May 29

Wake-Up Call

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You wake slowly, reluctantly, to find the room still dark, the morning not yet dawned, and wonder idly why you’ve woken, but only for a moment before your body lets your brain know exactly why you’ve stirred. My mouth is a warm, wet sensation on your skin, a quick flick of my tongue against that most sensitive of nerve endings bringing you to full wakefulness. A soft, hot sigh follows it, my mouth leaving you for just a moment to trace kisses on your inner thigh before returning.

My left hand crawls up your side, pressing into your ribs and then traveling back down to grasp your ass and urge you towards me. My right hand travels down between my own legs, then returns to wrap around the base of your shaft, the warm wetness still clinging to my palm to match the warm wetness of my mouth on the head of your cock.

You squirm on the sheets, starting that long slow climb to pleasure, and my mouth leaves you to travel north on your skin, traces kisses as I crawl up your body. A sharp bite on your stomach marks my progress, a lick soothing free spin the hurt as I continue upwards. Another bite announces my arrival at your collarbone, my hair brushing your chin as my hips settle over yours. Carefully, I cradle you between my thighs, not letting you in, not yet, but holding you oh-so-close….

I nibble up your jawline to find your mouth, tugging on your bottom lip with my teeth before kissing you fully on the mouth. You can taste yourself in my kiss, and beyond that, the unique taste of me.

My legs fall open with the kiss, inviting entrance, but from this angle, neither of us has the leverage to do more than tease the head of your shaft with the tight wetness that wishes to engulf it.

That is, until I sit back and up, allowing my weight to slide back onto you and impaling myself fully on you – the tightness as you slide slowly, inexorably deep into me thrilling us both. My eyes widen at the sensation, and my hands on your chest tighten compulsively.

“Oh – GOD – ” I close bonus veren siteler my eyes for a moment to regain my control, then lean forward slightly, the sensation that causes making me gasp as I reach for your hands. Taking them, I set them on my breasts, my wish obvious. As your hands begin to caress my nipples, I start to move, up, away from you, then sinking back down, relishing the feel of you sliding back deep inside where you belong.

With you settled deep inside, I move my hips in a circle, then a figure eight, never letting you slip from your home, stimulating places that might otherwise be left untouched. Then I move up, and settle back down on you again, gasping at the friction.

I look down at you pleading, and you seem to know what I want, because grasping my shoulders, you flip me onto my back and drive into me roughly, my body shuddering with the force of it. My hands travel to your shoulders, driving you on with my nails, lifting my hips to meet your thrusts, throwing my head back against deneme bonusu veren siteler the covers to cry out. “Oh, God, Yes, PLEASE…” the words are pushed from my lips at each thrust – as if each thrust deep inside of me forced a word past my lips.

“Please what?” you bite out, continuing this relentless torture that I’d asked, no, pleaded for….and my body shudders again under you as you lower your head to suckle one hardened nipple, then the other, pushing your hips forward until I take you in completely.

One hand strays down to your ass, urging each of your thrusts on, taking the force and meeting it with thrusts of my own.

“Please – Just – Don’t – Stop…” I throw my head back and arch my spine, the sensations growing, pushing me up the same climb I’d urged you to begin earlier.

You laugh at me, the vibrations of your chuckles translating through your cock into my own nerves, sending spasms through my body as I am suddenly thrust over that cliff edge. The tightening of my muscles around you pulls you with me, and over the edge we tumble together, you tensed above me, me arched against the sheets. A few more slow, gentle strokes calm us both slightly before you pull away from me to collapse beside me and draw me into your arms.

I kiss your lips softly. “Good morning, sunshine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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