May 30

Waterfall Playground

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This story is based on a mutual fantasy which originated from a dream and subsequently an online chat session. This story may be re-posted in its entirety with the permission of the authors. For permission or feedback, email me. Thanks and enjoy!

It was a warm, sunny day, perfect weather for riding a motorcycle. They loved spending all their free time together so had gotten up early and had been riding for a couple of hours.

They were slowly making their way to their favorite spot – a waterfall not too far into the mountains. They had found it eight years ago while on another ride and enjoyed going back to their personal playground as often as possible. The trip there involved carving their way through the mountain, winding through a tree-lined road and following a stream.

Connie was nestled against John’s back. She had undone his shirt and let down the zipper on his pants. She had been playing with John’s exposed body for the last half-hour. She had unbuttoned her blouse and her erect, bare nipples were pressing into his back. She was very aroused, anticipating their arrival at their destination. He was rock hard and hurrying to get to “their” waterfall playground.

They rounded a curve and there lay their playground. John brought the bike to a stop in the tree-shaded area, turned off the engine and gently leaned the bike to rest against on the kickstand.

The waterfall is nestled about 200 yards from the road with a narrow, seldom-used trail to guide the two lovers to it. The path ends at the edge of a small pool, which is fed by the waterfall and subsequently drains out and follows the road back down the mountain. The fall is about 12 feet high and cascades onto several large rocks. The pool is about 4 feet deep and quickly gets shallow. It is about 20 feet at its widest point and resembles a stretched-out letter “Q”

Connie hops off the back of the bike and runs down the path, shedding clothes and giggling, trusting that John will be close behind. He is, and reaches her just as she makes it to the pool. He grabs her and splashes into the pool at the bottom of the falls spinning and kissing. They fall into the water and emerge, embracing and giggling. They güvenilir bahis move through the shallow water, slowly making their way to the waterfall, fondling, groping and kissing along the way. . They reach one rock on the edge of the waterfall and Connie gently perches on the hard stone. She begins stroking John’s cock as she spreads her legs invitingly. Her wet hand gripped tightly around his cock, moving up and down its hard length. He plays with her erect nipples while caressing her splayed legs as he kisses her neck in the spot he knows drives her crazy. He moves down her body and starts licking her pussy. She keeps the hair trimmed into a heart-shape with the rest clean-shaven. Because of all the earlier teasing, she comes quickly, after just a few well-placed licks of his tongue on her swollen clit.

John stands and steps closer to Connie. She bends down and takes him deep inside her loving mouth, her lips tight around his shaft. Suddenly, he pulls her up and walks into the falls, he wants to be deep inside her hot wet pussy. Standing behind her, the water rushing down over both of them, she reaches up behind her letting her fingers run through the hair at the nape of his neck while he plays with her breasts.

He pushes her forward, leaning her over the large rock, while the water pelts their bodies. He slowly enters her as she uses her hands to prop herself against the wall of the waterfall. He puts his hands on her ass pulling her butt cheeks apart for deeper penetration. They enjoy the stray splashes of water cascading down over their bodies, as he slides in and out of her in a slow rhythm. She moans softly, loving how he lets her feel every inch of his rigid shaft as they slowly thrust into each other.

John continues his long, slow strokes, feeling Connie’s hot wet pussy lips tight around him, caressing his hard shaft and cock-head as he moves in and out of her. He begins moving faster, harder and she meets his trusts moving closer to another climax. She reaches down with one hand to feel him inside her. She can feel his hard cock sliding into her, his balls wet with her juices. Her thumb brushes against her clit and soon her orgasm rushes through her, the icy hot türkçe bahis tingling making her weak-kneed. She braces her hands on the rock and feels her pussy contracting around John’s throbbing cock.

John smiles, he loves making Connie cum. He reaches around to cup her breast and feels her hard nipple against the palm of his hand. He moves faster, his balls tight against her lips. He grabs her hips with both hands and drives into her as he erupts, shooting his cum deep inside her.

Her muscles hold him inside her as he tries to keep their balance. Her right hand slides back and onto his balls, squeezing lightly, milking all the hot, gooey cum from within them. Her thirst for his cum inside her is insatiable. Once satisfied she has withdrawn all of his cum from his balls, she releases his balls and moves her arm as she tries to steady them.

She stands, feeling his cock slip from the warmth of her body. She turns to him and they kiss, passionately and lovingly. She begins to push him, guiding him under the waterfall, washing, cleansing their bodies, and cooling them down. She continues moving him backwards as she moves forward, kissing, fondling and hugging each other.

Walking in knee-deep water, he feels her hands sliding up his chest – massaging his chest, pulling his nipples and scraping them with her fingernails. Without warning, she breaks the kiss and pushes him back. He splashes into the water, going completely under. As he is falling, he hears her laugh and watches her breasts jiggle. He emerges from the cool water and makes his way to her. She is running from him now, laughing, squealing as he chases her. He grabs her by the hips from behind and pretty much tackles her as they both plunge into the water.

They emerge, laughing and holding each other. They maneuver so she is sitting on his lap as he sits on the bottom of the small pool. They kiss and hold each other for what seems like hours, hands moving over each other and enjoying the feeling of just being in each others arms.

They decide to get out, their bodies cooled by the water and from expending a great deal of heat, earlier. He gives her a quick kiss as he stands and takes a step towards the shoreline. güvenilir bahis siteleri She slaps his butt as he moves by and he leans over to splash water at her as he hurries away.

They walk toward the bike, gathering clothes along the way, holding hands and fondling each other’s sensitive bodies. He opens the saddlebag and removes two towels. He drapes one over her and proceeds to dry her with the other towel. Starting with her hips and working his way down her thighs, calves, ankles and feet. Kneeling before her, he raises the towel and begins to dry her trimmed pussy. He stands, turns her around and dries her back – the whole time, her hands are searching his body, tracing lines along his legs and abdomen or wherever possible.

Once dry, she takes the towel he draped over her and begins to dry him off. Starting at his shoulders and working her way down, she bypasses his cock as she concentrates on his legs. She trails the towel back toward his cock, drying, rubbing the towel over his balls. His cock-head is sensitive in a wonderful way. He feels himself getting hard again, but knows they need to get dressed. She removes the towel and takes his cock into her mouth and begins to suck hard and feverishly. Her mouth feels incredible on his throbbing cock. In no time, he feels his balls contract. He groans and tells her he is going to cum. She picks up the pace. Within three strokes he shoots into her mouth. She smiles up at him as he fills her throat with cum. She savors and then swallows his entire load as she milks his balls and cock with her hand and mouth. She then begins to lick the juices that have run down on her fingers. He looks down at her as she swallows the rest of his hot, sticky cum. They look into each other’s eyes and smile.

They exchange glances, loving praises for one another, as he reaches out his hands to help her stand. Without saying a word, they hug and share a lingering kiss. He tastes his cum on her tongue while they kiss and holds her a little closer knowing it is time to leave their playground. They snuggle in each other’s arms feeling happy and sated.

They slowly get dressed, helping and ogling the other as they do- caressing the other as the chance allows but always smiling at each other. Fully dressed and sexually fulfilled, they mount the bike, lean in to each other and slowly make their way home. On the way, she begins fondling him as her sexual appetite builds again.

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