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watch wife fucked as i hideI never dreamed I would be able to write about the actual fulfillment of a long held fantasy of mine! For years I have wanted to see my wife with a black man. Amy and I married over 12 years ago when we were quite young. She is 32 years old and has medium length wavy brown hair and green eyes. She has an attractive figure with C-cup breasts. She does aerobics and keeps her self in shape. We married young so she had only been with a few guys in all her life, three in all though she is quite sexual nonetheless, nothing kinky but she enjoys sex. She reluctantly gives me head when we make love but she is not at all into swallowing. So she is sexual but conservative in some ways as well. Anyway for the longest time I have fanaticized about her having an affair with a black guy! I don’t know what it was so many years ago no that made that a fantasy of mine.Call me crazy but I really did get off on the thought of it happening! I just want to see it happen. But there was little chance of that-Anyhow after several years of trying to get Amy turned on to the idea of being taken and ravished by a black man I had long since given up. I had succeeded on a few occasions to get her to go along on a fantasy as we made love but she would not even give the slightest thought to actually following through on it. So I was pleasantly shocked when it actually came true before my eyes this past January. Amy and I were out for our 12th Anniversary for a long weekend out of town to a nearby big city. Amy asked me what I would like to celebrate our special day. Well I decided to try to get her to finally fulfill my long held fantasy of getting it on with a black guy. Well as you can imagine she said no at first but after some pleading on my part I convinced her to at least to fulfill part of my fantasy. She agreed to play along for me to some degree by flirting and making out with some one if we could get that to happen. We were staying at a hotel in town and she agreed to go to a nearby club and to dance and flirt with a black guy. She was adamant that it would not go far at all, she only agreed to meet a guy at the bar and to flirt to the point that she would take him back to our room. There I would discreetly watch, as she and he would engage in some foreplay. Amy said she would allow him to do what he would with her breasts but that then she’d have to quit.I was disappointed that I would not see her go all the way and get wild with some black stud. But at the same time I was quite excited at the prospect of seeing my sweet, beautiful wife surrender some of her body to the touch of a black stud. True it was only to be foreplay, but still I was excited about seeing some black stud working my wife’s breasts as they made out. Little did I know or did she know what the night had in store for us. Amy and I dressed for our night out. She wore tight black skirt, quite short and a red top. Underneath she wore a sexy bra and panty both red and black shoes. Her legs are so smooth she never wears stockings. We ate dinner at a nice restaurant and then headed to the club. It was a bit smoky but a nice mixed crowd. Amy and I parted at the door and I found a place to sit near her. She played like she was in town on business and sat alone and ordered a drink. I was in the booth diagonally across from her giving me a perfect view without looking obvious. I sipped on my beer as I watched as Amy began to flirt a little. She took it easy at first accepting a few dances with some guys who asked her to dance. They were of course white but I think that and the alcohol eased her into the game we were playing.Finally a black guy entered the bar. Amy smiled at him and looked at him a couple times which prompted him to come over from the bar and asked her if she’d have a drink with him. I distinctly recall her answer, “sure I’d love the company.” He was the perfect example of what I had long dreamed of. He was about 6’5 and well-built and dark skin, with short closely cut hair. He introduced himself and sat down at her booth and ordered them drinks. First he ordered her a mixed drink then had a bottle of wine brought to the table. He and Amy talked as they drank and I could definitely tell the alcohol was having an affect on her. A short while later he asked her to dance with him. I watched with hopeful anticipation as she smiled at him and said “I’d love to been a while since I’ve been dancing though.” He stood and offered her his hand and led her out to the dance floor. The first dances were faster but they got right into it and I noticed he was often touching her and pulling her closer. When the music slowed down I don’t think he even asked her for the dance he just pulled her toward himself and began to dance. I watched mesmerized as I sipped my beer. My cock was rock hard just watching as he pulled her nearer to him and put his arms around her waist. I was so turned on as I watched her lean her head into his chest and shoulder as they moved together in synch with the music.It was so sexy to me. It is one thing to imagine your wife fucking a black stud, but for me that is all it had been until this moment–imagination. So the mere sight of my wife actually dancing in the arms of this black stud was incredible. I could not believe my eyes and had to consciously make sure I was not staring when he began to slide his hands down her waist and hips to her butt. His large black hands gently pulled my wife closer to him, grinding his groin into hers. Amy did not resist his move. I was turned on by the prospect that finally a part of my long-held fantasy would be fulfilled. It wasn’t long till his hands were kneading my wife’s firm butt and hips. I could even tell she was enjoying herself somewhat surely the strong drink he bought her and the bottle of wine they had shared were doing their part to relax her. She even began to grind her pussy on his crotch as they swayed to the music. After a few songs the music picked up and he escorted her back to her booth. This time he did not sit across from her but next to her. He quickly signaled a barmaid to get some more wine to them and he kept Amy’s glass full as they laughed and talked. Their conversation turned more risqu‚ as the evening wore on and I ordered myself another beer as I listened.Amy had revealed that she was married but kept up the agreed story that she was in town on business. The black stud never missed a beat. He even went so far forward as to say “Hard to believe a guy would let such a beautiful woman as you out of his sight!” Amy smiled and replied “He trusts me we really love each other.” He then said, “Must get lonely at times out on your own.” She nodded that she agreed. He slid closer to her on the seat and began to caress her arms and then her legs I was almost hypnotized as I watched his large black hands gently stroking and petting my wife’s knees and thighs. He filled her glass again and the wine was definitely taking its toll on Amy-not drunk but very tipsy and relaxed. Another set of slow music started and He asked her to accompany him to the dance floor. She followed and by the look in her eyes I knew she’s been drinking more than planned. The black stud picked right up where he had worked his way to on the last dance. This time he immediately put his hands around her butt and pulled her close. She responded as well, grinding with him. I even sensed that she sighed slightly when he would press his crotch into her as they danced. She bit her lower lip a couple times when he pressed hard into her in obvious excitement.As the dancing continued I watched, as he became bolder in his moves, soon he was actively moving his hands along her butt and down toward her crotch pulling her cheeks apart s he massaged her with skill.I don’t doubt at all that his movements had her quite wet at this point already. He then led her back to the booth and they resumed talking though this time his hands never left her, he continued to massage her legs thighs, and arms, even going so far as to touch her face and neck at times. After a bit of time Amy broke the ice of what was to follow (as you can imagine I was anxious to see this black stud work her pussy if she’d let it happen and tits with some foreplay as Amy had agreed.) She said “You’ve been so nice but I must get back to my room.” “Would you be so kind as to escort me to me room and let me buy you a drink at my hotel in return for your kindness?” The black stud wasted no time in saying “Sure, I’ll go for that.” Amy then told him what hotel she was staying in, which happened to be just around the corner. I took my cue and paid my tab and headed to the hotel. We had booked a nice suite for our anniversary. One of the closets afforded a great view of the rooms. I turned the radio on and hid myself as I awaited her arrival. Five minutes later she arrived with her new friend.I guess she meant business about paying him for is kindness as soon as she shut the door she was on the phone to the lounge and asked that a bottle of brandy be brought to our room. Known for service it was only a couple minutes till it was delivered. Amy poured him a glass and a small one for herself-though she was already quite tipsy! They were in the living room part of the suite but I had a clear view of the couch where they sat. Amy picked up the remote to the stereo and turned up the volume a bit, then he took it from her and changed the station to a local station that played some soul or jazz type music that was just right for a seduction. Amy seemed pleased with his selection and as they sipped the brandy he touched her more boldly, then he stood up and offered her his hand and danced with her privately in our room! An excellent move on his part. He wasted no time taking his lips to her neck and kissing her soft white skin as his hands worked her hips. It was incredible to watch this black stud as he kissed m wife’s neck and moved his lips slowly up to her lips. She moaned slightly as his lips touched hers but she offered no resistance to his kiss. In fact soon after their lips met, I watched as she opened her mouth allowing his tongue full access to her mouth. As their tongues danced he maneuvered her back to the couch and sat her down.The kissing became more passionate with grunts and moans coming from both of them. He slid his hands down to her breasts and massaged them without the slightest resistance from Amy, in fact as his hands touched her breasts she pushed her chest out and moaned. He took the hint and wasted no time in getting her top unbuttoned as he kept her mouth engaged with his kissing! In My fantasy had begun to reveal itself in reality right in front of me. I knew it would only be some foreplay, but hey it was a turn-on! I watched as his black hand unclasped her bra from the front exposing her tits to him. He quickly moved his kisses down her neck to her breasts!In the closet I was already rubbing my rock hard cock. Soon his mouth enveloped her right nipple and Amy moaned rather loudly as his mouth encircled her nipple while his hand massaged the left breast. It was incredible to see the contrast his dark face and mouth devouring her white breasts. She moaned and thrust her chest out as she pulled his head close to her chest at the same time leaning back on the couch. He moved his mouth between her tits bringing her great pleasure, but he obviously wanted more as it was not long till he was moving his hands down her body to her legs. He wanted to get some of my wife’s pussy! An Amy was not resisting, at the time I didn’t know if she was in control of herself or not. But, the black stud soon had his hands slowly moving up from her knees to her inner thighs. I waited to see Amy put a stop to it as she said she would-though I wanted it to continue! Amy didn’t resist, she spread her legs as his hands traced their way up her leg. She spread her legs allowing him full access to her. I watched in anticipation as his hand bahis siteleri slid under her skirt and as he pushed her panties aside. It was obvious from her reaction when his fingers first entered her. She breathed in deeply and moaned as she thrust her hips out to meet his hand and her head moved back into the couch. Any remaining doubts as to where is hands were departed when he stated emphatically, “Aww, baby you are so wet!” I could see his hand moving as he finger fucked my wife of 12 years! It was an indescribable sight seeing this scene unfold before me.His mouth worked her tits as his large black hand fingered her wet hole! She moaned all the more as he obviously inserted another finger into her now eager cunt! As he worked her cunt with his hands he removed his mouth from her tit and then proceeded to undress her. First he removed her top and bra. Then he went back to kissing her and moving down to her breasts never letting up on his handiwork on her pussy. Amy was lost in ecstasy, she moaned and moved her body in rhythm to his. I still expected her to put an end to this at any moment., not wanting to get my hopes up to much I wondered to myself when she would put a stop to it. I am not sure if he was reading her mind (she later told me she was in fact going to say goodnight at this point) but he found her clit and expertly worked it with his fingers. Amy moaned heavily as she started breathing in pants, she could not protest that he was going to make her come! His black fingers furiously worked her pussy, but this stud knew what was going on in her head, he took her right to the point of orgasm then stopped. I am sure had he took her over the top she’d have quit, but he left her wanting more as he pulled his fingers from her wet cunt, I could see he juice glisten in the room lights as he withdrew them. Amy looked confused. Obviously she had been thinking she’d soon come, but it hadn’t happened.Instead the black stud was removing her skirt and panties revealing her sweet looking pussy to him. He took off his own clothes as well. It was only a moment before she was naked before him, that gave him an edge, unbeknownst to her, but an edge nonetheless! Just as Amy caught her breath his hands were back at work on her cunt. Now it was a clear view for me watching his hands slide in and out of her cunt. My wife’s pussy was sopping wet! She looked so sexy with those black fingers sliding in and out of her furry mound that she keeps so nicley trimmed, her sand colored pubes getting matted down by her own juices. He again took her almost to the point of cumming and stopped. He taunted her “You want to cum baby, I know you do Oh! I know you do!” After a couple times at this she was practically begging to come, though she insists to this day she thought he’d do with his hand, she finally could not resist and said yes” I want to come, I want to come!” He was not going to disappoint her! In her defense, she looked genuinely surprised when he didn’t resume his fingering! Instead he got up from the couch and stood before her as he slid his boxer shorts down, revealing an absolutely magnificent cock! It was long thick and dark black and rock-solid hard! I am sure he sported no less than 10 inches! I never thought myself small at seven inches, but this guy easily had me by three inches and much more girth. Amy looked in amazement! But she wasn’t ready to surrender. She said. “OH my God I can’t do this, no, no, not right!”But he knew the drill and just let his hands do the work getting her to the verge of climax, then told her, the only way she was cumming was by his cock! Amy was beyond the point of return by this point so desperate to cum she agreed to his terms. She says she was only thinking to let him give her a quickie and then she’d jack him off, but of course she’d already crossed the line in her head and there was going to be no stopping this virile black stud once he started. Still she resisted a bit. Even If only in her mind. In this moment, unbeknownst to her she surrendered her wishes to him. She was his for the night1 Not only was she choosing the orgasm she so desperately wanted, she also was giving him control for the rest of the night. I nearly came as I watched through the louvered doors of the closet as he moved between her legs and just stood there waiting her final invitation. His hands worked her pussy as her breathing once again deepened. Her chest rose and fell quickly as the orgasm approached and he suddenly stopped knowing full well she was on the very verge of orgasm. She was disappointed, perhaps thinking she’d get the orgasm her way, but he was not to be denied! He spoke again, “All ya gotta do is ask baby, I’ll give ya what ya wantin!.” She was hooked at that moment.She finally surrendered, saying or more like panting, “Oh God fuck me, please fuck me!” He did not wait a second! The long dark, black shaft poised at the opening of wife’s pussy thrust forward letting the head of he massive black cock spread her cunt-lips! I was in la la land watching this happen. At long last it had all come true. His hands spread her legs as he slowly slid the thick black shaft into her pussy. Amy moaned and sighed as he entered her especially the last few inches which touched previously untouched portions of her pussy. She was stretched by his girth more than she ever had been! It showed as she moaned over and over, “Oh oh, oh my god!” “MMmmm!” Before log he had sunk every last inch of his ebony cock into her eager cunt. He paused briefly before withdrawing the black scepter he had inserted into her! His cock glistened with her moistness. He withdrew almost completely, I could see the crown of that black cock almost come out of her briefly, then he thrust it back into her. Amy groaned loudly in satisfaction as she simultaneously thrust her hips forward to meet his attack.His balls slapped against her as the combined force of their thrusts met. He fucked her like this with a few thrusts before she was fully into it and began to fuck in synch with one another. He commented on how wet she was and added “OH baby, your pussy feels so smooth, bet ya ain’t never been fucked so deep have ya?” “Yeah I know this is you’re first black dick, ya liking it?” she let him know it was, and she did, since after about five thrust Amy’s hands were on his butt pulling the black cock deeper into with each thrust. She then started kissing him deeply and passionately as he fucked her silly! Her breathing increased rapidly and soon she was on the edge of cumming,. He didn’t stop her this time! Her breaths became short and shallow, but his thrusts remained long, deep and hard. She went over the edge as her chest heaved she moaned aloud in a powerful orgasm. He never missed a beat. He continued the relentless pounding on her pussy as she came, which prolonged her orgasm. She moaned at his persistent thrusts and enjoyed the pleasures he was bringing to her body.As her orgasm subsided she began to get control of herself and realized the predicament she’d gotten herself into! She meekly suggested they stop and that she’d use her hands to bring him to climax. But he would hear none of it1 “too late baby, this sweet pussy you got is too nice I ain’t done yet nor is you!” He fucked her for some time like that before moaning “I’m almost there , ain’t no stopping now!” “She was moaning as she said it but her last feeble attempt to get him o stop was ” Mmm, Can’t, get pregnant, no pill, pull out please, Ohhhhhhhhh God please pull out, Mmm so good, can’t .pregnant!” She was so divided on the one hand she was right she was not on birth control (no she didn’t get pregnant but there was a real risk as it was mid month for her!) but at the same time she wanted the pleasures she was feeling with each thrust of his ebony spear. Even I was worried as there was in fact no protection available, she had not planned on this happening, she had been adamant that it would end at foreplay, but it was way beyond that now. His thrusts soon intensified and he began to breath heavily, then suddenly without warning he grunted, sank his cock deep into Amy’s wet frothy hole as his body spasmed. He thrust slightly into her with each spurt of cum as he emptied his cock into my wife’s vagina!He collapsed on top of her and suprisingly she kissed him and rubbed his back, in obvious satisfaction. They began to talk. She was quite worried that he may have impregnated her. He just brushed it off “baby, what’s done is done, ain’t no use to worry now. They laid there some time kissing and talking.After about 30 minutes he suggested she shower while he ordered some food. They both took a long shot of the brandy before she headed to the shower. I heard the water come on and then the black stud meandered into the bedroom and phoned room service, but he made a second call as well. He called what were obviously a couple friends and said “Yoh, you all need to get up to room 617 of and stated the hotel we were in! “Got a fine looking white bitch lined up for us! Get over her soon as ya can!” “Oh yeah she is all for it, least she will be when ya get here.” I don’t know what was said on the other half of the call, but it was clear to me that he was lining Amy up for some group action! I could not believe it, but at the same time I was scared for her but I could not reveal myself either. So I decided to see what happened. Five minutes later Amy emerged from the shower clothed only in her robe. The black stud immediately gave her a tall glass of Brandy. Amy drank it and he filled it again as they talked and caressed I am not sure if she even noticed as he re-filled her glass.So she was quite tipsy. Room service arrived and he went to the door while Amy remained on the bed. The snacked and drank some more before he got back to work on her! Soon his hands were moving on her and she responded back as well. She was transfixed by the size of his cock as she gently stroked and massaged it to hardness. He easily removed her robe and began to move his hands up her legs to her pussy this time there was no resistance at all, She just spread her legs wide as she laid back on the bed in his arms allowing his hands to works their magic on her pussy. I was excited about the second show unfolding before my eyes. This time I think Amy was more into it and was soon kissing her way down his muscular chest. He guided her head gently but firmly down his chest and well defined stomach. Before long I was witnessing his cock as it entered her mouth! As she kissed her way down she began to stroke him and then lowered her lips around the thick black cock in her hands. I watched from the closet as she sucked his Dick into her mouth. It was a erotic scene, and the radio added to the moment as it was playing late night soul music which only elevated the mood in the room. As Amy’s head bobbed on his black shaft his one hands worked her breasts while the other played with her hair and guided her head as she sucked him.I don’t even have words to describe what it was like to see my sweet wife sucking off a black stranger. Just the contrast of the skin was amazing. She actually seemed to enjoy the blow-job she was giving him. I am sure I noticed t first and then he did long before she was aware. But as she lay there sucking his cock I saw the light from the hallway as the hall door opened into the first room of our suite. Obviously he had not shut the door when he took the room service. The music was too loud to hear the footsteps but I could see when the door shut behind the newcomers. I could only guess they were this studs friends. Sure enough. In a moment two well-built black men walked into the bedroom quietly. Amy was positioned in a way that did not allow her to se the doorway between the bedroom and living room of the suite as she sucked the black cock in her mouth. The guy she was sucking gently raised his finger to his lips telling the new guys to be quiet. One of them walked to canlı bahis the edge of the bed and watched a moment or two as Amy sucked the that black cock with all she could muster. Her first indication of what was happening was when the guy placed his hands on her upraised ass. She pulled off the black cock in her mouth in shock as she looked back to the stranger in the room. But he quickly pulled her mouth back to his Dick saying “No need to worry babe, just a couple friends of mine here to make your experience more enjoyable!” He almost laughed as he said it.Amy was shocked but the alcohol was at full affect now so she resumed sucking his cock while the other guy undressed, the third guy sat in a chair and watched. Then the first guy said “Come on Chris, look at what this sweet wife is doing to my cock, see how hard she working, why don’t you give her some black cock to satisfy that pussy of hers while she sucks my cock!” Chris at that point took off his pants revealing a cock close to equaling the first stud’s he was maybe even bigger as he was taller as well, not quite as built but muscular nonetheless. He lifted Amy’s hips up a bit as she was quite relaxed as she sucked the first cock, he positioned himself at her damp pussy hole. He said “my pleasure!” As he entered my wife. It was her first threesome and it was awesome to say the least to see her sucking one black cock while a second filled and stretched her pussy. The third guy was undressed and just slowly stroked his cock as he watched the white wife, my wife getting a fill of black cock in front of him. I had no doubt he’d be getting a shot at her as well before the night ended. It must have been at least 10 minutes that this went on before the first guy (Terrell) spoke again, to Chris, “Chris what ya think of this sweet thing?” He replied, “Just love the way her sweet pussy feels around my black dick, nice tight and so smooth!” Amy sucked harder now, I think in an attempt to deny what was happening. And it showed on Terrell soon. He was soon groaning as she sucked his cock harder. She wasn’t taking his cock all the way as it was too big for that, but she was doing a great job considering she wasn’t exactly fond of giving head! Terrell hands were now guiding her head more forcefully as he began to fuck her face lewdly. Amy never had a chance to protest what then happened.Terrell grunted., “Oh yeah that’s it bitch, you asking for it now you getting it Here it come!” He thrust forward and pushed her head down as he came! “Aww yeah swallow it baby!” he exclaimed as he let his cum gush into my wife’s mouth. Amy’s eyes opened wide in shocked surprise too late as it was already happening, nonetheless she closed her eyes again and swallowed his sperm! I can honestly say in 12 years of marriage she only halfway took a load from me three times and even then she didn’t swallow. But she was lost between the huge cock at her mouth and the black Dick in her cunt once now bringing her near another orgasm that night so she lost control and swallowed Terrell’s load willingly. I came myself as I watched her gag and swallow a load of black sperm! Terrell removed his spent yet still hard cock from her mouth and moved aside. He was quickly replaced by the third man Mike. Mike was the biggest of the three and so was his cock it was probably 11 inched long coal black and thick. He spoke with a deep draw. Which belied the power he held. He slid onto the bed, and brought his cock to Amy’s lips. “Now you ready for a real cock honey, time for you to really earn that pleasure Chris be giving you!” in his slow quiet voice. He pulled Amy’s hair back into a ponytail and watched her got to work on his cock. She hardly missed a beat and was soon sucking the gargantuan python before her face.I even saw her look up at him and smile a couple times. She was on the verge of cumming from Chris’ cock now thrusting rapidly in and out of her wet cunt. She came hard and no sooner was recovering when Chris said, Hope you ready baby, I’m gonna fill you nice and good now, MMm you is got one sweet pussy!” Amy protested, “No please pull out, no chances, too risky!” She moaned as she said it from his continuing assault. Terrell, now in the chair, spoke up “baby no need to worry, if that load I shot in ya ain’t already knocked ya up, you ain’t ripe tonight!” “Either you is already got a black c***d in that sweet pussy or you ain’t getting pregnant this evening, so you just relax doll!” Chris threw his head back thrust forward and released a flood of sperm into my wife’s over worked pussy, he kissed her shoulders as he collapsed on to her from above. About a minute later when he had recovered he pulled out from her and a small stream of sperm drained out of her well fucked hole. The white seed glistened on her wet pussy.Chris continued his oral assault for a few minutes before deciding to try out her pussy. He laid back on the bed and had Amy slowly lowered her pussy onto him, even after all the fucking she had ha, it took her some getting used to with the size of Mike’s big black dick. Before long she was riding him like there was no tomorrow. His large black hands spread her butt cheeks apart as she would thrust down on him, allowing her the fullest possible depth of penetration. It showed on her face and her moans as they fucked. This was obviously a newfound pleasure for her. Amy rode him with reckless abandon cumming again before Terrell was ready to rejoin them he approached the end of the bed. Mike slid himself and Amy down close to the edge. Amy was lost in the passion kissing Mike as his thrust took her to a new height of ecstasy. She was really getting into the fucking as she was moaning incessantly, but then Mike held her still on his cock as Terrell spread her butt cheeks wide apart. I noticed he has a bottle of lubricant in his hand which he squirted on to Amy’s asshole and his cock. He quickly coated his cock with the lube then pressed the head of his cock to her butt. This was virgin territory and I am sure he knew it.I watched as the first cock to ever enter my wife’s ass slid in, it was not mine but that of a black stranger she had just met. As he eased the helmet of his black snake into her anus Amy grunted, his girth stretching her butt wide, he then motioned for Chris to get up to her face which he did, adding a third cock to the medley. As Terrell thrust his cock into her ass all the way Chris filled her mouth with his black rod. Before long Terrell was fucking her ass like she’d been doing it for years. She grunted and moaned from the action as she greedily sucked on Chris’ cock. As soon as Terrell was well situated they all began to fuck her, mouth, cunt and ass-a sight you must see to believe! Three large black cocks were pounding my wife even I had not though this possible! Chris was getting the blow-job of a lifetime, Amy sucked him with a ferocity I had never seen in her. Terrell was giving her an anal experience she’d not soon forget, while Mike enjoyed her riding his cock as he thrust in synch with Terrell, their two black cocks driving into her crotch with each thrust was particularly pleasing to watch. The way Mike and Terrell timed their thrusts was amazing It was mesmerizing watching one black cock slide deep into her cunt while the other was shoved deep into her ass. Then they would both pull out almost all the way before thrusting back in! Chris was the first to cum, Amy sucked him long and hard as deep as she could and it was not long till he moaned “Come on baby, make me come, you know what you want, that’s it, that’s it!” Amy’s head continued to bob on his cock but she also took one hand began to jack his cock off as well while she sucked eagerly on his black dick.As her hands and mouth worked their magic, Chris used his one hand to guide her head and the other was furiously working her nipples. Suddenly Chris rose up thrust his cock deeper into her mouth as he erupted with a grunt “Aww God yes, drink it up baby!” He pulled out of her mouth and let the last spurts hit her face across her lips, I could see Amy swallow what was in her mouth and then Chris proceeded to wipe her face with his cock then brought it to her mouth, “Clean it off babe, I wanna see you use those sweet white lips to clean off my this big black dick!”Terrell and Mike continued with their blithering foray into Amy’s ass and cunt. She was lost in the moment at this point I think even to the point she forgot I was watching the whole thing! I watched as she licked her tongue all along the dark shaft of Chris removing every last vestige of sperm from his shaft then she ;licked what she could off her lips. He was slowly going soft, but kept her occupied with his cock for a couple minutes before moving off to the side to watch the drama of her continuing double penetration. It was quite a sight to behold, and Amy was much more verbal than earlier, now that she didn’t have a black cock keeping her mouth busy. She moaned and I am pretty sure she came once or twice as well. Next it was Terrell who tensed up as his cock emptied its load into her butt. He added a few last hard thrust into her ass for good measure before pulling out.I could see her anus still stretched out from his invasion. He walked over to the bathroom to wash up while Amy rode Mike even harder now that it was just the two of them, cum leaked from her butt as she moved her hips up and down on Mike’s long black cock. In his slow way of speaking Mike spoke “You sure like my black cock don’t ya honey?” Amy responded with a “mmhmm” as she enjoyed the deepest parts of her vagina being stimulated by the black snake working in and out of her pussy. Cum continued to leak from her ass. Mike put his arm around her back and adjusted her body so that he could suck on her breasts as she rode on his cock. She enjoyed the added stimulation. I enjoyed watching as his large black hands groped at my wife’s firm white, C-cup breasts while he took his mouth and worked her nipples hard, alternating between her tits. This went on about 10 to 15 minutes before he lifted Amy off of him. He moved her to the edge of the bed so that her cunt was right on the edge, he spread he legs wide and then as he stood on the floor between her legs he re-entered her cunt. He was making long powerful thrust and she enjoyed the assault on her now engorged well-stretched pussy. Her juice mixed with cum glistened on his cock as he would pull out before pushing back in. With the rapid thrusts he used it was not long till Mike was ready to drop his first load of the night. He let the first spurt firs into the depths of her cunt then pulled out and shot cum all over her pubic mound and cunt-lips.He left quite a load, her pubic hair was coated and thick globs of black man seed dripped down the lips of my wife’s cunt. Mike used the head of his cock to smear it around and even pushed some into her pussy with a couple strokes. Amy lay there exhausted as Mike went to wash up, Terrell had come back into the room in time to see the grand-finale Mike had done on Amy. I thought maybe they were done with her and would leave, but Terrell said “I need a drink man, Chris what you like?” Then he headed to the other room where the stocked bar was. He brought back some of the small whiskey bottles for Chris and had some of the Brandy for himself. He even poured another tall glass for Amy. I knew they were not done when he told, “sit up and have a drink honey-gonna be a long night!” Amy slowly sat up and moved to the headboard to lean back on it as she sipped her drink. She looked apprehensively toward me in the closet, but then averted her eyes so as to not draw attention to my presence. The music kept any noise I made from being heard. They moved into the other room, Amy stopped along the way to rinse off in the shower and joined them in the other room-naked still. It was a site to see my wife walking nude into a room with three black men. Even after what I had just güvenilir bahis witnessed!It was just something about how lewd it seemed, my wife naked in front of them when no sex was going on. They sat and drank as they all talked I had a decent view of the other room, so I could see most of what was going on, tough I could not hear so well since the music was turned on and they had changed it to a Rap station making the scene even more “dirty”. Amy was sitting alone on the couch and the three black studs were on chairs. She looked almost slutty sitting there naked with them. Then Mike and Chris got up and joined her on the couch one sitting on each side of her. They didn’t waste any time in getting back to business after the long break in the action. They each leaned over and sucked on one of her nipples which hardened almost instantly. I watched as the two black faces expertly worked her chest. They guided her hands to their cocks and I had my own in my hand as I watched my wife stroke them to their fully erect lengths. A memorable moment seeing my wife’s hands work two big black dicks. They continued to suck her tits but each moved a hand to her pussy as well. Before long two large black hands were going to town on her fingering her. Amy responded by spreading her legs giving them better access to her wet hole. Then they took their mouths from her tits and repositioned Amy and themselves on the couch.Chris was on the far right of the couch sitting pretty much normally, Amy was laying on her side, facing the front of the couch and me, the back of her head rested on Chris’ chest. Mike was laying on his side as well leaning toward Chris, but behind Amy. Mike moved first, he lifted Amy’s top leg up and pulled it over and around his massive black legs. He then shifted himself down somewhat to get his cock positioned at her pussy-hole. It was obscene the way he had her spread out. He sank his thick, long black cock into my wife’s pussy to her moans and sighs. It seemed there was no end to his shaft as he sank it into her. Before long they were fucking in rhythm with one another. Chris then pushed her head gently down his stomach and she was soon licking, and kissing and sucking the first few inches of his dark cock as her head rested on his belly. Another dual black threesome for my wife. If this wasn’t slutty enough, it soon got more so. Terrell was obviously excited by what was going on as he watched my sexy white wife being stuffed by two black dicks. He added a third one to the mix. Terrell joined them at the armrest of the couch. He brought his cock close to Amy’s mouth as she sucked on Chris. Amy noticed the fresh cock in her view and went to work on his as well alternating between Terrell’s cock and Chris’. It was so dirty watching her get fucked by one black dick as she took turns on two more with her mouth. Whoever she wasn’t sucking was getting stroked by her hands.The black studs smiled at one another and laughed slightly as they watched their conquest doing whatever they asked of her. Mike increased his pace as he fucked my wife on the couch. Amy quit sucking for a few seconds as an orgasm moved through her body. Then she resumed right where she had left off sucking the two black cocks at her face. Mike soon grunted “Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Mmm!” His body jerked as he came! He emptied his balls into Amy’s waiting vagina! She was so turned on by this point that she fucked his cock as he came. Mike’s cock glistened with her cunt juice and his cum as he pulled out o her. Terrell decided he had enough of the shared blow-job she was giving him and Chris. He pulled Amy over and off the couch, to her knees, Chris moved quickly so Amy could resume sucking his cock as she knelt before him. Terrell knelt between her legs, placed his large black hands on her butt-cheeks and spread them wide before inserting his cock into my wife’s cum-filled pussy, taking her doggy style. As he did that she was furiously working her mouth up and down Chris’ long dark shaft, even going so far now as to pull off him and suck on his balls then going back to giving him head.It was awesome watching her head bob on the long black cock, one hand jacking his cock off as she balanced herself on the couch with the other. Terrell was fucking her like she was his slut-which at this point she was. His hands kneaded her ass-cheeks as he slammed his huge black cock in and out of her now gaping, wet pussy. At one point I heard him say “Oh yeah, baby, you otta see what my black cock is doing to your white cunt. “You ain’t never had its o good have ya baby?” He slapped her butt near her hips as he said it. Even the music added to the scene as it was a hard rap song with a strong beat. She pulled her mouth of Chris” cock and buried her face in his crotch as she came from the relentless fucking she was receiving. As she came her hand continued to stroke Chris’ cock which was covered in her spittle. There was no stopping this now, she was hooked for the moment. These black studs had awoken some primal instinct in her, she was doing things I am sure she never consciously though of doing. She was getting all she could from those two black cocks, and I am sure its more than she could have imagined as it was more exciting than I ever dreamed and I was just watching as these black studs made a whore out of my previously somewhat reserved wife! Terrell was having a field day with my wife’s cunt. I could not believe his stamina as he pounded her doggy-style with long deep thrusts. She was in obvious ecstasy! Finally Terrell was taking to his limit, but he wasn’t going to dump his load into my wife’s well-spermed pussy.Instead he pulled his cock out, slick with her cunt juice and then pulled Amy up and off of Chris. Amy knew what he wanted as she dropped to her knees before Terrell. It was almost like an act of worship as she took his cock into her mouth. He jacked his cock as she sucked and he was on the edge. He pulled out from her mouth placed his left hand under her chin lifting her face up toward him while he used his right hand to jack his cock off in front of her face. I saw his cock throb as his body tensed. At the same moment he pushed his cock down to her face and with his left hand holding her firmly in place he exploded on my wife’s face and mouth. Thick strands of sperm lay across her lips nose and mouth as well as a bit back into her hair. Terrell then moved her head to position her so she could clean off his cock which she did without hesitation. Chris remained seated on the couch watching the whole thing. Mike threw Amy a wet towel to wipe what cum she had been unable to lick of her face. Terrell grabbed the bottle of brandy and handed it to her. Amy took a few long drinks from the bottle. Chris was obviously ready and wanting her to get back to work on him after his blow-job was so suddenly interrupted by Terrell pulling her off him.But I guess Chris had enough head and he wanted to fuck her, since I heard him say “Come over here baby, I wants ta get me some more that tight white pussy of Yours!” At the same time he reached out and pulled her back onto the couch. He pulled her up onto his lap, she still facing forward from the couch. He lifted her up and positioned his cock at her hole and lowered her down onto his cock. He started to fuck her and then spread her legs obscenely wide giving me as well as Terrell and Mike a perfect view of his cock pounding her cunt. Her cunt-lips widely spread out on his massive black dick. They seemed to get pulled out and pushed in by his fucking actions, it was unreal to watch. Amy was leaning back against him as he fucked her. What was even more shocking (hard to explain considering what she’d been doing all night) was when she moved slightly to one side and leaned her head back over his shoulder and twisted her neck to face him as best she could in that position Chris twisted his head and leaned into her and their mouth joined in a kiss. It was a strange combo of pure sluttiness and romance almost which made it all the more exciting.. Chris reached an arm around to fondle her tits as well. Soon the kissing was deep and passionate as their tongues danced together. That is one of the most memorable moments that night! My wife legs spread wide taking a huge black cock into her cunt, her pubic mound and lips clearly visible as she passionately kissed the stud servicing her pussy with a depth and girth she’d never felt. Even Terrell and Mike made a couple comments as they watched! After a good fifteen minutes of this Chris increased his thrusts and then threw his head back against the couch, as did Amy as they came together. His cum rushed through his cock into my wife’s unprotected womb (Not that it mattered by that point of the night!, True she did not get pregnant, but we didn’t know that until a couple weeks later.” They lay still a few moments before Chris lifted her off his cock cum oozing from her now open hole.Terrell seemed done for the night since he was sitting in a chair just watching. Mike on the other hand had his cock in hand fully hard. So when Chris was done he sat down beside Amy and simply lifted her onto him in basically the same position and proceeded to fuck her cum-soaked cunt. Soon they were kissing as well. Them he broke off the kiss and said something, I couldn’t hear, but obviously he asked one of the guys to grab the lube-Chris walked in the bedroom and then tossed it to Mike. Mike squirted it on her and him as they continued to fuck. He pulled his cock out of her squirted a good deal onto his cock as well as his hand which he then worked into Amy’s crotch. This accomplished he lifted her up adjusted the way he sat slightly and then lowered Amy’s butt-hole onto his rigid cock. It was slow going at first, but after adding some more lube and her butt adjusting to the black cock being inserted into her he was soon fucking her ass hard. Amy grunted and moaned then went back to kissing him deeply as he butt-fucked he in the same position. That was a much clearer view of he ass being stretched then previously in the bedroom. He also played with her breasts with one hand and Amy then started to finger her self and massage her clit to heighten her pleasure I imagine. It was almost obscene to watch, her cunt-lips almost seemed to be pushed outward as he thrust his cock in and out of her ass.It only took about 10-15 minutes till he was ready to cum. Amy was still kissing him when he pulled his cock out from her ass just as he was cumming and let his cum shoot all over her pussy and belly. Amy even reached down to the cock fresh from her ass and stroked the last few spurts and drops of cum onto her pussy. She rubbed it into her skin and pubes before she fell back exhausted from the nights activities. After just laying still awhile the black studs took Amy into the bathroom where they all showered. They didn’t fuck, but Amy finished the night in the shower washing the three cocks that she had been getting so much of that night But they all decided in there to get the last seed out of their cocks and into my wife so in the end she was on her knees in the shower and sucked all three black till she got three loads of cum in her mouth and face. I wish I could have seen that part. But the next I saw was when they all emerged dressed-except Amy who loosely threw on a robe-which since she didn’t tie it only served to cover her butt. They chatted a few minutes and Amy let them out of the door. Terrell had left his number “in case she got back to town ever.” Amy didn’t commit to anything but I am confident she’ll be getting more black cock one day. After they left I emerged from my hiding place and joined my wife on the bed. We talked about what had happened and went to sleep. There was no use trying to fuck she was tired and I was spent after jacking myself off a number of times as I watched. So my 12th anniversary turned out to be quite a treat. One I never thought I’d see! Now I hope to get her to fulfill my next fantasy. To have her go out on her own to a bar or someplace and pick up some black stud go wild with him and then come home and tell me about it! We’ll see and I’ll let you know what happens.

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