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Weak ….Again

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Weak ….AgainKerri my girlfriend Kept licking my pussy, she loved the way I reacting to her. She didn’t know the ONLY thing on my mind is that Big Fat dick of Victors and how he made me almost pass out. I had to stop her I know she licked his cum out of me. I was just so tired from cumin’ all day. I slept through Sunday, couldn’t come to work. I was sore and tired all i did Sunday was eat and sleep and sleep. I kept checking my phone to see if Victor called. He left a video, of him jerking off to the picture he took of me with my top and bra over my tits and my panties off. I know he wants to make me cum over and over again and honestly he is the only man to do that. I went to my regular job i was really happy when Friday came. The weekend was there and I wasn’t sore anymore but I couldn’t wait to go to the weekend Job to tease and have a little fun. I told Victor why i couldn’t come to work the next day he loved that and told me I won’t be able to walk the way he wants to fuck me. It’s Saturday morning I bring sarıyer escort in the coffees and start to work. Getting orders out then, in walks Mandingo aka Victor. I can see his dick in the imprint of his sweats. That is a dangerous instrument he possess. All the guys were busy the owner left for the day and Victor whispered in my ear how much he enjoyed seeing me today. And he squeezed my breast and rubbed my nipples so softly. My eyes closed because my breast is my zone. My tits being touched had me naked quickly. I can tell Victor knows this. He cups my tits then pinch my nipples. I tried to stop it by moving back in the rolling chair. His dick swollen and he wants me really bad. I was still sitting He pulled his dick out of his sweats and wiped my lips. I had to suck it. It looked angry and I wanted to make it happy. I had to milk it. I opened my mouth as wide as possible with my tongue out and I licked it and sucked that big cock until esenyurt escort I felt it jerk in my mouth a little I knew it wouldn’t be long before he bust a nut. So I stopped I pulled back and let him pull off my pants and panties. He sat me back down but decided to turn me over on my knees on the swivel chair. He licked my pussy and he was good at licking. I let him bang and bang and bang until I came all over his dick. He picked me up with my legs wrapped around his waist he banged me so hard I was dizzy as he fucked me. The harder he fucked me the closer I came to passing out. He knew how to make me cum. He shot his load inside me two times I just sat there soaked and filled up not letting his cum out but it won’t stop coming out. I was a mess and I looked like it. Victor know how to make me submit to him. He kept making me suck his dick so he can bang my back out over and over again. He kept telling me he was going to make me love dick again and leave Kerri. This man avrupa yakası escort had a magic wand between his legs and it mesmerized me. What ever direction his dick went I would follow. He had to wipe me up and dress me again. He took me home again. I could barely stay awake while he drove me home. I knew to wash my clothes before Kerri came home. Took a long shower and sleep. When she came home I wasn’t ready for her questioning me. She asked me why do I keep leaving my car at the job when I could just drive home. She asked how I got home, I told her Uber and she checked our Uber account and saw I didn’t take a cab. She dropped me off to work the next day. Victor standing outside alway leading with his dick. He lets people know his dick weighs him down. Couldn’t keep my eyes off of him while Kerri try to figure out if I’m drinking on Saturdays or something else. I couldn’t care if she found out because I need Victor at least once a week. And i would tell her either she accept it or i can leave. But she never investigated enough to find out. But I told her a lie. I told her on Saturdays I go out for drinks with my girlfriends from the other job and they pick me up and when she come home i’m drunk thats why i’m sleepy when she get there. She accepted that. But I got pregnant and I didn’t know how to explain it to her. To be continued……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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