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Shortly after they were married, Lori and Dave moved into a new suburban housing development where they purchased a two-story four-bedroom home. It was the perfect place to start their new life together and to raise a family. Several months later, another young couple, Rosa and Carlos purchased the house next door and the two couples quickly became friends. Lori and Rosa got pregnant a couple of months apart with their first child and shared the joys and tribulations of motherhood. It was also nice to know that their children would probably become best friends too.

Dave and Carlos shared their love of sports and spent a lot of time having beers while watching football or baseball or helping each other on weekend home improvement projects. Rosa and Lori would shop together and enjoyed watching some sports with their husbands too. Some of the socializing was simply sitting on a porch or patio, having a beer while the children played in the front yard under the watchful eyes of the parents.

Their friendship only grew stronger after both couples had their second child a few months apart again. Both sets of siblings would have best friends who lived next door. As the children grew older, they spent a majority of their time playing at one house or the other and going to the same schools. It was convenient for everyone. If the kids were at one house, it gave one set of parents a short break to get things done, to simply relax, or even get in a quickie before the kids came home. It was especially nice when one couple would let the other children sleep over so their friends could have a date night.

With both couples now in their mid-thirties, they had spent a considerable amount of time together. When you spend that much time with another couple, they would naturally notice each other’s physical attributes. Dave would check out Rosa’s petite 5’3″ frame, 32a breast, tight little ass, dark hair and eyes along with her bronze skin, often undressing her with his eyes. In return, Carlos admired Lori’s taller, 5’7″ body with her full, round 34c breasts, long legs, and fuller ass. Her hair was dark with a wisp of gray.

Carlos was tall, at 6’2″, and had a slender, muscular body. He was a stereotypical tall, dark and handsome Latino. Dave, on the other hand, was an Irishman with red hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, about 6 foot tall, and carrying a couple of extra pounds but not fat.

It was only natural for the women to check out the guys too. Lori especially liked seeing Carlos with his shirt off with his muscles and hairy chest showing and Rosa liked Dave’s fair skin and larger frame.

Over the years, as the couples became more comfortable with each other, they did some harmless flirting and the women were not being as careful covering up their bodies in front of the other husband. If Rosa or Lori were wearing a skirt in front of the guys, they wouldn’t necessarily be careful about how they sat and the guys would often get a peek up their skirt at their panties.

No one got jealous or offended if Carlos would tell Lori, “I like your pink panties,” or if Dave would ask Rosa, “Is that a blue thong you are wearing.”

The ladies would playfully call the guys “pigs” or “perverts” and one time Rosa lifted her skirt and showed Dave her panties, saying, “See, it’s not a thong, sorry to disappoint you.”

When a mom is taking care of their children, it’s not unusual for them to lean over at the waist to attend to them. It leaves plenty of opportunities for a downblouse view. Dave saw Rosa’s bra and bare breasts on numerous occasions and Carlos also had plenty of peeks down Lori’s blouse. There is something exciting about stealing a glance at another woman’s underwear that can turn on a guy.

There were plenty of opportunities for the guys to check out their neighbor’s asses too as they bent over to pick up a child or clean up after them. Lori had a fuller ass and Rosa’s was small, tight, and cute. Dave would often look at Rosa’s ass and wish he could see it without clothing. Carlos was always tempted to grab a handful of Lori’s ass.

One summer, Carlos and Rosa invested in a pool which not only gave the children plenty of time outdoors but it also afforded the adults to see each other in their swimwear almost every day. Lori and Rosa were still young enough to wear bikinis and they were proud of their bodies in a private setting. One evening while the children were sleeping at Rosa and Carlos’ house, the adults were out back swimming on a warm summer night. Of course, there was plenty of drinking involved and when Lori dove into the pool, her top pulled up, exposing her breasts. She was embarrassed that she was fully exposed, apologized, and blushed a bit.

Carlos was quick to comment, “You don’t have to apologize, Lori. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to wear a top at all. You’ve got great tits.”

Lori called him a “pig” in jest as she pulled her top back down. Part of her was also turned on by having Carlos seeing her topless.

Dave pushed the envelope by saying, “Hey, Carlos, don’t you think that it’s only ankara escort bayanlar fair that I see Rosa’s tits now.”

Carlos replied, “You know what buddy, you’re right. What’s fair is fair.”

Carlos then grabbed Rosa and quickly overpowered her as she was protesting but he was too big and strong for her. Carlos pulled Rosa’s bikini top up to expose her tiny breasts for Dave. Rosa pretended to be mad and she pulled her top back down but she knew it was all in good fun and she also enjoyed the attention of another man when Dave told her what beautiful breasts she had. Dave and Carlos liked seeing their wives half-naked in front of the other man. No one was mad or jealous but both couples had sex before they went to sleep that night. Who knew an accidental exposure would lead to some frisky lovemaking later?

The next day as Carlos and Dave were repairing Dave’s deck, Carlos told him, “I hope you don’t mind me saying this but Lori has a great pair of tits. I’ve always wondered what they looked like and I wasn’t disappointed.”

“No problem buddy. I knew Lori had great tits. Rosa’s are pretty nice too. I like small tits. You could say I’m a connoisseur of tits. She’s got a cute little body too.”

Dave went on to ask, “Do you want to see some pictures?”

“Are you serious? Shit yeah.”

Dave smiled, looked around to make sure their wives weren’t around, pulled out his phone, and found a couple of pictures of Lori he had taken when she was a few years younger. It was a picture of Lori standing naked with her hands on her hips, her breasts and trimmed bush exposed. Carlos looked at the picture with lust in his eyes almost drooling. He always imagined seeing Lori fully nude and now he was experiencing the next best thing.

Seeing how much his friend was enjoying the nude picture of his wife, Dave swiped his screen to show him another. This one was of Lori from behind, glancing over her shoulder at the camera. Her long legs and full, round ass were in view.

“Damn Dave, her body is better than I imagined.”

“I’ve got one more.”

Dave then swiped the screen again and the next shot was of Lori bent over kneeling on the bed, her pussy and asshole exposed.

“Holy fuck, Dave. If she were my wife, I’d be fucking her every day.”

“That doesn’t happen when you have kids. You should know that.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Carlos then pulled out his phone and said, “I have a few of Rosa, too.”

“Let me see them.”

Carlos then showed Dave a picture of Rosa laying spread eagle on their bed and another of her bent over on all fours.

“Damn, Carlos, Rosa has one hot little body. Shit, I’m getting hard just looking at her picture.”

Just then, they heard Lori and Rosa coming and quickly put their phones away before Rosa asked, “What’s up? Are you almost done?”

Both guys began to laugh, leaving their wives perplexed and Carlos replied, “Oh, nothing’s up. We’ll be done in a minute.”

“Okay, we’ll be in the pool with the kids.”

“Alright, we’ll be there when we’re done.”

When they were done with the deck repairs, Carlos and Dave joined their families by the pool. Both men were admiring their wives in their bikinis, now with a vivid image of what they looked like naked. The men stared at their wife’s asses, as they weren’t always quick to fix their bikini bottoms when they would crawl between their butt cheeks. Lori’s bigger cheeks were always hanging out of the sides of her bottoms while Rosa had a tighter ass.

Dave mentioned to Carlos, “Maybe you shouldn’t have shown me those pictures of Rosa. I can’t help looking at her without undressing her with my eyes.”

“I’m looking at Lori the same way, buddy. If you don’t mind me asking, is she as good in bed as she looks?”

“When we have time, Lori is pretty damn hot in bed. She can be a horny bitch. The kids have cut into our playtime. She gives a damn good blow job. Lori likes it a little rough too. She likes to be spanked and to have her hair pulled. What about Rosa?”

“Rosa’s got that hot Latina blood. She can be a wild woman in bed. She used to be a screamer but she’s had to be quieter so she doesn’t wake up the kids. She loves to suck dick too and swallows.”

“Lori doesn’t always swallow but I have no complaints. I wonder if our wives talk about us like this?”

“I doubt it.”

But Carlos was wrong. Rosa and Lori had exchanged stories before with Lori bragging about Dave’s stamina and oral skills and Rosa telling her friend about Carlos’ above-average size and muscles.

Rosa even mentioned, “I think Carlos has a little crush on you but I don’t mind if he looks at other women. All men look.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen Dave checking you out too. It’s kind of nice to know men still look at me. Sometimes, I wonder if men still find me attractive. I’m not getting any younger and with having two kids let’s face it, we aren’t always at our best.”

“You got that right. The kids wear me out.”

Lori then said, “I have a little confession to make. Sometimes, I let the guys peek down my blouse ankara esmer escortlar or bend over in front of them just to get their attention.”

Rosa snickered and replied, “I do the same thing. It’s so darn easy to get them to check me out.”

“Yeah, it is easy, isn’t it?”

“I thought the guy’s tongues were going to fall out of their mouths when you lost your bikini top last night.”

“I didn’t plan that. I saw the way Dave was looking at you too. He was pretty horny when we got home.”

“Carlos was too.”

And that’s how things went for a while. The wives would subtly tease the men and it would help spice up their sex lives. They even played strip poker one night after a couple of hours of drinking but the ladies quit after they were down to their underwear. They liked letting their husbands see them in their bra and panties. Lori’s breasts were spilling out of her bra and Rosa was wearing a lace bra that showed off a hint of her nipples. It was obvious that their husbands had erections and tried to convince their wives to keep playing but Rosa and Lori weren’t ready to get naked for the weeknight guys. The ladies rationalized their exposure by comparing it to the guys seeing them in their bikinis but they knew the material of the bra and panties was much thinner and showed more skin. That evening led to some great sex later that night when they were alone.

No matter how hard a couple may try, work, kids, and other obligations seem to interfere with a healthy sex life. Rosa and Lori started to get somewhat concerned when their husbands began going to a local strip club more often. It started as a happy hour every few months but then it started to become more regular. At first, the wives didn’t mind but after a while, they became worried. Carlos and Dave would always come home horny so they knew they were being faithful but it started to get disconcerting that they were getting turned on by other women.

Dave would tell Lori, “What difference does it make if I get horny at the strip club as long as I’m not cheating on you?”

Lori would respond, “Yeah, but Rosa and I are taking care of the house and kids while you and Carlos are out having a good time.”

Rosa was getting equally concerned with Carlos and let him know. The husbands slowed down on their visits to the strip club and even tried to sneak going there but it was like their wives could read their minds; they seemed to have an instinct when they were out watching naked dancers.

That’s when Lori and Rosa decided to take matters into their own hands and one night, they made Dave and Carlos watch the kids while they went out for a few drinks. What their husbands didn’t know is that Lori and Rosa were going to pay a visit to the strip club to see what it was all about. They dressed up in their best jeans and put on tight tops, heels, did up their hair and makeup, and went out for a few hours.

When they walked inside the bar, they were greeted with loud music, dim lights, and every person in the bar turned around to look at them, seeing they were the only female customers in the place. One dancer was just starting her three-song set and was parading around the stage in 5-inch heels, thong, and bra. Rosa and Lori took a seat off to the side so they could observe the entire bar. A couple of scantily dressed women were talking to men at the bar and a couple of others were approaching men seated at the tables trying to get the guys to buy them drinks and offering them lap dances. A waitress in a very short, low-cut dress came and took their drink orders. Rosa and Lori didn’t feel comfortable at first but they were determined to see first-hand what their husbands were doing at the strip club.

As the dancer’s second song started, she removed her bra and began to dance topless as several men approached the stage to tip her. The wives were paying close attention to the stage and were startled when one of the dancers came up to them to offer them a lap dance which they politely declined. The dancer got naked for her third song and offered the audience a view of her shaven pussy by spreading her legs on the edge of the stage then bending over to give them a view of her ass and pussy. She took several tips between her breasts.

Rosa and Lori watched several dancers that evening before they decided to get lap dances themselves. They were there to learn about what turned on their husbands and wanted to get the full experience. Lori chose a tall blonde with big breasts and Rosa chose an average height brunette with nice, proportional breasts and firm ass. They felt somewhat strange going into the back room with a couple of dancers but they were curious to find out what went on in the champagne room.

The dancers made small talk with Rosa and Lori until the song started then they started to dance and removed their tops. Lori’s dancer straddled her lap and rubbed her nipples close to Lori’s mouth in an obvious offer to suck them but she declined. Rosa’s dancer started by rubbing her chest against Rosa’s and getting close enough sincan grup yapan escortlar to almost kiss her but stopped just short.

A short time later, both dancers lost their bottoms and gave the ladies a close-up view of their pussies, and turned around to show off their asses. When Lori’s dancer straddled her again, she took Lori’s hands and placed them on her ass. Lori was a bit more relaxed now and groped the dancer’s ass. Noticing Lori’s comfort level had increased, the dancer offered Lori her nipples again and she gently sucked on them while playing with the other. Rosa was shocked to see her friend sucking on a dancer’s tits but took advantage of her dancer’s offer to do the same. When the song was over, both dancers wanted to know if the ladies wanted another but they graciously declined and went back out to their seats.

“That’s why our husbands come home so horny,” commented Lori.

“Yeah, they may not be screwing them but they sure are touching them,” replied Rosa.

“What are we going to do now, Lori?”

“I don’t know Rosa. We’ll think of something but tonight I’m going to go home and fuck Dave’s brains out. That dancer got me worked up.”

“I noticed, Lori. My pussy is a little wet too.”

When the ladies got home, their husbands wondered what got them so turned on but Lori and Rosa never disclosed where they were that night, only that they went out for a few drinks. Dave and Carlos were more than happy to help their wives overcome their horniness that night. It wasn’t very often they would come home wanting to have sex, especially on a weeknight.

The next day when Rosa and Lori found some time to soberly talk about the events of the night before, Rosa posed a question, “What are we going to do now that we know what goes on at the strip club?”

“I have an idea. I’m not sure you’re going to like it but promise me you’ll at least think about it.”

Rosa nervously laughed and replied, “I promise but shit, you’re scaring me. Let’s hear it.”

“Well, we know what our husbands like about the strip club. We can either let them keep going or give them an alternative.”

“What alternative, Lori?”

“What if we gave them a little show of our own?”

“I strip for Carlos all the time though.”

“No, no, no. I mean we do it together. You know, like in Dave’s man cave. They each like checking us out and have seen us partially naked already so why not give them a show of our own? We won’t have a stripper pole but we could each dress up really sexy, sit around the bar chatting, then get up and do a striptease, maybe even give our husbands a lap dance.”

“I don’t know, Lori. That sounds crazy.”

“Come on, Rosa. You promised to think about it.”

“Alright, I’ll think about it but I’m not sure. It sounds crazy. I’m not sure I’ve got the guts to do it.”

While Rosa promised to consider Lori’s idea, Carlos and Dave went to the strip club a couple of days later and came back horny as usual. That is what convinced Rosa to try Lori’s crazy idea.

The next day, Rosa talked to Lori and said, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Lori got a wicked grin on her face and said, “I know it’s a wild idea but it will be fun. We know our husbands don’t mind their friend checking us out and if anyone starts to get jealous, we’ll stop immediately.”

“I’ll be nervous as all heck, Lori. I’ll need plenty of alcohol.”

“Don’t worry, Rosa, I’ll need a lot myself.”

The ladies then went about plotting their special evening with their husbands. The first thing they did was to go shopping at a lingerie store for outfits to wear. Rosa and Lori were laughing like schoolgirls as they went through the racks of lingerie. They tried on some very revealing outfits but quickly dismissed them. They wanted something that left something to the imagination but was sexy at the same time. Once that was complete they had to plan the evening. They would do it on a Saturday night in Dave’s man cave which had a bar and a couple of sofas that were perfect for giving lap dances.

They planned to have a barbeque at Rosa and Carlos’ house then hire a babysitter to watch the kids there for the evening where they would sleep over. After dinner, Lori and Rosa would go back to Lori’s house to prepare for their surprise with their husbands waiting at Carlos’ house until they received a text message. All through dinner, the husbands knew something was up as their wives kept nervously looking at each other and going into the house to consult with each other. They were also drinking more than usual.

When the wives went to Lori’s house after dinner to get ready, the only thing they didn’t plan was who would dance first. After a few minutes of discussion, Rosa finally told Lori she had to go first seeing it was her idea. Lori couldn’t argue with that logic.

After preparing their hair and putting on more makeup than they usually wear, it was time to get dressed. Rosa chose a sheer, leopard skin chemise with a matching thong. It was extremely low cut that even showed off her small cleavage and nipples. Lori chose a deep blue bandeau lace bra and thong set with matching stockings. She added a short black wrap-around skirt she would wear at the beach as a coverup. Both of them wore four-inch heels. It was extremely risque for both women to be dressed like this even before their planned striptease.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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