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Washing Machine Pt. 06

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The story continues after sis, Katie and I were interrupted towards the end of a lovely threesome in the kitchen. Mom came back down after a change and we were cleaning up. I tried not to notice the soft young bodies in the kitchen, but failed miserably. My cock grew inside my shorts again and I hoped that the glances that the two girls directed toward my crotch went unnoticed by mom. Soon, the ladies started to talk about things that I didn’t have much interest in, so I moved back to my room and started surfing the Internet aimlessly. One of my mates called just then and I was glad to get out of the house for a while. I met up with him and a few others after a refreshing change to my recent encounters, I returned in the evening. The house was quiet and I showered and changed into a comfortable pair of shorts. These were the same shorts I wore when this whole streak of freaky sex started with Aunt Emma. I heard Katie and Kara in my sister’s room giggling away as usual. I was disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to play any further since mom was back.

The thoughts of the two girls were getting me horny again and I invariably went to the computer and started searching for internet porn videos. I was starting to like a particular video I had selected, when I heard a knock on the door. I heard moms voice calling me by name. I minimized the video and stuffed my hard cock into my shorts and willed it to go down, but it just wouldn’t. The second knock was more insistent and I hoped I could hide behind the door partially to keep the evidence of my perverse thoughts away from mom’s eyes. When I opened the door, I got the shock of my life. My mom was standing by the door, holding the video recorder in her hand. I was dumbstruck. Had she seen the video? My face must have looked guilty as hell.

“Jake I have asked you not to leave these things lying about,” she said, looking at me sternly. Luckily she must have interpreted my red face as being upset. She had an amused expression on her face a few seconds later. She had another object in her other hand.

She held it up laughing. It was Kara’s panties and the womanly fragrance was unmistakeable. It didn’t seem wet as it would have dried during the day.

“I found this in the kitchen between the refrigerator and the cupboard. Were you upto something with that girl in the kitchen?”

I was tongue-tied and I could only stare at her. I barely registered the fact that she had mistaken the panties to be Katie’s and not my sister’s.

“She’s your sister’s friend. You should be more careful,” she said laughing.

I still didn’t say much. What could I say?

“Do you want to return it? I don’t want to embarrass her. “

“I am sorry mom,” I said muttering. I had to say something.

“Look’s like my boy is growing up and being adventurous,” she said. My mind went back to the fun we had. The erection that had just started to subside was starting to get more blood, testing the limits of my shorts. Before I knew it, mom opened the door I had half closed and instinctively I moved back forgetting about my intention of covering my hardness. Mom suddenly came close and hugged me. I just stood there like a statue not wanting to move. She hugged me for what seemed like ages with the panties and the camera in her hands. I held her close too, although I didn’t understand the significance of the hug. I was sure she must have felt my hard-on which had no other choice but to find shelter against her soft yielding tummy. Her breasts seemed larger than life as they mashed up against me.

She released me and I thought I saw a tinge of red color on her cheeks. She gave me the panties and took the camera with her. “I will put this back where you took it from.”

I was shocked. I didn’t want to say anything. Knowing mom, if she became suspicious, there was no way I was gonna stop her from seeing the video. I decided to get it when had her usual shower before going to bed. I didn’t want to alarm sis and Katie. The girls kept to themselves for obvious reasons. I was too nervous to go to their room or watch porn. The wait was so hard. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard mom walk into her room. I waited for a bit and opened the door quietly. I heard the shower running as I walked in. I saw the cam on the bed, but to my surprise, I was distracted by the fact that the door to the bathroom was fully open. My priorities changed instantly, I tiptoed over to the open door, my heart in my mouth. I could see her in the mirror by the sink which was positioned strategically to give me a glimpse of the shower. She had not pulled the curtain closed. She was totally naked and I could see her profile. I was mesmerized by her body. The side view of her breasts was nice to look at. As she bent, they hung in a way that I liked and it told me that they were quite full and larger than I had imagined them to be. Her eyes were partially closed, making me feel safer. I just stood there looking at her body, my heart beating fast and pumping blood to sahabet güvenilirmi my cock.

My hand automatically went inside my shorts and in the middle of mom’s room, I started rubbing myself while watching her. She turned to get the soap and I was treated to her wonderful breasts. They were lovely beyond comparison. Though smaller than Aunt Em’s, they were bigger than my sister’s. Her figure was nice and shapely but with some fat on her tummy. It made me want to nuzzle against it, and bite it. By the time it registered in my mind that she was finished, I was stuck in the middle of the room. I had no way of walking out without being seen. I didn’t know what to do. I just rushed to the bed with my back towards her and started to get the camera. I heard her footsteps behind me, and a gasp and a mad scramble. My cock was not subsiding and I heard her voice 2 seconds later.

“Jake! What are you doing here? I almost walked in naked into the room.”

“Sorry mom,” I said still turning my back to her. My cock was like steel. I felt her hands grab me and turn me around. I had the cam and a huge hard on. She couldn’t help but notice it. She was dressed in a towel which barely covered her body. I looked down and saw her cleavage and my cock kept pulsating crazily drawing her attention to it. So I stepped back falling onto the bed. Her expression was a mixture of anger and amusement.

She bent to take the camera from my hand. I held onto it and she pulled it back trying to gain possession of it. I didn’t let go and her towel came off half-way, showing me her lovely breasts again. It took her a few seconds to realize that her towel was open and she jumped back gasping. Those few seconds seemed like eternity and it didn’t help my cock subside. She missed one end of the towel a number of times before she got it right. She looked at me red faced and then to my erection.

“Jake, were you peeping on me?”

I looked down, red faced.

“You are such a naughty boy, looking at your mom like that and you are aroused young man. Don’t tell me it’s because of me.”

“No its not.”

“Then what was it?”

I had to say something. How was I going to explain the erection? I finally decided on the safest explanation.

“I was watching porn.”

“So you were watching porn and decided to come in and get the camera?”


“For what? To film yourself?”


“To do what? To show someone?”



“A girl I met.”

“Oh gosh, kids these days are so bad.”

She came to me.

“I need that camera first.”


“I have something on it that needs to be backed up. I totally forgot to copy it. It belongs to a friend of mine.”

“I can do that.”

“No it’s personal.”

“I won’t watch it mom, promise.”

“No. I will come with you to the room and see to it anyway.”

I had no choice but to agree. She turned around and started wearing a bra and panties with her back to me. I looked up at the ceiling. When I took my gaze away from the ceiling, she had put on a night dress that was too short for comfort and with buttons at the front. She came with me to my room. I plugged the camera in and there were a few files. She pointed to one and I downloaded it and she made me copy it onto a DVD. She also did a strange thing. She never checked the video and she made sure I deleted it off the camera. Her selection was based on the date it was recorded. I was too interested about cleaning up my act on the camera to worry too much about it. She took the disk from me.

“I will leave you to your girl and your self made porn,” she said walking towards her room. I smiled, color rushing again to my face, as she pointedly looked at my cock which was still hard.

I waited for a while and opened the movie that we had made. It was so hot and my concentration was totally consumed by the spectacle unfolding on screen. I badly wanted to fuck the two girls again. I wondered if mom would hear if I went to the room next door. My hand eventually found its way into my shorts and very soon my cock was out. I had the headset on, watching the romp on screen. The sounds made it even more exciting.

I jumped as I felt a hand on my shoulder. I had totally forgotten that I had left the door unlocked. I looked up to see the smiling, sleepy face of mom. I smiled at her like a dummy. I slowly covered my cock by sliding the shorts back over it slowly, hoping she wouldn’t notice. She wore the same short dress as before with buttons up front which seemed very comfortable. The neck was low cut and I could see the bra strap peeking through the loose off-shoulder dress. It must have been a bra made with thin material as I could see the outlines of her nipples. Her cleavage looked hot as she bent over to gaze at the screen.

Her mouth opened as she recognized the kitchen. Then she gasped as she recognized my sister.

“Oh god, what have you been upto Jake?”

I looked at her again.

“I sahabet yeni giriş can explain mom. Things got a bit hot when Katie and I were doing stuff. Sis walked in on us and things kinda happened.”

“What? You had sex with your sister and her friend?”

I smiled the dumbest smile that I could muster.

She leaned over to get a better view.

“Gosh, is that a cucumber?”

I didn’t say anything. She pulled a chair and asked me to play it from the beginning. I didn’t comply, and there was a tussle for the mouse which got me a few more glimpses of her breasts. She finally found the play button on screen and got it to play from the beginning. It started with Katie being fucked by a cucumber with me kneeling. I wanted to get up but she stopped me. Her hand was on my shoulder leaning closer. I could see her breasts clearly and found it hard not to stare. The bra was almost translucent. She gasped as sis joined the fun and started sucking my cock.

Mom leaned even closer to see what was going on and my arm which was holding the edge of the table was against her breasts a lot more than it was before. I kept it there loving the feel of them. She put one hand over my thigh as she leaned closer. I looked down and was shocked to find my hand inside my shorts. I could have sworn that I didn’t slide it in consciously.

She looked my crotch.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh shit, mom. I didn’t .. I don’t .. er I can’t help it mom. The movie is hot.” That was all I could say.

“It’s not very appropriate if someone sees this video.”

“But its so hot mom.”

She slapped the hand holding my cock and the vibration went to my cock.

“Take your hand out young man. I am your mother.”

“Mmm do it again mom. That felt nice.”

She laughed and slapped my hand again.

“Take your hand away, young man. Your mom is sitting next to you. Aren’t you ashamed?”

“Well my mom is watching porn on my computer. Isn’t that naughty too?”

She got hold of my hand and tried to pull it off and every time she tried to pull it towards her, I let her move it an inch or two and then pulled my hand back. My other arm was rubbing against her breasts. Effectively, she was jerking me off. Eventually, my cock popped out of the shorts and it was long and hard. Mom gasped again looking at it open mouthed.

“The first time with Sis, she caught me watching porn and she jerked me off too. Only difference was that she was sitting where I am now.”

She didn’t seem to want to hear me. But her face was blushing.

“First time with sis? You mean this happened a few more times?”

“Yes mom, but it was just a jerking off session.”

“Just a jerking off session? That makes it OK?”

I stayed silent and changed the subject.

“I saw you in the shower, mom. I got so hard watching you.”

She looked at me.

“Yes I know. I saw you.”


“Yes. Did you like it?”

“Yes. But why didn’t you scream at me?”

“I don’t know. It was weirdly exciting.”

“I love your boob’s mom. I can still see them.”

“I know. “

“Can I look at them mom?”

“Don’t ask me questions that I can’t answer,” she said, not moving an inch.

I lowered my head and looked. Her face went red but she started to look at the screen as if trying to ignore what I was doing. I reached down and took two of her buttons off. She didn’t flinch. I got bolder and took one more off and made her lean back.

“What do you think you are doing young man?”

“I don’t know mom, you tell me.”

“Show me something you watch every night. Something you like.”

I was shocked but with the experience I had for the last few weeks, I realised that women did the strangest things when they were excited. Drawing attention to the weirdness of it was not something to be brought up at the heat of the moment. This was from a book on seduction that I had read long before all this happened.

I thought carefully about her request. I wanted to ask if she was sure but refrained from doing so. I didn’t know where this would all end up, but my heart was going into overdrive and I kept remembering how her body looked in the shower.

I made a decision. I opened a mom-son movie and let her watch it. She looked at me and looked back at the screen. Her legs were tightly closed but the short dress didn’t cover most of it. The dress was now unbuttoned almost to her tummy and I could see her cleavage and most of her bra. I kept looking and she was blushing again, her eyes going to my cock which was under the shorts now, and then drifting back to the screen. On screen, an older lady was kissing a younger guy deeply, still clothed, while another young girl watched them both secretly. I moved closer to her with my chair and put my arm around her. She stiffened for a bit and then relaxed a little as her attention was taken over by the scene. I pushed my shorts down and started rubbing my cock with my left hand.

I rubbed it slowly sahabet giriş and I could see her gaze moving towards my cock and then blushing and then going back to the screen again. I pulled her a little closer and she didn’t resist and her arm came to rest on my bare thigh. I let it be there and her breath was coming fast now. I pulled her hand to my cock and she took it back, but her movements were slower than what you would expect from a person who didn’t want to do it. Her touch was like hot coals on my skin and I could have sworn that my cock grew even bigger.

I opened up her dress more and she didn’t seem to notice or she didn’t mind. Her eyes were glued to the screen now. I stood up and moved behind her. I reached over her and put my hands on her arms and started caressing them. She broke out in goosebumps and looked up at me with her eyes half sleepy, a look that I have come to recognise as a horny and sexy look that signals that I have passed the point of no return of the lady. I then reached towards her tummy and caressed it with my finger tips, lightly touching her smooth skin moving upto her breasts and past them to her shoulders. She stiffened again and looked up at me. I was trying a different tactic by teasing her. I wanted her badly now. My cock was half over her left shoulder, pulsating like a beacon. She looked at it, half turning her head and almost jumped back at the proximity of it.

I started to massage her shoulders. The back of the chair was short so my cock kept rubbing against her back as I continued my massage. I slipped her dress off her shoulders, so that I could rub it better. She leaned forward.

“Don’t you have a stool? It would be easier. There is one in my room, if you want to get it.”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I rushed to her room and then found the long stool that mom had in front of her dresser. It was similar to a piano stool and was long enough for two people to sit on it side by side. I brought it back to my room. She got up and slid her dress to her waist and sat on the stool, her legs on either side rather than sitting on it the usual way, leaving room for me to sit if I wanted to. I stood there like an idiot waiting. She turned and patted the seat asking me to sit down. I sat behind her with my legs on either side getting closer to her lovely body which was exposed.

“Give me a massage, Jake. You have a nice touch.”

I started rubbing her back and shoulders. She sighed, leaning back against my hands and letting me knead her back.

“Can I unhook your bra mom?”

She didn’t respond but I felt her back stiffen again. I remembered one of the rules of seduction – don’t ask the girl too many questions. I reached forward and unhooked her bra. She didn’t say anything. I caressed the indentations made by the bra and caressed her back. She sighed some more. She leaned back forcing me to move my hands towards her tummy. She shuddered, as I hugged her close and caressed the creamy expanse of her tummy. The bra was loose and I reached under her breasts but avoided trying to touch them. I took things slow. I reached under her arms and caressed the sides of her breasts, making her sigh. My cock was hard under the shorts and it was rubbing against her back. I slid my hands under her arms and slowly encroached onto her breasts, inch by inch. She stiffened, but didn’t say much. My movements were painstakingly slow and finally, I was cupping them. Her nipples were hard against my palms. Her head was now on my left shoulder and her breath was coming faster. My hands shook as I realised what I was doing. My heart rate would have surpassed a sprinter’s.

“Gosh, you have such a lovely touch Jake,” she murmured.

I kept kneading her breasts. Her lower body started to rock against the stool and I started getting a faintly familiar smell that I guessed to be her wetness. I was wondering how to move further, when to my delight we had a power outage. The room darkened and her body was bathed in a soft glow from the monitor as the UPS kicked in. I took the chance to turn towards her face and kiss her lips. At first she just lay there as my tongue probed her lips not letting me in. I kept kneading her breasts with my hands. I felt her slowly giving into my probing tongue and she started to kiss me. The UPS was making a beeping noise but neither of us paid any attention to it. When the power was restored, we were kissing each other deeply. Mom flinched as the lights came back on and stopped kissing me back.

“Switch the lights off, angel.”

“Why mom?”

“I feel comfy with the lights off.”

I switched the lights off with the glow from the monitor lighting up the two of us. She stood up as I returned and turned to face me. She came closer, her dress falling to the floor and the bra hanging deliciously. She shrugged out of it and hugged me. I kissed her forehead and moved to her lips. We kissed long and hard. Her body trembled as I rubbed her back. I could feel her body radiating a heat that excited me. It was a comfortable, yet exciting, warmth. She pulled her lower body back and slipped her inside my shorts, her hand encircling my cock with her tentative hand.

“Oh god, I don’t know what I am doing right now.”

“Its OK, mom you can do anything you like.”

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