May 30

Wednesday Evening

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The room smells like all hotel rooms, still slightly stale from the cleaning fluids used earlier in the day. He had opened the window slightly, but it faced the busy street below, so he shut it after a few minutes. The rain earlier in the day had kept the temperature at a comfortable level. He hoped that it was going to be a lot hotter in a very short time.

He arranged his belongings and hung up his clothes. He hadn’t brought much. He was going to be returning to the less-than-adequate dorm accommodations at the college the next day. Tonight was going to be different. Very different. His cock was already responding, just thinking about the sex he was about to enjoy with a very willing lady. He hadn’t even met her, but seeing her picture, and reading one of her erotica stories had him wild with desire. He rubbed his crotch again. “Down boy, down,” he said as he stroked himself.

Then he heard it, the slight “tap tap tap” on the door. She had arrived. He looked around the room once more, satisfied it was going to be okay. He opened the door and smiled at his guest.

“Hi” he grinned. “You’re here. Come in. Come in!”

She taller than he had imagined, but dressed in a black güvenilir bahis cocktail dress that outlined her curves, and a short bolero jacket which hid her luscious breasts. She returned his smile. She looked a little uncertain, her deep blue eyes slightly downcast. Had she changed her mind? He became slightly nervous. Then she spoke.

“Hope I’m not too early. Never know what the traffic is going to be like,” she said. Her voice was strong and warm. There was no trace of nervousness. He relaxed a bit more.

“Not too early. Please, come in,” he said as he took her bag and removed her jacket and placed it on the chair. “Sit down, make yourself comfortable. This chair is quite good,” as he took her by the arm and led her to the massive armchair that he had moved from the side of the room and placed directly opposite the bed.

She sat and smiled. “Nice room. Hope you liked my choice of hotel. As a resident here of course I’m not familiar with the hotels. Never have to use them myself.”

“This is fine,” he replied. “You look lovely, by the way. But you look a little tense.

I think I can help ease that.” She didn’t respond, but let out a deep sigh.

He sank türkçe bahis to his knees in front of her, moved her legs apart, and lifted the hem of her dress. As he had requested, there were no panties. He could smell her. It was delicious. He didn’t wait for a further invitation, and eagerly pushed two fingers inside her clit. She was already hot and wet. He added a third finger and fucked her while his other hand took out the swollen cock from his jeans.

“Oooh, you really don’t waste time, do you?” she cooed as she pushed herself onto his demanding fingers.

“But you want more, don’t you?” he continued. “I promised more, and more is what you will get.”

He removed his fingers and replaced it with his tongue, licking slowly around the mound, flicking inside her labia, then, finally, thrusting his demanding instrument inside, lapping her flowing juices. It was going to be one long, steamy hot evening, and he realized they were both more than ready for it.

In, out — sucking, teasing, biting her clit. He didn’t stop. The relentless attack brought her to climax twice. She groaned with desire and pushed herself against his tongue, willing him to go deeper. He added his güvenilir bahis siteleri finger to the tongue action and she almost screamed with delight. His cock was throbbing. He so much wanted to just ram into her, but he stopped. There would be time. He removed his finger and tongue and gazed at her. Her face was flushed. She was moaning quietly.

“Ooooohhhhhh, don’t stop. Please don’t stop. More. Come back to me.”

Now he was going to tease her. He hoped it would have the desired reaction.

“Just wait. Just wait a moment. Be still. You will be satisfied,” he crooned as he pulled over his sports bag. He extracted a colourful feather, and ran it over her cheeks and mouth.

“Bet you’ve never come to a feather before,” he laughed as she looked perplexed.

“I’m curious. Let’s see what you can do,” she giggled as she spread her legs far apart, rubbing her clit as more juices flowed. The bed was going to be sopping wet before the evening was over.

“But first, another little pleasure for you, my sex-crazed beauty,” he whispered as he took out a small package from his sports bag. They were colourful cords: purple, pink, blue and black.

“I don’t want you wiggling away from me when I start the feather massage,” he murmured. “These won’t hurt, but if they’re not strong enough, I have others in my bag to control you.”

She could hardly breathe as she considered the delights that lay ahead.

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