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Watching My Floozy Boss

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“Just keep walking with your girlfriend, Lana,” I mumbled, staring at my desk.”Are you still working hard, Elexis? Do I need to tell the client to expect the work late?” she asked as I saw them stop in front of my desk, holding hands.I bit down on my bottom lip, but calmly angled my head up to them. “No, Lana, I’m almost done now, and it’s nice to see you again, Isabella.””Thank you, Elexis,” Isabella added, looking at me. “You look pretty today. Is that a new perm?””Yes, I went to curly hair because I thought it was time for a change.””Well, I’m glad you didn’t dye it; I love dark brown hair.””Thank you, Isabella,” I added, peeking at her. ‘You’re drop-dead gorgeous, Isabella; why you’re with a cunt like Lana here is beyond me. Your boobs look like they just want to break from that blouse.'”Your welcome, Elexis,” Isabella added, feeling my hand.”Okay, that’s enough flirting,” Lana whined, yanking her hand away. “Elexis here has more than enough work to keep her busy. You have until five to finish it all, and if you don’t, I might have to fire you.””No, don’t do that, babe,” Isabella interjected, pushing her somewhat.”Let’s just go into my office, Isabella. We have some things to discuss now,” Lana made clear, pushing her in front of her door. “Get you to work,” she warned me, before they both headed into her office, and she shut the door.I sighed and stared at the door for a moment. Even with the cool air in there, they had me sweating a bit. It took me a moment to get back to work, but I did. I began typing on my laptop again, but I couldn’t stop shaking. My tongue slathered my lips for a moment, and I felt my panties getting wet too.”Well, I think it just pisses you off that your girlfriend might like me, Lana. It’s okay to be jealous, but even with your melons dying to come out of your blouse, too, Isabella still saw something she liked in me. She mentioned my perm, which you overlooked, so I guess that makes her better than you. It’s too bad I can’t tell you off; I can only do it when you’re not in the room, and I’m alone. Good for you getting that hot chick, though. If I were you, I’d let her eye fuck any woman she wanted. You’re a possessive whore, so you’re not gonna stand for that, right?”A moment later, I heard her door open. “Elexis, were you saying something?” Lana asked, sticking her head out there.”No, Lana, I was busy doing my work, remember?””We’re going to have to adjust your smart-ass attitude,” she groaned, before shutting the door.”And you’re gonna need to remove that stick out of your ass, but you don’t hear me griping about it. Just let your woman eat you out again, and then do some work yourself, why don’t you? I’m stuck in this little like 15 x 20-foot office with dim light, and you’re in your office, which is at least double the size of mine with air conditioning and heat, tart. So, why don’t you just shut the fuck up and enjoy Isabella’s tongue? So, you just need to ask yourself. ‘Am I more concerned with being a world-class wench, or should I just relax while my girlfriend eats me out and my low-paid assistant does all my work?’. Trust me; the answer is simple.”I took a deep breath and calmly brought my hand to my skirt. I instantly jerked and felt a full-body high, but I wasn’t in love with the reason why.”Oh, yes, just like, Isabella,” I heard Lana moan.”You see, it was easy, you foolish dumbass,” I branded her, before I pushed myself out a tad.I lifted my skirt and saw my drenched underwear. I sighed as I heard Lana moan some more, but I couldn’t resist, but lick my lips too. Whether I liked it or not, Lana was still a sexy woman to me, and it wasn’t just Isabella that made my twat wet.I calmly let a hand into my panties as well. “Yes, I’m soiling the chair you bought me, Lana. You’ll never know unless you sniff it, but it’ll be forever in there with the fabric. Damn, you must know what you’re doing with your mouth too, Lana; why else would a nice lady like Isabella put up with your bullshit? You wouldn’t even let her and I have a nice moment. It wasn’t like we were about to start having an affair behind your back. Now you have my pussy getting soaked just because you’re hot as hell,” I grumbled, rubbing it.I closed my eyes and just thought about them fucking in there. I didn’t like Lana or her mouth at all, but that didn’t stop me from adoring her smoking hot body, though, or Isabella eating her out either.I moved my hand back and forth ever so slowly and let out a few soft moans as well. I just looked past Lana being such a floozy and went with it. I also still had Lana moans going with my masturbation session.I surely knew whenever they had sex; they were gonna be occupied in that office for at least twenty minutes. So, I went to town on myself and contaminated my chair a bit more. I felt more of my juice escaping my underwear, and soon my entire hand was drenched.I kept my head back too and had no issue picturing the action in there too. I never actually saw them before, but the moaning and words still painted that picture. I paced myself the best I could and kept going on myself like there was no tomorrow.I felt sweat going down all over my body and shivered a bit, too, because of the cool air. It was still worth it, and I couldn’t even beat myself up on who was on my mind either. I just latched onto the idea and didn’t back.Although, after a few minutes, I glanced at the door. “Shit, that’s a sexy idea; I’ve never actually seen them together. Dare I push my luck?” I asked, before a gap. “Well, I’m horny, and shit, that tramp had been a big pain in my ass, so I need some payback,” I moaned before I calmly got off my chair.I calmly went to the door and heard the moaning getting louder. I felt the thrills surging throughout my body a bit more. I couldn’t resist, but to check out the bahis şirketleri sexy show I’ve heard many things about in the past. I grabbed the doorknob and cracked the door open a bit.”From one second to the next, I’ve finally seen Lana undressed, even just a little bit. She’s just sitting on her chair with Isabella in front of her. Oh, I can’t see much, Isabella, but you certainly look like you know what you’re doing. I can just barely see your girlfriend’s bush, but there it is. Wow, even though I can’t see you naked, you’re still too good for Lana. I mean, she’s a bitch, and you’re an angel as far as I can tell. You’ve been sweet to me every single time we’ve interacted, but yet, your cunt girlfriend even seems to get off on being a floozy. I’ve never had sex at work, but never been a boss either. I’m tempted to let my hands into my underwear, but that would push my luck too far. I could probably watch you two all day long too, but it’s not like Lana can go more than an hour without whining to me about something,” I whispered while feasting on the eye candy.Even though just Lana’s twat was out there, I still had to check out her tits too. The situation made her so much sexier, and I couldn’t help, but enjoy her more that way. I still managed not to let my hand into my panties, but they had me tempted.Lana kept her eyes on Isabella and didn’t notice the voyeur watching them. I wasn’t sure how long I’d keep my eyes on them, but right then, I maintained a safe high not to make myself push the envelope.Still, I felt juice go down my legs and make me shimmer too. So, I had more hurdles to get over just to sway myself not to enjoy the sight in front of me too much. I breathed heavily, slathered my lips, and my hand nearly slipped off the doorknob, but I steered clear of too much joy.”Oh, yes, you like that pussy, do you, Isabella? You can tell me.””Oh, whatever, Lana, she does, but do you need to hear it?” I asked, before a gap. “And that didn’t stop her from fucking the shit out of you. Damn, I better stop watching now; this is getting too hot,” I mumbled, before closing the door.I went back to my office and sat at my desk. I couldn’t help, but taste all of my juice. I had never watched someone like that before, but I knew I was missing something sexy after that.After a moment, I evicted my hand. “Well, you’re one lucky hussy, Lana. I’d be a lot nicer to people if I had a girlfriend like Isabella, but you’re you, right? You’re the boss and get to shit on those beneath you, so fuck you, but you still have a dazzling bush. I never thought I’d describe one as that, whether it was one between a woman’s legs or in someone’s yard. Either way, you’re a tart, but you’re a sexy one.”Then it suddenly went silent in Lana’s office. So, I got back to work just in case they decided to stop for whatever reason. Although, nothing came from the room for a few minutes, and the door didn’t open either. I still continued to work and calmed myself down too.”What’s the big fucking deal, Lana?” I heard Isabella whine.”Wow, I didn’t know you cursed, Isabella. Maybe you’re not the perfect couple; you fight too,” I giggled.”Well, you bring it up a lot, and I shoot you down every time. So, it’s gonna piss me off too, Isabella. With you bringing it up so much, what did you expect? Did you think we’d never fight about it? This is bullshit; you can’t bring up the same thing every chance you get. That’s not a relationship when you just pester your girlfriend so much about the same damn thing. I’ll do something else, I swear, but bringing her into our sex life is out of the question,” Lana ranted.”No kidding? Are you fighting over bringing someone else into the bedroom? How sexy?””Just because you don’t want something doesn’t make me not want it, you know? Just because you hate Scandal, that doesn’t mean I just have to hate it and want to stop watching it too. Some things are important to me, Lana. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t. I love you, but you really need to learn how to be in a relationship; there are two of us. So, you need to send things down my way too, got it?””So what, either I do it with you, or we’re just gonna end things? I mean, not to be so quick to the point, but that’s what it seems like you’re telling me now. Tell me I’m wrong, Isabella.””Maybe, Lana, but at the end of the day, you might not lose me so all at once, but little by little, you will,” Isabella said, before opening the door and staying in the doorway. “Hi, again, Elexis,” she greeted me, prior to glancing at her again. “Make up your fucking mind; what’s more important to you, me or you?” she asked, before slamming the door. “Yes, women aren’t always so easy to be with either, Elexis,” she added, coming to my desk. “I do wish you luck in your girlfriends.”I had to peek at those moneymakers as she talked to me, but then I angled my head to her. “How do you know I like girls?””Well, it’s that, or you think my face is down here,” she replied, pointing at her boobs. “Don’t worry; I won’t tell your bitch boss. Quite frankly, I’m not certain I’ll walk into this office again, but if I don’t, you’re a sweet woman, and I advise you to find another job if you can. I’m not here to judge you, but these could be my last words to you, so there they are. Goodbye, Elexis,” she mentioned, before walking out of the office.I watched her walk out. “I’m pretty sure that’s not good.””Elexis, get in here!” Lana yelled from her office.Needless to say, she suddenly up the ‘bitch’ level a few notches, and she made the rest of that day horrible. Even though she was a hot cunt, she was still that. Anyway, after an extra-long day, she let me go home.The next day, I walked onto our floor. “Well, I didn’t see Isabella’s car downstairs, so maybe they did break up. Who the hell knows?” bahis firmaları I asked, walking into my office. “Her door is shut, so at least she might try to contain herself. I’m sure I’ll regret even saying that to myself,” I muttered, sitting down.I began my work and heard nothing from Lana. I didn’t know what to make of that, but I wasn’t about to talk to her unless I absolutely needed to. Isabella came in and out of mind, both as a sexual woman and the sweet persona she presented to me too.I failed to please myself to the thought, but it made me giggle from time to time, and it got my underwear wet too. So, that made it difficult to concentrate, but I was already slightly distracted because I felt like there was a bomb in Lana’s office, but I had no clue just when it’d explode.Nevertheless, I still knew that Lana was human and seemingly went through a break-up. Although, I didn’t realize just how meaningful the relationship was, I was sure I’d find out soon. I knew Lana was a bit of a drama queen, but I never knew her to go through a break-up; all bets were off indeed.Then I peeked at the door. “Dude, WTF? It’s been over an hour, and if I’ve never even been a minute late, or she has griped about it. So, technically, she doesn’t even know I’m here. Maybe she just assumed I’m out here. I don’t know, but even though I haven’t heard a word, that worries me. Is she prepping herself for a big explosion in due time? I mean, this is completely unlike her. She can’t be isolated in her office; she doesn’t even have a bathroom in there. So, she’s gotta come out at some point.”I was completely in the dark about what she was feeling or doing in there, but I knew, considering our work relationship was bad at best. So, I let her have her space because I could only guess she wanted it.Although, as I met the two-hour mark, I brought my hands to my head. “Okay, you must be screwing with me, wench. You’ve never let me get two hours without you complaining about something, let alone them being the first two of the day. Is this a test? Are you just waiting for me to check on you? How could you not know I at least know you fought with Isabella? Especially when you were extra bad yesterday after she left? If your goal is to torture me, you’re doing a good job.”I tried my best to get my work done, but oddly enough, her staying in her office and not speaking a word to me caused more stress than her grumbling at me. So, my pussy and head fought each other like mad, and all I could do was let them collide until one of them won.Even with my eyes open, I still managed to envision Isabella down on her knees in front of Lana. So, the fight continued, and I was giving it away by sweating my ass off yet again with the cool in the air in there.”Well, you fucked up, Lana; what else can be said? She wanted someone else in the bedroom with you two, but you said no, and now it seems like things are over with you two. What was the big deal exactly? Don’t like to share? Well, as far as I know, you’re an only child, so it was something you needed to work on, but I guess it’s too late now.”She still kept to herself for another hour, so I made it to lunchtime, and I hadn’t heard a single word from her. I knew it was bad even though I enjoyed not hearing her voice. Yet, I couldn’t let the bad feelings go.”Oh, fuck it,” I groaned, getting off my chair. “For all I know, she could be dead in there,” I muttered, calmly strolling to the door.I didn’t hear anything, but I knew that wasn’t a direct sign of anything good or bad. I bit down on my bottom lip and tried to listen for anything. I couldn’t hear a single word or move to go on in there, but I knew she was in there.’The light is on, and I even see a shadow in there too. So, what’s going on, Lana? Are you trying to drive me nuts?’I didn’t get an answer, but just as I began to back away, I heard her moan.”Oh, yes, just like that, Isabella,” she let out.”And you’re masturbating now, Lana. You have me in suspense about what’s going on in there, but you’re pleasing yourself now. Well, at least I know you’re alive.”I got my answer, but I couldn’t just walk away. I slowly felt my crotch again and felt my juice even through my underwear and skirt, so she had me turned on and more than curious too. I knew what her cherry looked like, but yet, she made me want to see it again.I held the doorknob and squeezed it as hard as I could. For all I knew, she might’ve noticed, but I heard nothing from her. I also couldn’t take my hand away from my snatch either, so I was stuck in a sense.”Fuck, I love you, Isabella,” Lana moaned.”And you suck, Lana,” I whined, before I gently turned the knob and opened the door. “And there you are, Lana, and your shoes and panties are off too. There’s that cunt again, and it’s not as sexy with Isabella’s tongue on it, but it’s still quite the sight to see. You have your eyes closed, too, so you must be imagining that hot chick licking it, right? Do you miss her, do you? I mean, you’ve had sex with her in this office a million times before, and now she’s not here. So, you must’ve fucked up; what other explanation is there?”I still managed not to let my hand into my underwear because I knew that still be too risky. I still enjoyed the eye candy for the time being and allowed my twat to leak. I continued to shake a bit too, but I felt myself losing it even without feeling my pussy.I let my eyes go all over her, from her bare feet, cherry red skirt, and white blouse too. She kept her boobs hidden then, but seeing her in that position was good enough for me then. Seeing her like that was awesome even though she was a tart, and I couldn’t help, but watch her.”Well, this is a new side of you, Lana. Just like John Wick at the beginning of the first movie, you’re vulnerable. It’s alright, though; kaçak bahis siteleri I think I might respect you a little bit now. You’ve proven that you are human, even though I knew that before, but it’s nice to see with my own eyes. It was almost like you were Darth Vadar, just feelingless. Yes, rub that slit back and forth ever so slowly, and soil your chair. I guess now I’ll have to take it if you offer it to me; who wouldn’t want a chair with your cum in it?”I didn’t get an answer; she continued to give me a show. Even though I loved seeing Isabella there with her yesterday, she proved to be just as sexy as a solo act too. Even with her eyes closed, I could tell she was in the zone where she wanted Isabella back.She wasn’t looking just to get herself off, but to make the pleasure last for as long as possible. She failed to speak, but moaned on and off for her entire masturbation session. All that told me that she was in love with Isabella, but still needed to get off, though.”Oh, screw it,” I mumbled, before I let one hand into my panties. “I’m masturbating to you now, you witch. As your hand goes back and forth on your twat, I’m doing it to mine. Neither of us is supposed to do this, but here we are. You just have no idea that I’m just twelve feet away playing with my pussy too,” I let out, before closing my eyes.I went down that rabbit hole, and there was no easy way out. I didn’t even need to watch her by then because she tattooed herself to my mind, and I masturbated freely. I knew it was risky not to keep an eye out to watch her, but I went with it.”Oh, you’re almost there, Isabella; make me cum all over your face. Don’t fret, though; I’ll clean it all up for you, baby.”I just had to smirk at that comment. “That’s funny, Lana,” I chuckled.”What the hell, Elexis?” she whined.”Crap,” I mumbled, before opening my eyes and shutting the door. “We locked eyes just for a second. Damn it; I’m fucked.”I was frozen, and in less than ten seconds, the door opened with a royally pissed-off boss at the other side. She just shot me the dirtiest look I could imagine and said nothing. I didn’t take my hand out of my panties, so it couldn’t have been more clear what I was doing.”What the fuck, Elexis?””I’m sorry, Lana, I, I, I, was just wondering if you were okay. I just happened to hear you moaning, and I had to make sure you were okay, that’s all.””And once you knew I was pleasing myself, you decided to get your jollies off me, Elexis?” she questioned, pulling me into her office with her and shutting the door. “What the hell is wrong with you? It’s one thing to have a crush on your boss, but you please yourself when you know Isabella, and I had a fight? You’re just pokng the bear now; what the hell is the matter with you?”I couldn’t even make eye contact with her and failed to get out a single word. I didn’t know what to say, even if I could speak, but she was shooting me daggers like she wanted to kill me. I even shed a few tears in fear, but she didn’t kill me yet.”Do you have anything to say for yourself?””Please don’t fire me; I’ll do anything. I don’t have a different job to go to, so please don’t fire me.””Why the fuck not? I don’t like you or your work ethic, and not only do you eyefuck me and Isabella, but now after I just need some time alone, you decide to look into my office. Once you see me masturbating, you decide to watch me and do it yourself. Tell me, what ground do you think you have to stand on now? Isabella broke up with me, and yesterday, maybe I was more of a hussy than normal, but you pull this horseshit, and you think I shouldn’t fire you?”I didn’t know what to say again. She was correct; I was in the wrong. It didn’t even matter that she just went through a break-up; it was not okay for me to do what I did. Although, as she saw us in switched seats, it appeared she granted mercy on me.She did that by hugging me. I twitched not because of the consolation, but just being surprised it came from her. After a few seconds, I hugged her back slightly. It felt more than weird, but I knew I didn’t have another card to play.After a moment, she let go of me. “Why shouldn’t I fire you?””I’m desperate, Lana; I’ll do anything.””To save a job you hate?”I took a deep breath. “Yes.”Then she calmly angled her head down to my crack. Even though it was half the size of hers, she still found something she liked. I didn’t know what to think, but it appeared she gave me the option to play another card.I bit down on my bottom lip without taking my eyes on her. She wasn’t looking into my eyes, but my tits, and it wasn’t like I could get upset about that. She even slathered her lips and shook somewhat too.So, she seemed to bite onto my hook when I didn’t even put bait on it. Then I made the call and leaned to her. I brought my lips roughly 90% of the way to hers and waited for her to go the other 10%.Surely enough, I couldn’t be sure if I’d be keeping my job that day, but I took a chance pretty much only because I still fancied getting into her panties. She failed to move for over thirty seconds, which made that time awkward, but I really had nothing to lose.So, I stood firm and waited. Neither of us spoke, but my panties were drenched. I even felt some juice going down my leg, but it paid off when she pulled me to her. She pasted our lips together and pushed me back on the door.She kept her hands on my arms, and I couldn’t even move mine. She just kissed me as if I was Isabella, and it appeared I got onto her soft side. I didn’t even need to kiss her back, so did all the work for me.I felt the gratification surge throughout my body like mad, and I wasn’t even sure where this would be leading us. Nevertheless, I had to find out, so I let it happen and let my cherry leak so much, I thought I had lost weight.She just kissed me like that for five minutes with me against the door, and I took it all. It seemed like the best course of action, and sure enough, the emotional spike was sufficient reward, but if it landed me with a clean slate, then I’d be good.

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