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Wanna go for a drive?

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Wanna go for a drive?”Hey hun what do you say we go for a long drive today?” My wife said to me early one Saturday morning. “Well it is rather nice out that sounds good to me. Did you have anywhere in mind?” I reply. “Maybe head towards the beach and get some yummy seafood for dinner?”. “Sounds good to me”.What I didn’t know was how much fun this drive was gonna be. So here we were on the interstate heading down the shore. My wife wore a flowing dress and some flip flops and no sooner were we in the car that they were kicked off and her feet up on the dash. I couldn’t help but notice how great her legs looked. So smooth and shiny from her lotion. We were enjoying the sun and having small talk when I mentioned jokingly how she left me hanging last night. “You know I really wanted you last night and you passed out early on me”. “I know im sorry I was so exhausted yesterday”. She says. “Well maybe you could make it up to me then.” I mention. “Ill do my best not to fall asleep tonight, I promise”. “That doesn’t sound too likely to happen and besides I was thinking something a little sooner, like right now”. My wife looks over at me and says, “Seriously? You can’t wait til tonight?”. I say “Well I could but then you wore that dress and are showing off those sexy legs and I’m not sure I can wait that long now”. She laughs and says, “Ok fine but only because I’m really horny and wanted you too last night. How we gonna do this?” I tell her to just lean over and give me a BJ I’ll put it on cruise and watch the maltepe escort road. She’s a bit reluctant because her ass is going to be in the air pointed towards the passenger window and she tells me she has a thong on underneath her dress. I assure her not to worry.She undoes her seat belt and leans over to find me already hard and ready. “Excited are we?” “Omg yes” I reply. She unzips my shorts and I lift my ass so she can slide them down some. She slowly licks and teases me and tells me to pay attention to the road. I set the cruise and get in the middle lane. She starts to take me into her mouth, slowly going up and down and using her tongue tracing around my girth. My hand rests on the back of her head and pushes gently down telling her I want her to take me deeper. She starts to go deeper and slightly faster and I reach back to touch her ass. My hand rubs her ass and I lift her dress some to take a look. We are approaching a tractor trailer in the right lane and I get excited thinking he may see. I look thru the sunroof and see its a man driving so I gently slow us down and try to get slightly ahead of him. I have her dress pulled up, her tan ass in a thong on full display while I rub up and down her wet slit. I pull her panties to the side and rub her some but then stop so he can get a nice view from up high. I speed up pulling away and go back to rubbing her ass. Soon I notice an SUV ahead and start to wonder if I should put on a show again. I pull down her dress and go back to guiding escort maltepe her head. I slowly approach the SUV and see its a woman driving. I figure ill let her see what she is doing to me then pull away. At first she doesn’t notice then looks over and sees my hand and her head bobbing. She looks away but I notice she keeps looking so I figure ill pull her dress up and touch her again. As my fingers massage her ass I notice she has motioned for her husband to look over. Its then I slip her thong to the side and push a finger inside of her pussy. She moans on my dick as I start fingering her. “Does that feel good?” I ask her. “Mmmhmmm” she moans never stopping from sucking my dick. I look over and see the husband is touching his wife’s breast and she is trying to focus on the road. She bites her lip as he squeezes her nipple, they must be sooo sensitive. I notice he takes the wheel and she raises her ass off the seat and looks to undo her bottoms and slide them down. I tell my wife what’s happening and tell her she had better put on a show. She starts to bob faster and spreads her knees apart more. The woman’s head goes back and I tell my wife “I think he is fingering his wife while they watch you.” She reaches back and spreads her lips. One finger tapping her clit. I look over and give him a thumbs up and he pulls out his wife’s breast. He leans in and bites her nipple and she grabs his head. I start to finger my wife deep and hard, her mouth is amazing and I can feel the tension building in my maltepe escort bayan balls. I tell her I’m getting close and immediately she repositions, ass more in the air and vigorously sucking my dick. I push her deep and hold her there as I shoot stream after stream of cum to the back of her throat. I release her head and she slowly sucks me. Its so sensitive and she knows it. I can’t take anymore so I slow down and pull over. I come around the back of the car open the rear door and then hers. She looks up at me smiling and I tell her to get out. When she does I turn her around and tell her to lean over the center console. With my still semi hard dick I push into her dripping wet pussy, I fuck her hard and as I do my dick begins to harden more and more. She pushes herbass back onto my dick and I know I can’t come again but I want her cum to cover my dick. Within 2 mins her legs give out and her pussy clinches onto my dick, wave after wave her pussy seems to milk my dick. I slow down and keep moving, making sure I’m covered with her juices. I pull out and before I can say a word she quickly turns around, drops down, and licks me clean. Savoring it. Licking the sides, head and slit before engulfing my semi flaccid dick all the way into her mouth. I pull up my pants and walk back around to drive. We need to stop at next area so my wife can clean up and grab a bite to eat. As she hits the bathroom and I’m standing in line I notice the couple from earlier sitting in a booth. The guy looks at me unsure if I look familiar but when my wife comes out to stand with me in line he and his wife notice that ass of hers clearly. “Should we go sit with that couple?” I ask her. “Why would we do that?” She says. “I think they know us”….to be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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