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Watching Ana with a black man

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Watching Ana with a black manWatching Ana with a black manThat Tuesday afternoon my loving Ana called me when I was still at my office, asking how much longer would I be at work. I found a little bit strange her question and asked back her why it mattered. The she said I did not matter at all, just wondering…She hanged but I knew something was wrong; so, I decided to come back home earlier than usual and surprise whatever she could be doing…I arrived home and I thought I could sneak inside and surprise her. But that was a real bad idea. I sneaked inside and found Ana was in the shower. I could hear her moaning deeply. I thought she was is touching herself and getting ready for me, but I was wrongAna was in the shower with Jeremy, one of her co-workers; a giant black man really.I could just barely see through the semi clear shower glass door. I knew she could see me looking in and I heard her say to Jeremy how thick he felt in her hands as she was stroking his huge black cock…He was kissing her neck from behind while the hot water ran down her tits.I watched bursa escort them through the shower door and rubbed my hard cock inside my pants. My wife was moaning as he rubbed her wet pussy while he licked her neck, making her hotter and hotter. She always had love foreplay in the shower…Suddenly Ana moved from the shower and looked at me in my eyes, telling me to go to our bedroom and wait there. From the alleyway I could hear their moans of wanting each other again.Once in the bedroom I sat down on a chair at a dark corner. Ten minutes later I could hear the water stop running and Ana entered the room followed by Jeremy. She did not even look at me, her eyes were fixed on the huge black cock that she was about to receive. My wife sat down at the edge of the bed and pulled the black man to her, she was really eager to take his cock in her mouth again and suck his big cock like before. Her legs were slightly spread, I could see how wet she was as she took the head of his cock slowly into her warm wet mouth. Her lover moaned as she slowly licked bursa escort bayan up and down the length of his rock hard cock. I watched as she teased the big head kissing it gently and sucking at the head. Jeremy moaned as he wanted to feel her lips around him and sucking deeply on his hardness. She was slowly working his cock with her hand and sucking up and down making him moan over and over. She got him close then back off making his cock harder for her wet pussy.Jeremy grabbed her hair and pulled his dick out of her wet mouth, telling her to lay back because he wanted to be inside of her right now… She needed no further invitation and did as she was told. I watched as he rubbed the big head of his cock that she liked so well up and down her wet slit trying to slide it in. Ana started crying and moaning softly, as he finally pushed forward and shoved his thick cock inside of her.I heard her moan as he filled her wet pussy stretching her wide open. I saw her eyes close as she waited for him to start moving his cock in and out. Then Jeremy slowly escort bursa moved his cock in and out, as I could see her pussy lips clinging to his cock with every stroke. She pulled her legs farther back, letting him go in deeper. I was stroking my own cock now watching this black man fuck my wife deeper and deeper, making her moan louder than I ever had. She was totally lost in that cock that was fucking her wet pussy. The huge man was picking up the pace moving faster and began to pound her pussy deeper and harder as she screamed she was cumming all over his thick cock. My cock throbbed in my hand as I listened and watched my wife take this pounding that he was giving her.I could imagine he was close to cum inside her pussy. Jeremy was moaning and he was about to cum for sure, when my wife came again which seemed stronger than the last one. Jeremy held back and kept pounding her pussy until he could hold back no longer and he yelled out he was cumming in her pussy.Then she moaned louder and I knew she was feeling the warm flooding inside her.Jeremy then pulled his cock out and I could see how stretched out she was and was dripping his cum from her pussy. Her pussy lips were red and irritated, looking sore.She slowly rose up her beautiful body and told me it was my turn for a blowjob…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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