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We Met Again after all these years

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  It is not important how we met, but we did, she much younger than I, and both of us into some role playing. In this case it was decided that I would be her daddy and she my daughter—getting together after a long absence. She was in her 20’s, and we agreed to meet at the Starbucks in the shopping center and have a cup of coffee. I arrive early, got in line to get my coffee and found a table and sat and looked at the door—we had traded pictures and a number of emails, and talked on the phone too, and I was pretty sure that we would recognize each other, and when she walked she looked around, spotted me, waved and headed my way, I stood up to meet her and we hugged and then she sat down. I asked her what type of coffee she wanted, and then went to stand in line to get it for her. When I got back and sat down we looked at each other nervously, not knowing where or how to begin. I picked up my cup of coffee and pointed it towards her and said “here’s to getting to know each other”, and she touched her cup with mine—that seemed to break the ice and we started talking a lot of things, where we had grown up, gone to school and the usual getting to know each other stuff. I was feeling more comfortable and it looked as if she was also. At one point we started to get discuss the role playing aspect of our meeting, and I told her that if she had changed her mind I would understand, and as we went through the game if she changed her mind at any point I would respect that too—she looked at me and said “thanks, but let’s just see what happens”. As we continued to chat I suggested that we really should finish our coffee and go over to Victoria Secrets and see about getting her a sleep shirt like she used to wear—she smiled and said that would be fine—a few minutes later we walked out of the store and headed for Victoria’s and went inside. It took a few minutes to find the right type of sleep shirt, but we found them and she held several of them up to make sure the one she selected would fit. Once she had found it she asked if she could buy some new underwear too, and I said of course. She told me to sit down in one of the chairs while she shopped and not to look at her and what she was interested in so that it would be a surprise. I did as she asked but I did see her heading into the changing room with several things in her hands. She was gone for a while and then came back out and found a sales person, talked to her for a moment, and the sales woman took the price tags off of what she had selected and put whatever she had   selected into a bag. At this point she gestured for me to join her and I did, handing the night shirt to the sales woman who rang up the complete sale, we walked out of the store and I said that we should go to the bar in my hotel, and she said that she would follow me over in her car. It was still early but the bar had a few people in it, we found a table out of the way, and I went to the bar to get our drinks. When I returned she was istanbul travesti looking at the contents of the bag and quickly put it down when I arrived. At this point, sort of automatically, we started into our roll playing. I toasted her and told her how great it was to see you after all of this time and how beautiful and sexy she was and that she had truly become a woman since the last time we were together.   She smiled over and me and told me that she had missed me, and that she missed all of the time we had spent together and how close we had been. We talked like this for a while, and soon I ordered us another drink. After a while she smiled up at me and asked me if I had a nice hotel room and I said that I did, and she asked if I thought they would let us take a new drink up to the room so she could see it. I told her they would and went and ordered two more and closed out the tab, as I was returning to the table she was already standing up holding her shopping bag in her hand and we walked out of the bar and towards the elevators together. As we got in the elevator there were others with us so we rode up to my floor without speaking, we got off the elevator and walked over to my room and I opened is—she walked in and saw the living room first, I was staying at an all suites place so that the bed was not the first thing she saw—she walked in and then walked back to look at the bedroom, and then into the bathroom, and she came back without her bag, I had our drinks and I sat down on the couch and she sat across from me on the chair. We each had some of our drink and then I asked her what she had been doing since she had been out on her own, was she dating and what was she doing with guys? She looked at me and said “Daddy I know you are going to be mad at me but I have been a bad girl, I have been with a number of guys and even though you warned me, I let them touch me and do some things to me and did some things to them too—I know it’s wrong daddy and if you need to spank you can. I looked at her and told her I was disappointed and then I told her to stand up and come to me—she stood in front of me looking down at me and I told her to take her shoes off, which she did, then I started to unbutton her jeans, and then told her to get out of them—and her panties too—next thing I knew I was looking at her shaved pussy—I said—daughter—you shaved down there too? And she said yes Daddy I did—ok I said, come here and I grabbed her-not too hard and put her across my knee so that her butt was facing up I started to spank her bare butt—slowly and gently at first and then faster and with more power, she took it and kept saying that she was sorry and that I had every right to spank here and she would behave in the future—which I knew was a lie—so I hit her harder, after a while I moved my other hand down between her legs and pushed them apart, one of my fingers found her clit and I started to rub it, and heard her gasp, I was spanking her hard istanbul travestileri now and my finger was circling her clit, I moved my hand as I felt her wetness and then put one and then two of my other fingers into her pussy—I was still spanking her, using my finger on her clit and moving my fingers in and out of her pussy, I heard her breathing getting harder and then she came and I stopped spanking her but left my fingers where they were—her clit was sensitive and she squirmed around until I stopped using my finger on it and then just lay there across my lap. After a few minutes I started to stroke her butt and her legs and took my fingers out of her pussy, we stayed that way for a few minutes and then I told that she should go into the bathroom and get into her sleep shirt and get in bed and I would be in a few minutes to tuck her into bed. I heard her going into the bathroom and then I heard water running and after a while the door opened and she must have gone into the bedroom. I took a few more sips of my drink and waited for a few minutes and then went into the bedroom. She was laying on the bed about mid-way so that I could easily sit on the side of the bed. She had the covers up to her chin and was looking at me when I walked in. I leaned over and kissed her forehead and then I put my hand underneath the blankets and found her stomach and I started running my hand over it—do you remember when I used to come into your room and do this I asked? Yes she said, and I really liked it. I slowly moved my hand up to one of her breasts and felt her nipple underneath the sleep shirt and ran my palm over her nipple and around her breast—do you remember when I used to do this too I asked? Oh yes daddy I do! I then leaned over and kissed her on her forehead and then moved my hands down below her sleep shirt and moved them slowly up over her legs, gently, and up to her stomach, the sleep shirt was riding up as I moved both of my hands up and started to run them slowly over her stomach and then moved them higher and circled her breasts and teased her nipples with my fingers—I pushed the night shirt up that I exposed her body and it was bunched up around her neck, and my fingers were moving over her nipples, slowly I lowered my mouth to the nearest one and took it into my mouth, letting my tongue swirl over the nipple and feeling it get harder still, she put her hands on my head and said, Daddy, it has been so long since you have do this, I like it a lot Daddy, I always have liked it when you touched me all over. With that I moved my mouth to her other nipple and played with it for a few minutes, biting it just a little, and using my hand on her other nipple while my other hand was trailing down her stomach and stroking her just above her womanhood.   I stood up and walked over to the chair and took off my shoes, pants and shirt, leaving my underwear on, and got into bed next to her—we hugged and then kissed, and I started travesti to stroke her body. After a few minutes I lifted her up and took her sleep shirt off over her head and laid it next to her. She shivered and I asked her if she was cold, and she said no daddy, just excited but what you are doing to me. I smiled at her and lowered my mouth to her stomach and used my tongue to trace down to her woman hood, which as I had found out previously was shaved. I changed slowly moved her legs apart and moved between them, looking up at her to make sure she was ok and she smiled at me. I lowered my head and ran my tongue over her pussy lips, and then parted them and my tongue went searching for her clit—which I found, and it was already swollen and waiting for me. I circled it with my tongue,   lay flat on the bed with my feet sticking off of it, and moved my tongue over and around her clit, down lower and into her pussy and back up to her clit, I could feel her moving under me, staying with my rhythm, and moving with me.   I moved one of my hands towards her breasts and took one of her nipples between two of my fingers and moved them around it, feeling its hardness against my fingers. I then removed my hand and moved it lower, so that is we under my head, and slowly opened her pussy and moved one of my fingers inside. She was wet, very wet, and it did not take me long to move my second finger inside of her—and my tongue as still swirling around her clit, and every once in a while I would take it into my mouth like it was a small cock, and suck on it, and then move my tongue around it some more—she started to gasp and hang on to me and I heard her and felt her come. I stopped but did not move my tongue or fingers, just let her explosion sub-side, and then I slowly started using my tongue on her again, very gently, but then a little harder, and she exploded a second time, this one seeming to be harder than the first.   I moved up so that we were lying together and I hugged her and told her what a great little woman she was. She smiled and me and we kissed and she tasted her own juices in my mouth. After a while she said, Daddy to you want me to do to you what you taught me to do? And I said yes I would-she moved over and removed my shorts and put her hand on my cock. I said do you remember how I first taught you to do this? Remember I had you put one of your fingers in my mouth and then I had you do with your mouth what I was doing to your finger? Yes she said, let’s do it what way again—she gave me her finger and I slowly started to move my tongue around the tip as she did the same thing to my cock, I move her finger into my mouth, slowly and moved my tongue around it, and she followed my every moved, I moved her finger back and forth, in and out, took it out, licked the tip and then the side of her finger and put it back it, and with each move she followed, and finally I started to move it in and out of my mouth and she followed quickly. I let go of her finger and she kept up the pace, and then put her hand on my balls and kept up moving my cock in and out of her until I came. She swallowed it, and then licked my sensitive cock head and then my shaft and then came and lay down next to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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