May 30


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As I come out of the shower I see you laying on the bed, your soft smooth skin glowing under the lights of the candles. As I slide between you laying at the opposite end of the bed my head and back like yours propped up into a semi laying position. As the soft sounds of music play in the background I look into your soft sensual eyes as my hand slides up and caresses your foot, as your legs are laying on mine. as I massage it caressing it in my hands, see your hands sliding across your stomach your robe sliding open revealing your soft sweet breasts, as your hands slide over you and up to them your fingers sliding over your nipples, becoming harder and more erect as you do.

As you look into my eyes I slide your foot canlı bahis over next to my cock, as my other hand slides down massaging it, feeling it grow from the sights of your sweet body. As your hands slide over your breasts, pinching your nipples lightly, Mmmm your soft moans tell me how much you like that. My hand strokes my cock slowly, your eyes watching my hand slide up and down it’s now hard shaft. As I see your hands slide down and between your thighs then back up across your sweet lips, even from this far away I can see your lips, swollen and wet and they slide under your fingers.

As you like your finger between them parting them my cock throbs with excitement as I see your finger disappear deep inside you, then bahis siteleri you begin sliding it between those sweet lips, looking at me so soft, my hand still sliding the length of my cock as you slide other foot down and with your cute toes play and tease my balls. As this feels so good I take mine and slide it were my toes can brush across your lips just under were your finger is. Mmmmm I can feel your sweet juices running down across my toe, as I see you withdraw it, then slide yet another one in, now two.

As I see your fingers sliding faster in and out of your sweet lips your hips rocking with the motion, my hand slides faster up and down my cock, the cum started to ooze out of it’s throbbing head you can see how bahis şirketleri it glistens off my hand and shaft. As your hips rock faster and faster I see you look into my eyes and you cry out with an intense orgasm your fingers sliding so deep into you I can see the pleasure on your face. You part your swollen lips as your tremble in pleasure shooting hot cum all over your hand and my leg, mmm baby love when you squirt like that.

As I look a you, my hands slide faster and faster on my cock as your toes still tease, my cock standing straight as I pump it so hard, my balls tense with the feeling of an explosion coming as you watch the cum shoot out of the head landing on my leg and your foot, wave after wave of it shooting up and you watch me, till there is no more. Looking into your eyes I crawl up and lean over you, kissing your sweet lips as I lay next to you, you on your side now, me pressed up against you, my arms wrapped around you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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