and slowly slide into place over her exposed flesh as Rosa pulledthe thong onto her fully. The feelings she was experiencing were bothshocking and exciting and she felt herself begin to tingle in the pit ofher stomach as Rosa worked the material back and forth. The feeling of thenarrow strip of material sliding so exquisitely in between her firm buttcheeks was unexpected yet totally exhilarating. She never would’ve thoughtthat just the simple act of putting on such a skimpy piece of underwearcould produce such strong sexual feelings so suddenly.Rosa let go of the waistband and stood up directly in front of Terry andcasually asked, “Well, how do you like them?”Terry thought for a moment and then answered, “They feel okay, I guess. Alittle strange, but I guess I could get used to it. I feel so exposedthough, you know?””But don’t you just love that?” blurted Rosa eagerly. “I never used towear thongs either, that is until Jennifer let me try some of hers and nowthat’s all I wear. It feels so nice and sexy especially when you wearreally tight skirts and dresses. I’m sure you’re going to love it in notime!””Well, I don’t know about that, but I guess it will be okay until I can getmy own things back,” said Terry. She really didn’t mind the thong sherealized and was beginning to enjoy the feeling of exposure she wasexperiencing. She couldn’t deny that she was beginning to feel sexuallyaroused by just standing there and feeling the silky material against hersoft skin.Rosa then turned her attention back to the remaining items on the bed andbegan to pick through the provocative collection of bras. All of them werebeautifully designed lingerie styles and unbeknownst to Terry most of themwere at least one size too small for her C-cup breasts. There was one bra,however, that was more or less the plainest bra out of the bunch, but itwas at least a cup size too big for Terry. Rosa carefully picked out a fewbras that would fit Terry from her private ‘specialty’ bra selection thatshe knew would produce a very erotic sensation in the older woman’s titswhenever she wore them. Rosa carefully picked out one of the smaller brasand handed it Terry for her approval. “Here, try this one on first.”Terry took the bra from Rosa and then stood there looking around the roomfor a place to change before Rosa walked over and grabbed the towel andquickly pulled it open until it fell off all together. “There you go, youdon’t need this any more,” said Rosa nonchalantly as she tossed the towelonto the bed leaving Terry standing there like a deer caught in theheadlights. Rosa made an effort not to look back at the shocked woman inhopes that she would be more at ease with her nudity and continue with herlittle game.Terry couldn’t believe what just happened. Rosa just took her towel offfully exposing her bare breasts for the entire world to see without so muchas a second thought. She was so stunned by what transpired that she juststood there for a few moments with her hands still at her sides and herfull breasts on open display. The cold air had an immediate effect on hernipples as they almost instantly hardened and began to poke out obnoxiouslyfrom her tits. Her nipples always embarrassed her that way, for as long asshe could remember, they would become erect and stick out up to an inchsometimes. Just like now they were fast becoming hard and pointed withlittle goose bumps beginning to appear all over her large, pink areola.She quickly snapped out of her stunned trance and realized what hadhappened and then quickly began to fumble with the bra to get it on andcover up before Rosa could notice the embarrassing state of her nipples.Rosa was able to spy on the nervous woman by looking up and seeing herreflection in the floor length mirror on the other side of the bed. Shesuppressed a giggle as Terry’s arms and hands fumbled with the straps andcups of the flimsy bra in an attempt to get it on as quickly as possible.Rosa took note of Terry’s beautiful tits as well and was pleased to seethat they were indeed very attractive and well shaped with only a littlesagging. Her nipples were what really caught her attention, however, asshe noticed how hard and pointed they had become in such a short time.They were nice and long, she thought to herself, perfect for pulling andbiting on. Once Terry had gotten the cups over her large globes Rosaturned around casually and faced the frustrated woman still fumbling toclasp the front of the tiny bra.Terry was attempting to clasp the bra when she noticed Rosa watching herand was glad that she was able to get somewhat covered up. She finallystretched the cups together close enough to clasp the bra and then droppedher hands to her sides and breathed a big sigh of relief at getting the braon. Looking down at her large breasts being squeezed by the tight bra onlyconfirmed her suspicions that the bra was at least a size too small forher.Seeing Terry’s breasts pushed together so tightly created a deliciousamount of cleavage and added to Rosa’s excitement as she now saw the olderwoman in a much sexier almost sluttish look compared to the very plain,conservative form when she first arrived. She could tell that Terry wasstill very uncomfortable with how she was exposing herself, but she knewthat it wouldn’t take too much longer before she would get used to beinghalf-naked.Rosa stepped forward and eyed the tight bra carefully with pursed lips.”Hmmmm, it looks like it may be a little too small, am I right?” askedRosa.”Yes, I think so,” answered Terry nervously as she looked down at herbreasts bulging over the top of the tight bra. Her nipples were pokinginto the lacey material and threatening to pierce holes through it if theycontinued to harden any further.Rosa lifted her hands to Terry’s chest and lightly ran her fingers alongthe straps and followed the seam of the bra along the underside of eachcup. She pretended to be inspecting the bras fit as she slowly traced herfingers all around Terry’s breasts. She even slipped her fingertips insidethe edges of the straining cups as she appeared to be testing the garment’selasticity. She was pleased to see Terry’s entire chest begin to shiverslightly under her delicate touch as a sea of goose bumps appeared. “Yes,I think you are correct Miss Nichols,” said Rosa very plainly. “Why don’twe try another, hmmmm?””Okay,” was all Terry could manage to squeak out as her mouth went suddenlydry. She watched silently as Rosa turned her attention back to the otherbras and sifted through them until she found another beautiful garment.She turned and faced Terry, now standing on a few inches directly in frontof her, and held up the bra for Terry’s approval. “Let’s try this one.”Terry’s eyes darted about quickly as she stood there motionless andrealized that Rosa was going to watch her take off the tight bra and put onthe new one this time. She wanted to say something, protest in some way,but she didn’t, couldn’t. Terry watched as Rosa lifted her tiny hands tothe bulging cups of her bra and deftly grasped them and unclasped the hookin one smooth motion. She remained still even when her breasts sprangforward when Rosa released the cups and allowed the bra to fall to the sideexposing Terry’s breasts completely.Rosa quickly pushed the straps off of Terry’s shoulders and allowed theuseless garment to fall down her arms and onto the floor. She then held upthe new bra and motioned for Terry to stick her arms through the straps soshe could slip it on her. Rosa managed to keep a very stoic expression onher face during the entire exchange in order to give Terry the appearancethat nothing was out of the ordinary. Terry didn’t even protest when shepicked up each breast and carefully place them inside the cups as sheattempted to clasp the hook. The bra was too small again and Rosa got agood feel of the older woman’s firm tits as she cupped them repeated in herattempts to close the clasp. She was especially wary of Terry’s hardeningnipples that appeared to be pointing out even further than before.Terry’s eyes were fixed on the young girl’s delicate hands again as theytraced the seams and cups of the new bra setting off little electricalsparks on her skin as they lightly touched her chest. She could see andfeel her nipples getting harder by the second and could not understand whatwas happening to her or why the simple act of trying on bras was producingsuch erotic feelings in her. She didn’t know what to do so she just stoodthere silently and allowed Rosa to do whatever was required and hoped thatit would all end soon before she was completely embarrassed.”No, I don’t think this one fits very well either I’m afraid,” said Rosamatter-of-factly as she slipped her fingertips into the bulging cups andslid them along the edge of the material. Her fingers brushed acrossTerry’s pointed nipples as they slid around the top seam.Terry managed to catch her gasp as she felt Rosa’s fingers brush across hersensitive nipples, but she knew that she could not seem to break free ofher trance as she continued to allow Rosa free reign to touch her as shepleased. Although she knew it was wrong, and the feelings she wasexperiencing were misplaced, she couldn’t deny how good they were makingher feel. Her body seemed to be coming to life as her nervous system wasput into over-drive from the wild new sensations.Rosa then unclasped the bra and pushed it to the floor with the other oneand turned to retrieve another garment. Terry’s breasts were now on opendisplay as she remained motionless and waited patiently for the nextfitting. Terry was uncomfortable standing there exposed like she was, butfor some reason she also felt very comfortable with Rosa and did not feelcompelled to cover herself.Rosa turned back with another even sexier looking bra and she immediatelyheld it up for Terry to slip her arms into the straps. This bra was verysheer and did nothing to hide Terry’s obviously engorged nipples as Rosaadjusted her breasts in the cups and easily clasped the bra closed. Terrynoticed that the bra was very comfortable and appeared to be the propersize for her now tender breasts.”I think we found something that fits,” exclaimed Rosa as she gently cuppedTerry’s tits. “What do you think Miss Nichols?” Terry’s mouth was dryerthan she could ever remember and although she attempted to speak nothingcame out. “Here, why don’t you take a look in the mirror and tell me whatyou think.” With that Rosa turned Terry until she was looking directlyinto the floor length mirror. Rosa walked around Terry until she wasstanding directly behind her and stared at her in the reflection.”Yes, it feels just fine,” answered Terry hoarsely as she stared at herscantily clad body in the mirror.”Good,” replied Rosa as a broad smile formed on her beautiful lips. “Nowlet’s see what else we can find.”Rosa proceeded to tease and titillate Terry for another hour as she put herthrough a strenuous workout with a wide variety of skirts, blouses anddresses. They all appeared to be just a little too small for Terry’sbuild, but she had to admit that they all showed off her figure very well.She had never really considered herself to be sexy, but as the sessioncontinued she was bombarded with the image of herself displayed inbeautiful clothes that accentuated her large breasts, slim waist and fullbottom to perfection.Afterwards Rosa had complimented Terry on how good she looked in all of thegarments that they picked and promised to take her sightseeing the nextmorning. Terry thanked her for the help and went to bed still dazed andconfused from all of the strange emotions she had been experiencing allday. From her first attraction to Carmen’s stunning figure, the incidentwith her breasts inadvertently touching her in the car and then how herbody had reacted in such a strong, sexual way to Rosa’s touch while shetried on the clothes. Why was all of this happening to her all of asudden? She had never even thought about other women in a sexual waybefore today and now she didn’t know what to think. Hopefully tomorrowwill be another day and she could get over all of these silly feelings andget back to normal.

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