Mar 30

Want To Play Chikan?

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I had never been to Japan before but I had always wanted to go. I finally met my chance through my work. I’m a jewelry consultant that deals in international trade imports on jewelry from around the world but specialty had always been Europe and the Caribbean. Our company became aware of a new and growing line in Japan; my peers and I are stretched like jobs in most companies.

A little bit about me, my name is Kim. I’m of Irish-Swedish background with blue-eye and light freckles and thick blonde hair. Being a representative for my company that deals with negotiating with customers, I keep my body in shape as best I can. According to my suitors, I hear that I’m doing well at this.. I’m 5’3″ and weigh about 117lbs with 34C size bust. My hips are 33 and my waist is usually about 25 inches when I watch what I eat. (I sometimes splurge on Chinese and Japanese food which seems to make me pooch a little). I’m meticulous with dress, makeup and nails etc. I generally stick to reds in lipstick and nails to contrast my hair and bright colors in blouses to contrast with black and gray slacks or business suits. I always wear 3″ heels or higher and I love lingerie; especially nice stockings and crave shoes. And naturally, in my business – jewelry. I’m not married and at the time did not have a boyfriend either. At age 28, I had been married once before.

And just a note for anyone traveling to Japan. Dressing in a classy has a big advantage when going through customs I found out. Apparently, if you are in a suit, you are ushered through faster and ahead of the people in sweats and T-Shirts because the Japanese feel you are there to bring them business and give you preferred treatment as best I can determine. So after the long flight, even though I did not look my best and I made it through customs quickly but most the men in suits did make it ahead of me for some reason. (so it’s not perfect but I was ahead of most the plane)

So enough about all that, you are probably ready for the reason for me writing all this. I have always fanaticized about exhibition but never really had the nerve to do anything other than a few accidents that happened during my life which all had a very arousing effect. My best friend’s dad had walked in on me just out the shower by accident once and brief accidental show of my thong in a sudden wind while carrying a box. I wanted to relive those events again but could never get the nerve when trying to produce it myself even though I had gone to some trouble to set it up but never carried it out at the last moment.

So I came to Japan with a plan, I packed a little sailor school girl outfit that I bought at a costume store with heels and special stockings. I planned on riding the bullet train in my outfit as part of time allotted for site seeing. I was curious of the “chikan” groping stories were true or not. This idea has led to several sessions of me pleasuring myself alone in my bed with my little friend. And I was not going to back out of it.

Three days later, I had completed the ankara escort deal for my purpose in Japan, recovered from jet log and had three days left to do what I wanted to do. I had made my plans. I was going to take a train north out of Tokyo and then change into my outfit and pick a very busy train back to Tokyo. I knew the busiest time would be when people were returning home for work. I went to Nikko to check the shrines and have Japanese public bath which gave me a place to change.

Gosh, I had been edging since before I left the USA now. The excitement of the moment was building. I needed the bath, if you know what I mean. I put on a little more make-up than usual. I covered my freckles with base so my face would be smooth and applied a little blush. Tasteful, false eyelashes and two shades of eye shadow along with my usual red lipstick and fingernail polish. I put my hair up in a school girl pony tail. Then I put on the Light blue navy style school girl outfit with over the knee stockings. The outfit as a little thinner than I had thought and I almost decided to wear panties but convinced myself not to. I breast filled it out nicely and I did not wear a bra. (I did carry a change of clothes in my strap back pack. Luckily for my height the skirt covered half way down my thigh but it was breezy. I was already moist again thinking about what could happen with a bunch of men pressed up against me on a crowded train. I couldn’t believe I was “hoping” to get groped by strange Japanese men. I checked myself out and I knew I was every man’s fantasy (well at least a lot of men’s fantasy). I knew that what I was about to do might be considered dirty and definitely not innocent. I at least felt that way, however, I really did not know if anything would happen at all.

I gathered my things and headed back to the train station. The evening was chilly and my nipples were definitely poking out through my outfit. Probably would have been anyway as worked up as I was even though I was very nervous. I only received a few looks on the street though, most of the Japanese kept to themselves and I had made sure I knew how to get around without having seek someone who spoke English. I only knew a few Japanese words. I found the train headed back down south and worked my way on in the midst of a very heavy crowd. I had done a good job of selecting a group of that would ensure I was surrounded by men.

We were packed like sardines. A Japanese man just a few inches taller than me was pressed up tightly facing me and another was pressed up tightly to me from behind facing me as well. At times there was as many as two men on either side of me. But the two men behind and in front of me seemed to not give up their positions as the train started to move. They showed any expression and their eyes would only glance in my direction. The man in front just kind of stared at my boobs as well as some of the men on either side of me. The men were all in suits but the smell of cigarettes was strong. Reality was settling in as I felt my escort ankara shoes in between my legs slightly forcing my feet apart with every step I took to adjust my stance. I started feelings bumps against my ass like a fist pressing into to it. We had just started moving and already. I had imagined a bullet train and this train was fast but it was not 200 mph. I understood it would be about 1 hour and half trip.

Almost at the same time, I felt a hand from the side slide across my stomach, I jumped slightly but did not resist; while another hand started rubbing my ass from behind. Just a minute later the man in front of me pressed his hand flat against the front of my thigh with just a glance to my face. My legs were shaking I was so nervous but wetness in between my legs I could feel when I shifted my weight. I had not expected them to be so bold just a few minutes into the trip. I started to worry a little and decided I better put up some resistance or I might be in big trouble before this is over. I gently pushed their hands away one at a time. But as I pushed one hand away, another hand would stop feeling me. It might have delayed them some but not much and I still wanted this but was wondering if I was going to have any control like I had imagined. I had visualized only one man would touch me, so this was a little overwhelming as I was now having at least five hands touching me from all sides and the man in front had started using both of his hands. They were just tall enough, I could not really see anyone else around me, so I did not even know if I could get help if I had needed it. I think my pussy had started leaking down my leg a little to make things worse.

The back of dress was being raised from behind and the man in front was doing his best to raise if from the front with one hand. He was using his other hand to stroke my mons which was starting to me hotter. I was using one hand to push hands away and the other to keep my dress down as hands from the side then started pawing at my breast too! This was a losing battle! Then the man in front of me finally showed a surprised smile as felt a finger under my dress swipe through my pussy lips! The touch set me on fire, I knew I could not stop if I had wanted to at this point. Buttons on front were being undone as my nipples were being tweaked and squeezed and from the back my skirt was halfway up my back.

The men had been pressing up to and I could feel their hard cocks pressed up to me here and there. Then I felt one pressed up to the side of my hip and left hand being pulled towards it. By now my ass and pussy was continuously being probed and my legs were getting wobbly as I was getting close to cumming. One hand pressed something wet to my lips, at first I thought it my wetness but realized it was the guy on the side of me who had been rubbing his cock on me – it was his pre-cum. I was in shock as I went over the edge and started spasming. From behind, I was caught as my knees buckled and I felt his naked cock press into the crack of my ass. ankara escort bayan A cock was in each hand and my wrist were being moved to jack them. I felt the man in front of me rubbing his cock up and down my slit as I was recovering from my orgasm. My boobs had been pulled out and were on display.

There was so much happening to me, I can’t remember or relate it all. I was feeling dirty and wanted to leave after having cum. One guy on the side of me came on my thigh/hip from just rubbing against me and the man in front of me grabbed on to my blouse and was pulling me onto his cock as he directed into me with his other hand. I had not wanted to fuck, I just thought I would tease and get felt up but there was no stopping this now. There were men in suits almost all fully dressed with their cocks all out rubbing on me and now one inside me. I was being used and I had no choice but to give in to them. I felt the guy behind me cum on my ass and I think another guy took his place from the side and he was replaced with someone new on the side. This went on, the man in front of me came and another man took his place who was a little rougher.

My costume had been torn in few places – under my arm and few buttons too. The new man in front pushed me down and started rubbing his cock in my face. Sounded like some of the others were angry with him but I soon felt cocks being pushed into my hair and someone trying to lift my hips up – my legs left the floor and I was soon being fucked wheel-barrow style. I was then passed around as the men came, I think I blew three men in front of me like this and four fucked me from behind. I can’t count how many came on my legs and in my hair and where ever they could. It suddenly all stopped, as each man finished around me. I vaguely remember announcements coming over the train. I was helped to my feet and I started trying to put myself together, the train slowed to a stop and the doors opened. I exited the train and there were people around staring as I tried to find the closest rest room.

I rushed out from the platform and finally located one as Japanese people stared at me and some of the women gave me disgusting looks. I heard from a crowd as rushed by “..are you ok” from apparently some American man. I did not stop but kept moving to the rest room. In the rest room I realized how bad I looked, makeup everywhere, one false eyelash was gone, my tits were almost hanging out and probably had been with the number of buttons missing. Cum in my hair was a dead give away. At least my skirt was intact which had been around my belly most of the time. I was almost sick on my stomach as I cleaned myself up.

I changed clothes and washed up and made myself as presentable as I could. I still was getting stares while in the restroom. I hurried and got out of there soon. Going back to my hotel was uneventful and my disgust with myself started turning into a pride that I had done it. Back in the hotel I ordered room service for an American style steak and took a long shower. As I laid down that night to sleep that night, my hands wandered down to my pussy which was sore but I couldn’t help but rub my self to a final orgasm, thinking about what had just happened. However, I don’t think I will do that again!

– Kim

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