May 29

Waking Up to be Emptied

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I woke up with a shock as she starts squeezing my cock with her left hand. Sitting on my left, as I laid on my back, topless smiling at me. Without breaking her gaze, she slowly starts moving her hand in gentle stokes up and down. Varying the pressure and length constantly. She put’s my Hand on her leg never breaking that gaze. As she continues to stroke my cock she maintains her upright sit position, pressing her chest out as she proudly displays her tits to me she speeds up her stroking just to slow it down again as I start moving. Getting back to that intentionally slow stroking action.

With a bigger smile she squeezes my cock a bit harder and slowly pulls her hand down to completely expose the tip. Holding it a bit before moving back up and closing it again. Sending ripples of excitement thru my back.

She moves my Hand off he leg and let’s go of my Cock. She the proceed to Stand up. She is completely naked, allowing me a few second to admire her beauty before stepping over me and slowly lowering herself down. She stops as the tip of my cock touches her pussy. With that smile still there, she moves forward to sit on my chest. Pressing my hands against my body not allowing me to use them at all. Again, sitting upright, she moves her hands back. And Starts to Stroke canlı bahis my Cock again. This time using both hands and moving her body forward and back in a heaving motion. Every time she moves forward, I can see her Pressing her tits our for me to look at and intensifying her gaze.

She Continue this Motion for a few minutes. Only letting me get excited a bit before slowing down again. I really needed to Cum already with every repeat it took less and less time for me to reach that point where I just needed to Cum before she would slow down again.

She let 1 hand go and intensified the pressure with her other hand. Moving her hand up she cupped her own tit. Rolling her nipple between her fingers she moved back again this time opening my cock up again. And again, as she moved forward closing the tip. She put both hands on my Chest as she lifts herself up and back. With her straddling me again she started stroking my cock this time letting the tip touch her pussy. Again, she stoked all the way down before taking the tip of my cock and stroking it from bottom to top over her Pussy. As she closed the tip again, she sat down backwards on my legs. Her pussy hidden behind my cock and her hands.

She increased the Speed of the strokes and on every other stroke she opened the tip bahis siteleri before quickly closing it again as she stoked up. I felt my Urge to Cum again rising. This time she let I Proceed further. I felt her intensifying the pressure slowly. I warned her that I was About to Cum. She Squeezed the Base of my Cock Hard as she stopped stroking it. I felt my Orgasm Rising but it stopped at her fingers. The explosion only millimetres away. She held on until my Cock stopped Twitching. And immediately started stroking it again. I took me less than a minute to get to that exact point. But before I could warn her, She Squeezed again My cock twitching wildly, but my Orgasm stayed a second away. She started stroking me again.

I want this to come to an end as It was starting to hurt, but I was not allowed to say a word. Again, she started stroking my cock this time a bit slower, but my orgasm was still only a few seconds away. She Slowed right down, and she started opening the tip again. As she moved forward and put the tip of my cock in her mouth.

She let go of my cock with her hands and started to slowly move her tongue around the tip. The intense sensation and my over sensitive cock drove my orgasm back a few minutes. Her mouth was wet and warm, and the Sucking motion complemented bahis şirketleri her slow movements over my cock. She moved her hand to the base of my cock making short stroking actions with her thumb and finger wrapped around the base as she slowly increased the depth of every suck. With a rhythmic motion she started leading me to Orgasm again. I felt my Orgasm getting close. I warned her and she let my cock slip out of her mouth but keeping the slow movements around the base of my cock. As she licked my cock from the base to the tip she gave me a smile and said “Please Cum” as she put her mouth over my cock again, again pushing my orgasm back but only by a little this time. She returned to her rhythmic sucking motion. Keeping it slow but intentional. I could feel the cum rising in my cock as my cock gave the inevitable away.

With a slow and intense movement, she sucked my cock deeper into her mouth just as I exploded in her mouth. My cock pulsed as I unloaded shot after shot of Cum in her mouth. The feeling of release running down from by head and shooting out of my cock. She swallowed as she continued to suck on my cock. After the last shot she continued slowly sucking on my cock. Twirling my cock around in her mouth with her tongue. She continued this Slow soft sucking until I started to soften.

Keeping the Intimacy there she let me out of her mouth and kissed the Tip of my cock. Slivering up and laying with her head on my chest, she did not say a word as we both dozed of to sleep again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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