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Watching Chloe

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Alina Li

Watching ChloeChloe sat at her desk in her social studies classroom. It was the last class of her day, and although Chloe was trying to pay attention to what the teacher was saying, she was having trouble concentrating. This was unusual for Chloe, who was normally a good student. She was on the honor roll, and wasn’t ashamed to admit her intelligence. Far from a quiet, nerdy type, Chloe, was 5’8″ and 140 pounds with a slim, athletic build.She had long legs, curvy hips, and a fully womanly figure, with low-C cup breasts, and blonde hair worn short in a ‘pixie cut.’ She wasn’t so popular with boys, but it had nothing to do with her looks or being on the honor roll. Still, despite her normally good study habits, Chloe was having trouble keeping her focus on what was going on. While she tried to remain aware of what was happening, all she could think about was how turned-on she was at this moment, and what bad timing it was.It had started earlier in the day, when before class she had talked to her friend Ellie. Ellie had told her about how the other day she had gone by a park where some of the boys from school went to play Frisbee. Ellie had gone by just as they were getting started, and one of the boys there, who she thought was fairly good looking, but knew Chloe had a major crush on, had taken off his shirt. She decided to stick around and watch, and related the game in detail to Chloe. Hearing about ‘her guy’ running around shirtless, using his muscular body to catch and throw the Frisbee had given Chloe some very nice images. But as the day went on, other images of him formed in her mind, as she thought about what he could do to her with that body. For the last two periods, Chloe had tried to push the thoughts to the back of her mind, but each time they returned with a vengeance. Now, after hours of the images playing over and over in her head, Chloe was differently aroused; the space between her thighs was moist, and her nipples were hard as pebbles. Her b**sts had even swelled a little, making her bra feel uncomfortable and confining. What Chloe would like to do more then anything, was go somewhere where she could play with herself. However, she was to risk-adverse to go jill off in the restroom. She just wished school would be over, so she could race home and do herself in the safety of her bedroom.However, this wasn’t to be. There was still plenty more time left in the class. They were going to watch a movie today, and there wasn’t any chance of getting out early. The teacher finished talking, and now turned down the lights as the movie started to play. Embarrassingly Chloe couldn’t even think what the movie was supposed to be about. Everything the teacher had said was going in one ear and out the other. The feeling of arousal between her legs was unbearably strong, and it was demanding her full attention.As the movie began, Chloe güvenilir bahis squeezed her thighs together. Sometimes when she was extremely turned-on, this could relive it a little, like scratching an itch. However, as Chloe tightened her thighs she was surprised at the surge or pleasure it caused. She shook a little, pitching forward in her chair slightly, and had to stifle a small gasp. She wasn’t expecting it to feel that good, and she quickly looked around to see if anyone had noticed her reaction. Seeing that everyone was focused on the movie, or more likely asleep with their eyes open, Chloe decided to try it again. She flexed her thighs, holding her legs tightly together. The feeling was delicious, as it squeezed her labia together, causing her vagina to emit more wetness. It felt so good, Chloe was almost positive she could reach orgasm if she did it enough. That thought hit her with a slight shudder, and a sharp twinge in her vagina. Chloe know what she was doing was risky. What if someone noticed what she was doing?What if she gasped or shook when she came? But she was too horny to care anymore. Chloe wanted, needed, to climax.Discreetly crossing her legs, Chloe tightened them, making sure her thighs were held tightly together. After waiting a few seconds, she squeezed her legs together hard, and flexed her thighs. The feeling was incredible, as her crossed legs provided total pressure on her cunt, and especially nearer the top around her clitoris. Chloe nearly doubled over on her desk, but held her composure, and recovered. She flexed her thighs again, and another delicious rush of pleasure filled her cunt. This time she was prepared, and outwardly, she showed barely a sign that anything was out of the ordinary. She flexed her thighs together again, and then again, building a rhythm that was stimulating her cunt almost as well as she could have with her hand. Chloe soon discovered that she could build more pressure by rhythmically shaking the leg she had crossed over the other one. While this was more visible, it merely looked like she was tapping her foot at the air, somewhat impatiently, as if she was board by the movie and wanted to leave. Leaning back in her chair, so as to brace herself against any shakes or spasms she might have, Chloe continued “tapping” her foot, squeezing her legs together, and flexing her thighs. The feeling was wonderful, the pressure on her labia and clitoris strong, and rhythmic, and intense. Chloe’s cunt was now very wet, and she hopped it wouldn’t soak through to her jeans. She squeezed her legs harder, and rubbed her flexing thighs together as she felt the tingly feeling of an orgasm building inside her. It was deep, hard, almost sharp, and she knew it would be an amazing climax. She now was bouncing her upper leg on top of the other slightly, almost furiously tapping at the air with her foot. türkçe bahis As the pressure inside her built, Chloe noticed a boy in the same row as her, but two aisles over glance over at her. His look was causal, but his eye drifted to her ‘taping’ foot. Chloe almost stopped dead, but realized suddenly stopping her movements would be fair more suspicious then if she kept going. All he knew was she was restless, and wanted to get out of class. Sure enough, he looked away, apparently uninterested. Chloe kept on squeezing her legs and bouncing her foot, as she tightened and relaxed and tightened her thighs.The feeling was now reaching a new height, and Chloe knew she was close to orgasm. Her thighs twitched now with a life of their own, and she squeezed her legs hard, bouncing her foot faster and faster. As her legs pressed against her labia harder, Chloe glanced around to make sure no one was looking. She was about to cum, and wanted to make sure it was as safe as it could be when she went over the edge. Chloe closed her eyes, as she rubbed her thighs together harder and bounced her foot at the same quick pace. She squeezed the edge of her chair with her hands, as the feeling inside her built. But Chloe knew she’d have to keep her eyes open through her orgasm, so just as the pressure between her legs reached its peak, she forced them open.As she did, she saw that the guy she’d noticed before was looking at her again. However, this time she could tell it was more then a passing glance out of boredom. He’d seen her eyes close, and her hands tighten on the chair, and her legs squeeze together harder and faster. He could tell what she was doing! Chloe wanted to stop, she tried to, but it was to late. Just as she tried to stop her legs, she reached her peak, her legs last contraction triggering an enormous climax that started deep inside her and spread out, flooding the space between her flexing thighs. Her legs stopped the bouncing rhythm, and clamped tightly shut, then released, then clamped again. Instead of the steady rhythm they had before, they now shook in spastic, irregular spasms. Chloe’s body shivered as her orgasm welled up in her, and despite her best efforts, her back arched slightly from the chair as the plasure flooded her cunt. Her knuckles were white from her tight grip on the chair, as her legs contracted in quick, then long spasms. Anyone who hadn’t been watching the whole time would have missed these signs. All were small, and controlled. But to someone who had seen her movements earlier, it would be painfully clear what was happening.As Chloe sat in her seat cumming, her eyes, out of focus, but open, meet those of the boy who watched her as she climaxed. As her orgasm receded, and her legs relaxed, and her eyes refocused, Chloe sent a silent plea to the boy, begging for understanding. As her orgasm dissipated, leaving güvenilir bahis siteleri just a tingling heat in her cunt, Chloe slowly ground her legs together, feeling the sensual aftershocks of her climax. She looked away in embarrassment, still feeling the burning plasure of her orgasm between her legs.Chloe spent the rest of the class weighing her actions against the potential consequences. Sure, word of what she did might get out, but somehow that thought didn’t bother her while she could still feeling the bliss of her public climax -one of the best orgasm of her life. Chloe also knew that the boy was the only one who saw. Even if he told his friends, chances were no one would believe his story -it was just a little to weird to sound plausible. On balance, the pleasure had been worth it, though she wasn’t sure she’d feel that way later.After the movie finished, the teacher dismissed the class, and the students headed for the door. Outside the class room, they headed off to where ever they had to be next. Chloe had no more classes, and no extra curriculars that day, so she was headed home. She hoped she could make it out of the school with out running into the boy who’d seen what she did, even though she knew she’d have to see him again in that class. However, fate would not oblige, as she ran into the boy in the school’s main lobby. Deciding that any attempt at evasion would be useless, she decided to see what he had to say. Almost sick with worry, Chloe responded with a weak ‘hi’ to his greeting.”Hey, I thought you might want these,” he said, handing her a few sheets of slightly crumpled note-paper. Chloe took then, afraid of what they might be. She looked and saw they were a series of short hand writing notations.”These are my notes from the movie,” the boy told her. “We’re getting tested on it, and I think you might need them more then me.”At first Chloe thought it must be a cruel joke, that there must be a group of sniggering boys somewhere near by watching her. But when she realized there was no such group, and that the gift had been sincere she relaxed.”Th-Thank you,” she said, almost blurting the words out.”Just give them back to me tomorrow,” the boy went on. “So, your name’s Chloe isn’t?” he asked her causally.”Yeah,” Chloe said almost meekly. “What’s yours?””Chris,” he told her. “Anyway, I’ve got to go. It was nice meeting you,” he said with a smile, and he turned to go.As Chris walked away, Chloe stood there, almost in shock. As she replied the last few seconds in her head, she realized that Chris would keep her secret. Maybe he’d tell someone what he saw, but he’d leave her name out of it. And he’d been shrewd enough to tell her all this, with out embarrassing her by acknowledging what he saw. ‘And’, Chloe thought as she turned and walked out the school doors, ‘he’s kind of cute.’That night, Chloe’s hormones kicked in again, leading her to jill herself to orgasm under the safety of her covers. But this time it wasn’t the shirtless Frisbee player that had got her worked up, but thoughts of her and Chris, and the things he could do to her with his body.

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