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Visit with a Filipina

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Visit with a FilipinaThis is the story of my week long visit with a Filipina ladyboy in Hong Kong.She is a 31 year old nurse who has worked all over the world but now helps her mother run a supermarket in her home town. Since she is from a bad area of Mindanao, I arranged to meet her in Hong Kong. We had been chatting daily so I was eager to see her and see how we got along in real life.After a long flight to Hong Kong, I left the plane and there she was waiting for me. She had been on a flight from Manila which had arrived about an hour before so we met up to go through immigration together. She looked like her pics and on the webcam, a small skinny pretty woman with breast implants. We gave each other a hug and a little kiss and talked about our trip.After we got through immigration we took the train into the city. It was now dark and it was exciting seeing the skyline and sitting next to her. She held my hand and sometimes placed it over her crotch where I could feel her hard little cock in her pants.It made me excited to feel her cock and know what was to happen next. Was it really going to happen? After we got to the city, we then took a bus to our hotel and we got checked in. Finally we made it to our room and dropped our bags and lay on the bed. When we had been chatting in the months before, I told her that I wanted to be her bottom and she agreed that she would be my top. Of course these were just my ideas so who knew how it would be when we were actually together?We got undressed and she took off her bra revealing her sizable tits. I kissed her and we necked while I fondled her breasts. It was obvious that both of us wanted to get to the main event. She pulled off her panties and there it was – her hard cock. It was about four inches but very hard and throbbing. I wondered if I would freak out seeing a cock for the first time and if I would think she was a guy because of the cock. In fact I saw her so much as a female that even with her cock in my hand, I could not see it as masculine but only as part of her body, the body of a woman. Was I in denial? Or being a realist? Who knows but I did not freak out at all.I took it in my hand and fondled it a little rubbing it up and down. Then I put it in my mouth and started to suck her and lick her knob. She moaned while I sucked her and I tried various ways of licking and sucking her hard tool. By now I was anxious to get it inside my ass. I needed her inside me now. It was like a compulsion that took over me to get her stiff prick in my ass.I got the lubricant and put some up my asshole and then put some on her cock and got it lubed up. Then I got on my hands and knees and presented my ass to her. This was it!I thought that she would take her time working her cock in my hole but instead she rammed the length of it up my ass in one thrust. It’s a good thing she isn’t seven or eight inches I thought to myself. There was a moment of pain but once she got güvenilir bahis it all inside I felt fine and I liked feeling her hard knob sliding in and out of my slippery wet hole. I was her bottom bitch as she got down to business fucking my ass rapidly and panting with excitement. Her hands grabbed my hips as she pushed in as deep as she could go. I knew that she was about to unload in my ass and I could feel her stop and start moaning while she had her orgasm. I couldn’t feel her shooting her cum but I knew that she was filling my ass up with her jism. Here I was within five minutes, I not only had my first cock in my ass but I had her first hot load of cum injected into my bowels. After she had cum, she stayed in my ass and leaned up over me to tell me to wait and that she would get hard again. So we stayed locked in position like two dogs tied up together with her cock in my ass. It only seemed like a minute or two before her cock was getting hard and she started to thrust back and forth a little. Then she was completely hard and ready for round two. She was now fucking in earnest pushing her cock balls deep into my ass and pulling back but staying in my ass. I experimented squeezing my sphincter muscles around her cock and trying to pull her cock up inside my ass. For the most part though I let her do the fucking and just concentrated on feeling her movements back and forth in my anal cavity.It was lovely feeling her hardness in my ass as she got excited again and her movements increased in intensity.She had just finished pumping a load of her hot milk into my bowels but now she was getting ready to ejaculate again. God how I wanted her to cum and add to the pool of spunk up my ass. I felt like such a slut getting fucked twice in rapid succession but I didn’t care. I wanted her to breed me again!She wanted it too and I knew that she was close to orgasm from her moans and cries. Yes, baby, give it to me I told her as she pounded my ass with her hard cock. Fuck my ass, darling, I begged her. Again she stopped her thrusting as she bottomed out in me and spurted her seed into my shit hole. She was having a good one I could tell and she cried in ecstasy as her cock throbbed and spurted her hot semen into my hole. Oh God, I felt so good. Again I couldn’t feel her cock ejaculating but I knew what was happening back there. I was being bred like a bitch and she was completing our mating for the second time. What a top she was, fucking her bottom to completion twice without getting her cock out of my hole. Her penis may have been small but it was powerful for its size and she used it skillfully to dominate me and force me to submit to its strength and energy. After she was finished she pulled out and hopped off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. I just rolled over on the bed and lay there feeling her cum dripping slowly out of my ass. I was so fucked.When she returned she lay down on her back türkçe bahis and I cuddled up next to her with my arm around her. It felt so nice lying next to my lover with her cum in my ass and I was really content. We both fell asleep like that and dozed for a couple of hours. We got up and got dressed and left the hotel to explore the neighborhood and get a bite to eat. We still had the night ahead of us for more fucking.After dinner we returned and she turned on the television while I lay next to her on the bed. We cuddled until she felt herself getting hard again and when I reached down there it was, her hard little cock springing up throbbing and ready for action again. God she was horny! I said, wow, you are ready for more and she said yes, I need to cum again.I lubed up her cock and put some in my ass and I asked her if she wanted to try different positions. She sat on the edge of the bed and with my feet on the floor and facing away from her, I eased back into a sitting position on her cock. Again she impaled my ass with her rock hard cock quickly and I felt a with a momentary stab of pain. I bobbed up and down on her cock while she held my hips and pulled me to her. We continued like that for a while until I got tired then I lay on my back.I opened my legs for her and she got between them. We put a pillow under my ass to get my ass hole up higher up so she could easily penetrate me with her cock. I thought maybe she would lie on me and kiss me while she fucked but she stayed upright holding onto my legs for balance. I lay there looking up at her face while she did her fuck work. She had her eyes closed and she was concentrating on her pleasure. As her cock rhythmically thrust in and out of my anus, obscene sounds of fucking filled the room. I could tell that she was really enjoying it from her noises and the look on her face of exquisite pain. I knew that she was going to cum in me for the third time.Holding my legs she drove her cock up into my anus with the final strokes she needed to get her satisfaction. Lying there, there was nothing for me to do but take it like a bitch. I was her personal whore and like a good whore, I was being penetrated and servicing my mistress’s cock to completion. She moaned in pleasure as she ejaculated another stream of milky cum into my ass hole.It was a wonderful feeling to be used like a cum dump for my top. I loved every second of it and once she was finished shooting and had filled me up, she pulled her cock out of me and went to the bathroom. Again I rolled over and just lay there like a slut oozing cum.We repeated the routine of cuddling and fell asleep until some time later in the night when I woke up with her rubbing against me in a sleepy state. My God, she was hard again! I suppose I could have continued sleeping but there was nothing I wanted more than to be fucked again. If she was hard and ready then I was going to do my job and get her rocks off. I güvenilir bahis siteleri asked her if she wanted it and she smiled and said yes, she did.I reached over for the lube and quickly put some in my ass and rubbed some on her cock. Lying on my side I offered my ass to her, so she pushed the head of her hard knob in my hole and immediately started vigorously thrusting. I was surprised by the vigor of her attack considering how sleepy she had been. Once she had achieved complete penetration, it seemed to wake her up and excite her.She was a girl on a mission and I rocked back and forth as her cock bucked in and out of my hole. By now I was used to her way of fucking and I could tell from her buildup of tension when she was getting close to her orgasm. She pushed her fuck stick in as deep as she could go and I knew that this was the moment she was going to shoot her cum in my ass. Ah yes, I cried when I knew she was ejaculating. I was truly her fuck hole but I wanted nothing more. All I wanted was another one of her hot sticky loads up my ass! I couldn’t get enough of her cum in my bowels. Again we fell asleep and dozed but this girl wasn’t finished. Maybe a few hours later, lying next to her I could feel that her horny cock had gotten hard again and I exclaimed in a dreamy delight.This time I got up on top of her and positioned her cock into my asshole with my hand. I lowered myself onto her cock and I felt it deeper inside me than it had ever been. It felt like I was taking her very being inside me as I rode on top of her. I moved my ass slowly up and down on her cock and I could see her smiling face as we fucked for the fifth time.I could feel her hard fullness inside me and it really felt like we were mating.God how I wanted her to complete our sexual union with another explosive orgasm. Was she going to be able to finish and shoot another load of cum into me? I already had four loads of her love juice in my ass so I didn’t know how she would be able to do it. Did she even have any cum left in her balls? Oh my God. She held my hips with her hands and pulled my ass down onto her groin while she thrust her hard cock up into my ass as far as she could go. Yes, she was going to do it again. She was going to give me her precious gift of cum again. I was loving her as she had her climax and squirted her milky jism into my asshole. Oh yes, baby, I told her, give it to me. I wanted every drop deep in my bowels making me her bitch. What a whore I was, servicing my top with my ass like I had been doing it all my life. I was a submissive bottom slut for her cock and I couldn’t get enough of her cum.I was like some kind of a****l that only existed to be fucked by her stiff cock. I wanted nothing more than to feel her hardness deep in my ass knowing that I was fulfilling my destiny. My ass was made to take her cum loads and after every fuck I felt like a good wife who had just satisfied her husband. Was this how a woman feels after she gets fucked by her man?After this, we slept until morning. I woke up with my ass a little sore and leaking the remnants of her cum. I was so happy and so was she. So far Hong Kong was all we imagined and hoped for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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